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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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love and respect. this is the daily news my from the police and protest this face off again in paris confrontations until i get on the streets of the french capital as the fourth weekend of yellow there's protests while the country major landmarks like the eiffel tower and the nuclear museum monkey thing made all shot hundreds of protesters have been arrested and ninety thousand police officers of the standing guard also coming out of prison new woman at the helm of germany's strongest coffee
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and a great compound bow is taking over from chancellor angela merkel as chair of the conservative c.d.u. cloak of staying chunks of the finale hoping her project will help you not to copy . her. i'm rebecca riches thanks for joining me police in from as have arrested hundreds of demonstrators as the so-called yellow vests protesters take to the streets for a fourth consecutive weekends the movement was founded by anger over a planned increase in fuel taxes will the ninety thousand police have been mobilized to keep the pace many residents are calling for calm to be restored over the fuel tax hike has been scrapped protest is a demanding for the reforms. on the streets of paris rebellion is in the air
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once again yellow vests in through voice this morning. they werent in song for long . was pockets of anger soon erupted all over the place pitch battles with the thousands of extra police out to guard a city practically in lockdown. to triomphe off funds. on a narrow side street a crowd tries to penetrate the barricade police fire back with tear gas. it takes just seconds to send them coughing and gasping for air. elsewhere it was rules is rather than riot control peaceful protesters began filling into the streets of paris before dawn and they brought with them their complaints over high taxes and low wages for the people struggling most in france when opel you're not we're here to tell michael about sod discontent i'm not here
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to break things because i have four children so i'm going to try and be safe for them because they're afraid i want to go back home tonight but i still want to be here to say stop that's enough this has to stop for haiti save our show the french people our milk cows for two years we've been milk cows we're taxed too much everything is wrong there isn't even any security everything in france is not ok. the interior minister was apparently to meeting place not protesters. you're also new violence is never a way of protesting the government held out a hand made a number of proposals has made efforts one of the symbolic measures that triggered the protests at the beginning was the petrol tax which has been scrapped so it won't happen now we have to get around the table and talk a little bit of it as we do. back in the merely police plus protesters from the
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crowd officials say hundreds have been arrested so far as the government strains to bring the mayhem under control. and d.-w. correspondent lisa lewis is standing by for us in paris lisa what's going on where you are. well i'm at the shows lizzie which is a relatively calm zone really there are lots of police forces around the shows is it filtering the people getting onto the show so they're taking away anything that could be used as a missile or protective gear really around this area we're hearing here bombs also a bit further further east. protesters have burnt a few cars there questions on going in other parts of paris so it seems a rather chaotic situation they are the eight thousand police forces deployed across the city and they're trying to control the situation they're also using a different strategy actually
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a little groups of police officers that are going out protesters and trying to arrest instigators instead of staying at a distance as they normally do. well the government has already conceded if you will they have said that they will not go ahead with this fuel tax so why these people to protesting. he talks was the trigger but there are lots of other measures there now asking also when the government finally announced that the tax in the future has wouldn't be increased next year the protesters were saying no this is too little too late really they're now asking for a higher minimum wage bill he was asking for taxes to go down there is a wealth tax as that was abolished it's a little bit and then asking the government to put it back in place say this movement really has taken a larger scale than initially thought. how much public support why does the public how wide of public support is there for these dollars best protesters. according to
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you opinion polls would three quarters of the french are in favor of the movement they say you know we don't support the violence but that parent me really distinguishing between this is. peaceful like it's a day mostly at the shows that is it and then days at that trying to probate the police and trying to destroy things they're saying you know we don't support this destruction but we understand what the protesters are asking for because they're really struggling to make ends meet many people can understand that especially those who live in the countryside for example need that cost to go to work and that's why these huge taxes were drinking such a stark reaction. lisa lu is in paris thank you very much the now to some of the other stories making news around the world six people including five teenagers have died and dozens are injured after a stampede in a nightclub t.v.
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italian city of ancona police are investigating claims that the crash was triggered after a pepper spray like substance was thrown into the crowd during a rock concert. at the peace talks that yemen's with the rebels have said the country's main port of data should be declared a neutral zone under united nations supervision the u.n. wants to prevent an all out attack on the rebel held city by pro-government forces it's where most vital supplies enter yemen the four years civil war has caused a massive humanitarian crisis with millions displaced facing severe hunger. a u.s. jury has found the man who drove his car into a crowd of protesters in charlottesville virginia guilty of first degree murder protest is described twenty one year old alex fields jr as a white supremacist a woman was killed when his car hit people demonstrating against white nationalist rally last year. and china says it's launched the first ever mission to land
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a spacecraft on the dark side of the moon a rocket carrying a research probe lifted off from southwest china on saturday it's estimated to arrive in early january the biggest challenge will be establishing communication with the lunar fos side which is unreachable by direct signal and has yet to be explored. well it was close but in the end chancellor angela merkel's favorite candidate won on a great carabao will take over as leader of merkel's c.d.u. party after beating her top rivals in a party vote this now puts her in pole position to possibly become germany's next chancellor after merkel comes to an end. of the medical could barely hired her delight her preferred candidate come. is now the new cd new chief going to take contest she prevailed over her two rivals but is obviously keen to keep both firmly in her corner. these are all smaller and more slides are given me
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we must all work together to continue this momentum we all have the responsibility to shape and sustain this great people's party of the new and i would be very happy if both he and shannon to friedrich mertz would work with me to achieve it is sunday is our government that biden there were fears the contest which featured candidates with markedly different profiles could split the party but the defeated contenders urged unity. i would like to ask everyone now to give our new leader on the great crime our their wholehearted support. of the. election featuring such distinct candidates was a courageous and thoroughly democratic experiment for the c.p.u. it was a moment to celebrate even for those who didn't vote for comic-con. when you can torches was no i'm not disappointed it was very close i voted for spawn in
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the first round because as a young person he made the best impression on me that it will be mocked outside because it was clear early on that it would be a close vote i would have liked the result to have been different. if you like and that's what we've been talking we knew the whole day it was going to be a very close contest but as long as the voting campaign of both fair i'm democratic i'm actually happy with it. now faces high expectations she'll be measured not only on her ability to reinvigorate the party and win elections but also on whether she can succeed on the americal as chancellor. our political correspondent simon young is at that conference in hamburg and he sent us this update. once again angle of merkel has shown that she knows how to read her party and get the results that she wants and a great crowd karrenbauer is a centrist who is temperamentally compatible with the chancellor and will help her stay in office but now at the same time she's rejected the idea that she's merely
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a copy of miracle and she suggested that she might back some tougher policies on migration for instance and other right wing positions but as leader of the c.d.u. she won't be making policy she'll have influence what her real job is to unite a party that many here feel has been divided by a hard fought leadership campaign and to win. regional elections there are some important ones coming up in eastern germany next year she can do that she'll be well placed in time to succeed medical as chancellor. in football the controversial second leg of the liberty dora's will finally take place on sunday but not in the arjun time capital bonus iras as originally planned instead the match will take place in madrid because of concerns that be further
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crown disruptions found violence mob the first attempt to play the game in argentina two weeks ago the two finalists the boxer juniors and river plate each have their own passionate fans and the rivalry is even dividing relatives as these two people these two brothers prove. nothing can come between brotherly love can it meet the lopez brothers both hail from argentina and both are in madrid for the second leg of the copilot had all this but that's where the brotherly love hits a roadblock one is a boca juniors fan and the other a river plate fan and. it's a shame truly it's a shame but as people say these days we're first brothers then rivals and as a brother as i love him but i hate that he supports the right team. for approval but he wasn't always like this the brothers used to be on the same page. when i was a kid i supported river. but i changed my mind overnight and started supporting
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boca i think you know what i think it was two thousand to one carlos tevez won the semifinal of the liberty daughters. a massive police force will keep driving offense apart in order to prevent scenes like these from two weeks ago the polka team bus came under attack from river fans and brenna cyrus that left some players injured. until then the locus brothers are already in stand off mode with a friendly sing off in front of the santiago bernabeu a or two go you go it out. who are oh nice. now coming back to germany and in friday's bundesliga action vertebrae in the goal despite a shaky first half that ended even at one hole but martin honey change that after the break the strike again graeme in the lead in the seven those minutes then just
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minutes off of that goal u.s. a international josh saajan put the game out of reach in his first ever win as they go appearance securing a three one win for brennan. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you tear gas and tension on the streets of paris is the fourth weekend of yellow vests prior to its problems major landmarks like the eiffel tower and the nuclear museum much keeping their doors shot hundreds of protesters have already been arrested and ninety thousand police office is a stand in god. and germany's governing conservative conservative party has a new leader and a great crime parabolic take over from angela merkel as chair of the c.d.u. but merkel remains chancellor tom convolve won the ball in a close vote at the party conference in hamburg. and don't forget you can always get state of the news on the go just download our app from the google play all from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the
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world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the data you have to send us photos videos. you're watching state of the unions i'm rebecca richardson i'll be with you again at the top of the hour thanks for joining us. it's all happening to children i'm. sure link to news from africa the world your links to exceptional stories and discussions continue and welcome to the debut suffocating program tonight from bernie gemini from munoz's easy to our web site d w this comes from africa join your sunday school w's.


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