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the selling out of a country they don't. like. starts december twenty ninth on t.w. . this is day eight of the news live from berlin police and protesters face off again in paris anger on the streets of the french capital as the full weekend of yellow betty protests across the country dozens have been injured in at least a thousand protesters have been reportedly to tight police using tear gas and water cannons to control the crowds also coming out the new leader of germany's strongest
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political party get to work making her mark on a grant from carabao to take over town finally merkel a chair of the conservative b.b.q. local staying on as chancellor the finale hoping her protege will help unite the party. i'm rebecca riches thanks for joining me police in france of detained at least one thousand demonstrators as the so-called yellow vests protest has shut down parts of paris for a fourth consecutive weekend at least fifty five people have been injured in the french capital tens of thousands of police have been mobilized to control the protests across the country the movement was sparked by anger over a planned increase in fuel taxes and although those taxes have been scrapped protest is demanding further reforms. on the streets of paris rebel. as in the air
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once again yellow vests him through voice this morning. they were in song for a long hi carol fredricka of the pockets of anger soon erupted all over the place pitch battles with the thousands of extra police to guard a city practically in lockdown. to trail off funds. on a narrow side street a crowd tries to penetrate the barricade place by a back with tear gas am it takes just seconds to send them coughing and gasping for air. elsewhere it was roses rather than riot control. peaceful protesters began filling into the streets of paris before dawn and they brought with them their complaints over high taxes and low wages for the people struggling most in france on an upward you're not we're here to tell michael about our discontent i'm not here to break things
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because i have four children so i'm going to try and be safe for them because they're afraid i want to go back home tonight but i still want to be here to say stop that's enough this has to stop. the french people are milk cows for two years we've been milk cows we're taxed too much everything is wrong there isn't even any security everything in france is not ok. the interior minister was up early to meeting pleas not protesters. violence is never a way of protesting the government held out a hand made a number of proposals has made efforts one of the symbolic measures that triggered the protests at the beginning was the petrol tax which has been scrapped so it won't happen now we have to get around the table and talk a little bit of it as we do. back in the merely police plus protesters from the
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crowd officials say hundreds have been arrested so far as the government strange to bring the mayhem under control. and for more on this i'm joined by alex for us watching from the news room she's been looking into the background of these protests now alex course the french president been very keen to show his green credentials he was hoping that a plan his plan to hike the fuel tax would weigh in front of fossil fuels but it seems that plans backfired yes's massively backfired but let's just remember that this plan was actually agreed before even president and it followed on from those twenty fifteen the paris agreement in twenty fifteen where various countries around the world promised that they would try to cut their emissions including for. but of course mcconnell is the man who's trying to force this through with the french people and he's been accused of being insensitive and not thinking of the little people who it's really going to hurt particularly those in the rural areas who rely
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on their cars so everything has exploded because of that and there's been a one particular man who comes from the south of france is called lenku tart and he was the one who encountered encouraged people to dawn they yellow vests for these protests and he told g.w. that he's not against attempts to try to protect the environment but that by trying to ride to put tax on fuel was not the right way to go about it. well no actually we would all love to drive with clean energy but the government's plan doesn't stand up that's not how we're going to achieve anything we can't even pay for our cars now show it's impossible to all buy electric cars or hybrids. we were really now president has now conceded to these protesters he's scrapping the tax tell us a bit more yeah i mean it just goes to show how difficult the difficult balance it is for people like mark on trying to push towards clean energy but while at the
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same time not costing the public too much unfortunately for the president the u.s. president on what trump has waded into this round yet again he's put out another tweet the softer noon he has said part of it reads the paris agreement isn't working out so well for paris protests and riots all over france but while of course the world has really been focusing on these yellow vest protests particularly in paris that's been all the demonstrations that have been going on in various countries including in france and we should be able to see some pictures now of a protest in leon and this is a call for immediate action against climate change it's called the march for the climate protest and it's also happened in bordeaux also happened even in paris and just goes to show that there are still many many people who would strongly concerned about the environment they want to protect it but also proves just how difficult it is all these leaders who are trying to get the balance right between
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these two sides yes they want to protect the environment in the future but at the same time they're very concerned as has been proved in france about really asking the public to put their hands in their pockets and to pay even more to really conflict conflicting as we can see in paris today alex forrest wife and thank you very much for coming in. now to some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of activists have been demonstrating in poland for faster act action against climate change march comes at the halfway mark of the un climate conference in the polish city of kut a speech it delicates from nearly two hundred states of they're discussing how to implement the goals set by the twenty fifth in paris climate summit. six people including five teenagers have died and dozens were injured after a stampede in a nightclub near the italian city event coming up police are investigating claims
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that the crash was triggered when a pepper spray like substance was released into the crowd during a rock concert in which a gun. at the yemen peace talks the rebels have said the country's main port of data should be declared a neutral zone under united nations supervision the u.n. wants to prevent an all out attack on the rebel held city by pro-government forces it's where the most vital supplies into yemen the for years civil war has caused a massive humanitarian crisis with millions displaced and fear facing severe hunger . after a close leadership battle and a great crime carabao has taken over from german chancellor angela merkel as leader of the c.d.u. on her first day in charge the party is getting behind its new leader supporting her proposed nominee for an important post she's now a potential successor to replace mccall as chancellor. angela merkel could barely hired her delight her preferred candidate candidate crump carbon bar is now the new
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cd new chief in a tight contest she prevailed over her two rivals but is obviously keen to keep both firmly in her corner. all strewn more survivors are given we must all work together to continue this momentum we all have the responsibility to shape and sustain this great people's party of the middletons. would be very happy if both janish john and frederick minutes would work with me to achieve this also album it up biotin there were fears the contest which featured candidates with markedly different profiles could split the party but the defeated contenders urged unity. i would like to ask everyone now to give our new leader on a great calm column by our their wholehearted support. of the election featuring such distinct candidates was a courageous and thoroughly democratic experiment for deceiving you it was
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a moment to celebrate even for those who didn't vote for comic-con. when it in torches was no i'm not disappointed it was very close i voted for in the first round because as a young person he made the best impression on me it will be mocked up so i did it was clear early on that it would be a close vote i would have liked the result to have been different. if you like and that's what we've been talking we knew the whole day it was going to be a very close contest but as long as the voting campaign of both fair and democratic i'm actually happy with it. now faces high expectations shall be measured not only on her ability to reinvigorate the party and win elections but also on whether she can succeed as chancellor. our political correspondent simon young is in hamburg at that conference for us and he sent this update. once again angle of miracles has shown that she
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knows how to read her party and get the results that she wants and a great credit karrenbauer is a centrist who is temperamentally compatible with the chancellor and will help her stay in office for now at the same time she's rejected the idea that she's merely a copy of miracle and she suggested that she might back some tougher policies on migration for instance and other right wing positions but as leader of the c.d.u. she won't be making policy she'll have influence what her real job is to unite a party that many here feel has been divided by a hard fought leadership campaign and to win. in the regional elections there are some important ones coming up in eastern germany next year she can do events she will be well placed in torino to succeed miracle.
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but in this league of football now and dortmund have come away with a hard for two one victory against their bitter rivals shocker in the room in other results so far by in munich easily be remembered freiburg stunned ave leipsic i'm sorry we don't have those results on the screen for you but wolfsburg managed a draw with hoffenheim and they leave it snuck past alex fog in the fry in friday night's game braman down dusseldorf despite a shaky first half that ended even at a one all even at one all excuse me. but martin hard to change that after the break the striker gave braman the lead in the seventy first minute then just minutes after the goal usa international josh d'argent put the game out of reach in his first ever built as they were appearance a three one win for bremen. in tonight's late game pits her to berlin against frankfurt and there were
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a two games coming up on sunday first months locked horns with hanover and bloodbath take on stuttgart in the late match. well it's the most prestigious competition in south american football but this weekend the final of the coppola to doris will be played in europe boca juniors take on river plate in spain's capital madrid on sunday after pham violence mob the first attempt to play the game in argentina two weeks ago the rivalry is intense even among the closest of friends. nothing can come between brotherly love can it meet the lopez brothers both here from argentina and both are in madrid for the second leg of the copilot had all this but that's where the brotherly love hits a roadblock one is a book a junior strand and the other a river plate and now the ones i know it's a shame truly it's a shame but as people say these days we're first brothers then rivals and as
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a brother i love him but i hate that he supports the right of team. for both but he wasn't always like this the brothers used to be on the same page. you know. when i was a kid i supported river. but i changed my mind overnight in sort of supporting boca i think you know i think it was two thousand to one carlos tevez won the semifinal of the liberty daughters. a massive police force will keep driving offense apart in order to prevent scenes like these from two weeks ago the polka team bus came under attack from river fans and brenna cyrus that left some players injured. until then the locus brothers are already in stand off mode with a friendly sing off in front of the santiago bernabeu your growing gold out of. syria. and just a reminder now of the top story we're following for you here gas and tension on the
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streets of paris as the four point canned of yellow best protest hits from dozens have been injured. at least a thousand protesters have painted tanks motorists have also spilled over to belgium. to watching d.w. d.w. news live from berlin well coming at the top of the hour and i forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website let's get up if you don't come and join me. on the. rearing to read. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. t.w. literature list hundreds german must reads. a news
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analyst me to leave just let's listen to send us some of the so-called.


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