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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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the selling out of a country. dead donkeys fear no are you know. starts december twenty ninth on d. w. . this is the w. news live from but at least some protesters face off once again in paris and go on the streets of the french capital as the fold weekend yellow vests protests across the country dozens have been injured and at least a thousand protests this after a blizzard we've been to take anything using tear gas or move to canada to control
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the crowds. also coming up then you need all of germany's strongest political party gets to work making mock and it takes me i'm talking about what takes over from chancellor i'm going to close cherish the concept it's c.d.u. policy makeover staying on as chancellor but now hoping cottage a will help unite the party. find a home free you could join me but he's in france have detained any one thousand demonstrators is the so-called yellow vest protesters shut down parts of paris for a fourth weekend in a row at least fifty five people have been injured in the french capital tens of thousands of police have been mobilized to control the protests across from the movement was sparked by anger over a plan to increase in fuel taxes although those top. sisyphean scraps protest us
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according to further reforms. come on the streets of paris rebellion is in the air once again yellow vests in full voice i. the. was but they went and so on so long pockets of anger soon erupted across paris street battles with thousands of extra police out to god a city practically on lockdown. the up to triomphe of pounds on a narrow side street a crowd tries to penetrate the barricade. police fire back with tear gas it takes just seconds to send them back gossiping for air. elsewhere what to cannons those out on the streets are angry at the government and furious at the police's response. like
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a thank you i'm emotional today if not i wouldn't have taken to the streets i'm upset because there are people who don't and enough to make a living who are a thousand euros a month. from. the government says it's listening scrapping its plan to hike fuel taxes but president emanuel mccrone hasn't addressed the protests this himself. francis interior minister met today not with protesters but with police you're also the violence is never a way of protesting the government has held out its hand made a number of proposals and made efforts now we have to sit down at the table and talk with all the reasons we do. on the streets offices pluck demonstrators from the crowd officials say hundreds have been arrested so far as the government strains to bring another saturday of mayhem under control. for more
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now has been indeed correspondent lisa new is in paris and he has been reporting from the shows and you say all day what have you seen. well obviously there were some clashes here as well especially in round the shows visit but a lot of police officers cordoned off the shelves easy but they filtered through the demonstrators that wanted to access this street most of the demonstrators here didn't have any protective gear any more they didn't have anything that they could use as myside say there weren't these violent clashes we saw about two weeks ago you know happening here at the cells busy but there were some clashes between the police and the purchases the graciousness. some of the shops here and in the area and the police used quite a lot of kid gas say this here came in really hundley my ski mask and my face mask . as you mentioned there violence flaring in other parts of the french capital
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despite the fact that thousands of police were deployed why did we see that violence flaring and. what i guess you could i use very different. cordon off the whole city's sea could not possibly prevent these protesters from getting to paris that they secured certain areas where they can control everybody they arrested more than one thirty thousand three hundred people according to the latest figures by the police and yet they were obviously people that want to destroy things now the police nevertheless had change strategy normally they stay way from the purchases keep a distance and just watch them and try to diffuse them when they get to violence today it was different their little squads that were going at the demonstrators and trying to identify who the instigators were and arrest them so that worked out quite well nevertheless they couldn't prevent all the violence from happening now
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bearing in mind that we've now seen a fourth such day of clashes in paris how much pressure is the french president to money when i call on the french government now and. well there is a lot of pressure on the president there was already a lot of pressure head of the such a day you could argue probably because it hasn't been as violent as last saturday and the such as before that it's kind of he didn't go that badly for him and yet he really has has to put something on the table now to calm people down because they start to fill a lot of theories a lot of anger amongst the protesters and amongst a lot of people three four three quarters of the french are supporting the protest movement because they're understand that they're angry they say it's very difficult for many people to make ends meet especially they speak will you live in the countryside and for example need their car to go to work and for them such a few tax was first announced by the government would have been disastrous really
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say in my mccoy's going to talk to french television we understand on monday night and we will see what he'll say maybe maybe he'll put some new measures on the table indeed our correspondent lisa lewis reporting from the shows that he's a in the heart of the french capital thanks a lot lisa and now some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has told reporters that his chief of staff john kelly will leave his job by the end of the year they have been assistant reports for several days that mr kelly has been under pressure to leave trump said he successor could be announced in the coming days. six people including five teenagers have died and dozens have been injured after a stampede in a nightclub media talian city upon corner police are investigating claims that the crush was triggered when a pepper spray like substance was released into the crowd during
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a round concert. thousands of activists have been demonstrating in poland for fast action against climate change the march comes at the halfway mark of the un climate conference in the polish city of quetta vets are delegates from nearly two hundred states and they're discussing how to implement the goals set by the twenty fifteen paris climate summit. meeting russian human rights activists alexai ever has died she was ninety one and among the last soviet era dissidents still active in russia elects the year was expelled from the communist party in one nine hundred sixty eight behind lighting to a close leadership a battle anik if it has taken over from german chancellor angela merkel as the leader of the c.d.u. on her first day in charge the party is getting behind its new leader electing her proposed nominee to an important post anika to come kadam our his self is now potentially a successor to replace merkel as chancellor. lied to meet the new boss and.
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worked hard to get elected to lead the c.d.u. now she plans to broaden the conservatives appeal to win back voters from the right wing populists and the greens if possible before the european elections in may she merkel and manfully the lead candidate for the european conservatives are prepared to take on the right wingers of the alternative for germany if the next day but it's a right wing party in part an extreme right party and therefore we will fight with everything we have against it exerting great influence in our country but if he is the german breaks party if you want a situation like that in london vote a fifteen. but if you want stability peace and cooperation on this continent vote c.d.u. and support us in the next european election the next nobody. the european elections will be the first litmus test for a crime karen barlow who may well be the next candidate for chancellor. she'll want
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to prove herself able to put together the right team and unite the party she'll need a loyal party secretary general happily for her the new one policy meowed was her choice to try to end cues younger voters. and i propose the debates were passionate and more emotions were submitted than usual at a party setting out its future isn't in the in the as we have come to the end of a party conference day which in every way was a very unusual one whether historic run in a good way that is above all down to us. yet so i don't even unsearched. to close tradition the national anthem that remains otherwise the c.d.u. is looking for renewal to retain its power in germany and in europe.
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and our political correspondent simon young is in hamburg al that conference for us he sent us this update. once again anglo-american has shown that she knows how to read her party and get the results that she wants and a great credit karen bauer is a centrist who is temperamentally compatible with the chancellor and will help her stay in office but now at the same time she's rejected the idea that she's merely a copy of miracle and she suggested that she might back some tougher policies on migration for instance and all the right wing positions but as leader of the c.d.u. she won't be making policy she'll have influence what her real job is is to unite a party that many here feel has been divided by a hard fought leadership campaign and to win the regional elections there are some important ones coming up in eastern germany next year she can do that she'll be well placed in toy to succeed medical as chancellor.
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some going to sneak a football now and do it when half come away with a hard one to one victory against the bitter rivals shaka in the who had derby and other results so far by munich easily beat nurnberg freiburg stunned all the leipzig both spoke managed to draw with hoffenheim and later coups it snuck past hour in the friday night game but a man downed despite a shaky first half that ended even at one hole. martin hannett changed that off to the break a strike again they meant to lead in the seventy first minute then just minutes after that go usa international josh sargent put the game out of reach in his first ever when his leader appearance a three one win for the famous. well tonight's late game pits how to balance against frankfurt and there are two games coming up on sunday first minute
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slot cones with hung over i'm glad back take in the late match. it's the most prestigious competition in south american football but this weekend the final of the copa libertadores will be played in europe boca juniors take on river plate in spain's capital madrid on sunday after found violence maul the first attempt to play the game in argentina two weeks ago now the rivalry is intense even among the closest of fans. nothing can come between brotherly love can it meet the lopez brothers both here from argentina and both are in madrid for the second leg of the dog has but that's where the brotherly love hits a roadblock one is a book a junior strand and the other a river plate fan and neither one is i know it's a shame truly it's a shame but as people say these days we're first brothers then rivals and as
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a brother as i love him but i hate that he supports the right team. for both but he wasn't always like this the brothers used to be on the same page. when i was a kid i supported river much on my own i changed my mind overnight and started supporting a book on how he could know what i think it was two thousand and two when carlos tevez won the semifinal of the liberty daughters. orders a massive police force will keep rival fans apart in order to prevent scenes like these from two weeks ago the polka team bus came under attack from river fans and brenna cyrus that left some players injured. until then the lopez brothers are already in stand off mode with a friendly sing off in front of the santiago bernabeu a or glory gold out. and our wine and off the top story we're following for you. take gas and tension on
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the streets of paris is the fourth weekend of yellow vests protest kids from dozens have been injured and. at least a thousand protesters have been detained protest of also spilled over to belgian. and watching t w news strong but i'm going home free syria get out the top off yet right.


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