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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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on t.w. . this is the zombie news live from bali in a snap elections off the on the news velvet revolution counting is underway in the country's ottoman trivedi acting prime minister and he called russian yan is hoping for a majority in parliament to push through his reform agenda also coming up assessing the damage in paris off to move on and on protests yellow vest demonstrators demand for the reforms his french president and the new and back home valves were addressed the nation and meet with union groups in the coming days. the only.
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kind of a home free glad you could join me for counting is underway off to armenia snap parliamentary elections today preliminary results saw expected in several hours time the reformist prime minister they called passion and pushed for the early ballots off to a peaceful anti corruption uprising swept into power the of this year it was the most sweeping transformation in the south caucasus country since its independence from the soviet union nearly thirty years ago. and international that the election observers were monitoring today's vote which was cool this passion and seeks a stronger mandate in parliament his planned reform drive. to his supporters he's a true man of the people a former journalist turned politician nicole passion jaan has
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a way with words and an unassuming style that has won the hearts and minds of many armenians pushing young was elected prime minister by parliament in may after galvanizing a civil disobedience movement to protest a power grab by the country's prime minister sergey sarkozy on donning his trademark backpack and baseball cap pushing and led weeks of mass protests that ultimately forced sarkozy answer resignation. but the long republican party retained its majority in parliament in october pushing on step down as prime minister to trigger early elections during his campaign he blasted the old elite as corrupt and pledged to revive the economy in a country where a third of the population lives in poverty principally so my glove in the economic agenda is our priority with a very important and ambitious plan and form a media that grammarian into industrial countries. into a technological and industrial states is a city void of strongly. passion young remains popular few doubt that his my stuff
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alliance will come out on top of the race among eleven parties and political blocs . is a renewal of power both for nicole passion on his virtues and honest during his seven months in office his hands were tied because the former ruling party still dominated parliament. until he gets rid of all the corrupt thieving politicians from the previous government he won't be able to do any good news. the capitol yerevan may look gloomy shrouded in december fog but on the street there is real hope among armenians that this election could mark the advent of real democratic change and for more i'm joined now by journalist and joshua cooke chatter who is in the capital yerevan welcome joshua what is the expected outcome of this vote. well as your report suggested the polls show. my stuff alliance with a huge victory and we we still don't have any official results yet even for them in
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our results but opinion polls showed him getting around seventy percent analysts that i've talked to said it could be anywhere from sixty to eighty percent but everyone agrees that it's going to be a landslide victory for him and what challenges will passion young face if he does indeed day now parliamentary majority. well the challenges are considerable. the economic problems that our media has are deep longstanding you know dating from the. i mean is it a balance from the soviet union in that you know anyone. has been making big promises about changing that talking about bringing in foreign investment new jobs with higher salaries that's not going to be easy to do. until now he's had to kind of excuse that without a parliament and his hands are somewhat tied after this you should have all of the
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branches of government under his control and should be able to to do everything that he wants to do and i think the problem is that it's going to be you know these problems are not going to be solved overnight and and expectations are so high. that it's going to find it hard to get big promises high expectations does cash in hand have the necessary political experience to be able to follow through on that ambitious reform agenda. i think that his political skills are considerable i mean he is a newcomer relatively but he has the parliament for several years he was the head of this party for several years i mean he's a he's a he's politically experienced a lot of people point to the team that he has around him he's relatively young he's forty three but many of the ministers and deputy ministers and so on are or are much younger in their twenty's or early thirty's with very little experience and so
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you do hear a lot of grumbling here in our media about that. but i don't think that that's his biggest challenge i think the biggest challenge is the expectations is that he's created and the depths of the problems that he's facing. janice joshua coach at every os the latest strongly on the indian capital yerevan thank you and let's get you up to date now on some of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabia says it will not extradite two suspects wanted to kill for the killing of journalist america shakti turkish prosecutors have filed warrants for the arrest of a top saudi aide and the country's deputy head of foreign intelligence was last seen in life or came to the saudi consulate in istanbul and october. the representatives from yemen's government and he's the rebels meeting in sweden have held their first direct talks in u.n. sponsored negotiations sunday's discussions focused on
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a prisoner swap the talks are aimed at easing tensions in a four year civil war that has pushed the country to the brink of found. thousands of people have taken to the streets of london in opposing rallies anti brags that marches call for britain to remain in the twenty eight nation bloc meanwhile the far right ukip are tyrannized a briggs it betrayal launched a protest against the exit deal prime minister theresa may has negotiated with the european union. truong says reeling off to another saturday a violent protest by the so-called yellow vests movement but he's detained almost two thousand demonstrators with dozens reported injured in clashes and french president's money way back or is on the growing pressure to address the antigovernment on rest plans to speak to the nation in the days ahead. scenes of destruction paris burned out cars. broken store fronts.
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the property damage is believed to be even higher this time around. some parisian so frustrated that instead of course sauce and flowers they have to smell tear gas every week and. you can understand the yellow vests movement but this is completely unacceptable it's been several weekends in a row now look around you everything's broken it damaged all the shops had to close and spend money to shut everything up and it happens every week the most complaints made that many people blame mccaw for not talking to the protesters. i think it's their house but it's. the people. french people. think. the president's call has remained silent so far he showed his face after the worst riots one week ago but refused to dialogue with the yellow vest protesters.
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now after a fourth consecutive weekend of violence it looks like my kong can't avoid confrontation any longer to find ways to mollify protesters his office announced a public consultation and a meeting with representatives of trade unions on monday citizens all over france also waiting impatiently for his life address to the nation in the week ahead but with my cost approval rating hovering just over twenty percent and the unrest expected to dent the french economy the damage will be difficult to wash away. in just about twenty minutes from now boca juniors will take on a river plate in the second leg of the final all south america's top club football competition the copa libertadores but it will not take off in one eye it is as originally planned instead thousands of fans have arrived in the spanish capital madrid the venue was changed in order to avoid repetition of scenes like these from
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two weeks ago the bokeh team boss came under attack written fans leaving some the players enjoy it. and joining us now in madrid near the stadium where the game will take place is max merrill from the w. sports good to see you max tell us what is the atmosphere that like and what sort of security measures have been pushed in place. well heavy security measures but nonetheless it's been a fantastic atmosphere very calm early on in the day when boca fans under the fans were mixing in the city center and now further on in the day they were separated into separate found zones that also went off without any trouble and afterwards both times joined and marching to the stadium from opposite ends the game is almost underway now the both team buses arrived safely at the hotel they were supported by police there were no incidents luckily that were reminiscent of what happened
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earlier this year last month with the fam bus of the bus carrying the poker players so it looks like we're going to get the spectacle that we were looking forward to a few weeks ago right max so i'm good to hear that they have been no earlier in since you've been speaking to fans there what have they told you. well it's been quite spectacular really fans from all over the world traveling here of course from argentina i met argentinians who told me that they're not too sure if their jobs are still going to be there when they come back they've taken unpaid leave. for holiday and just taken a risk one family even said he sold his car to pay for his ticket here also met fans from new york australia and all over the world also a father son jewel from barcelona the father is a river fan the son is a book a fan there in the stadium together and we can expect that the stadium is going to be fairly mixed despite an effort to have the fans on opposite ends of the stadium
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but the fans that i've spoken to a very comfortable with that thought in argentina in the last five years it's been banned to have away fans at games they're very excited at the prospect of having a mixed crowd well so far the indications point to a complaint turn around compared to the scenes that we've seen previously give us a sense now of the importance and the history behind this match up. yeah i mean it's the biggest abhi in south american football and you could probably say it's the biggest i'll be in the world you have two teams from when osiris from opposing ends of the social scale because you and yours are the working man's club from a poor neighborhood originally and really plates and they can nicknamed the millionaires they're from an affluent neighborhood and the club are seen historically as being the more affluent club and very different playing styles because soon as a hardworking team and river plate's more of a stylish team it's an evenly matched game going into it it's to all the way goes
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don't call and don't count for more in this competition in the final so it's completely even stevens we can have a fantastic match and if it ends in a draw after ninety minutes they're going straight to penalties both clubs have set up their own fans owns at opposing ends of the city in the event of the will of the celebrations afterwards so there's not going to be a mix after that hopefully no clashes after the match as well very briefly max i'm going to ask you give us your take what can expect from again. it's really a thrilling game it always is between these two very opposing styles like i said four four two is the formation that because unions favor so an extra striker that they put on the pitch and they have more goals and that's it we've got more experience in this squad that riddle plate of probably just the better sight that's very evenly matched there because they don't have the home advantage which they would have had in the second place so it's very nicely poised going into the game absolutely the stage is set for a thrilling
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a match box narrow in richard thank you very much indeed. thanks well meanwhile in germany's one does need a second bottom side one of her were denied the first away victory of the season against mines by a late penalty equaliser let's take a look at the rest of this weekend's results as well now because dortmund secured a davi victory over local rival shaka by munich cruised to a win against nuremberg had to bell in defeat at frankfurt and freiburg banished to that pool for in the bonus league or shocking like sick with a three nil picture. and striking his pace is unknown in the spring after just twelve minutes a thirty year old message his third goal of the campaign freiburg then doubled their lead on the stroke of half time slotting home in the penalty spot and micron's the game out of contention with a header off to fifty two minutes the real victory was high both first win in five matches. and also on sunday votes but managed a draw with hoffenheim and live
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a cruise and not pass out stuck on a friday with a man down disallowed or fun in the game that just ended gladbach came on strong to beat got. you're watching the news i'm heading home free see you again at the top of the hour right. nico he's in germany to learn german. alleged in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to snuff d.w.b. learning course nikos big.


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