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tv   DW News - Live coverage French President Emmanuel Macron addresses the nation  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2018 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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airport city managed by from. this is due to be a new life for a dog and i'm still going to welcome to the program emanuel macross six when the weeks of violent protests across france the french president is due to address the nation in the next few minutes is expected to offer concessions in terms of the end weeks of violent protests let's go straight to the french president. has even more the sit down have so many events over the last turks and france and overseas
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have troubled the nation team a million people on this one and to have revealed that amid claims and at miscible violence and i would like to tell you you know this isn't violence is not going to receive any indulgence radical by any means we have and you have understood that opportunists are trying to take advantage of a legitimate. if they claim and have only tried to destabilize the republic and create good there's just a few nothing justifies that police men are. attacked that a public building will be there or a store is destroyed with explain this is opinion are republican allows opinions to be expressed and not everybody needs to share them about if we don't. to have
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discord like that or violence when violence arrives is often. a low voice we really don't come and republican order must drain now and we are going to do it you know what it takes for that because nothing is going to be built as long as we need to be afraid to reveal more i have given the government very strict instructions made with the beautiful for the but in the beginning i understand that people are angry and book we don't know and upset about that and many among us with many intimate are you a bottom french citizens can share that but that does not excuse the inexcusable behavior that i have that i just and then you know we all told you about a group of mothers from cleaver border to be there for him he said clearly prepare for that but the levels i can feel really deep anger in us but there's no place
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that is justified and can be a chance for us but i'm why sort of for instance or you know a couple of years that gets up early morning and cause not to worry and civil need to move more than that but if we don't leave or a single mother found them or cannot afford child care and has not any hold left i have seen them i have seen those brave women and for the first time they were able to voice their distress and he really took a lot of the modest pensioners that who contributed only their whole life and who can't manage a fire here because they are the most of the french i'll want to plus don't associate in her sons are good citizens of the place and that but their distress as nothing new. left but that was the ability we had all become used
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to it us cowardly to use to it really and for us they started to feel forgotten and left behind i made the movies it was forty years of my live that did it well feed off workers of territories of the villages where the public services are being but i've read you mr mccarthy democratic like the modern i'm an easy millions of us where they have the impression of not playing the herd in the street not being able to follow the changes in our society and to feel more and more barriers arise with the law it's an ancient unease and it is here now and to take us through you know it to me and in the last year and a half we have probably not been able to map our attitude as we should have and i assume my responsibility in that specific maybe i have given you the impression that i did not care that i had a more urgent priority is not and i think i must have hurt some of you by what i
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said before tonight was chaotic and i want to speak openly for mystery but and be very clear to the system but it i fought to be treated with you began sed the privates have hard currency to donald and because of them their rigid system in malaysia to me that i did it because i love a long country looking good and when i am not a legitimate because i'm on any party or anything else only because of you know what would be obvious to most of you other countries have the same kind of on the knees as ours move that i am convinced that we can find a way out of this all together but i wonder for france still that is too although we heard this from our other britons are we we have managed joke or world away together nobody has ever taken before the new paths of duty this upon you know this because it was ill and i have people around me that it is divided it is of
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people that does it as that clear running towards a precipice of the of a placebo poorly conceived in me and. because when you divide decided to run for president and that's also because i wanted to improve all our sister kind of. because of the cookie and i want to ruin your game because the state of emergency all of you want your emergency off a social in the pacific about and then marriage was even if you think the that appointed an orderly formats to improve the situation really need better education recovery and give everybody the means to be free and to worry god in the fullness and it is ghoul willing and vocational training also will provide our animal the paramount supply i want a country where one can live a dignified life in it and make a dignified living that the model will know more about asking the government to do
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what it takes it in order to be able to make at least some of the living god to solve the whole problem what is the the minimum wage is going to be increased by one hundred euro's starting at the beginning of next year but if i want to exit through it really what i would hunter with a fair idea to promote there for the thieves and shell it of media is a starting and two thousand and nineteen bill that over time will be tax exempt at least on put your feet of the vet and i want to ask you supreme all of the companies that are able to do or else will to get the lowest wages they will quit their bell and has bought the place here in the us for possibly push one to demean or bomb what better mobility you want to me in view of the two thousand and nineteen than me. we are going you know i give them all the if it were possible to
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abolish the increase of solidarity tabs for old age pensioners new equipment because we have been asking them too much. this is going to be presented to parliament liberals want to know that this is not all in it before i companies and are richer setters and so you are going to have to help you also say i'm going to unite them and this year we are going to start taking decisions with all of you so i may be that some would like me to go on don't change the reform of solidarity tax on wealth like we could have had it for forty years would be the feeling but was it an advantage for us want to know because our richest citizens were left our country you know on this sort of tax was abolished it in order to create more investment in our economy will evolve with. except for real estate well many good muslims want out of a war but we are creating jobs and all other sectors will know more about all the
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all the government and the parliament will have to go even beyond that. and stop tax evasion on the belief that. a french company and its leaders have to pay their taxes in france. this is only fair we've all you know but as you can see a good many if we are going to react to it and the whole showed me the emergency with bobby i just spending and better distribution will know more about the government and it's going to continue the ambition to transform our country in one which was of all of the voters elected eighteen months ago and i've been in this family from out the op like we are going to reform pensions and a number of time and because it has to be fairer clearer and those who
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work need to be paid for that fairly good neighborhood and we need to to reconnect what you are a collective a project without this is why the grand debate up must be even broader of all before and we need to assume all our judicial order to gather our joe to to produce and to distribute to people you learn to be a free citizen and to change of in order to take into account our climate and budget that you and it was only in order to manage we need to unite and treat each of the national questions that with that are the most hardened of together news on pondered on obviously the why dick to take his place on diversity into account have a fair and actual process to not bother and be closer to the citizens was elected
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and in the not leave the election process as only the priorities if you are taxation has to be fair and because what was the and or than i would also want to ask the question of our daily life solution in front of climate change when it comes to mobility and heating dwelling. and i think what good solutions are also going to come up bottom up manual to the google cannot only be the restaurants ability of the state to really think that paris is probably the only silver truly done with a centralized francis to centralized and paris good image that go then and we also have and you don't get there to find our deep in his identity our national identity and talk about migration it's all the more the phone the demand those idea changes that need a deeper through that questioning us would be and debate like we have never had it
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before going you have in our institution and everywhere everybody need to get a little side to support the government and parliament and you will also be able to emerge as a player because i'm going to go arjun it over at myself and take the country's pulse of us are more filled with all this but we are not the only institutional representatives with this debate to has also to take place in the territories all of this awfully woody and the only man the mayor says but that i would be because of the deal who represent the republic and the territories that are going to gather all the questions from the territories and i am going to meet with all of them in order to write the new contract for the nation and the appointed by the government most of them we are not going to back one dollar but to business as usual on the level and be on it because in the past we have had too many crisis like this with the story we have come to
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a has toric point. for our country you know with and through dialogue right is backed and your engagement comment meant to some as we are going we're going to them into a manageable war we are working on it and i am going to speak to you malek care about as you people only fight as for you update and all of we only fight for front ziba long live the republic and long of france. moving on dr so you were watching the french president emmanuel there and there in a taped it was a taped address quite expected who's expected to be alive but that was actually recorded she's probably why he started on time. there not much in the way of detail in there as far as
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a change goes he talked about an increase of the minimum wage of one hundred euros from next year talked about tax exemptions didn't specify who those might be for but also talked about abolishing the increase in solidarity tax on pensions this was all in response to the riots france has seen over the last month or so with me here in the suitors you discuss what we just heard from the french president is that pascal t.-bo who is a bergen correspondent for audio from welcome to d.w. pascal am i being too harsh on the president that there was a lot of empathy that a lot of idea your i feel your pain but not much in the way of substance yeah there there was but a lot of empathy which is maybe new for him because it was a big big critic of a lot of the of the people in the streets against him because of of our guns because of. some foods made about french people being too
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lazy and cetera so i think he wanted to show he had i have heard you i. am modest i have to engage a dialogue it was very important topic in the last part of the speech saw not only to announce some measures but also to to start a new dialogue with french people. to to break the silence ball less which exists in. these kountry between the president advancement and the normal citizens and how you see me it's interesting that you say that this is actually quite a change of style for this president because i was in. here just about every you k. u.s. politician every english speaking politician. i have ever come across as utter mouths those sorts of class issues where you say this is new for this president because
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like i say aside from a few things. i picked out he talked about. a saying guess the people are angry but there is no reason to break the place up and if you do it again i will come after he make that quite clear it's seems obvious to me as a known french person that this man who made he who was sent it to the presidency on the basis of breaking the mold of politicians should have such a tin ear when it comes to listening to the people yeah that's true i mean he had since he has been elected eight months ago. the way to act to lead the country which was very technocratic and with a huge majority without any discussions in his majority and. to quite a lot of decisions there were some important reforms in front in france with
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a lot of protests too but. the problem is that. is the is electoral basis was quite thin and that style the measles the impression that he was the president of the rich people's. prude used these these big in popularity so you had to he has to change without. abandoning old the reforms in reverse reforms in made in the last eighteen months that's the challenge for him is going to change but not too much what he has announced here. today and he's he's listening tour he's going to listen they always say that as well that i do want to miss and then i've got your message i will listen it's likely to appease people. i think i think so probably we will see if it's just if it's just something. out any content without any future or not. i think it's if
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it works and if it's if there is something real behind these announcement maybe it could were because that's the problem in our society we see we sued we see also these problem in germany that there is a lack of communication between the voters and the elected person and specially in france where all these organizations we have normally between the government and the people they exist they are very weak the parties the trade unions etc so and the people are very angry they have the improved impression that nobody listens to to them so there is a need for a dialogue and what in those sound sounded to me like these are new who just before the french revolution when the when the king started also you know that a form of course. also a dialogue collecting all the complainings of. citizens at that
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time and ok we will see if it works also spoke about the mayors so it has also to be a very robust route a grassroots movement of to be to be effective or to wise each wheel on the p.r. let me let me finish last year of a slightly rude question. what's wrong with french people. i can think of this one macro. before him both elected on the basis that i am going to change things because this country is i think there will be worse sclerosis use up one point you will lose too slowly and there's a massive state if we are going to compete in the wider world than we have to cut that out both go electric and the minute they start writing changers. stop the french people stop destroying the capital what's what what's that about. yeah i think yeah it sounds it sounds like like like it would it would be impossible to
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reform this country that that impression a lot of people have especially brody we can read that in very often in in german editorials. i think that's absolutely true we had reforms in the last years also of the with also a lot but yeah i think there is. i think the big problem is also that. we have these very important presidential elections but afterwards there is a lack of communication there is and to take to explain what they are doing and to persuade french people of the goals of these reforms and that we have a very we have quite big. we have different fronts different countries different societies and different people we have the one we are the
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winner and the other one is special in the territories you mentioned several times in his address we have the impression nobody listened to them the public services are disappearing there is no supermarket there is no there is no hope hospital in the neighborhood there is no a bus line to go to the nearest city etc and all these people often have the impression they are they are lost and these. interests coming from these. from these are struck retic schools moralists don't have a very real a different way with the normal beavers ok well i suppose the test will be does everything change or does he just hope people forget what they were angry about will doubtless speak again pascoe a ti vo about income support of already or france international thank you. for you
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watching the w. news our life from let's move to another european leader with problems in britain the prime minister is a may has delayed a planned parliamentary of votes on the bracks it deal offered by the european union. told members of parliament it had become clear there was insufficient support for the deal on the table following her announcement european president daughter of tosca has called a meeting to discuss press it on thursday but he says the bloc will not renegotiate the terms of the deal vote was supposed to take place tomorrow tuesday and now let's listen to what the theresa may told the parliament today it is clear that this house faces a much more fundamental question. just this house wants to deliver bricks it. i.
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think it is now still. does it want to do so through reaching an agreement with the e.u. if the answer is yes and i believe that is the answer with a majority of this house and we all have to ask ourselves whether we're prepared to make a compromise because there will be no enduring and successful brics it without some compromise on both sides today. many of the most controversial aspects of this dealing kluge in the past are all simply inescapable facts of having a negotiated brix it those members who continue to disagree need to shoulder the responsibility of advocating an alternative solution that can be delivered. well our correspondent barbara faisal has been following these developments in london i asked her what options are left for theresa may if brussels gives a hard no to renegotiation. well auctions are of course to try again and
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failed their option is of course to be somehow thrown out of government voted out by her own party to suffer still the idea is still there vote of no confidence even though the neighbor party is really aiming at having new elections the option also is of course a heartbreaks and that is coming close to no because time is really running away from the british negotiators in brussels there is not really much to do the european parliament needs to needs to sort of say yes agree to the deal and leone is three months more or less from britain leaving the e.u. so heartbreaks it can still happen it becomes more likely the more trees a make kicks the can down the road today there were rumors in london that she might really push things out into the general the trannies first of january is the last day she will have to hold a vote that's a lot of time for parliamentarians to stew over breaks it and whether that will
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save her head and the powerful party nobody knows. the norwegian nobel laureate was by the face of reporting by the way the no wage and nobel committee has awarded this year's a peace prize winners out of money in is if you have to mr not you're more out and kobe stuck to things like a one below what you don't think for the efforts to and to write a soundbite from the gulf war i think to yourself brad was so praise for having the courage to speak out about the appears to be quaking was recognized for helping female victims of sexual violence his country's civil war the pioneering gynecologists history tens of thousands of women this is clearly witness he says to mass atrocities against them. yes they are learning to fight back these patients at the pennsy clinic haven't rolled in self-defense courses. most of those being treated at the hospital or survivors of rape or sexual assault. dr
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dennis mcveigh a originally had the idea for the program. to. when they arrive here they all have serious mental problems. traumatic memories that make them unable to have a normal relationship. panzi hospital is located in bukavu a city in eastern congo a civil war has been raging in the country for years women and children are the ones bearing the brunt of the conflict dr mccoy vegas clinic is the only refuge they have. seven people who raped me. after a while my vagina. they burned my hand i'm a man and valid. i also became pregnant. they
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like to do it. they like to destroy me. they laughed and spoke badly to me. now on so they did what they wanted with me about it bend it enough to one foot doctor mcveigh his team not only performs restorative surgery on the women they also provide them with psychological care married women often remain alone their husbands leave them because they have been raped this says document vega has great consequences. they even don't understand how our head can destroy not only. the victim but how our help is destroying the fund as a community and or as a country. and i think that tool really to attention on this question for me is very important for him and. really hard to
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a lot to brookside us. dr mcvey guy has long been a hero to his patients now they're happy to celebrate his winning the nobel prize. as a cio upsets more the talk with a frantic gulf islands around the clock on the website the state doubling of the day. after. the man who saved the lives of tens of thousands of women conducted one operation after another nobel peace prize laureate dr nucleic in. florida as well as treating children some of the seats rape and couldn't fathom how to treat their grandchildren some of their. bodies to measure g.'s line to flushing sexual violence in the come to the halls of the talk which seems to be right one of
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