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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2018 5:02am-5:30am CET

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to the next making the same request getting the same answer the brags that deal stands but there will be no renegotiating tonight after a whirlwind tour of desperation theresa may is going home with a deal in hand but is empty handed is after i'm gone from berlin this is the day. so. is she doing traveling from capital to capital in europe a company christmas shopping. what to say about the activities that we have spiraled again it do in humans sometimes i don't understand the world anymore it's me. to tell them up to help are you kidding me even if you would be possible to remove
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the. u.k. kind of be trumped up neatly in the back i was like. well the negotiation whatever the request may be that will never let down our friends to deal we have achieved is the best you post it gets to be. also on the show tonight time magazine's person of the year journalist targeted for their pursuit of the truth forced to make the ultimate sacrifice every year the time editors spend months debating and talking about who they think who we think should best represent the trends of the year and this year we've chosen the guardians and the war against truth. we begin today with the british prime minister to resume a deal and help to turn a mission impossible into maybe
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a mission improbable today the british parliament was supposed to vote on the deal at its exit from the european union but prime minister to resign may anticipating that the deal would be rejected was he cancelled the vote postponing parliament's chance to write a new chapter in british history replacing it with a request to european leaders to revisit and maybe rewrite the brics that deal the answer so far place to recent days efforts on that fine line separating a last minute effort from an exercise in other futility. a rare bit of harmony amidst a rancorous debate. with the prime minister away it seems like the fate of brics it is once again in play. both believed and the remain camp are pushing their agenda hard i think it's very important that people look at this
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think very hard about it try and get the timing right and do the thing which is right for the country and maybe the thing that's right for the country is to go straight to saying let's have a people's mood most of the policies are not being truthful with the british people in there is no there is no brics it available that is not going to make people poorer and our country weaker. meanwhile mase bracks it minister put on a confident face assuring lawmakers that at least they would get a say in the final deal. while on the street. londoners want the government to get on with it already. and they want to know what nice weather is now and what's happening with that. we just want to get on with our lives then when i'm quite borders of us that. yeah i'm going to think we'll end up with a night. that you know. leaves remain deal no deal nobody has
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a clue anymore but fears are growing that the chance for an orderly breaks it is now slipping through teresa mayes fingers. third does to resign may have any chance of convincing the european union to revisit the deal on bricks that he makes off and he got a clear answer today when he put that question to mung for baber the head of the conservative party bloc in the european parliament. mr veba it appears that the u.k. government through some a is calling for a change in the withdrawal agreement with the european parliament accept any changes to that agreement do you know if years ago but these people voted in favor of praxis we had a long long ongoing discussions about the treaty on the table the british government and twenty seven governments on the continent said yes as a treaty so for us it is a final proposal on the table to leave treaty is the treaty of managing the brics it and that's my recent no possibility to renegotiate now the date of the good
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treaty on the table or we've got team coverage of teresa mayes whistle stop tour of europe today joining me here in berlin here at the table is our political correspondent simon young and barber of easel is in london tonight to both of you welcome barbara let me start with you i said at the beginning of the show that theresa may left the u.k. empty handed and she will return to the u.k. the same way would they agree with that statement where you are tonight. oh definitely positively brand because even here they have understood that if in brussels everybody says we will not open the divorce deal we will not renegotiate they have now understood that that means in fact what they are saying that the fight phase of fruition will thinking where you know several bricks menaces try to set up pedal illusions about what was available it seems to be over and the brutal reality really is looking problem in terence here in london in the face and they
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now know this is it and they don't want it and so round and round in circles they go they seem to be absolutely stuck and that is the point of danger because in fact no deal breaks it now seems to come closer nobody really wants it except for a few hard line breaks tears but they can't really agree on anything else so it would be fall over the cliff by. mult. are clear words there from barbara is time to resubmit we know she had lunch with the german chancellor angela merkel today what was able to offer her well really not very much until and you showed that picture earlier of the resume a sort of briefly trapped in a limousine just like many people in britain feel that they they might end up getting trapped in this so-called irish back still you know and that's that's a key image really because it's need this irish poet of the withdrawal agreement is very key the backstop is the part of the deal the would ensure that there's no new
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border in the island of ireland in the event that no deal can be reached and of course many people in westminster have been very critical of that they fear that it will end up meaning the u.k. . in this in a sort of clinch with the e.u. indefinitely so you know could possibly angle a miracle off say something offer something to to reason made today that must have been the question well and america met with members of apology after that hour long meeting and she said she saw no way to change the deal and that's pretty much what all the european leaders have been saying and barbara how does how do you read what we heard today from john john hold younger his comment that there can be no new negotiations but he said there might be room for interpretation. here what that means is also quite clear and also that has been largely i'm just
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here investment survive now it means that there would be some sort of add on to the political declaration that it companies that you for steel and that would sort of entails something in the way off the european union and the united kingdom agree that they do not want to sort of indefinitely be in the backs up and that other solutions should be fine. speedily as soon as possible and so on and so for us now that is nice it's sort of diplomatic good nice t.v. but it doesn't mean anything legally and westminster particularly the charlie breaks it chews are quite clear and that do you pete the northern irish unionists who could make up her majority which she doesn't have anymore they are quite clear on one point it has got to be legally binding on the voice we won't accept it so round and round in circles we go again we go again and so i'm going to question as
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this one to barbara as well did merkel today did did she meet with a british prime minister representing a britain that has completely underestimated the power of the european union as well as how to know we can only speculate really it's mysterious at this point why she bolted to come to berlin and the meet these other european leaders as well as she doesn't have some kind of plan that she wants to present them with as she told the paul image in westminster the other day that she did what he had some signals from european leaders and that they might be willing to meet but i agree with barbara absolutely it's all about whether it's legally binding even if some new commitments to you know making sure there's a free trade agreement in the future and not staying in the backstop forever even if that were written into the so-called political declaration and the withdrawal of them none of it's legally binding so you know the british cities will say this doesn't save us it's not the words it's the paper it's written on and barbara i
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mean you've covered the angle from from london and brussels for years has the has the e.u. has it under estimated. there hasn't been and underestimated its fortitude by the british. absolutely that is one of the major mistakes many commentators now in britain sort of economics and also it is why do you reproach that they are. making against the bracks it minister is of course david davis first because they say the british side thought we have to leave the leverage here we just walk in there and we tell them oh you want to trade with us you want to sell us your cars germany you want us to you want to say you know sell us you and she is france you want to sell us your prosecco it's only there was a famous row about that and in the end it didn't come down to that that was not decisive bonte what breaks it did was really forge
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a new unity within the european union because everybody realized if we don't stick together will last and they stick together till the very last moment as we see now and that is maybe the main mis after hanchen the main mistake that was made on the british side when starting these negotiations ok so theresa may she's coming home from the continent back to the u.k. what happens next. oh the vultures are circling of course here over the sky investments are because there is talk of no confidence vote from all sides of the house own tory hardliners say we will be sitting down and writing letters again we remember the infamous forty eight letters that i needed to bring her down within her own party. they couldn't count when this was threatened in december in november earlier but maybe they can count this time and of course also the opposition jeremy corbin has said we will bring
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a vote of no confidence in good time with eval that is but it won't be too long. or guess everything now is possible everything is up in the air with all of this this chaos what do you think the chances or of the second bricks of referendum becoming a reality well i think they've they've they've grown but they're still not that it's still not that appealing because. there's a strong argument you know the people of britain were aust once they gave their aunts admittedly a lot of has been said about that on so in the media in the meantime that possibly it was on the basis of not enough information but i think democratically and politically it's difficult to go back to the people i think that at the moment when the edging towards is that gentleman said in the report a deals an oreo unless the reason may can really pull a rabbit out of the hat in the next few weeks and who knows if she will be the prime minister that long that's also a big question still up to be answered simon young fear of the big table with me
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and our correspondent barbara hazel in london to both of you thank you very much. blunden has a reputation for being europe's melting pot more than three hundred languages are spoken there and nowhere is that more obvious than the city's vibrant restaurant see but breaks it could soon well it could soon mean there won't be enough cooks in the kitchen because many of them are from you guessed it outside of the u.k. . the british restaurant scene is booming particularly in london could descend as a result of breck's it eat you work as a missing. american was specializing in game meat steak backus and even mac and cheese come with venison meat from the chef to the waiters only three employees in the whole restaurant during lish post office come from the rest of the e.u. . and you're going to manage a field goal is going through the new christmas menu with
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a polish head chef if you know the how is that for whatever a member of staff leaves she has a problem these days two years ago i'm kind of on facebook on a constant inundation with people drive the job for hours for the full time part time front of house now and it's in there with three or four sponsors. so yeah not as many people out there. restaurants are recruiting everywhere but it's not just the hospitality trade that's affected by a slowing down of immigration by e.u. migrants. the grown up chocolate company specializes in up market chocolate they have such problems recruiting staff that they're even considering relocating to slovakia we. lost staff because the stock used to employ a consequence german to apply to all spain where they can get. a job where the money in euro's rather than being paid in g.d.p.
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because the value of the pound is full substantially also thirty percent of the chocolate is export and within the european union delays at the border after breck's it. might cause the delicate product to suffer the system we have of the moment house floors but it's ninety five percent perfect as far as a system for trading. we've got to the no. issues between the borders is for a company like mine. focus and everything we do after that is a problem. the coast bricks it many in business hope there will be a solution to keep the new workers coming also for the lower skilled jobs like hospitality otherwise who will make the drinks it's not just the employment market that's creating a headache for british business what they fear is a disorderly bricks at crushing out of the e.u. without a deal with brussels particularly small businesses are not really prepared for this
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at all. well every year the time person of the year announcement makes headlines and it makes a statement this year's decision speaks to the men and women like me and my colleagues here at the w news to the journalists who try every day to find to report the truth well that job has become a dangerous and deadly one time serves for journalists and the staff of a u.s. newspaper this year calling them the guardians in the war on the truth for the first time ever time has chosen a deceased person to be person of the year the salty journalist jamal khashoggi who was murdered two months ago in turkey was it a crime to silence a vocal critic of the saudi royal family or despite denials by riyadh the evidence points exactly to that and the evidence points to the saudi crown prince time also
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shows maria ressa in the philippines founder of the online news site rappler for her reporting of the violent drug war in the extrajudicial killings in the country that have been taking place under an authoritarian president named do terror to. put in prison for reporting on a genocide now these two reuters journalists when they dared to ask questions in me in bar about the atrocities that were being committed against the range of minority they were put in prison we see them there with their wives and time shows you see them right here. the staff of the capitol visit in annapolis maryland now and you may remember the newspaper lost five members of its staff last june when a gunman entered the newsroom and just started firing away were journalists making the ultimate sacrifice time says that reporting the truth has become kryptonite for
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authoritarian leaders who have made political inroads by telling the public not to trust the press or for more on today's announcement i'm joined here at the big table by christiane homeboy he is with the investigative news room corey dot org right here in germany and from washington d.c. tonight mike abramowitz he joins us he is president of freedom house an independent watchdog organization monitoring political rights and freedom he is also a former white house correspondent for the washington post to both of you gentlemen good to have you on the show tonight i might let me start with you you have been white house white house reporter with the washington post you you say that president trump has been undermining press freedom around the world i mean as president of the watchdog freedom health's what's your reaction to times decision today. well we were i think we're really pleased by that decision i think it really
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recognizes the grave danger that journalists and fact based journalism is in today around the world and that and that danger is really captured by all the honorees. that. you know recognize as part of the cover story obviously there's a lot of attention to jamal khashoggi but but you know the other journalists are you know also show the different facets of how press freedom is being steadily whittled away around the world and as you point out we still have a very lively and robust press here in the united states but we are concerned about the you know about the role of the u.s. president here we just put out a report at freedom house about a couple weeks ago about net freedom in the world and we found that seventeen different countries have restricted rights on the internet in the name of combating fake news and so that's really shows a direct correlation between what's happening inside states and what's happening abroad. do you spent years with the in geo transparency international before you
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went to court t.v. dot org so based on all that experience what does today's time decision what does it say to. i think it shows that journalists play an important part a part in this in this world not only by fighting and revealing corruption as it is because most of the people well most journalists really write about those in power and what they do in power but i also think it shows that we have to look at what has changed now in this digital area as mike just pointed out that we live in and different and that all of this digital change is somehow changing how opinion making works in the world and some is for the better some for the worse on one hand we can wait easy to communicate with everyone in the world but at the same time it kind of the less a little more nervous if we can trust what we get through these new communication channels yeah that's what the adage is it times that they said that authoritarian
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leaders they have really mastered the art of manipulating information and public opinion. you know based on your time as a correspondent for the washington post at the white house did you know what it's like there to report on the president you wrote earlier i think it was last year you wrote that no president in recent memory has forged so much school worn for the media the way that donald trump has done is time's decision today is it a response an answer to want to the president has been doing. well i can't go into the minds of the of the time editors but i certainly think you know we have to be reminded about you know really what christian was saying what the what the importance of the independent press is you know all the corruption that is going on in the world all the malfeasance stories about the me too movement except all this would not be out there without the press and well it's
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understandable that oftentimes the public is not happy with the way the press functions or is critical of the press democracy can't function without a robust fact based you know journalistic enterprise going on and that's what the real risk today the public has understand without the journalists that are being honored by time magazine today you know a lot of facts that are really important you just take the situation in myanmar where those two very brave reuters journalists are you know in jail i believe for up to eight years for just simply exposing the facts of what happened and in myanmar in terms of the outrages against our head and so without that kind of reporting democracy and you know cannot function and that's i think what we have to remember today christiane you know there was a store you and i spoke about two years now when corey. published a report about the shooting down of flight m.h.
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seventeen over ukraine and your report said that it had been a russian missile that had done that and what followed during that reported there before that was this campaign of disinformation misinformation and even there was a man reportedly was funded by russia to come in and since the clique storm your office you guys know what it's like to be the target of a leader or a system that's trying to misuse information. for example i think it's fair to say that we didn't have proof that that person was funded by russia it was assumptions . people ahead but i think there are obviously two different roles you have one on a personal level it's not nice when you become threatened by these things and nothing anyone would lie to to say i appreciate that but on a professional level i think it underlines that that we had really hit on something that's relevant because usually if you if you report on something that's not relevant you do not cause these reaction these kind of reactions right mike the
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reactions that mr jamal shogi. you know some would say calls i mean ultimately he had to he had to die some would say because he was so vocal in his criticism of the royal family in saudi arabia now we've got the u.s. president refusing to say that the crown prince could even be possibly culpable for for killing that journalist how culpable is the u.s. president in the the wife threatening job that we journalists today are conducted. well look i think we have to just first of all recognize that the that the people that are primarily responsible for the. you know for for mr quiz show his death the saudi authorities and all around the world many journalists are really you know subject to increasingly violent for the work they do you know
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in turkey which did a lot to expose the situation regarding mr could show that you know some two hundred journalists i think roughly are now are in jail for simply you know doing their jobs and you have situations in russia mexico other countries where we're being the judge bit we're being a reporter is very dangerous and i do think however i am going to have to undergo a campaign of vilification my limits and so i have to interrupt you there because we were unfortunately we're out of time michael bromwich joining us from washington and here in the studio christiane bored to both of you gentlemen thank you very much the day is nearly done the conversation continues online you find us on twitter you see it right there where you can reach us if you could use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you that.
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can carry information. scientists can help feed people. still people can. be happy without block. how much light do we really neat. we've seen the light. made in germany next. day spend their
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days on the top boss and home strange in the evening they've come. china that all present mesmerized audiences. we chose this profession out of caution. the next morning they move on. troubling. how do you live sustainable discover the bo house. starts generally thirteen on t w. a you know this zero five minute or minute. has
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a power and beauty combines he has it all. it's in the pantheon of the great tenors certainly his one for the ages. of ten or for the ages starts december twenty second on g.w. . make it does a spectacular job of lying about the planet but when it comes to running out twenty four hour a day cities made a leg.


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