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scott taylor. george december twenty second two w. . player. playing. this is news live from berlin down but not out of the british prime minister theresa may survives a no confidence vote by conservative party but are authorities badly damaged after more than a third of m.p.'s vote against her so where does this leave her breaks a deal that will have the latest from london. also coming up hundreds of police and soldiers in france are searching for the man they say carried out the deadly
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shooting at a christmas market in strasbourg they believe the suspect is dangerous and they're warning the public not to approach or. china confirm the detention of a second canadian man for post in danger of national security after canada angered beijing by arresting a top chinese executive after the u.s. has requested. and she can only imagine what the scene looks like but that doesn't stop on the most hands from writing big wigs guided by instinct she is spain's forced winds female athlete to enter the world the adoptive surfing championship. i'm sumi so let's got to thank you for joining us british prime minister theresa may is preparing to make another appeal to european union leaders to help her south her controversial bragg's a deal at home may. set to join an e.u.
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summit in brussels in a few hours time now the move comes one day after she survived a no confidence motion brought by members of her own party on happy with her breakfast plans may says she will seek more assurances from brussels on the so-called backstop designed to prevent a hard boarder on the island of ireland well have more from our correspondent in a moment but first this report. i put the announcement came that the majority of conservative lawmakers do have confidence in to resign my person porters could breathe a sigh of relief. but not everyone could share the joy about one third of my own party voted against the prime minister's critics think she should resign. her deal through. withdrawal agreement which is not supported by many conservatives or by the opposition and having failed in her name plank a policy it would be called. the friday after weeks of speculation
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about how much support my had from within her own party enough letters was sent to trigger a confidence vote on her leadership first of january some conservative politicians are unhappy with the brakes a deal she struck with the european union but may warned that ousting her would only delay or even stop progress but now that may has survived a vote she's adamant that she will continue her mission we now need to get on with the job of delivering bricks it for the british people and building a better future for this country opposition politicians remain i'm convinced that the reason why is conservative government is fit to cope this is the stage and the tory party can see and and bringing the bitchiness to the surface over the question of europe now it's it's their problem but it does impact upon the nation it's an absolutely crucial time. to survival can't stop the brakes of clock ticking.
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it's less than four months until the u.k. is supposed to leave. let's bring in some pill she is standing by in front of westminster for us hi charlotte so what are the reactions in london today to teresa mayes victory. morning seamy what i'm sure is no surprise that this story is dominating the front pages and let's just turn to the to the tabloids for the best front pages i'm sure you can expect this one here the sun is saying it's time to cool it and may of course a play on words on the idea time to call it a day they're saying time is up the jury is amazed she's despite winning this confidence vote she's proved it have bricks that deal is just too unpopular it's saying she could be leaving fairly soon no the tabloid hit a the daily mail has rather different expect perspectives one of the few that's come out in defense of juries in may is said now let her get on with the job its argument is we've had this confidence vote she won let's get bricks it done what's
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your impression from talking to people there theresa may one does no confidence vote but her authority has been damaged how much has she been weakened by this challenge to her leadership. well there really are two ways of looking at this there were absolutely no guarantees yesterday that she would win that confidence vote so the fact that she did will come as a relief to ha she's no stranger to challenges and she has no doubt that despite the biggest one to her leadership so far she will live on another day but the numbers that she won by one knows that is convincing that means of course that the euro skeptics in the pub party the ones that brought the times in the first place will not didn't have a decisive loss they will then carry on keep pushing her keep pushing or not breaks it deal to reason may also many think in order to to get that win yesterday said she wouldn't leave her conservative party into the next election in twenty twenty
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two that means essentially that these leadership challenge discussion is not going to come to an end people will still be vying for her job it must be emphasized as well that it was her own policy m.p.'s from her own policy this leadership challenge that's not even including a lot of the opposition parties who also have huge problems many of them with the brics a deal that she's reached with the european union so she still faces huge challenges despite this when this was all over the braggs a deal and specifically with a part of the deal called the irish backstop charlotte let's remind our viewers what that's about. after brics it the republic of ireland would remain an e.u. member but northern ireland which is part of the u.k. would leave the backstop is essential ian insurance policy to keep an open land border between the two and keep trade flowing freely it would come into force if
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the e.u. and the u.k. fail to agree on a free trade agreement. all right to charlotte that's what the backstop is all about now theresa may is heading to brussels in a few hours for an e.u. summit what does she need to get there and bring back to westminster. but that really was the key issue that so many people here in the u.k. have a problem with when it comes to her breaks it deal they want her to go to brussels and say we need a legally binding assurances about that irish back e.u. leaders they made clear this week that it's not something that they're willing to give they say that they're more likely to offer reassurances than anything legally binding binding and honestly that is not going to be enough for a lot of people here in which case essentially we're back in the exact same position that we were before this confidence vote as a reason may is stuck when it comes to have breaks a deal she still without change is unlikely to get it through parliament in the
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meantime we are slipping ever closer to the deadline when the u.k. leaves the european union on march twenty ninth and are facing a very real risk of leaving with a no deal all right in charlottesville some poll for us in london thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world prosecutors in brazil are seeking the arrest of the country's most famous state healer following allegations of sexual misconduct more than two hundred women have accused the man known as john of god of sexually abusing them while they were seeking spiritual guidance and treatment joe to shut out the says his innocence. in hungary demonstrators gathered in front of parliament in budapest to protest against new labor legislation dubbed the slave law by critics the reform loosens the labor code and grazes annual overtime hours opponents are calling for pay hikes in the country which does have some of the
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lowest wages in the e.u. . leaders of the e.u. and nato are holding two days of talks with ukrainian president petro poroshenko in brussels they're expected to focus on the response to recent tensions with russia over the us would see the e.u. wants russia to release sailors seized in waters off crimea last month. and. now police in france have launched a public appeal to help find the man suspected of carrying out tuesday's deadly shooting in strasbourg hundreds of police and soldiers are still searching for twenty nine year old shaver schuchat a known criminal is described as dangerous and members of the public have been warned not to approach him meanwhile investigators in germany are following reports that chicago received a telephone call from germany shortly before the attack two people were killed and thirteen others were injured when a gunman opened fire near the city's christmas market shouting. and let's go right to the humphrey she's following the story for us in helena so
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there are several indications that the chief suspect had close links to germany filson. there's all the indications at the moment sumi we understand that the suspect received a telephone call from a number in germany before he carried out that attack on chuse day what we don't know is from whom and why that is something that authorities and investigate his in germany are currently looking into it's thought that that will be a very useful piece of information in this inquiry this is a cross border investigation over seven hundred soldiers and police offices are on the manhunt here in france with thirty's in germany are also collaborating in this investigation now court documents seen by show that the chief suspect had significant links to germany and that he carried out crimes there robberies in the town of hissing and spending jail time in france and in germany and now as
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police search for the chief suspect in potentially his brother who they say he may have radicalized they'll be looking of course they're looking in france but also in germany being a border town as well the deputy interior minister saying we cannot rule out the fact that the chief suspect just may not be in france anymore you know how i know we've been learning a lot more details about sharing shikata since the attack took place around thirty six hours ago what more can you tell us about him. the interior minister excessive keston a called him notorious a hardened criminal certainly a very troubled individual trouble from a young age his first criminal conviction at the age of thirteen he's then going on to commit some twenty seven other common law common law crimes people in his suburb of in the doff say that something seemed off something seemed just not right now he was on a terror watch list here in france something called the fish s.
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which meant that police had powers of surveillance nevertheless he still managed to get in the slip they did turn up to his apartment prior to him carrying out the attack to arrest him in connection with homicide and robbery he'd already left what they did find in his apartment were going aides and other weapons linking him to the scene of the crime that took place here in sky later that evening oh now there are questions being raised a debate to being started about the state of security in france what is being set. well french far right leader of the us you know they know penn has already come out and said that this attack in will clearly shows that terror policies in front so not working and needs to be revised the these questions of course come at a very difficult time for a french president a man you're an american remember of course that he's faced four weeks of
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consecutive protests over his economic economic policy so getting the response right and being in in china with the feelings of the population will be very important here in strasbourg you can say see it so the day of mourning the christmas tree behind me is usually a symbol of the festive cheer of size book today it is not being lit up as a mark of respect and of course many security questions will come out here was enough done and do the french want to see more or do they feel that already security has been ups and they just don't want daily life to be controlled even more already humphrey for us reporting from strasburg thank you hala to turkey now where at least seven people have been killed in a high speed train accident in the capital ankara around forty others were injured and other images of a rescue workers handling body bags are being broadcast by local media officials
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said the train collided with a locomotive that was carrying out track inspections and then struck a pedestrian overpass at a suburban station causing two carriages to overturn the train was headed for the central province of konya. let's go right to our correspondent dorian jones he is a covering this accident for us from istanbul dorian to bring us up to date on what you're hearing there on this crash. well there was a six thirty train local time from on corolla to the main provincial city of kanya it was leaving left the station and eight minutes later hit this train head on that was on the tracks to check the quality of the tracks is unclear why that train was almost on the line at the same time they train then just. traveling around seventy kilometers an hour impacted the local motive and then flew off into the air hitting an overpass the rescue workers now on the scene trying to dig out the trapped
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passengers many are still believed to be in the wreckage the minister of transport was very quickly on the scene along with the governor of on korea he speaking to reporters said they are already investigating how this is train crash occurred he said that the number of dead has now risen to nine one of those with a passenger being treated in hospital exam goes to train driver is among the day during this is the second major train crash in turkey this year how safe is turkey's railway system. well that certainly is going to be a question being raised earlier this year an express train not one of these turkeys news high speed trains was traveling to. the rails killing twenty four people and injuring thousands of you know a lot of disputes over the circumstances of crash opposition accusing lack of
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maintenance on the tracks where the government insists that it will do to the left on the track opposition and claiming that there is a problem of maintenance of the trains the government has been gauged in a massive expansion of trade including these high speed trains and this is the second fatal crash in two thousand and four involving a new high speed train over forty people were killed in one of turkey's worst train crashes so indeed there will be growing focus on the safety of tokyo trains. to those is expected though possibly will be a bail of secrecy imposed by the courts which is customary now in major acts of. jones bringing us up to date there thank you very much the former lawyer u.s. president donald trump michael cohen has been sentenced to three years in prison a federal court in new york said that cohen paid hush money to women who claim to have had affairs before he was elected was also charged with lying to congress.
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when michael cohen arrived at the manhattan courthouse one thing was clear he wasn't going to avoid a prison sentence the crimes he was accused of were far too serious a tax evasion to the tune of millions of dollars bank fraud illegal campaign financing and false statements to the f.b.i. and u.s. congress michael cohen pleaded guilty in all cases theoretically he could have faced more than forty years in prison but as it turned out the sentence was a lot lower probably because he'd cooperated with the authorities the sentence could spell danger for donald trump. there's a very real prospect that on the day donald trump leaves office the justice department may indict him that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time the reason cohen has admitted to paying hush money to both an adult entertainment film star and a playboy model on behalf of donald trump during the presidential campaign according to the court this violated campaign financing rules juta his use of trump campaign funds his assertion that his false statements to the u.s.
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congress were coordinated with the white house also piles pressure on the president . sports now and in last night's champions league football tournament byron munich and i.x. faced off in a thrilling three all draw the drama started with fifteen minutes to go and the match level at one apiece byron's thomas melo was sent off for this high kick now i x we're already down to ten men by that point after that a penalty for each team made it to all robert eleven doffs tying the score with his second goal against the home and then put byron ahead in injury time but just when he thought the germans had done enough for victory tell your fico level the match again three three final score which leaves fire on the top of the court. the last team to get into the champions league final sixteen was legal they travel to snowy ukraine and managed a one one draw with shock hardwood that's and that was enough to put them through here's a look at the clubs including dortmund in group eight that have advanced tottenham
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scraped through in group b. liverpool just managed to progress in group c. and in group d. shot them made it to the knockout round as we said barring munich a winning group emad chester city was the winner of group f. from a dread talked group g. and in h u ventus and manchester united advance the draw for the next stage of matches is next week. this week the world adaptive surfing championship is taking place in california the event gives surfers with physical challenges the chance to display their talents in a world class competition this year's edition features visually impaired female surfers for the first time common lopez is representing spain. carmen lopez can only imagine what the sea looks like. but that hasn't stopped the twenty one year old spaniard from riding this surf.
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with me see if. i can free entry locks i don't have any concerns and it's just me and the range. coach lucas garcia guides carmen with whistled signals he's trained her to compete at the world adaptive surfing championship. no one had ever thought that blind people could surf and suddenly we find kamen who can she need some extra help in the water compared to other adopted sports but at the end when someone wants something they can break the limits and everyone can surf carmen was born with congenital coma and lost her vision when she was a child she wants to encourage others with physical challenges to push past their limits if that means that you keep showing day by day and with everything that i do if you want something you can get it whether or not you have a disability the important thing is to do what you like the most people put their
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own various up no one asked puts them there that's what i think carmen has also learned figure skating and horseback riding with her bold attitude the sea is the limit. china is stepping up pressure on canada gary hart has more on that and tried to swim a chinese state security is now investigating a second canadian business much chinese state media said michael space is being accused of harming chinese national interests it's the second canadian citizens is here after beijing detained former diplomat michael culprit on monday the two cases appear to be retaliation for the detention of monk one jew a chinese executive from phone maker. arrested in canada after the u.s. issued an arrest warrant the whereabouts of mr speight remain unclear. this is businessman michael spade war and this is what he is known for bringing
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people together in this case foreign athletes to pyongyang to play the north korean hockey team he is a canadian businessmen with a cultural exchange company based in the northern chinese city of dying dong. he is also the man behind the unusual friendship between u.s. basketball star dennis rodman and north korean leader kim jong un spader is possibly one of the best connected westerners in secretive north korea and now nobody knows exactly where he is before beijing confirmed it was investigating space for kenner's foreign minister confirm something was wrong. we are aware. of a canadian. who was caught in touch with us. because he was being asked questions by chinese authorities. space for also uses his base in china to promote investment in north korea but
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china says he is now a security risk. italy's prime minister says that the concept as been walking hobson reach a compromise in the dispute with brussels over has come to his ballooning budget he met with european commission president jump clode young what appears to be a step forward unprecedented conflicts between the e.u. and want its member states for tools the tug of war between italy and the european commission has been going on for weeks. is now suggesting a budget of two point zero four percent of g.d.p. down from two point four percent just a bit higher than younker what like rain will split them if it's not for me to foresee what the final reaction of the commission will be surely our proposal was judged important and significant and the next hours we will continue to work i trust on a positive solution. will italy's prime minister bring an early
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christmas present from brussels while shoppers spending free on holiday presents the amount of money that government can spend next is still up in the air the coalition partners and roma trying to to start. by e.u. regulators by showing goodwill towards brussels and a willingness to compromise on their original budget proposal many italians now want to see that government make a deal. it's all very messy band so i think that something may be finally moving and maybe little by little in a strange way will finally become real europeans. trying to be part of europe to siloam even if it often we haven't been very happy with and it. will be able to i hope the budget law will be approved. and that the e.u. understands the problems we have been. giving i hope that material salvini and our prime minister giuseppe concha manage to do something good for
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italy. will bear they will believe. but if the budget plan is rejected and italy is sanctioned by brussels that could trigger yet another election in march and even more insecurity in italy citizens. in frankfurt a compromise is in his government and the e.u. seems to be on the horizon that's good news for the euro is it not it is absolutely good news for the euro and it's also good for italy's reputation on the financial markets you know get hard when we talk about italy added stet the focus is always on last spread that's what italians call the spread between the yield on italian government bonds and on german government bonds and this spread has narrowed significantly the yield on italian government bonds has come down significantly due
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to this perspective on a compromise clearly investors seeing a less of a risk in investing in italian assets. talking about the euro the e.c.b. is expected to end its super loose monetary policy today or at least announcing that they will end the markets prepared for that. yes they are the talk about this has been going on for a very very long time and you know get hot the e.c.b. is not ending its super lose want to terry policy in one moment it's just not printing new money to invest it in bonds bonds that the e.c.b. is already holding when they expire the e.c.b. also in the future is going to invest money in those in the following bonds of the same kind which means that this ending of the monetary policy this super loose monetary policy is going to be a very slow phasing out on the business front with thank you.
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in a major step towards space tourism virgin galactic is going to launch a rocket powered plane from california led to today the aim is to reach an altitude of fifty miles which is considered the edge of space if all goes to plan the pilots will experience zero gravity for three minutes and out of breath taking. this test but could put the company closer to becoming the world's first operational space tourism business british billionaire and fashion c.e.o. richard branson is in a race with all the billionaires like i was in front of jeff bezos to develop a vehicle that sends tourists on trips into the spouse. in for one of those that's up to date he watching the news from live as more news coming out of the top off the album. conflict zone up next.
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to. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian coming challenging those in call asking tough questions demanding answers. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the sun doesn't. gushing through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account facts
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the conflicts. conflict the conflict zone with disadvantages john d. w. von d. w. . they want silent in syria. and they won't be silent in exile. seven people who fly to europe from the brutal persecution in their homeland are filing criminal charges against the country senior officials. testifying against assad seeking justice for syria. in forty five minutes on w. william had a big gun it goes up close when the highest high you know if i had known the boat would be that small i never would have gone on
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a trip but i would not have put myself and my parents in that danger of bottoms again with the open a beautifully with. mother and uncle the other one is there with me to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. you want to know their story the migrants for fighting and reliable information for margaret's. whatever happened to martin schulz. and food all but my guests this week here in london the strasburg coco here in berlin serbian prime minister and out burger bitch you know i'm crushed go mickey morgan turkish prime minister member trouble shola.


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