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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2018 3:02am-3:31am CET

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to stop the fighting and starting a world away today the saudi backed government of yemen and the iranian backed rebels both said yes to a cease fire food and medicine to replace rocket fire and famine and in the united states senate the possibility of a symbolic yet unprecedented vote rebuking america's support for the fighting in yemen made possible by saudi arabia i'm print off in berlin this is the day. that all. i see you see that being the beginning of the end. the good of the biggest tragedies of the twenty first century but how they are about is an achievement of how data were made this a car a tool for humanitarian assistance and belief operations that the day that could come and we have made very large concessions make these concessions for the yemeni people. and the current relationship with saudi or bravia is not working for
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saudi arabia has to change it is more of a burden and it is an asset just because you're our ally you cannot be killed with impunity. also coming up tonight she has been here before for the second time this week british prime minister to resume a is in brussels meeting with e.u. leaders in search of a bright sit breakthrough that germany's chancellor has already ruled out on the t.v. all have cause we have our principles so i don't think close change that we've to an agreement again and we can certainly talk about additional issuances those that you fancy him given. we begin the day considering what has been unthinkable four years in yemen the possibility of peace today at u.n. brokered talks in sweden both sides in yemen's four year civil war said yes to
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a cease fire the saudi backed government of yemen and the iranian backed who the rebels agreed to stop fighting in the all important port city of data important because opening its harbor means opening a lifeline tonight thanks to an agreement and a handshake there is reason to hope that food and medicine well now finally be able to enter the country and reach the millions struggling not to starve to death oh the. you have reached an agreement on the day the port and city which will see a mutual really points of forces from the port and assisting and the establishment of a dawn order it the government it white ceasefires the un will play a leading role in the ports and these will facilitate the many telling access of
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the flow of routes to the civilian population and it will improve the living conditions for the millions of yemenis we're joining me now is lisa grundy she is resident humanitarian coordinator for the united nations also responsible for the republic of yemen in sanaa is gone is good to have you back on the show we know that united nations secretary general antonio terrace he's announced the cease fire and has been agreed to for the port city of her data how surprised are you at what appears to be sudden progress after four years of war. we're very relieved. ceasefire has been agreed by the parties to the conflict after six months of nearly daily bombardment to date it was the sign that he has been brought to the cease fire changes all the past the two hundred thousand people who are still in the city no longer have to wake up every morning and fear for their bodies
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fear from fighting and shoving here strikes and the fact that today that is the main courses of heinrich brown for humanitarian assistance including for the country now this is safe now the disappear that means that soon can reach the people who needed some of this is critical for fighting. and i'd like you to take a moment and listen to martin griffiths the u.n. special envoy for you have it in to what he had to say early. on the design of the withdrawal first of all from the pope three ports very quickly within days and then from the city of both sides disengaging is designed in order to open up that east west road so that humanitarian pipeline which is crucial to the survival of those people in yemen who needed humanitarian aid is opened up again as it isn't not at the moment let me just ask his mind what would these changes mean for your work on
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the ground for the flow of aid to be will that really mean better times for millions of yemenis. that's our expectation right now there are twenty nearly threw our hundred and there are tens of millions even who are food insecure what that means is that when they break up in an already they have no idea how different it gets in there in the united nations right now it's providing food eight million civilians in the country we don't know because conditions are deteriorating that we have to lose another form there and we have to convince twelve million people we can only keep them if the road print data from it is open and if we can bring in the since it's necessary to cease fire give them a chance to do that i want to ask you do you know we have tried and struggled for the past four years to keep international attention on this conflict but since the murder of the saudi journalist jamal to the warring parties they have come together
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and now we have the u.s. senate that may rebuke the u.s. for supporting the saudis in this ward do you think that these were recent events that make a difference it's very good that of the humanitarian crisis in even if that were that route and that it is equally clear is that the international community people focus on what this war is something they do not want twenty new media civilians to be impacted by a senseless tragic war it's very clear at this time to end the war has come and we're all grateful that the proceeds of the conference come to the table they've been written book and they've reached agreement on who did this just the first thing we need to see thunder their expense for our country ok lisa grundy resident humanitarian coordinator for the united nations joining us tonight this is good news this latest development a cease fire in yemen is running thank you. well the war in yemen getting the
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attention of the u.s. senate today to talk about that side of the story i'm joined now by my a sweeter in our washington studio good evening to you miles so we understand that there has been a resolution passed by the u.s. senate which rebukes trumps policy supporting saudi arabia and the war in yemen and also saying that the crown prince of saudi arabia is responsible for the death of jamal gadhafi is there any coincidence here any connection the timing of what we're seeing in the senate in these peace talks over yemen well certainly a coincidence of timing and it definitely heightens the impact. both resolutions of both treaties both. motions that are being put forward here and i will say that a lot of this has been spurred because of the journalist murdered because of jamal khashoggi his death and disappearance before his death war and yemen has been as
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you noted raging for years and international attention have not been that strong on and but saudi arabia has actions in the international sphere sense because shows his death has really heightened attention on their actions out elsewhere including in yemen and this is something that the u.s. senate decided to pay attention to today and it's a big u.-turn from not even months ago when a similar of the exact same resolution was put to the senate and they didn't even vote it out of committee it was not put to the full senate now nine months later we're seeing after the death of this journalist we're seeing it not only pass the senate pass with very strong bipartisan support this is a bipartisan move why is that significant. well for one simply because we haven't seen much bipartisan action in the past. i don't know
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pick a number how many years has it feel like at the bensons we saw democrats and republicans working together in the us this is sort of a step in that direction that analysts will say is certainly a good news for maybe the parties beginning to work together again on other issues but again it was the death of jamal khashoggi that spurred this because lawmakers on both sides he was a u.s. president lawmakers on both sides have been seizing over not just the fact that he was murdered extrajudicial lee but the fact that the u.s. president has really nothing to condemn the people who are alleged to be behind this man's death namely the crown prince of saudi arabia and not only has he been refusing to do anything but he's been very much standing by the crown prince saying no saudi arabia is still our partners and we strongly support them and we want to to stand with them this is something that u.s.
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lawmakers have now with this vote shown that they don't support and it's significant not just for the bipartisanship but for the republicans who have broken with their president a president who does talk it they were more last on other legislation and saying no we don't agree with what you're saying and we're going to believe our intelligence agency. even with the visual rebuke by the u.s. senate what will what will change or will better change anything for the people of yemen is this just a symbolic move. it is largely symbolic and whether it will change any of the fortune or reality on the ground for yemenis. i would say that's unlikely and one concrete thing i can say that this resolution does is the u.s. had stopped refueling saudi warplanes that were operating in yemen last month and this resolution will prevent the pentagon from restarting those operations but that's sort of one of the few tangible things that can actually do in order for
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this to actually come into force it would have to pass through the house of representatives and then be signed by president from south president trump has said that he will in no way sign this and he will actually veto this not only that the house a few days ago actually passed a motion saying that they would not even bring this motion up for a vote so it's really just dead on arrival on the house and it's it's just a non-binding resolution of the senate saying this is how we're feeling right now nonetheless still a wake up call to president trump saying that maybe the senate isn't as much on his side as he thought it was again that it puts these civil war in yemen it does put it back on the agenda in the u.s. congress a correspondent on the story for us tonight in washington thank you well four years of civil war in you haven't left half of the population the seen famine malnutrition is widespread and aid agencies say this humanitarian crisis is
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entirely. cries of pain like this a common place in yemen. two million children under five here a severely malnourished. and. what have these children done that they have to suffer so much and we're all suffering life is tough here disease spreading children are starving including those who are at school. every medallists four hundred thousand children in yemen will die if they don't get urgent medical care hospitals that are relatively well equipped like this one in sana'a are few and far between outside the capital the situation is dire parents have to transport their desperately sick children often hundreds of kilometers to get help and i also learned by my daughter started throwing up and had diarrhea so we come all the way from ties to sana to get a treat it was just anything you know in rebel held areas of the country there's
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a sense of skepticism but also hope about the peace talks in stockholm civilians are desperate for the conflict that has been depleting the population figures to finally come to an end and. i expect the negotiations to be conducted seriously. if they follow the political situation on t.v. it's clear that there is a seriousness when it comes to finding a solution for yemen. and the government held south of the country people are also hoping for peace that the south receives military support from saudi arabia humanitarian aid remains very limited the u.n. needs to help families here to to prevent more children losing their lives to starvation. french police say the straw for gunman who shot dead people near a christmas market on tuesday has been killed officers reportedly neutralized the
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suspect tonight it comes after a major search was to place in straw spur today with helicopters circling overhead five people have also been taken into police custody in connection with the investigation of a twenty nine year old suspect. killed at least three people near the christmas market in frostburg on tuesday a fourth person is said to be in critical condition. chicago was born and raised in straw spur helena humphrey went to the neighborhood of noid where he lived to find out from local residents what he was like. this block of apartments is home to france's most wanted man twenty nine year old cat but the man accused of opening fire on the christmas market after a very different impression on locals. were not on jury were very shocked by what
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we heard because he came from all neighborhood. he was good to him we knew his brothers and sisters and. this story represents two different sides of sizable on this side of the road a quiet residential street and on the other side of the road the council estate and the apartment block where the suspect share the fish a cat lived. a housing estates with a tough reputation. has worked in the community for forty years. he says petty crime in the area is due to the country's economic situation. we're in a neighborhood where a significant portion of the population is poor and there's a high level of unemployment. and that unemployment can lead to frustration when you put your best son in certain first
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class your. cat's local corner shop islamic religious television plays in the background the shops manager also points to france's secular policy as another source of frustration. comes to much as. to muslims the secular state feels like stigmatize ation. people of the why is it mostly singles ourselves a partner who was and that's why the lure is perceived badly by some muslims and especially by me. but here in this community the overriding sense is one of dismay that one of their own was on france's terror watch list and is accused of an attack they find unfathomable. you know the question what happened britain's prime minister theresa may arrived in
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brussels earlier today seeking help yet again with her breaks it deal and she has left brussels without saying a word of this comes a day after she faced down the leadership challenge at home recently is hoping to get reassurances about aspects of the brics deal that have split her party in polarized britain's parliament so you're right there leaving the summit just a few moments ago she left the european council in brussels leaving the leaders of the year of the e.u. twenty seven to debate amongst themselves how to help her get the deal through the british part. of the question the e.u. twenty seven they are in agreement on one thing that they have not tired of repeating they can offer her some warm words and moral support but no renegotiation of the brakes a deal itself. headwind for may also from outside the european council this group of activists had come all the way from london to protest the
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deal because. she's coming here begging the european leaders we demand an absolute right to have a final say on that deal it is shocking it lets britain down breaks it is is a is a horrific. thing for britain and britain needs to stay in the you because britain will otherwise get much poorer actually no bracks deal is good enough for the british people because the best deal that we've got is the one inside the european union theresa may is seeking legal changes to the withdrawal agreement in particular the irish backstop a red line for you leaders who want to guarantee that a hard border between ireland and northern ireland be avoided at all costs to harm them to the old one salute of course we have our principles and i don't see that we will be changing it with all of them but again but we can certainly talk about it this will assure and says if you don't give in. but will that be enough for may to win over support at home for now lou is a political issue and says and some cosmetic wording seem to be all she can get
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despite the empathy all she can get what did she get to talk about that i'm joined here the big table by john worth one of our bricks analysts one of consonance for europe's most watched most red bricks bloggers good to see you john so she came and went didn't say a word when she left this summit and got basic me nothing. no surprise no surprise at all because essentially why should brussels give her anything they know her position is weak there's nothing that they can offer that will manage to help her get her back to deal through the house of commons so ultimately it looks like today is going to be to plan i told her the walking wounded theresa may is that a fair and accurate description of for this although her position has been rather weak for quite some time now but she still somehow manages to start her own so this week she managed to survive a no confidence vote managed to get it done and dusted just before going to the summit in brussels but she still has no prospect whatsoever of managing to get
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a breakthrough deal approved but she still tries to sound as if there's a prospect. the question is when now is it going to come to a crunch when she's going to face this in london the problem is not only brussels side that the problem is on the london side and when is she going to try to face down the members of parliament so what does she do then when the state i want to stay with her meeting with the europeans for a moment i mean is she asking for help or is she at the point now where she has to plead for help she's pleading for help but the problem is she doesn't know exactly what she's pleading for because the challenge is days old boils down to the northern island boredom and how to keep that border open even once britain has left the european union so how do you do that. essentially what they've agreed by science is the so-called northern irish backstop which basically keeps the border open what ever happens with regard to brics it in the long term the british
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parliamentarians say that's unacceptable britain wants the right unilaterally to terminate that backstop whereas brussels and particularly ireland and the european commission say no it's a vital principle that that border should stay open to protect the northern ireland peace process and brussels has for more than twelve months been clear on that point and london keep some pushing back and keep some being told no and will be told no again no everyone would like it to that that backstop would never have to be used because ultimately it's in the interests of both sides of that would be helpful but nevertheless you need reassurance you need more to make sure that. there were no once in the brig's deal no the what's in the break is of nor is it would be legally binding but to make sure the border stays open both the easy thing u.k. would have to agree to any change the u.k. is insisting on having the june intellectual right for a change and that border would work and of course quite understandably both dublin and brussels don't tolerate that of course ok so you've got some a going back to london tonight and you know you were saying earlier this is this is
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very this is very smart very clever if you were going back tonight facing a no confidence vote tomorrow that she would lose for sure but she's got there behind her now and she's got twelve months where she's protected at least reasonably protect i don't see if she can't manage to get anything through parliament then maybe threats of a kind of no qualms vote in a government generally but her position in the now is a little bit more secure than it walls internally within her party they've tried to and they didn't succeed but bear in mind however there are any there are one third of the members of parliament who don't have confidence in her as it was highly resoundingly that tree but it position is a little bit strong in london now than it was if we'd been having this conversation forty eight hours ago so what about then the stability of her government. well the ministers all resolutely behind her at least for now because none of them have a better plan and they're ready to basically back to reason may until she fails
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essentially to try to see how she can try and get some bricks a deal over the line but ultimately the problem is this there is no direct deal it to reason they could broker that will ever pass the houses of parliament not one no direct veterans are told and when does she face that when does she realize there is no way forward that no great deal will pass the houses of parliament and what does she do and when she faces that maybe probably not next week unfortunate but it means january how does she manage to deal with that question and we will be answered that i'm sure who knows the next couple of days will be watching theresa may and watching the clock as well john which is always good to have you on this i thank you. we're now for a story about a young woman from spain that we guarantee that will impress and inspired carmen lopez is competing this week at the world adaptive surfing championship in california the event gives surfers with physical challenges the chance to display
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their talents at a world class level this year for the first time visually impaired female surfers are taking part carmen is blind. carmen lopez can only imagine what the sea looks like. but that hasn't stopped the twenty one year old spaniard from riding this surf. christmas. i don't have any concerns and it's just me and the wave. coach locus garcia guides car men with whistled signals he's trained her to compete at the world adaptive surfing championship. no one ever thought the blind people could surf and suddenly we find kamen who can she need
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some extra help in the water compared to other adopted sports but at the end when someone wants something they can break the limits and everyone can see if carmen was born with congenital coma and lost her vision when she was a child she wants to encourage others with physical challenges to push past their limits it was to keep showing day by day and with everything that i do you know if you want something you can get it whether or not you have a disability the important thing is to do what you like the most people put their own various shops no one asked puts them there that's what. carmen has also learned figure skating and horseback riding with her bold attitude the seize the limit. good news in the show with the day's nearly done the conversation continues we'll see tomorrow.
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kickoff watch. football is a simple game football a simple game. not really come complete to me it is a ball for ninety minutes. to mr let's talk about. this lovely lot of it. it's difficult to understand if we give you the answers at least. that i just wish double wave. european stars deliver rousing performances.
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intoxicating mix if not completely to elect. the up. from irish thing on imelda may. be. doubling. up today don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com highlights. you know this zero five minute for minute. noise has
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a power and a beauty combines he has it all. fits in the pantheon of the great tenors certainly he's one for the ages. my tender for the ages starts december twenty second on t.w. . we go get a. heavy metal football is back out through the door once you see him father is a man with the plan is god give me the sign show to let me know i'll cast the can they go all the way dish it. is no fun his league is just a training ground for young talent how can delete change and keep those talents here in germany i don't think thanks.


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