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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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on. this good news coming to you live from burning the final moments of the suspected strasberg shootout police in the bronx gunned down twenty nine year old a sheriff check in and i'll take you to portugal draws a breath and it ends a massive two demand hans for the attacker who can't be put on the christmas market in the city to get a strong word from egypt into gaza. british prime the city's enemies suffers the
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not the bill off the e.u. just refuse to bunch over breaks it he also accuses of not being clear about what she wants. and beauty into the stars the privately financed rocket ship get to the bottom bring up space for the first time this to bring tourists to space pizza. last imagine finding a south op again fix the accuracy talent of germany's mixed martial arts one day you'd be enjoying if you can keep up with her and can be checking the for the waist division. to you i'm. it's been a tense three d.s. for people in the french city of strasbourg when he's had been able to track down the gunman who opened fire at a christmas market and killed three people but. last night after a tip off from
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a member of the public they found in kids the twenty nine year old suspect sheriff checa i talked to our correspondent in strasbourg in just a bit but first this report. police gunned down the alleged killer. in strasburg's annoyed or neighborhood. the twenty nine year old grew up here security forces finally caught up with him on thursday evening a full two days after the attack on the city's popular christmas market. that. this individual matched the description of the person wanted since tuesday evening . the moment they tried to arrest him he turned around and opened fire. they then responded and managed to shoot him down and the bus that you want to. share each account was already known to police for his long criminal record and radical islamist beliefs before he indiscriminately opened fire near the christmas
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market. but here ridgeley managed to escape. the security has been heavy in strasburg since then and now people say they're relieved it's finally safe to go out. for everybody's course treats are looking up just small dots to the killer of his family's future because there's been families so it's been it's interesting all the city amazing simply due to issues going on in struggle. now across the city a collective sigh of relief is palpable. under heavy police presence the strasburg christmas market is back up and running. the reopening is a sign of the city's resilience. on hand humphry is in strasbourg and at the christmas markets behind it is opening
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a step towards normalcy the city has been on edge for the last few days hasn't it. absolutely emerita the city has been on edge but no manatee is starting to return as you mentioned there you can see behind me that the christmas market has now reopened a lot of hustle and bustle here on the streets many people are out and about scott's book is a completely different city to how we found it when we arrived here on wednesday in the wake of that attack that said in the wake of any tragedy life goes on although always somewhat altered and that's what we're seeing here in strasbourg as we came into the market we saw around thirty security guards huddled seeming to have a pre meeting about how they would patrol this area we saw armed guards with automatic weapons so life goes on but always slightly altered his will and now you lost once police operation which ended in the shooting of the suspect
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what were the circumstances of his killing. that's right amrita shortly off to nine pm here in france an operation it was announced that the chief suspect had been killed in no doff we would there as that police operation unfolded we understand that three police officers came into contact with a man resembling they tried to speak to him when they did he opened fire on them they returned in kind and neutralized him when we arrived in the dolphin off to a very tense fifty hours we found many people then out on the streets neighbors who just wants to understand what happened they said they were relieved they were showing photos off and on their phones things social media snap chat for example the photos of a man who had been killed and yeah i mean a response essentially people were relieved people opening up their homes to the
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police sharing a little bit of wine or hot coffee and gracie allen when you were in the area where the suspect lived what did people tell you that. that's right every time we thought it was important to go to that area a suburb in the west of skies well because not everywhere looks like this timber framed place with expensive christmas decorations it says a council estate where people said that this is a difficult area they said they were dismayed about what had happened they said they knew she had a ship if she cat and they knew his family they were shocked by what had happened nevertheless this is difficult area where petty crime can flourish bearing in mind that there is high levels of unemployment in publishing and in the humphrey in the heart of strasbourg thank you very much for that. let's bring you up to some of the stories making news around the wind. has voted to create a standing army the move comes ten years off the declared independence from serbia
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surveyed does not recognize possible and strongly opposes the creation of an army last week suggested the move could provoke military intervention. the two women accused of poisoning the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un will back in court in malaysia their lawyers who want the courts to mitch testimony from seven witnesses for the defense. is set to start next month. israeli forces have arrested about forty pounds immunes in overnight raids in the occupied west bank hamas officials say those arrests included several. the operation came after a suspected hamas militant opened fire at a rest bank bus stop killing two israeli soldiers. that are brussels and day two of the last your opinion and summit of the migration and euro zone reform are on the agenda but britain's departure from the block is still dominating
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conversations prime minister to visit me has met french president in modern mccrone this morning on tuesday e.u. leaders rebuffed mayes. changes to have brakes and dean the e.u. leaders were united in saying that the existing deal could not be renegotiated and are preparing for the specter of a no deal breck's it. steer opinion last night we confirmed that backs up an easy part of the call agreement it's not just an irish issue to european issue because of the signals that we heard yesterday on especially reassuring about the capacity of britain to be able to gauge magickal we're going to be short prepared possibilities including that of a new deal. and for more i'm joined by our correspondence young matis is at the european council in brussels and bob the reason at parliament in london welcome to both of you and your we just heard the belgian and irish prime minister this seems
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to be growing impatience within the e.u. with to read seventy and the u.k. parliament. exactly every day you've heard leader for the irish t. shirt making clear once again that the backstop is an integral part of this divorce agreement it's not a done deal it will not be touched again putting a time limit on it will render it meaningless though so this is not on the table and this brings me to sal michel the belgian prime minister who basically pointed out the consequences that means no deal is becoming ever more likely and the use now given handing out technical advice to companies everything from banking to nuclear research how they will have to react in case of a no deal scenario when one in london barbara britain's former prime minister has this weighed in saying is big what is basically saying is parliament has failed so it should be up to the public to break the deadlock let's take a listen to what tony blair had to say.
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i'm afraid we seem to have nost that son by from tony blair but let us now return to bob if you can. now therefore should be the time of preparation parliament to make sure it can canvass the options in a sensible manner one by one to reach agreement on an option or referendum europe to ensure that of britain is ready to think again europe is ready also to think again. so we did get to hear tony blair there saying barbara is but is britain willing to think again instead now the political will for a second referendum as he seems to be suggesting and see that this can't go on treason make can't go indefinitely to brussels and get a bloody nose and come home with empty hands and they can't indefinitely sort of
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table motions and then take them out again and say we can vote in those there's no majority for it i mean that is becoming a ridiculous day going around in circles so now the push to break the impasse and to ask the public actually look at this deal is this what you want all would you rather stay in the you seems to make more and more political sense the key to this however is not tony blair the former labor leader who is largely discredited in britain because of the iraq war the key to it is jeremy corbyn the currently labor leader and he's still won't budge he still tries to play the power game he still tries to push for a new election in order to grab government from the conservatives he needs to be won over by his own people who need to tell him now's the time to move and now's the time to sort of save the country from this ridiculous occasion because the clock is really ticking ever more loudly emerita it is just three months and
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a bit to correct that date absolutely finally and refigure old surely a disorderly brags that is not in the interest of the e.u. but this point is a second referendum or thinkable for them. it's an open secret that you would actually like the u.k. to remain and so technically the answer is yes. leaders sitting or talk would like to talk about the issue of a second referendum the answer is no no one here i've asked of the leaders wants to comment on something like this and behind closed doors many also think that. it is an unlikely scenario we stepped over at that point where something like that could still be on the table read just like this in brussels bob result in london as you said barbara we will seem to be going around in circles on this issue thank you both very much for your perspectives. you're in talks aimed at stopping irreversible climate change onto you tube and in poland today and negotiators
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remained deadlocked on key issues delegates from one hundred and ninety six countries are trying to agree on a rule book for the two thousand and fifteen paris climate accord and richard was agreed to keep global warming below two degrees celsius but a few countries including the u.s. and russia say they would not commit to the agreement on developing nations also want financing to help them adapt to the effects of climate change. and as the who says remain divided and some key points to the progress accord that was signed three years ago climate scientists warn that the stakes are high and the words leaders don't have much time to take action. life on earth is at the mercy of the forces of nature even a rise of two degrees celsius in the global average temperature would have irreversible consequences scenario one could disappear.
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the glaciers would continue to melt causing the sea level to rise by as much as a whole metre by the end of the century. coastal cities and islands could be devastated if severe flooding becomes the norm. to illustrate the threat they're facing the maldives government held a cabinet meeting underwater. severe typhoon hit japan this year where almost half of the population lives in coastal regions. scenario two food shortage. rising temperatures caused insects to eat more crops harvests are often destroyed by heavy rainfall after a drought which washes away the mineral rich soil. if this pattern
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continues food could become scarcer and prices would rise. scenario three. the arctic circle is bearing the brunt of climate change and the permafrost where bacteria can live dormant for thousands of years is thawing deadly agents and animal carcasses such as anthrax have recently made their way into water and soil. in warmer temperatures microbes that can transmit diseases thrive malaria dengue fever and other tropical infections could spread to areas previously unaffected scientists warn that humankind is on the brink of runaway climate change then maybe we will have to follow the advice of astrophysicist stephen hawking and find a new home. for paul in the europa league a german side and talk front foot finished the group stage with
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a perfect record front for the beat two one to become the first wonderfully got into an all six games in the group stage but the lash was overshadowed by fans violence inside and outside the stadium five frankfurt friends were arrested. just like france would buy a liver cause an also top their group thanks to a five one win against. dominique course course twice for david couzin leipzig meanwhile crashed out after conceding a late tying goal against rosenborg of norway that in turn allowed the scottish celtic to advance despite the defeat to group winners science book seven time european champions ac milan exited the competition after news in two olympiacos and last year's final this must say finished at the bottom of frankfurt's group having picked up just one single point. now to the sport of mixed martial
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arts or to known as and eight which is basically a maze dominated sport box jellies you had dorney has emerged both as an inspiration to young female athletes as the as a runner champion in the featherweight division we caught up with her as she returned to her body in gym after a widely successful season. it was everybody knows now yulia is a world champion. this is yulia dorney a few weeks ago she became the featherweight world champion in mixed martial arts she's back at the spitfire gym and berlin for the first time since her victory usually she trains here every day boxing wrestling jujitsu judo they're all part of an m.m.a. fight his skill set. because of all of them dani it was the reigning european champion when she travelled to the world championships in bahrain.
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in the final she was the dominant fighter forcing her opponent to tap out in the second round crowning dormy as the world champion. it was a long journey from her beginnings as a judo fighter in germany's youth national team. gary was easy this title means everything to me and i finally got it and that's been working for the so hard thanks to my team just beside him to the edinburgh's everybody on the way to bolton supported me thanks guys i love you yeah here it is this is what you train so hard for. the gold medal has brought me fame and glory but as an amateur she doesn't receive any money for her success. i like her enthusiasm for the sport she's a great ambassador for m.m.a.
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. unfortunately as a female fighter she's still a rare breed. i hope she can inspire other girls to take up m.m.a. of the martial arts. she's not the only woman who trains at the spitfire gym but she's a class above the rest the head coach says she has a bright future. he's achieved everything there is to achieve as an amateur. we're looking ahead we're steadily preparing her for professional fights and i think there is still a lot to come from yulia. she already trains like a professional six times a week with up to full gym sessions on top of that it's what it takes to be a champion. if a man is not you think you are from what is for the final event of the act or bike it was a championship is underway in the united arab emirates the kind of lagoon in sharjah
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provides the backdrop for the season ending showdown on what many call chatzky jeremy brett is on the verge of winning the men's title the frenchman had a day to remember when he bowed traces to extend his lead in the overall standings and in the women's defending champion and not nearly three thousand won the second race of the day putting her in position to take the title once again. wow that's something feel better than. me well there's money to be made everywhere including in space absolutely and that's where virgin galactic is looking for business richard branson spaceflight company has carried out another test flight this time efficient rich an altitude of eighty two point seven kilometers that's above the height at which space is considered to be good the companies make routine economically viable for tourists. to space and back for upwards of two
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hundred fifty thousand dollars touching galactic latest task right from the mojave desert marks another step forward in opening up space travel to the paying public i think back to the early years of commercial aviation and you know a flight across the atlantic actually cost in adjusted dollars around one hundred thousand dollars at one point and now you can buy a ticket across the atlantic for about five hundred dollars so you know often these products will start off at a somewhat higher price point but those higher price points are really helped drive the market forward so that we can eventually reduce the cost over time and enable more and more people to experience the wonder of space. the fourth test flight of the space ship two passenger ship follows years of setbacks for the project including a fatal crash in twenty fourteen despite the accident british billionaire richard branson remained confident of being the first to send tourists into space we now have a space ship is capable of going to space we'll do more test flights and we'll learn
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something from each of those test flights then the whole program moves to new mexico to a beautiful spaceport we have. i will go up and then after i've been up. paying passengers who want to become astronauts well will follow. soon says he's aiming to achieve his dream of being on board the first commercial spaceflight as soon as next march. in the u.s. two senators are calling for a bipartisan congressional investigation into torture bug following reasons money laundering allegations against germany's biggest lenda democratic senators said they want to dig deeper into the bank's compliance issues its relationship with foreign banks which is also one of the biggest finances of business interests. the senators made the request in a letter to the banking committee they say recent allegations raise serious questions about national security and criminal risks posed by. u.s.
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operations among them are two recent money laundering allegations the first a connection with danish lender done skip bank who's a sony and branch laundered billions of euros from russia a whistleblower testified that deutsche a handle transactions going to the u.s. and just weeks ago a raid on deutsche bank's frankfurt offices part of a german investigation into money laundering in tax havens. the specter of yet another inquiry up the pressure on deutsche as c.e.o. christian saving investors have applauded his moves to return the bank to profitability but there's a feeling saving is saddled by the mistakes of his predecessors. and there's still other concerns about the u.s. congress the house of representatives could push for georgia to disclose details on donald trump's accounts there democrats assume control in january just one more worry for an already beleaguered institution. that's. fine for.
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what does that mean for the. well you know the loss of reputation in the bank is translated on the financial markets loss in value bank shares so far this year have lost already around about half of their value this week we've seen another record low of banks share price the problem is really that all those allegations of the negative news sort of is piling up so that it's very difficult to distinguish which ones of the allegations are really here to stay which ones are sustainable and which ones might be less risky you know at the moment investors are not really interested in the legal fine print all of the bunch of investors is sort of running to the exit and even investors who believe that not all of the allegations might be sustained so running to. dodge about has
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a lot of problems but also is one of them donald trump's mainlanders if not the biggest could that also be behind this initiative just did a bird on bubble john. obviously american politics is playing a very important role here as well which doesn't mean that the bank is the innocent victim here you know in the years when those events started to do business with donald trump no other major american bank wanted to give him credit because of his shady past as you know a casino owner who went bankrupt and also not all of his real estate projects went ok only deutsche bank was so eager to go into the american market and to grow there that they were ready to do business with him now you know the greed of the past is sort of presenting its bill today on more booze not enough of course on the kinds of thank you. a good news for the u.s.
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china as the american for the first time since the beginning of a trade dispute between the two. by amounted to just over one million tons of u.s. soybeans it sounds like a lot but farmer say it is not enough storage costs for. the body. to. reach the trade troops. fred you might be used to getting everything delivered to your door like books or pizza he'll be able to get a cup of coffee delivered starbucks is rolling up across the u.s. as it seeks to reach more customers the chain will. to deliver coffees all the drinks been struggling to get. into the stores they hope that topping into the delivery market will help to boost sales last month the company announced an. approximately five percent of its global workforce.
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that's. the top story we're following for you police in front. of killing three people in a christmas. day. off with. more news coming. who's. going to find out.
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the. country gun the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week for chinese conservative party has a new leader and a great trump card power approaches a as chancellor angela merkel she could wind up succeeding her mentor as head of the government to go what is the leadership change mean for germany and the ghost joining us on quadriga. quadriga next d.w. . what's that of their high in the sky it's the foods. she's microbial still not a coffee shop. mary cummins is back after more than fifty years
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as charming as ever. more about the sequel to the movie classics here on. the romantics in sixty minutes on d w. how do you. sustain the way discover the bauhaus you talk about starts january thirteenth on t.w. . you know this zero five minute or minute. i heard. this noise has a power and beauty combines has it all. it's in the pantheon of the great tenors certainly here's one for the ages of ten
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or fourteen starts december twenty second on t.w. . hello and welcome to quadriga germany's conservative party has a new leader and a great trump current power she takes over the reins from chancellor angela merkel who was clearly rooting for her to win the contest for the party leadership formerly state premier of this island a k k a she's often called edged out a strong contender conservative corporate lawyer free press for maps but despite being on gloom ackles favorite she faces the tough task of uniting.


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