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d.d.d. . leg. length. medium. heat. t.d.d. . this is d. w. news coming to you live from london the final moments of the suspected strong. police in front of the twenty nine years old shed a check up and have told me i'll be reporting the joys of death and it ends of a massive to do manhunt for the attacker who killed to treat a christmas mockers in the city he's going to
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a security town in the city water coming up to british families of terrorism itself was another blow up to e.u. leaders diffused over gregg's that they're also accused of not being clear about what she wants. and a virgin galactic rocketplane reaches the boundary of space making it the first private in the man's mission to reach the atmosphere this as the race to take tourists to space intensifies. just in the next sixty minutes taking to the rails in the money you make the so-called trolley boys deicing to death and dodging oncoming trains that's as the shuttle passengers around the congested cities. and imagine finding yourself against this you have to let it challenging journeys mixed martial arts you want to joining if you can keep up with her and can be tough in the fed division. with.
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the owner of a warm welcome to you. it's been a tense few days for the people in the french city of strasbourg police have been unable to extract are a gunman who opened fire near a christmas market and kills three people but last night after receiving a tip off from a member of the public this found and killed the twenty nine year old suspect shot if checa police say he opened fire on them as they attempted to question him residents are relieved but many questions remain a correspondent had to humphrey has been following events as they've unfolded. here in strasbourg a sense of normality is now starting to return off to a tense couple of days you can see here that the christmas markets have now been reopened albeit with heightened security last night the chief suspect the man
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accused of opening fire in this very area was shot dead in the west of the city in an area called off we traveled to that area following police vehicles which sped through these streets and it is there that we understand that police offices had come into contact with a man matching his description they try to apprehend him when they did he opened fire on them they returned in kind neutralizing him and shooting him dead local residents then started to emerge they told me of their relief after a tense couple of days some of them opening their houses to offices sharing refreshments nevertheless here in strasbourg questions remain over seven hundred offices were mobilized in this country to search for. he ended up turning up in the very area he was last seen some fifty hours ago. that was huge obvious chorus farmhand home free. reporting from the office all the questions which he said
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remain let's draw in maga oshinsky he's a security consultant and the managing director for plan for risk here in boston welcome to you as we heard from. people asking questions how could this suspect evade capture after a firefight with the police and still be fun the same region where he disappeared yeah that's a very interesting fact whole story obviously the suspect was using his knowledge of the terrain so i mean this is where he grew up as opposed to the area he was very pretty with. he also could possibly have drawn from support. networks there that he might have known some other people and the rest at the moment to investigate exactly that so i think it's the combination of those factors and the other thing this is this suspect had a career as a petty criminal you'd been charged many many times he was on the french list of someone who had been radicalized was the police in favor that
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a close enough to watch was not kept on him i don't i don't think this points to a policing failure could have been but other factors are at play here as well first of all his activities his previous convictions were. exclusively criminal so he was focusing on criminal activities not so much on terrorism activities so far and then he was listed as the so-called fishy a s. and so he was one of the twenty six thousand people who are listed in these in these files as being a particular security risk and one of almost ten thousand with a possible islamist background so it's really difficult for storage fees to keep tabs on such a large number of suspects this is why they have to focus on very acute very pressing cases on is that also a problem of communication between different countries because i spoke. a former
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lawyer if yesterday and he represented sheriff in two thousand and sixteen and said he wasn't even aware that he had been shot in other countries was this crimes took place in switzerland and france absolutely across europe we have different standards in defining certain crimes as crimes in the exchange between police authorities between security. there's there are dozens dozens of actors that have to exchange information here across different standards of software the different legal definitions therefore. the exchange of information is still difficult and will remain difficult for the foreseeable time though we talked in fact two years ago when the christmas market in burlington came under attack now you look for all of this organization plan for risk how does one manage that this kind of risk as an ordinary person well the the risk that the christmas
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market come under attack has certainly been there and in some some way for the last few years in fact the christmas market has been the focus of what had been the focus of a plot eighteen years ago almost to the date but christmas markets are just one of the possible. targets or target sets. that are out there so there are many many possible so-called soft targets that is where people come together celebrated and basically unprotected largely unprotected these are all possible soft targets not just christmas markets this is why it's so difficult to to pick out christmas market as a particular risk because it could be any other place as well so the idea being be vigilant but not panic stricken exactly right moderations key you're a security consultant and managing director of plan for risk and been a pleasure to have you with us thank you. turning now to brussels and day two of
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the last european union summit of the year migration and euro zone reform on the agenda of britain's departure from the block is still dominating conversation on thursday in new media is rebuffed u.k. prime minister to resign is pleas for changes to have big city they were united in saying the existing deal could not be very neck with united but not a reason has just given a statement let's have a listen to what she had to say by notes the has been reporting that the e.u. is not willing to consider any further clarification the e.u. is clear as i am that if we are going to leave with the deal this is it but my discussions with colleagues today have shown that further clarification discussion following the council's conclusions is in fact possible. there is work still to do and we will be holding talks in coming days about how to obtain the further assurances that u.k.
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parliament needs in order to be able to approve the deal. that was there is of me talking in brussels this a short while ago for more let's talk to our correspondents guild matis is at the european council in brussels and seanna charles impale at parliament square in london starting with hugo we just heard there is a may there she still believes there is room for maneuver the term she used was caliph occasion and assurances not renegotiation what was the reaction that brussels to her statement. and richard you've heard the british prime minister and the assessment of threesome may that if there will be a deal this is it this is a cessna without doubt will be shared by leaders here it's a different questions when it comes to the assurances she wants she saw that there is room for more talk in the days to come and that is that were her words and from what i understood from leaders here in brussels. counterparts the e.u.
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twenty seven i didn't see much. yes there may be room for some extra wording there was some actual wording in a draft conclusion for yesterday's summit the first summit stay and that was skipped but recently emphasized that actually what is now in the conclusions is good news it says the e.u. has a clear interest that the negotiations for a for a few new future deal should be speedily and also that if the back if the backstop should come into place that is only a temporary solution only an insurance and nothing that should drag on for months and years and that is something that a year leaders share so overly they would support that as cecille and that she has given in her speech shot in london she hasn't got much but the little that she seems to think she's got will that be enough to create the momentum that prime minister is the remove to move forward with her current regs the dean.
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well and rita in many ways this speech in brussels was directed at m.p.'s in the building just behind me in parliament that the ones who decide whether or not have brakes that deal gets passed and they have been viewing her time in brussels many of them with a mixture of concern and outright outrage that she wasn't able to get more from the leaders yes i was saying she tried to paint this is as being not as bleak as some people here feel it was she says she there is still scope for more assurances but a lot of m.p.'s particularly euro skeptics within her own party wanted concrete changes there are many red lines and have breaks that deal the northern ireland backstop namely that they want reform on and she just hasn't brought it back so for them nothing has changed as far as that consent since series in may was forced to pull a vote on head deal this week triggering the confidence vote there are
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a couple of things though that that have actually changed festival this year a skeptic now can't get rid series in may for at least a year after that survived that confidence faces she does have that in her back pocket. and secondly we are edging ever closer to the prospect of a new deal it's been made clear this week that the very same parliament isn't likely to take place until january that's just a couple months away from march twenty ninth when the u.k. leaves the european union and series in may what may well play up fear is that if we do not posit parliament does not pass her deal britain may leave the european union without one one final thing i just want to say there is also a growing momentum here for the prospects of a people's vote a second referendum on brakes that that is also something that's going to be playing into parliaments calculations we heard from tony blair today the former prime minister he told me that he felt the people's vote was now more than fifty
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percent likely so that is also something that parliament is looking at perhaps that meant some will grow that for a second vote so various options but no certainty seana tells them fail in london bureau of my office in brussels thank you both very much for your reporting. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wired india's top court has rejected a petition demanding an inquiry into the government's purchase of french warplanes activists and opposition politicians say the government paid too much for thirty six of the fog jets made by the death or aviation but the courtroom there was no reason to question the deal. the two women accused of poisoning the hof brother of north korean leader kim jong un were back in court in malaysia the lawyers want the courts to admit testimony from seven witnesses for their for the defense their murder trial is set to start next month. and has voted
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to create a standing army the move comes ten years after cost the world to tread independence from serbia surveyed does not recognize cost of war and strongly opposes the creation of an army last week suggested the move could provoke military intervention. israeli forces have arrested about forty palestinians in overnight driggs in the occupied west bank hamas officials say those arrested include several lawmakers the operation came hours after a suspected hamas militant opened fire at a west bank bus stop killing two israeli soldiers. you're watching the news coming up ahead it's all smiles at the united nations climate talks in poland bonce as the summit reaches its conclusion still no agreement on how to implement the paris deal on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
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but for us to spend with the rest to get tourists into space is a costly one richard branson spaceflight company virgin galactic has carried out another test but this time it reached an altitude of eighty two point seven kilometers which space begins the companies say making such flights routine and economically viable. to space and back for upwards of two hundred fifty thousand dollars six latest test right from the mojave desert marks another step forward in opening up space travel to the paying public i think back to the early years of commercial aviation and you know a flight across the atlantic actually cost in adjusted dollars around one hundred thousand dollars at one point and now you can buy a ticket across the atlantic for about five hundred dollars so you know often these products will start off at a somewhat higher price point but those higher price points are really helped drive the market forward so that we can eventually reduce the cost over time and enable more and more people to experience the wonder of space. the fourth test flight of
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the space ship two passenger ship follows years of setbacks for the project including a fatal crash in twenty fourteen despite the accident british billionaire richard branson remained confident of being the first to send tourists into space we now have a space that is capable of going to space will do more test flights and we'll learn something from each of those test flights then the whole program moves to new mexico to a beautiful spaceport we have. i will go up and then after i've been up. paying passengers who want to become astronauts will will follow branson says he's aiming to achieve his dream of being on both the first commercial spaceflight as soon as next march. he usually does a set to approve a slate of fiscal reforms for the nineteen nations that share the euro it's hoped the watered down reforms will give the eurozone some old would spend the bulk of the stability mechanism the bailout fund created during the euro crisis. will be
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able to conduct its own review of member nations financial health and intervene earlier but critics say the reforms sidestep issues like the coming budget and finance minister measures provoked by french president obama. basically joins us now to talk about these reforms all the lack of reforms. the idea of this whole reform drive was something that we learned about about a year ago what's happened now that's right well i mean let's go back to what was planned before about more than a year ago the idea was to really claw to really plug a critical gap in the euro zone that was exposed frankly during the two thousand and nine recession and the following debt crisis and that is you have again as the piece said you have a common currency but you lack a common fiscal policy so how do you get everyone on the same page what mccrone had proposed was a common budget a common a common finance minister and a common deposit insurance for banks so that when
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a bank run occurs basically everyone would know that their assets were safe and i guess actually a bank run would not occur in that case so by doing this the idea is you strengthen the euro and that you also prepare the euro zone for future crises so that it can respondents were nipped in the bud before they can begin now it's important to remember the moment that in which this was proposed there were a bunch of contentious elections going on in which populace were feared to when europe was not looking so good as a block instead mccrone won on a message of pro europe more europe in fact you had medical and office the franco german relationship which normally drives a lot of e.u. policy looked like it was going to come together and could really make waves and so you had this window it was seen and this effort to do something big it sounds like what you're trying to tell me is that we've missed the boat right and that's what a lot of people are saying they're really looking at this as as you said this is a watered down reforms and frankly you know the budget here is one of the most
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contentious issues it's not really going to be the driver of the euro zone that was in vision it's going to be something that's small and inserted into look into the larger even budgets and really what the focus became was these crisis prevention measures so expanding the european stability mechanism that is a good thing in itself. but it's nothing like what was proposed in this flush of optimism that occurs so what's gone wrong behind the scenes. number of things i mean you could say that reality struck basically what this debate exposed was the fundamental divide between northern and southern euro zone countries southern euro zone countries their banks have a lot of bad debt that's still on their rolls and northern countries were afraid to basically guarantee that they didn't want this deposit insurance because they were afraid that was going to bite them and the taxpayers southern countries the bank said that we can't just suddenly start unwinding a lot of these debts because that's going to cost us and so that's what it came
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down to you also had brags that getting big on top of this you had migration was still the number one issue that most people were concerned about instead of finances and it really showed off as well and then really at the core of this you had the franco german relationship was not working and merkel came into power but she was weakened severely and we've seen what's happening across but i mean a lot of europeans would see that as a good thing that the french or the germans aren't leading the pact that the other european countries are having their say right i mean you could say that but at the end of the day i mean what this is about is stabilizing the eurozone and so. yes i mean obviously countries are only looking out for their taxpayers the day these politicians are and that's their job as well and so when they come to this and they say you know we can't offer just in this pulled money to bail out the mistakes that your countries have made i think they're going to see positive results in their own electorate because of that and so yes in that sense you know the sort of decentralization of power is maybe seen as a good thing but for others who are looking towards the next potential crisis it's
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not a good thing if i'm busy thank you very much for coming in. two u.s. senators a calling for a bipartisan congressional investigation into georgia bank if recent money laundering allegations against the ndaa they want to dig deeper into the banks compliance issues and relationship with foreign lenders is also one of the biggest finances of dog trumps business interests the senators made the request in a letter to the banking committee they say recent allegations raise serious questions about national security and criminal risks posed by doj a box u.s. operations among them are two recent money laundering allegations the first a connection with danish lender done to give bank who's a sony and branch laundered billions of euros from russia a whistleblower testified that torture handle transactions going to the u.s. and just weeks ago a raid on deutsche bank's frankfurt offices part of a german investigation into money laundering in tax havens. the specter of yet
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another inquiry up the pressure on deutsche a c.e.o. christian saving investors have applauded his moves to return the bank to profitability but there's a feeling saving is saddled by the mistakes of his predecessors. and there's still other concerns about the u.s. congress the house of representatives could push for georgia to disclose details on donald trump's accounts there democrats assume control in january just one more worry for an already beleaguered institution and if i spot joins us now from frankfurt our financial correspondent there and they did a bunk and dirty money sounds like the lenders entered a new round of entanglement. yes it does i mean we have all sorts of money laundering issues now popping up surrounding daughter bank it all started with vance the bank the dentist who dodgy bank had also custodian operations for their internal affairs and then on top of that again the money
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laundering issues all those suspicions that their system could not be compliant with the us system now a concern which is raised by the two democratic senators the senators in the us having said that clearly the arch of bank was also called a troubled institution not long ago by the federal reserve so the pressure is very much on the doj of bank to get their systems right to be compliant with national regulations and he specially to make sure that there's no money laundering potential inside the institution because clearly the senators are saying through doj the banks operation the u.s. it's a landing page for all the money from everywhere and the word so they want to know whether dacha bank has a good system in place and if it is trying to clean up its act also restructure the it's also trying to merge with combet spunk that's something that we been
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talking about for a long time now when's it going to happen. it's a good question i mean for now they are still denying that this is going to happen very soon i think the pressure though looking at the share price looking at also a change in thinking and the finance minister of germany was quoted as saying various times that we need one strong to lend and that they're working on it so i guess there is more momentum out of then also to enable a more tax efficient structure here and potentially we could see a merger between those two banks perhaps even in two thousand and nineteen at least what i'm hearing from various sources in the financial industry that something it's not only fantasy but there's also a clear need looking at the dismay of state in which both lenders in the way are and so there is a lot of cost cutting synergies if you were to combine those two lenders.
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let's see if we get a leader and. go george thank you for the analysis from. try reading those deadlocked climate talks in poland absolutely ben u.n. talks aimed at stopping is reversible climate change due to end in poland today and negotiators remain completely deadlocked on key issues delegates from one hundred ninety six countries are trying to agree on a rulebook for the two thousand and fifteen paris climate accord enrich it was agreed to keep global warming below two degrees celsius but a few countries including the u.s. and russia say they will not commit to the agreement developing nations also want financing to have to adapt to the effects of climate change. and a max million across trick is africa to reach the climate conference in poland max today is the final day of the conference how are things going there. well i'd like
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to be reassuring and telling you that we'll always have paris meaning the twenty twelve climate deal but this is exactly the conundrum that the delegates are facing here today that if they're not reach an agreement how to implement the paris deal that they're not going to see any further improvements on how to be find a global agreement on climate protection and this has already raised the question are these climate conference like here today in cuts of it's really effect if there's been some criticism from the outspoken climate change critics for example united states but also there's the question with brazil was recently elected a climate skeptic if they're going to keep control contributing to this conference but there's also those affected by climate change saying we're not sure this is going to help us for example the former most even president saying he doesn't see enough ambition coming from this conference like here in cottage so bring us up to date on what is the biggest challenge in these kind of negotiations at the moment.
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well the biggest challenge is not so much that nitty gritty point that everybody is of course talking about but the bigger underlying issue of trust and ambition this cannot be stressed enough this for once the. and how is everybody going to be transparent enough in bringing their own goals forward to this joint table there is been this great deal of like how paris brought forward a joint climate's deal saying we all agree on one issue but now with the rulebook the question is how does each and every delegate each and every contrie going to participate in that joint action and therefore they have to make themselves transparent they have to show what is my true ambition how do i want to fulfill that ambition and this is where we are now being stuck at the moment that to put that ambition into that so-called rulebook a lot of countries are still quite skeptical and not that upfront and being helpful . in cutting read said thank you very much for that. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin coming up ahead tensions and to boos in chinese
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control tibet a group of journalists and rare access to the buddhist region as of the lie lama progress through sixty years and side. door through looking at the top coming european a from france to really in college and from a social media desk growth to be joining me to talk about the creation tracker so lots to look forward to do stay with me if you can be back with you shortly. at your daily dose of forest jack. became the it makes us feel good. but can it actually help treat physical don't. some scientists are convinced that
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a. treatment under the part. obviously. wouldn't be fighting for the. to be taken seriously in the world of what appears has come out. on t w they list of superheroes on a mission smart women smart talks smart station a legend decent by no means missed out on it were increasingly dangerous to. make. in a timeless way discover the. world starts january thirteenth. player . here's what's coming up for the book loosely and you'll have plenty to talk about here on. the just league of the weekend here
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took. place everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference. and to receive and include information and ideas. in media regardless of friendships. the seventieth anniversary of the un declaration of human rights article nineteen fold on t.w. . place. this is deja news and i'm on the thought she might appear to have your company coming up in the next ten minutes commuters flirting with danger in the philippines none of those truly boys pick up passengers while dodging oncoming trains ridiculous take a look at how the nortec and high risk rail service that beats the city's traffic.
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but first the chinese government has issued a warning to tibetan saying they should not believe what it. cause the lies of the dalai lama tensions in the region are rising at head of the sixtieth anniversary of the exile this coming march and the spiritual and political leader of the tibetans fled to india back in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine after a fierce uprising against chinese rule beijing views him as a dangerous separatist amid ongoing concerns of human rights the us congress is demanding that its diplomats have access to tibet they have threatened to bar chinese officials from the u.s. if the region remains closed off foreign journalists are rarely granted trip permits to visit to bet but one group was recently allowed in but under heavy supervision. for years we weren't allowed to make this trip
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beijing very rarely allows journalists to travel over the breathtaking mountainous terrain to to bent a place so different from the rest of china. but why upon arrival at last we see fighter jets lining the runway tibet is heavily guarded the military hardware here is mostly directed southwards towards regional rival india but it also serves as a domestic deterrent to this day many tibetans feel beijing doesn't trust them. we're a group of five journalists watched around the clock by government representatives their itinerary for us is so tight that we cannot there move freely nor speak to anyone we want nevertheless today we're learning more about the current situation in tibet than our miners would have liked understandingly the conversations tend to revolve around the dalai lama. for china the dalai lama's former residence palace
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has been taken over by the new rulers. here the five pillars of the communist party are pictured from to xi jinping. do you think that in the future there will be a new living here. the museum director says no and the regional government official chimes in explaining that the policy is a museum at dali lama wouldn't fit. but water apparently does fit everywhere is china's flag even atop tibet's most holy spot to joke temple a reminder by china about who is ruling here. for chinese tourists the temple is mainly regarded as a museum or a good place to take snapshots of people in traditional i had fits but just next door the protest faithful spin prayer wheels and pray according to their tradition
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by lowering themselves to the ground. for tibetans such places are more than just museums and that's of the heart of the conflict here. and we could sense the tension when we met the temples senior monk. he's learned to be cautious when official monitors are around he tells us that things have improved and that they don't need a dalai lama. and juicy practice joconde temple buddhism that is not the buddhism of an eighty two year old dalai lama this is. such a tear and in the future. i won't lie to you i can't predict the future you're told that there's a reason your let it. out sarah monastery not far from last month's discuss and debate ancient texts found lessons just as they've done for hundreds of years. but they're walking on thin ice the authorities are suspicious of the monks the
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monastery has a party secretary who does all the talking and explains the rules. of the party in the state demand patriotism from all citizens that goes for the monks to. people can't work well without patriotism anyone who threatens the state's interests has to be punished if he does the live video surveillance footage and really really busy it at least among search suddenly very quiet the word threaten hangs in the air as we prepare to leave. that evening there is a theater performance a historical piece sent in the seventh century where we learn about what the beautiful princess wang chang has to do with china's claim to power in tibet the peace of course doesn't mention that just a few years later there wasn't much peace harmony or unity between the two entities . at least chinese tourists have a bit of time to take a few selfies of this strange world a world that has only been
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a part of china since my was troops conquered it in one nine hundred fifty one. visiting the vice governor were greeted with tibetan scarves. it's a better folklore. we were told to bat has always belong to china the communists liberated the tibetans from misery. pro-union a prior to nine hundred fifty one farmer still faced serfdom in tibet life under the dalai lama was very better. since the communist party liberated tibet all tibetans and han chinese have a very good life here showing fruition. and this is how the good life in lhasa is supposed to look in the future very modern and very chinese under the watchful eye of xi jinping life here will soon be just like in every other
3:37 pm
chinese city doctor of our true there will be no independence for tibet not even partial independence our expanded autonomy and basically the dalai lama shouldn't even have an exile government abroad either. that's why china has been putting its mark on the tibetan map for years rebuilding infrastructure with new streets and railway lines it wants to bet to have closer links to the rest of china and also resemble it more. when to battens not visit their sacred sites like nom so some four thousand meters above sea level they know they're in the minority. the chinese now make up the overwhelming majority in tibet going by the number of tourists at least tourists who are being entertained with a folklore and tradition that's under threat of disappearing. turning now to the philippines that traffic in the captain munna is
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a nightmare like many of the asian megacities at rush hour the city's full of massive traffic jams this on the news or to spend hours commuting. in the busy district people have found a way to shorten their travel time but there is a catch the price of convenience is a flirt with danger. it's a commuter service like no other but illustrates the fares a cheap and the right is no frills the homemade pushcarts a bare bones to say the least made from scrap wood and bamboo and running on simple bearings with primitive brakes. and each charlie is large enough to carry. because they have to be found on. the trolley boys like edison raga share the tracks on one of the city's busy train
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lines. between dodging locomotives he can earn six hundred pesos or around ten euros a day. and he works the short route between manila as public on station and sun tommies up and raj in the middle is the most treacherous part of the journey. this bridge over the pasig river is not the place to meet an oncoming train you know that one day the first time i encountered the train was crossing the bridge i was so scared that i was shaking. to get to the other side of the tracks and i had to walk over a narrow steel girder. went up by that already. so i know. but i like it that i'm just one misstep and i would have fallen into the river when i got money. and despite the dangers hundreds of passengers use the service every
3:40 pm
day for them it's better than spending hours stuck in traffic. make sure kristie i was really scared when i started writing the trolley every day and just got used to it. so if they take the trolley away we commuters will really suffer. the concentra legal but they told me right to buy me little storage fees accidents a surprisingly rare but for trolley boys knew mrs what the job's holdout. and that report was filed by the day. she joins me now live from manila welcome ana it sounds incredibly dangerous what they are doing tell us more about why people are taking this risk well metro manila traffic is legendary people complain about it on social media daily and you know there are millions that say you won't believe in the concept of for ever until you have found yourself stuck in
3:41 pm
a traffic jam. so for commuters the troll is really all for a convenient cheap and time saving mode of transportation and for the two other boys it's actually a good source of income to make about ten euro day and that's still higher than the minimum wage in manila which has had that about eight euro a day. so how much of a warning do these trolley boys get that a train is coming. they are all here to honk you know the train a little there'll be a wire really loud zoomer pong before it comes and to be sure the trains are actually not very fast moving they are slow so it's a little different in terms of what you see in the fast train that you see in berlin for example they have to have tied to move from the save side of the track to the safe side of the track but again like they were saying when you're over the bridge that's when it gets scary because right below you is really the river and there's just a plank a grid in every border that separates you from the railroad tracks where the train is coming and the safe side. so it just sounds highly risky and it's so much
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a question of timing but it looks like it's a real way of life for people living on the tracks definitely what i saw out there was you know it was like a community that like any other community that has rules that they follow so that they can harmoniously co-exist so for example the chili boys have divided the stops where they can pick up passengers so that they don't have to fight over the commuters and this is a community that has learned to give way to one another and that includes the train i was talking to one of the boy who has been doing this for over twenty years and he says that when they meet a train the train will slow down and allow them time to get off move to the safe side of the chaps before they pass through so this is a community that has learned to share the road are maybe you should we should say share the railroad tracks. and a phone in the philippines government a visit to talk to you.
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change of subject and they no way you would laugh during the day and basically every hour between we're talking about geo location track as they hide in the apps of your phone and you've likely already agreed to the terms and conditions that they can do that did every social media edited nothing on joins me now for more on this story just. lovely to see you how much of these apps to you know about us they know a lot by now with course you know phones are tracking us right for example facebook gathers our personal information to target us with advertisements but what about our physical locations the new york times released an investigation this week and according to that hundreds of apps are following our every move in some cases as often as every two seconds and the level of detail that they're collecting on us is honestly a little bit scary and this is exactly what's going on here these apps are tracking
3:44 pm
our daily movements so for example they know what time you leave the house in the morning where you stop for coffee what time you arrive at the office how long you stay there and even if you go to the gym or if you're like me you maybe skip the gym and you get a beer with your friends and said they know all that information that is then often sold without our knowledge to third party companies so we're talking about advertising companies retail outlets even hedge funds and this is really a goldmine for these companies the market is estimated to be around twenty billion dollars per year from this i'm sure this is so wired in facility and people who use this technology how widespread is this practice it's more widespread than you think a reporter there's around a thousand apps most of them for android that are doing this sort of thing and it's a very broad range of apps as well here's just some examples of the apps that are tracking us one is a fitness tracker one of these see twenty five trainers there is and also an app to compare prices while you shop an app for finding the cheap. gas station for example
3:45 pm
and there's this weather app called whether radar all of those apps contain location sharing codes that send information directly to some seventy five different companies there are so many apps out there that do this it's really hard for the average consumer to avoid them all together so what can company can companies connect this data if i don't want to be tracked i mean that's the thing maybe don't want to be tracked right but the problem is you probably already agreed to this and that happens as soon as you open the app for the first time so you might recognize one of these streams that pops up you have an example here for you from a popular sports app and this is called the score and you might recognize these windows of pop up and they ask hey can we use your location and in this case it's just saying something fairly innocent to recommend leagues local teams players and events but it doesn't mention that the apple also be selling your location to third parties that critical information is often buried in these privacy policies
3:46 pm
policies which are long and of course no one reads them anyway right so how should we want to be about all of this i think you should be a little bit worried on the one hand this information is anonymous it doesn't collect your name and associate that with where you go however it's pretty easy to figure out if your phone spends eight hours every night of a certain address it's pretty easy to find out hey that is on does phone right so if this information were hacked or leaked your daily movements could end up in the hands of just about anybody if you're worried about this the thing that i would say is do not enable those location services for every app only the apps that really need it this is something we'll be following and i think it's little bit creepy to be honest it's extremely creepy and i would go and check my phone straight to be. going over the case and they. thank you very much for bringing that. you're watching the devaney is coming up ahead to the thirty first european friend awards in europe's oscars take this to south of there in seventy five critically
3:47 pm
acclaimed films are vying for best friend we have a round up for you from our culture team bench. but first the sport of mixed martial arts also known as m. and a it's meant basically a male dominated sport but jim is what he had dorna dorney has emerged as both an inspiration for young female athletes as well as a wife champion in the featherweights division we caught up with a junior at dorney when she returned from a why the successful season back to her but in gym. it was everybody knows now yulia is a world champion. this is you don't need a few weeks ago she became the featherweight world champion in mixed martial arts here she's back at the spitfire gym and lynn for the first time since her victory usually she trains here every day boxing wrestling jujitsu judo they're all part of
3:48 pm
an m.m.a. fight his skill set. because of all the time don't mean it was the reigning european champion when she travelled to the world championships in bahrain. in the final she was the dominant fighter forcing her opponents to tap out in the second round crowning dorney as the world champion. it was a long journey from her beginnings as a judo fighter and germany's youth national team. carried some other. easy this title means everything to me and i finally got it and that's been working for the so hard thanks to my team just behind him to get a growth everybody on the way to gold. me thanks guys i love you. here it is this is what you train so hard for. the gold medal has brought you fame and glory
3:49 pm
but as an amateur she doesn't receive any money for her success. i like her enthusiasm for the sport she's a great ambassador for m.m.a. . unfortunately as a female fighter she's still a rare breed. i hope she can inspire other girls to take up m.m.a. or other martial arts. she's not the only woman who trains at the spitfire gym but she's a class above the rest the head coach says she has a bright future. she's achieved everything there is to achieve as an amateur. we're looking ahead we're steadily preparing her for professional fights and i think there is still a lot to come from. she already trains like a professional six times a week with up to four gym sessions on top of that it's what it takes to be
3:50 pm
a champion. on this side of the atlantic it is the start of the awards season the european firm the once widely viewed as the european pond on to the oscars it will take place this saturday in sevilla in southern spain which seems like they have a very impressive lineup. from the culture here is a tell us more tell us a bit more about these awards and which films we should be looking at for the european film awards have been around since one nine hundred eighty eight so i guess that makes a thirty one years and they were conceived to reflect sort of the incredible cultural and linguistic diversity in european cinema it's really a celebration of the industry on this side of the atlantic and and often it doesn't even get its due from the media it's interesting they could do a lot of better work there but twenty three categories in all including one for best category for best comedy story and the real category is obviously best film
3:51 pm
and as you said five films are in the running it's a very art house heavy lineup this year that has really wowed the critics so far so let's see which ones are in the running. cold war begins in one thousand nine hundred fifty s. poland and relates the tragic love story of an ambitious musical director and a young singer. the couple escaped to paris for a while but they failed to find happiness. the film is loosely inspired by the lives of director pawel pawlikowski parents italian writer director. because socially critical third to feature happy as. tells the tale of the young
3:52 pm
peasant as a rock and a noble man. they form a bond when tancredo. to help him fake his own kidnapping. pick up at. the. top man is the latest movie from a tayo car roni who caused a stir with the modern day film in two thousand and eight. this movie takes place in a similar. group and small time crook marcelo gets mixed up with a violent boxer who terrorizes the neighborhood marcelo funday plays macho and won best actor at the cannes film festival. in only about sees a strange swedish fantasy film border tina is a customs officer who can smell fear she falls for a similar looking traveller while investigating
3:53 pm
a child pornography ring and makes disturbing discoveries about her own past. the movie already won the prestigious. award in cannes. a diverse range and some quirky stories told about five for their. well there is a film of a fifth. kept good count and this one also very interesting i want to talk about it separately because girl is a belgian drama about a fifteen year old girl named lara who was assigned male at birth we can maybe get some pictures here dreams of becoming a professional ballerina but she's also planning to have gender confirmation surgery which along with the double burden of very harsh training and puberty takes a physical and emotional toll now this is a first feature for flemish director. who got an incredible performance from the
3:54 pm
sixteen year old actor and dancer victor poster you see here he's also nominated for a best actor award at the f.a. and he's currently a student at the royal ballet school in antwerp an incredible performance there with the physical. difficulty and he's already got a best actor award for about in the companion competition section that can. and which is your favorite film to win wow well i had to put on that one but i think i think cold war by the polish director seems to be in the lead at the moment it's also done best that the theaters it has to be said these are not blockbuster material they're definitely films that have a hard time translating their critical acclaim into box office success but this is a really strong field and all of these films have definitely cleaned up at festivals before this award so hopefully this will just be a good platform for the ones that haven't made it into cinema premieres yet the
3:55 pm
thing that they get some exposure to gillette is not in the they have but any other categories we should be watching we have to give a mention to the german actress. who's one of the six nominated for the european actress award and she's already received numerous awards for her incredible performance. in emily act film three days in also took home a german film prize for that. so we keep our fingers crossed for her and i guess what else i can tell you is that the three of the five nominated documentaries this year at the european film awards are german coproduction so there is a presence but it's perhaps just a good time to be really recognizing some of the great talent coming from all the other countries so lots of interesting stuff more on a website so yes t w dot com slash culture as might be keeping an eye on that thank you so much for bringing us up to date on the upcoming european friends festival which starts tomorrow and suddenly the in incivility or severe as the scottish
3:56 pm
would say a word exactly thank you very much you're watching the news and let me just give you a quick recap off the top story police in france have shocked that the man suspected of killing three people in an attack and the a christmas market in strasbourg there were able to track down twenty nine you're sure you check out after today hunt and it took off from a member of the bomb they. that's it from me i'm with our chief and karen from our country desk.
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. the a. touch. too to. business news line from barely the final moments of the suspected straws function to when you confront gunned down twenty nine year old chevy chicago in a toll way up to a reported intros a weapon against a massive two day month for the attack of three near christmas pockets in the city was because security and it's also coming up. british prime minister had to resign
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