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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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the silly notion of a country dead donkey. starts december twenty ninth on g.w. . believe . this is daily news live from berlin the un climate change talks go down to the why in total and leave it it. was campaign as a deadlocked negotiations to get that act together but there are still deep divisions on how to because of global warming also on the private program in france
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yellow best protesters a hissing the streets traffic consecutive weekends thousands of police are working to prevent riots by let me see all perspective the barriers keep the pressure up on back home. and cause those pall of the boats to create its own aami it's a step towards full nationhood but exposed enemy soviet denounces them as a threat to peace and stability in the balkans region. by minute coupes mackinnon thanks so much for your company. marson united nations climate talks aimed at saving the world from the dangerous effects of global warming have run into over time delegates from nearly two hundred countries have spent the last two weeks in the polish city of kut to the chair they're trying to agree on rules to govern how countries cut carbon and how to finance the climate
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change fight in poorer nations is role promises made in the twenty fifteen paris agreement but still there's no consensus a small group of countries including the u.s. and russia are refusing to sign on the u.s. delegation here is. in a way certainly protecting the interests of the united states i think their statements on the science have been. well just completely out of step with what is happening in reality and what is understood by the vast majority of countries scientists around the world. for more let's cross now to our correspondent maximally on a question who has been following the talks for us in quetta beaches tell us what's at stake here if no agreement is reached by the end of this weekend what i'd like to tell you i like to tell you that we'll always have paris as in the
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paris agreement but that fact that's exactly the conundrum the negotiators here in qatar it's a facing that only three years ago or twenty fifteen in paris they agreed that they all want to save the climate together that they all want to not have global warming rise more than two percent of created industrial levels and what they're doing now in cuts of it's trying to decide how they're going to do that so they have to find rules they have to find actions how to do that and when we remember how complicated it was in paris to reach a goal like that it's now even more complicated to find out how they're going to do it. so what specific things are holding up this deal what's stopping them from coming to an agreement. what's currently being negotiated in cotta words and has been for example negotiated until the late hours last night until four o'clock in the morning and it's being negotiated still this morning is the so-called rule book this is a book that in effect should bring action to the paris agreement so this should be
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the goals that each and every country can be held accountable for and in the book each country for example has to bring forward their own action so there has to be national actions that have to be agreed on and that cannot be vetoed by any of the other countries otherwise the deal is not going forward and there's also be like a general set of rules of what they want what they want to measure each other country on and these are finding joint agreement on these issues where nobody's disagreeing is the big problem here at the moment. this been a fair amount of criticism in the past two weeks about how these climate negotiations have gone what's the feeling on the ground that what are you hearing well of course we're already running a day late in cuts of it so they were supposed to find an agreement yesterday and now the mood is quite dive because people are saying you've had two weeks in this work conference to find a solution you have and this two kind of cams that are like criticizing these
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conference moves on the one hand we have those climate skeptics who are saying we don't really care about anymore we're going to do our own thing for example brazil was just elected an outspoken climate skeptic like also narrow who campaigned against the climate agreement of paris saying they're not hosting next year's climate conference anymore and on the other hand we have outspoken climate activists who are saying we're a fact and by this change and we're not seeing enough action being done here cut of it so there is this kind of moot if these conferences are really still helping to bring forward a global action on climate protection. right like so many on akashic reporting for us from poland thanks so much. yellow vest demonstrations in france as well as the french police are preparing for another weekend of protests thousands of police officers have been deployed in paris the focus of violent protests over the last month demonstrates to say that life in france become unaffordable and that not being listened to and i knew in my home province as president has called for an
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end to the protests saying the front's needs to get back to normal. all right let's cross over to helen the free who's standing by for us in paris hi helena the yellow vests demonstrators that back on the streets again today all day expected to be as violent as in the last few weeks. or thirty's are certainly preparing for it and yet eight thousand offices here in the french capital including riot police you can see behind me some vehicles at the octave at the top of the show as allee's a want to paris's main shopping streets so there is of course that preparation in case it should turn out that way french president a man you and michael made a call for no violence of course we've just come from the scene of a terror attack in the interior minister chris of cast in a said you applauded off there or he's there please do not pelt them in paris the yellow vest protests that said i can see shops boarded up here and we saw
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ransacking and looting are spoken to the best protesters who've come in from the countryside and they said that they are pacifists they do not intend to use violence however at the same time they're also drinking beer drinking alcohol so we'll have to see how the day over here certainly fewer protesters out at the moment than the same time last weekend. you said you've spoken to some yellow vest protesters and we did just see some live pictures there of paris tell me how do they feel about the tax and wage concessions that president president has announced have these made any difference to them at all. to sum it up what they told me was too late i said to them what about you know the increase to the minimum wage they said for the most part that will actually just affect one in four people it won't affect me i still struggle to sell to feed myself at the end of the month so then i asked them what would you like to see from the french police from the french
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president rather and they said more purchasing power i said ok how do you want to see more purchasing power these are long term reforms tax the wealthy not just tax their property they want taxes on people with assets of more than one point five million so that's definitely a source of quite some frustration and some of the yellow vests protesters i spoke to said that they they this is their first time coming out twenty five thousand people are expected here for what is known as far as the fifth weekend they were going to come out previously but they were so disappointed by what french president emmanuel michel promised them last week that they said that they had no choice but to come out this time for the first time all right helena reporting for us in paris thanks so much. all right let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world australia has formally recognized west jerusalem as the capital of israel prime minister scott morrison said its embassy would move from tel aviv to jerusalem but not until
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a peace settlement is reached between israel and the palestinians. manda rajapaksa has resigned as sri lanka's prime minister this ends a seven week political power battle at the very top of government that sent the country to the brink of a debt default i was controversially appointed as prime minister by sri lankans president in october was a decision that created an unprecedented constitutional crisis. eleven people have died in india off to eating rice that was likely contaminated with a toxic substance the incident happened at the end of the hindu ceremony in myself in the southern states of connecticut another twenty nine people are gravely ill and are receiving emergency treatment in hospital. the italian authorities will to tell you begin the process of demolishing the most a way bridge which collapsed in genoa and oldest killing forty three people removal of the remaining sections of the structure is expected to take five months the
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city's mayor has pledged to build a new replacement bridge. kosovo's palm and has voted to create a standing army for the first time a twenty is off to kosovo split from neighboring serbia and fort bloody war against it is described the decision to create an army as the most direct threat to peace and stability in the region serbia doesn't recognize kosovo and says it could even intervene militarily a threat which failed to deter the cost of a lawmaker is. a reason to celebrate but of course it wouldn't see the creation of a proper standing army was a necessary step towards foolish and good. wishes for this is a historic agreement for us and the deserved one. has its own army and a state is being further consolidated and strengthened every day. for the lawmakers present in the kosovo parliament who are in favor of converting the four thousand strong security force into
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a fully fledged army the government wasted no time in staging a ceremony to mark the historic decision. kosovo was born out of conflict twenty years ago the nato alliance intervened to protect the ethnic albanians of kosovo during their bid for independence from serbia nato has been there ever since keeping the peace between the still bitterly opposed sides in two thousand and eight kosovo formally declared independence from serbia a move belgrade and its how i rushed to refuse to recognize many course of and see the new army as a necessary step because it's a big step for kosovo but secure own state not this. this is enormously emotional we're happy that we're finally becoming a nation you know it's especially emotional for people who lost family members during the war but for the rest of us to you but ethnic serbs who are concentrated mainly in the north are kosovo see nothing to celebrate. this business.
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you see today cause of a jeopardize security and peace in these parts of the country by forming a so-called kosovo army peace and security in these areas have been disregarded in the crudest manner. while the majority of course of ns thank the united states for its support for the move to create an army nato and the european union expressed regret and appeal to both sides to remain calm kosovo may be a step closer to full nationhood but the ethnic divide between albanians and serbs still runs deep. so wonderfully good news now and one of the surprise teams of the season so far as mentioned blood. occur in a second in the table behind baresi adult wind and head of defending champions by in munich but they face a stiff away challenge this weekend from hoffenheim another side with the european
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ambitions the sun is shining bright on dieter hacking his team glad appear solid so much so that hacking isn't worried about missing four of his regular starting eleven this weekend bits and. now it's up to those guys who haven't played much recently but who want to play more now they've got a chance against hoffenheim a really great opponent for themselves to display the quality that they've got but also it's liking to see. invested in their squad this summer. paid twenty three million euros for striker. money well spent considering the frenchman's performances. on this and allison is a great player he's managed to add something to that seems that we've not seen for a very long time a striker who can score goals and he's always dangerous be fairly. the second best in the league it's not only player that can score. the back of the net eight times
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even their opponents this weekend hoffenheim are impressed. doing very well honoring great form they're always one of my favorite seems to watch in the bonus league last year they want that successful but they've really improved. glovebox home record this season is the best in the bundesliga the same can be said on the road king is hoping they avoid dropping valuable points against hoffenheim. or minder at the top story that we're following for you delegates at the un climate talks in poland have failed to reach a deal a day off to the summit was scheduled to end one group of nations once not vicious out come to cup level warning. a small group of countries that includes the u.s. and russia. news on the day just download our people play all from a store i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications breaking news you can use the news the. news and video.
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you're watching the news from back then there's more coming at the top of the hour including the explosion. how do you live sustainable with just scum of the bo house. mouse war starts gentle researching on t w. with them how to being gun because suckers were lions if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on
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a trip i would not have put myself and my parents in law dangerous but it's a dream of the to give a stable. loved ones.


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