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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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so no. don't use fear no heart. starts december twenty ninth on the w. . this is deja news live from berlin a breakthrough at the u.n. climate change conference in poland delegates unanimously agree on rules to implement the twenty fifteen paris agreement but critics say it's not ambitious enough to prevent the dangerous effects of global warming to an expansion in casualty to. more demonstrations across from those phrases just take to the
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streets for a fifth straight weekend their numbers are down but the yellow face say they're not racial when it could suggest yes. and a historic museum here where a religious leaders have to form a united ukrainian orthodox church and so full a centuries old dream russia is not against. and christine will go welcome to the program we begin with breaking news from poland where the u.n. climate conference has now agreed for roles for implementing the twenty fifteen paris agreement it's funny two hundred countries unanimously adopted the full bill that will govern if it's to cut emissions and curb global warming the summit in the city of president so went when into overtime good crowd. disciplines being stuck on
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how countries should report reductions in greenhouse emissions and how to finance the fight against climate change in foreign nations. now some critics have already said that the deal is not ambitious enough the climate conference as president however called the agreement a historic moment the overall impact of this package these positive to the worst. move for us one the major step towards realizing the vision and shrine in the paris agreement. and ambition that will ensure that our children and they will children look back at our legacy and recognize that their parents and grandparents took the right decisions in bold on juncture like the one we are facing today. much all right joining us now from catch of it's a is christopher bell's he's director of german watches and
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environmental n.g.o.s christophe so the delegates have now agreed on the fine print off the twenty fifteen paris climate accord at one of the key points facie. yes i think it's a huge step to have the rulebook for implementing the paris agreement that we know now that one. in china is the same as one ton of two in africa or in germany. that they have comparable rules this is important for investors for governments moving forward but it cannot replace the political will which is needed to move forward and we also heard breaking speeches of many very effective companies from climate change in small island states african countries asking we need more ambition and we have to move and to move forward and these are the two phrases of the summit. but also far too little
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ambition and not the necessary speed to move forward all right christakis is not the result campaign is like yourself or hoping for at first why is that and what does this particular deal mean for the future. it's very think we see now that it's not so easy to implement just talk down to see who to reduction of that there's a chance transition we have to organize in the road that both the people affected from climate change are part of it's just transition but also the people who might lose their job or have to change their perspective because of the structural change needed and they have to organize this in a wise way now in many countries you see this in germany were the coming year or exceed of goal of the. commission for the transport system how to train for this will its electoral mobility and missions n.p.r.
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the bit about as you had to rise and in the end the climate law in germany so lots of things have to happen on have to be organized all this easy braids but they also can be organized in a way that it makes sense to unite the society behind it. kristoff balls director option and watch an environmental engineer thank you for that. thank you very much . france's yellow face precious testified thousands of police and very cold weather to take their message to the streets for a fifth straight weekend the numbers of people protesting is down from previous weeks as concessions offered by the government seem to be taking effect but a hardcore off base say they're just term and to keep the movement watching. they started with a minute of silence honoring those killed and injured in the strasburg attack on
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tuesday oh the yellow vests were determined to protest despite the government's request after the attack for them to leave it this week. this saturday there were fewer people on the streets and less rioting. the number of arrests was down on last week too but the police were still there in large numbers eight thousand offices to try to keep things under control. president macro's concessions this week included an increase in the minimum wage but for many this was not enough. you don't know me i like their listening but it goes in one ear and out the other that people will not stop until we're heard until a popular referendum on every matter is put in place until their privileges are largely abolished and until people have the means to live decently no has your. system and
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a significant increase of all taxes on basic goods in this energy transport housing food products clothing and so forth oh exactly. taking the goals his inspiration the yellow vests in turn to take it all the way they're planning to march again next weekend to christmas and beyond. city to humphrey was in paris today on the streets between protesters and police hears around three thousand yellow vests protesters took to the streets here in paris today outnumbered by around eight thousand members of the police including riot police the protests were largely peaceful and yet these streets behind me the shoulder shrouded in tear gas stun grenades went off throughout the day protesters told me that the concessions granted by the french president earlier this week do not go far enough that they want to see taxes cut significantly all the french president resign michel to me see on maclin resign was the slogan chanted over and
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over again here today they cues him of being a president who is out of touch they say he's more worried about things such as the paris corner to court where they're worried about the paris working poor they say he's worried about the end of the world they say they're worried about getting to the end of the month. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in the united states president donald trump has announced that his interior secretary ryan saying he will step down at the end of the year sinky is facing more than a dozen investigations into his travel political activities and possible conflicts of interest that he will name the replacement next week. australia has formally recognized west jerusalem as the capital of israel prime minister scott morrison said its embassy would move from tel aviv to jerusalem but not until a peace settlement is reached between israel and the palestinians. residents in the
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many city of data say fighting has broken out again just a day off the warring parties agreed to. a ceasefire at un brokered talks course is a lifeline for millions facing starvation indian civil war the deal is the first breakthrough in peace if it's off to four years of conflict. nobel peace prize winner and idea morag has returned home to an emotional welcome in iraq meeting president suddenly in the capital baghdad morag called on the government to rebuild her hometown singe all way a so-called islamic state massacred and insulate thousands of people from the minority who raj escaped after a long and terrifying ordeal. she's now pledging to help the community rebuild their lives. with the money i got from the nobel peace prize the hospital and soon to treat two people mainly widows and women who were exposed to
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sexual abuses by islamic state militants i mean i'm one of them are counted this in a minister's vision got. sick here is now way ukrainian orthodox leaders have voted to break from moscow and create an independent ukrainian church now the new church is to be led by the bishop of the key of patriot guard the move is sure to anger russia but ukrainian president petro poroshenko hailed the decision as a historic event and another declaration off ukrainian independence. the move to found an independent ukrainian church marks a historic split with moscow ukraine's president petro poroshenko was a driving force behind the new church critics say poroshenko is using it to drum up support ahead of elections next year poroshenko hopes it would take kiev even further away from russia's orbits. first isn't there what kind of church is our
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church it's a church with the puton. a church where the mosco patriarch kirill undergo prayers for the russian state and russian soldiers. until now they've been several branches of the orthodox church in ukraine the largest and oldest was part of the russian orthodox church moscow patriarchy really has banned the ukrainian branch from joining the new church. this is about determining what kind of church should exist in ukraine or the church of god or war created by god or a false church that serves the devil that he will hardly any priest who belong to the russian branch attended the founding ceremony the new ukrainian patriarch appealed to them to join but over the doors of our united ukrainian church will be open to all to see the ceremony ended with
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a rendition of ukraine's national anthem and the already bad relations between moscow and kiev and now worse. egypt has unveiled a spectacular grave that's more than four thousand years old the tomb was found in a buried rage at the necropolis office a car out a vast ancient burial ground some twenty kilometers south of the egyptian capital cairo. just described the find as exceptionally well preserved. everyone wants to look. at a grave that had been closed for more than four thousand years. the man buried here was named a high priest from the royal court in memphis experts removed the sand and debris to reveal the chamber in its full glory twenty four statues of vashti wall murals depicting commerce fishing hunting even the brewing of beer seems to accompany
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vashti into the afterlife. he considered that they have to live like a journey to the afterlife this is a building life till he wanted to do create is the building live to go to is about all there is of that roxy is not alone here his grave is part of the neck crapo lists of secada a city of the dead for pharaohs and high level civil servants researchers have only opened up a tiny fraction of the ancient treasures buried here but officials say this newly uncovered tomb is a highlight and it took us something like a month or couple of days and we did reveal one of the greatest films i like it the most the although that it did a lot of takes give a shit as and the last that years. in twenty nine thousand experts expect to find many more sensational discoveries under the sand here. canadian freestyle skier
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mikhail kingsbury forceful food poisoning as he won his second bogles world cup event the season in china the olympic gold medalist posted a ninety point three one to the fifty first victory of his career and he's fifth straight in china in the women's event american. took with a score off eighty three point eight for her first win of the season and a third of her career. so the bundesliga show fun of his after the break with. find out if meant could extend their lead at the top of the table on match day fifteen. knowing they could guarantee themselves first place at the mid-season mark with a victory to find out what happened. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you delegates at the u.n. climate talks in poland have agreed to a rule book for implementing the twenty fifteen pairs agreement the breakthrough
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came off for an extra day of overcome disagreements on how to report rejections in greenhouse emissions and finance if it's in full or at nation's. you're watching news from below and more coming at the top of the hour with that forgives you can get all the latest news and information around the clock that's on our website. if you ever have to cover a murder best way is to make an accident. raring to. never read a book like this one. the. streets. not
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laughing at the jam just sometimes i am but i say laughing when it comes to german think stephen.


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