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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2018 9:00am-9:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from but a late night breakthrough in the fight against global warming battle thanks to bill h. and those remarks i'm told some total wrap up for the rule book in full swing cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and helping coronations deal with a changing climate that critics say the deal just doesn't go far enough. also coming up spiritual independence in ukraine g.s. will still be a centuries old dream of creating
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a united saddam's church independent from russia. is not a means to you and a new discovery from ancient egypt the tomb of a high priest from the egyptian royal court is opened up some more than four thousand units will take you to. a manuscript in the canon thanks so much for joining us. we begin in poland where marathon talks on climate change finally produced an agreement late on saturday nearly two hundred countries have unanimously adopted a rule book aimed at capping global warming below two degrees celsius the range of measures will allow the paris climate pact to become operational by twenty twenty the chairman of the climate conference in the city of kassovitz and called it a historic moment but skeptics say the facts of the rulebook is voluntary means
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it's not strong enough to bring about real change. it is so decided. the motions were flying high after two weeks of intense negotiations came to a successful and late on saturday night the agreement is a complicated balancing act aiming to reduce global warming while protecting the economies of rich and poor countries alike. we have been able to put together a very strong set of guidelines in order to make the paris agreement for you so we are very satisfied as you may have heard are. really happy they are celebrating a very successful. but some observers say the package is flawed
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the talks have been overshadowed by a report from the un body on climate change concluding a shift away from fossil fuels is needed to cap global warming most countries wanted the reference to fossil fuels included in the deal but the united states saudi arabia russia and kuwait objected leading to what critics say is a watered down agreement while i think the main culprits remain the fossil fuel industry while they remain the interests for these governments that keep them from having ambition i think certainly the fossil fuel countries here slow things down i think that the united states certainly did not help on the issue of having science move forward but there was just an overall lack of leadership from the european union as well on getting ambition. while the summit is being hailed a success for creating a transparent system for funding poor countries there will be no sanctions against
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states that aren't making progress the rule book relies soley on peer pressure. to keep everyone on truck. the outcomes of these negotiations are far from embraced usually critics especially from countries most vulnerable to climate change are calling for a much tougher action to be on the agenda at the un's next climate conference and she lives in twenty nineteen. joining us now from london is george marshall the founder of climate outreach an organization that aims to improve the understanding of climate change thanks so much for joining us george off to two weeks of marise and talks negotiators have now finally agreed a deal how positive an outcome is this in your view. can i say that they always do this i mean this is positive the this is part of the drummer of these talks with a it looks like they are going to agree even male give them a do this kind of a hideous injury and sport for diplomats i don't sleep for days and they come on
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say they have an agreement let's go let's all be fooled by the by the appearance of the drama of this is not a breakthrough because the underlying science does get more and more serious and as your reporter said the one point five degree report which came out from each governmental time in climate change could have been clearer that we have scarcely over a decade within which we have to make astonishing changes no energy mix definitely the absence of fossil fuels in the remains of the fighting but i think just generally the ambitions of a country has its reserves of miserably low in terms of the scope set for us by the sides and what was happening outside there in the atmosphere is just a little bit of a diplomatic goal it's a real physical tangible long. as you say this the science is clear why is this deal not more ambitious what is holding them back well of course we do have.
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a vested interest in very very powerful economic interests and concerns and national concerns i think we've got a collective failure by politicians and also by the public to embrace the scale and elites of this issue both the challenges but also the opportunities for making the change i think we simply keep pushing it but she is now we've been pushing towards the future something which is going to happen somewhere down the line sounds bad but we're not going to think about we i mean it's very very hard for us to come to terms with this issue we have to i think we really have to. i think we're all in the form of clips of them all about israel's. marshall from flight out reaching london thanks so much. for you very much. all right let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the father of a seven year old watching modern migrants who died after being detained by u.s. border agents is calling for an independent investigation officials say there was no sign that jacqueline calm akin had any medical problems until i was off to she
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was detained the u.s. customs service reported that she died of dehydration and exhaustion. thousands of demonstrators in belgrade against the government of president alexander of the church marches included several opposition leaders they accuse the church of ruling like an old socratic restricting in democratic freedoms and the media it was the second weekend of protests in a row the first significant opposition since twenty seventeen when thousands of protest protestors protested for weeks against the church's election. lanka's president as a reinstated run ill pick premising as prime minister seven weeks off to suck in him from the post of the country supremes court ruled his ousting was unconstitutional it's hoped the move will end the major political crisis that has engulfed the country since october. and the polish romantic drama cold war scoop the big prizes at the european film awards director have lakoff ski except at the
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wards of the best film best director sam adams best screenplay for his black and white movie the spanish city of seville his civil ceremony except these who would because. france is yellow vests protesters have to fight thousands of police and the cold weather to take to the streets for a fifth straits weekend protest the numbers are down on previous weeks as concessions offered by the government appeals appear to be taking effect but a hardcore of yellow vests say that determined to keep the movement marching on. they started it with a minute of silence honoring those killed and injured in the strasburg attack on tuesday. that the yellow vests were determined to protest despite the government's request after the attack for them to leave it this week. this saturday there were fewer people on the streets and less rioting the number of arrests was down on last
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week too but the police was still there in large numbers eight thousand offices to try to keep things under control. president micron's concessions this week included an increase in the minimum wage but for many this was not enough for the people. you don't know me i like their listening but it goes in one ear and out the other that people will not stop until we're heard until a popular referendum on every matters put in place until their privileges are largely abolished and until people have the means to live decently no has run out of the system and a significant decrease of all taxes on basic goods energy transport housing food products clothing and so forth oh exactly. taking the goals his inspiration the yellow vests intended to take it all the way they're planning to march again next weekend to christmas and beyond. to k.f.
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now way ukrainian orthodox leaders have created an independent national church the move marks a historic split from moscow and has angered russia that ukrainian president petro poroshenko held the decision as a further declaration of ukrainian independence. i moved to found an independent ukrainian church marks a historic split with moscow ukraine's president petro poroshenko was a driving force behind the new church critics say poroshenko is using it to drum up support ahead of elections next year pushing co hopes it would take kiev even further away from russia's orbit for visits or what kind of church is our church it's a church with a puton. circle church without moscow patriarchial under the prayers for the russian state and russian soldiers benefits davies got. until now they've
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been several branches of the orthodox church in ukraine the largest and oldest was part of the russian orthodox church moscow patriarchy really has banned the ukrainian branch from joining the new church. this is about determining what kind of church should exist in ukraine was a church of god or created by god or a fold church that serves the devil that he did yeah will hardly any priests who belong to the russian branch attended the founding ceremony the new ukrainian patriarch appealed to them to join. the doors of our united ukrainian church will be open to a whole to see the ceremony ended with a rendition of ukraine's national anthem and they were the bad relations between moscow and kiev and now. egypt has unveiled a spectacular grave that is more than four thousand years old the tomb was found in
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a buried rage of a necropolis of sakara a vast ancient burial ground some twenty kilometers southwest of the egyptian capital cairo archaeologists have described the find as exceptionally well preserved. everyone wants to look. at a grave that had been closed for more than four thousand years. the man buried here was named a high priest from the royal court in memphis experts remove the sand and debris to reveal the chamber in its full glory twenty four statues of vashti wall murals depicting commerce fishing hunting even the brewing of beer scenes to accompany vashti into the afterlife. he considered that they have to live like a journey to the afterlife this is
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a building life still he wanted to do create is the building lives to go to is about all that is of that roxy is not alone here his grave is part of the net crapolla us of a city of the dead for pharaohs and high level civil servants researchers have only opened up a tiny fraction of the ancient treasures buried here but officials say this newly uncovered tomb is a highlight and it will cost something like a month and couple of days and we did reveal one of the greatest tools i like it doubles the although that it did a lot of takes give a shit and the last years. in twenty nine thousand experts expect to find many more sensational discoveries under the sand here. around forty same sex couples have staged a mass wedding and the brazilian city of south palo the participants tied the knot fearing brazil's new hardline president elect an hour you could order
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a crackdown on gay weddings next year on new the web husband called it an act of resistance olson ari has said he would not be able to love a film the sexual sun. a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you the u.n. climate summit in poland has wound up with up with an agreement on fighting global warming virus and talks went into overtime to bridge differences on reporting greenhouse gases and helping for a country is caught emissions. but does make a show with my colleague pablo thirty area is coming up right right off for short break find out it for shadow and could stretch their lead at the top of the table and catch all four goals and buy ins for one mill demolition of the defending champions are enjoying a resurgent i'll say he stuck to. it what he did over the news from the land i'll be back at the top of the hour and
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don't forget you can get all of the latest news and information around the clock on a website speak w dot com thanks so much for watching. earth. hope to millions of species go home we're saving. here which is on those are big changes and most start with small steps globally two years told stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use hundred.


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