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seventieth anniversary overdoing declaration of human rights article learning to control on do w. . tooth. this is d w news live from the land and over time breakthrough in the fight against global warming. that was the reaction as marathon talks in poland and the rulebook for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and helping poor nations deal with the changing climate but many attendees say the deal just doesn't go far enough also coming up spiritual independence in ukraine fulfills
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a centuries old dream of creating a united orthodox church independent from russia to moscow is not amused. i'm karl naslund thanks for joining us talks on climate change and poland finally produced an agreement late last night nearly two hundred countries unanimously unanimously adopted a rulebook allowing the paris climate pact to become operational by twenty twenty the chairman of the conference called it a historic moment but critics say egremont doesn't go far enough. it is so the side . there was visible relief when two weeks of intense negotiations finally came to an end and cattle teacher delegates from almost two hundred countries had to overcome major divisions in their quest to reduce global
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warming while protecting the economies of rich and poor countries alike we are very satisfied as you may have heard or. really happy they are celebrating a very good successful outcome. that outcome a common set of rules to implement a previously agreed goal limiting global temperature rises to below two decrease celsius rules that govern the nuts and bolts of how countries reduce carbon emissions how they're monitored and how to help poorer nations with funding but critics say the agreement is deeply florida up here in part because there'll be no sanctions against states that andre can progress. relies on p. pressure alone to keep everyone on track the outcomes of these negotiations are far from ambitious usually of. another point of tension the refusal of the u.s. russia saudi arabia and kuwait to endorse a major u.n.
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study which found that the goal that everyone's working towards isn't actually enough to get climate change under control scientists warn that a strict cap of one point five degrees and a commitment to shift away from fossil fuels are needed to avert disaster i think certainly the fossil fuel countries here slow things down i think that the united states certainly did not help on the issue of having science move forward but there was just an overall lack of leadership from the european union as well on getting ambition out of a very bad. a sentiment echoed by fifteen year old activist greater tune back who had some harsh words for policymakers. you are not mature enough to tell it like it is. even that burden you leave to us children. but i don't care about being popular. i care about climate justice and the living
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planets. our civilization is being sacrificed for the opportunity of a very small number of people to continue making enormous amounts of money our biosphere is being sacrificed so that rich people in countries like mine can live in luxury. it is the suffering of the many which pay for the luxuries of the few. climate activists both young and old feel leaders have once again down to literally want to very much. one was at those climate talks in and she joins me now in studio first can you just give us some reasons to be optimistic about this deal well i think everybody is relieved about this deal it took three years after the paris agreement was made to
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come up and finalized this rulebook to make sure that it was going to be finished in time and there had been concerns earlier on in the conference that that might not happen that it might have to get pushed back so this really means that there is momentum there so that the countries can start to take action. you know previously . the u.s. and brazil have indicated that they would pull out of the agreement and that despite all that there's a whole book and they got it done now the reality check i mean what's missing here where did cop twenty four come up short well i think the big problem and what critics say is that the paris agreement itself doesn't go far enough the targets that are set by countries under the parse agreement are supposed to prevent a rise above two degrees but the promises that they've actually made mean that the rice could be three or four degrees by the end of the century obviously way too high. and so what they really want is to see increased ambitions from the country
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so that they can keep it in line with the recent i.p.c.c. report that says that actually it shouldn't be higher than one point five degrees and temperature rise. i spoke to delegates for example with the from the pacific islands and they're really worried that this is going to happen if their homes are at risk they want to see more financial help for them to be able to adopt to mitigate. climate change so why aren't countries a specifically e.u. countries why are they doing what needs to get done to meet those goals well a lot of the you countries sorry are still having the reliance on fossil fuels for their energy output and that's a massive problem and you have countries like germany who have set up the cole commission to try to deal with that problem but there are no critics would say that they're not acting fast enough they also need to make sure that there's a fair transition for what kids so that they will have an industry to move into one stops looking ahead now what needs to happen next so we can avoid the worst effects
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of global warming well countries to this would say that countries really need to move more quickly they need to make sure that they cut their fossil fuel reliance as much as possible as quickly as possible otherwise the impacts that we've seen all over the world so you know typhoons in the philippines and wildfires in the u.s. the heat waves in the e.u. they will just continue. louise osborne thank you very much orthodox priests in ukraine have established an independent national church to move as anger the russian orthodox church which controlled ukrainian branch for over three hundred years ukraine's president petro poroshenko was hailed the decision saying it was a further declaration of independence from russia relations between the two countries collapsed after moscow's annexation of crimea joins fourteen says russian backed churches on its soil are kremlin tool to spread propaganda.
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correspondent nick connelly is standing by in kiev hey nick relations between kiev and moscow have been bad to say the least for a while now will you cranes new national church make things even worse. well it seemed like they couldn't get much worse given the standoff we're in with russia here since well basically for years but based on the furious reaction we've had from moscow it does seem there is further to fall real extraordinary emotional statements coming from moscow since this happened yesterday calling all of these meetings illegitimate and calling on ukraine to kind of throw it all in something that's unlikely to happen i think the really important thing to look for here is what will be the approach to the moscow patriarchate so to the russian orthodox church as linked to moscow after after yesterday's meeting will they lose churches will the ukrainian state promote efforts to get people to join the new ukrainian
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church there i think we could definitely see the russian government coming under some code of internal pressure to react tell me about the politics behind this move president poroshenko he'll be facing a difficult reelection march russia called this a campaign ploy was this mainly or shango who pushed for the creation of this new church. while he definitely has invested an awful lot of diplomatic capital and political capital in these efforts and it was striking to see him on the stage just a with the bishops something you don't really expect to see in twenty first century europe having said that though this is a movement these independent ukrainian churches have been in existence since the early ninety's since ukraine gained independence from the soviet union and given the situation in ukraine finds itself with this defacto situation of war with russia it seemed there was only a matter of time there's a certain inevitability about greater moves to move away from the russian church and also to decrease the influence of the moscow patriarchy which is the biggest
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single orthodox nomination in ukraine at the moment given its very close links to the kremlin how are the people of ukraine reacting to this new independent charge. i think there's a lot of uncertainty for now how this is going to play out if this is just a bit of abstract arcane church diplomacy or if this will actually mean changes on the ground i think we'll know more after orthodox christmas that's the sixth of january when present pershing co and then you head of the ukrainian church go to constantinople to istanbul to get the official go ahead for the new church from the patriarch there whether we see individual churches that have been previously controlled by moscow going to this new joining this new church conflicts there between maybe the priests and the corporations on the other hand that could be the rails and crunch point i think beyond they believe is that everyday people who aren't particularly religious i think this is just a further step towards cutting ties with russia we've seen travel links reduced there are no direct flight restrictions on russian citizens visiting ukraine so for
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many this did have a certain inevitability about w.'s nick connelly in kiev thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world georgia has inaugurated its first female president french born solid maid service really was elected after winning nearly sixty percent sixty percent in a runoff vote that the opposition has said both recognize international observers say the election was well managed service for the previously served as foreign minister. the father of a seven year old guatemalan migrant who died after being detained by u.s. border agents is calling for an independent investigation officials say there was no sign jacqueline called mikey in at any medical problems until hours after she was detained u.s. customs service reported that she died of dehydration and exhaustion. the polish romantic drama cold war has hoops the big prizes at the european film awards director pawel pawlikowski accepted the award for best film best director and best
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strains play for his black and white movie awards ceremony was held in the spanish city of city because. now europe's most popular digital conference republika has expanded to africa the first african about wraps up this weekend and gone as capital accra event to showcasing speakers innovators and digital activists from across the continent d.w. correspondent flourish to cuero has been following the event. i need bonnie's the founder of developers invoke it's a canadian tech startup to teach his african women about a new technologies and connect them to opportunities within the tech ecosystem. she's on the ground to promote her organization and africa's first republican across. five years knew was going to be as a people i mean you know. exposure and also increase in the next day and then also very importantly end up pushing d.c.
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showcase the way we're doing because of the guess more partnership of what she needs funding thanks indra. through putin to come across as bringing together tech startups innovators and speak from different fields across africa. i love this event if we could have more events like this across the continent i feel like we'd start the process of being gauging even like our all day does one change because it's not only at creative event it's also an engagement for ideas that this theme of the event is next level and the discussions have been focused on around moving africa out beyond the excitement of how the digital tools to using those digital tools to create solutions so i think was unique problems. for example africans have poor access to healthcare services that's why and recall undergrad but health tech through his that people are able to monitor the health.
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like been done and subsume enough ago mol foremost is the hospitals so what we do is only bring them these tests to bring down the whole bunch of proper diagnosis just trying to pharmacies equip them with a software know like one today and that is the drug of all is optimistic people who go to pharmacies and check in quickly on the hour and in the process of the software i do not got recordings with to suit you to shut the record and it makes it all the others who you were just he says he hopes to expand throughout the continent and events like republica by giving him the platform to connect with innovators like himself. around forty same sex couples have staged a mass wedding in the brazilian city of paolo the participants tie the knot fearing brazil's new hardline president elect joe your balls and could order a crackdown on gay weddings next year one newlywed husband called it an act of resistance will snarl has said he would not be able to love
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a homosexual son. you're watching the news from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more of the latest. news from around the world in the meantime you can always check out our web site that's dot com thanks for watching. what's coming up for the book asleep you'll have plenty to talk about here. as can take a look a little bit means for the sake of course. the fund is legal every weekend here on t.w. .


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