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the book. is called tender. hearts december twenty second one g.w. . this is news live from berlin to the voices impatience with the u.s. over a long standing extradition placed on karl once a book lead muslim clerics instead of going on trial for orchestrating the fail twenty sixteen crew turkey's foreign minister says it's time for the u.s. to send food and home also coming up. and over time deal in
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poland on climate change puts teeth into the twenty fifteen parents agreement fashion many attendees on satisfied with the results of. the one. i'm christine one welcome to the program turkey's foreign minister say's us president donald trump told to president rich of time but one that washington is working on extraditing turkey's most wanted man to he has a long sought the extradition off the muslim cleric fifteen of golan the man on chorus ses was behind the failed military coup in twenty sixteen glenn has lived in the united states for almost twenty years he denies any involvement in the coup attempts. now foreign minister. whose say is trump and discuss the matter at the g. twenty summit two weeks ago. this guy and the. other others in this
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organization eighty four names that we have to cross the united states takes a dive if you would so i took. him a. while last time when we met him and it's not just the president from paul that the one that they had been working on. rifle more on the story and i'm joined by the correspondence dorian jones in istanbul and stefan xians in washington gentlemen hello to you both jeff and i want to start with you have there any been reactions to the statements in the u.s. no i'm afraid not not as of now at this point and nobody rect it officially or unofficially nothing from sources and nothing for officially from the white house state department or department of justice those of the three and to entities who are actually involved in any decision going to be made in terms of extraditing mr goulden fits in the gloom and perhaps we won't hear anything until tomorrow or not
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at all because there are suspicions from observers and experts that maybe something got lost in translation there between president trump and president added because of course the d.o.j. and the u.s. government is looking at the request of turkey to extradite mr fetzer loglan but that this is going to happen any time soon it's rather unlikely and has not changed what sort of story and i want to bring you in why is extraditing and so important for the czechs government. well some turkish ministers have gone as far as describe him as turkey's osama bin laden and reason why he's seen as such a danger he said he's not only blamed for masterminding the failed coup attempt from his network of followers but according to those followers are still posing a threat to turkish democracy and every week now we've seen more and more of the hundreds of his followers allegedly follows being detained on top of the tens of
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thousands that have been held since that failed coup and beyond also looking to washington to crack down on the. believed to be vast business networks across the united states which anchor claims to be bankrolling his network and further undermining turkey's democracy. stefan what is the position off the u.s. government on this issue. the u.s. government holds one position and that is that the turks have to present proof of what they're saying and alleging in terms of the involvement of mr gillum in the q. from two thousand and sixteen and as soon as this proof is sufficient then they are going through the motions of. approving or assessing this this proof and the evidence and then make a decision if there's grounds for an extradition however again i say the three entities involved in this is not just the why does it is the department of justice and they're looking at this proof as i mentioned and then there's the state
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department which also will assess how much diplomatic damage or benefit a extradition of mr golan to turkey would gain for the united states since this is not just about mr gillon but also about the relationship between the united states and turkey when it comes to the u.s. support for example kurdish fighters in northern iraq and in syria as well as turkey's role in syria as well as turkey's purchase of as four hundred missile systems from russia so we could go in the weeds here but it's really complex and the point is the united states will take its good and does a time to check on all evidence presented by the turks and if this is current then maybe there is some movement there but as long as judiciary is not happy with what they have i don't think there is will be any movement any time soon. during i'll come back to you if and when to be extradited what will this mean for taking.
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well this could be a complete game changer in this relationship between these two key nato allies because it has poisoned relations i mean while uncle doesn't expect the immediate extradition of what they expected from the white house is to expedite this process they said it's been more than two years since they put in this request for extradition and it hasn't even reached the courts and this is accusation of the white house and elements of washington have been foot dragging over this they haven't been taking turkey seriously what they want is an expert expediting this process and until that happens they will feel suspicions over the ongoing suspicions whenever washington was possibly involved or complicit in the coup which we did hear repeated allegations from key turkish ministers if there was to be a change in washington's attitude of the word process was to be expedited this could open the door to resolving many other issues that have been poisoned by this mistrust over the grill and controversy all right stephanie months is in washington
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for us and dorian jones in istanbul thank you. talks in poland on climate change have finally produced an agreement this happened late last night nearly two hundred countries unanimously adopted a rollback allowing the paris climate action become operational by the year twenty twenty the chairman of the conference call it is a historic moment but critics say the agreement doesn't go far enough it is sold outside. physical release after two weeks of intense negotiations produce a compromise in captivity. with approximately two hundred countries in the room it is not easy to find agreement on a deal so specific and so quickly. but is this circumstances every single step forward is a chief meant to deal set rules to implement and finance
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a twenty fifteen paris climate agreement which aims to limit global temperature increases to below two degrees celsius. these are good that see all this generation has the responsibility to show how we keep our planet livable how we can make sure that we reduce c o two and he we showed the way that's important but the long side the backslapping there was also criticism activists were hoping for more ambitious climate goals after scientists recently warned that a cap of one point five degrees celsius i do radical shift away from fossil fuels are needed to avert disaster i think certainly the fossil fuel country is just an overall lack of leadership from the european union as well on getting ambition out of a. fifteen year old swede grettir to merck has become a voice for the younger generation by inspiring children all over the world to strike from school in protest to climate change she had sharp words for the adults at the conference you say you love your children above all else and yet you're
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stealing their future in front of their very eyes. until you start focusing on what needs to be done rather than it's what is politically possible there is no hope. climate activists both young and old feel world leaders have once again done too little too late. all the doc's priests in ukraine have established an independent national church the move has angered the russian orthodox church which controlled the ukrainian branch for over three hundred years ukraine's president petro poroshenko hailed the decision saying it was a further declaration of independence from russia relations between the two countries collapsed after moscow's end it's a shot off crimea in twenty fourteen. russian backed churches on its soil kremlin tool to spread propaganda. all right now correspondent connie is
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on the story for us in kiev is this likely to further strained relations between kid and moscow well just as we thought of those relations couldn't get any worse off of the tensions we've seen in the sea of as over the ukrainian sailors being taken hostage they would say in kiev by moscow they have got worse this really has provoked furious reactions in moscow not only from church figures but also from politicians and they're saying they're going to be paying very close attention to what happens how this plays out on the ground whether or not this new ukrainian church will attempt to get people of priests and whole communities who are involved with the moscow church patriarchy to come over to the new ukrainian church some of the most important holy sites in ukraine is still controlled by the moscow patriarchy so whether or not there is pressure on those to move to new church that is something that most will be paying a lot of attention to and has said they will respond to with sanctions as needed
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nic we know that part will be facing a difficult relation in macia now russia because this a campaign how much does it have to do with the creation of this new church. well he certainly invested a lot of diplomatic capital of time in this it all fits part of his new kind of corn servitude agenda having said that this isn't totally new since the early ninety's when ukraine gained independence to have being these attempts to create a truly ukrainian church i think is important to remember here that russia and ukraine have defected been at war for the past four years so the fact that the moscow patriarchy which is in intimately linked with the kremlin still has such an important role here in ukraine it still has the largest number of congregations that is a provocation that's something for lots of for ukraine nationalists who reject this so i think sooner or later this would have come even without pershing because involvement. how are the people of ukraine reacting to their nation's new
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independent church. i think there's a lot of uncertainty about how this is going to play out whether this is just symbolic a symbolic move by the president or this will actually see a real reorganization of ukraine's religious life for the individual believes for the individual congregations i think we'll see that in the new year once that official independence has been sealed off by the patriarchy in constantinople and what happens is congregations if we're going to see conflicts with the priest wanting to maybe join the ukrainian church and the congregation the opposite those kind of conflicts will be the real test of this move all right that's. thank you. by new nick seem to have recovered from the early season left with back to back wonder when's helping them move up the table as well the sizable gap still separating them from dog meant they needed a win of ahead of the to keep its actual hopes alive. there it's opposite ends of
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the table but both these coaches have been feeling the pressure of late perhaps finds the cocos and i thomas miller with the acrobatic assist on his three hundred spotlessly grip parents yahshua came a she provides a fair share of the system self this time on the scoresheet i another piece of wisdom cave actually kind of in part his sleeve defend his amount from the edge of the area i doubted alibek couldn't have his it better if he tried some way to score your first but mostly get go with the season i came a straight in the corner and still a fullback out of it did the rest in style i think that she's meant to knock at the break he didn't tend ve had a business shot as he faced a pirate ship shots sadly for him one way traffic continued after the break it's
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a snap freeze fancy footwork rewarded with a gulp leaving the road as i said not knowing whether he was coming or going. such was the visitor's domination they could even afford to show bites see a guy with the scales before bar and go back to scoring an hour in rubber seven dusty not once mitch sounds on it all fast. the pole could and should have had a second right at the end but he plays white by this point spine which trying to move the ball and ending with an incredible sachi two shots on goal of his into his it was a bit unfair it was like a lamborghini against a tub and the lamborghini was full of fuel today i feel like crap to john walsh was . so after the. match advice perhaps some encouraged at the end kind of and writes from russia need all the support they can get. how right you are watching. back at the top of the. news. to join me.
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in the pursuit of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship. on.


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