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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CET

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did you remember that. this is deja news live from berlin to hear voices impatience with the u.s. over a long standing extradition requests and are one still of the muslim cleric fits that a good man on trial orchestrating to fail to train the sixteen crew turkey's foreign minister saying it's time for the u.s. to send poulan home also coming up. at a time deal in poland on time a change puts teeth into the twenty fifteen paris agreement but many attendees are not satisfied with the results to you.
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and christine wonderwall come to the program turkey's foreign minister says u.s. president donald trump told to kish president rich of type one that washington is working on extraditing turkey's most wanted men turkey has wrong sort of the extradition off the muslim cleric fit to the man ancora ses was behind the failed military coup in twenty sixteen and has lived in the united states for almost twenty years he denies any involvement in the coup attempt. foreign minister who says trump added a one discussed the matter at the g twenty summit to be executed. this guy and the . other others in this organization eighty four names that we have to cross the united states takes
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a dive they say when it's over took. him a. while last time you met one it's not us the president from seoul that the one that they have been working rightful more on the story and i'm joined by the correspondents story and jones and istanbul and stefan xians in washington gentlemen hello to you both stephan i want to start with you have there any been reactions to the statements in the u.s. no i'm afraid not not as of now at this point nobody rect it officially or unofficially nothing from sources and nothing for officially from the white house state department or department of justice those of the three to entities who are actually involved in any decision going to be made in terms of extraditing mr goulden fits in the gloom and perhaps we won't hear anything until tomorrow or not at all because there are suspicions from observers and experts that maybe something got lost in translation there between president trump and president adelong because
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of course the d.o.j. and the u.s. government is looking at the request of turkey to extradite mr assad to legoland but that this is going to happen any time soon it's rather unlikely and has not changed what sort of. story and i want to bring you in why is extraditing and so important for the czechs government. well some turkish ministers have gone as far as described turkey's osama bin laden and reason why he's seen as such a danger he said he's not only blamed for masterminding the failed coup attempt from his network of followers but according to those followers are still posing a threat to turkish democracy and every week now we've seen more of the hundreds of his followers allegedly follows being detained on top of the tens of thousands that have been held since that failed coup and beyond also looking to washington to crack down on the. leak to be vast business networks across united states which
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anchor claims to be bankrolling his network and further undermining turkey's democracy. stefan what is the position of the u.s. government on this issue. the u.s. government holds one position and that is that turks have to present proof of what they're saying and alleging in terms of the involvement of mr gillum in the crew from two thousand sixteen and as soon as this proof is sufficient then they are going through the motions of. approving or assessing this this proof and the evidence and then make a decision if there's grounds for an extradition however again i say there is three entities involved in this is not just the why does it is the department of justice and they're looking at this proof as i mentioned and then there's the state department which also will assess how much diplomatic damage or benefit a extradition of mr golan to turkey would gain for the united
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states since this is not just about mr gillon but also about the relationship between the united states and turkey when it comes to the u.s. support for example kurdish fighters in northern iraq and in syria as well as turkey's role in syria as well as turkey's purchase of as four hundred missile systems from russia so we could go in the weeds here but it's very complex and the point is the united states will take its good and does the time to check on all evidence presented by the turks and if this is current then maybe there is some movement there but as long as. it is not happy with what they have i don't think there is will be any movement any time soon during i'll come back to you if you'd be extradited what will this mean for taking. well this could be a complete game changer in this relationship between these two key nato allies because it has poisoned relations i mean while uncle doesn't expect the immediate
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extradition of glenn what they expected from the white house is to expedite this process he said it's been more than two years since they put in this request for extradition and it hasn't even reached the courts and this is accusation of the white house and elements of washington have been foot dragging over this they haven't been taking turkey seriously what they want is an expert to expediting this process and until that happens it will fuel suspicions over the ongoing suspicions of whether washington was possibly involved or complicit in the coup which we did he repeated allegations from key turkish ministers if there was to be a change in washington's attitude of the war process was to be expedited this could open the door to resolving many other issues that have been poisoned by this mistrust over the controversy all right stephanie my sis in washington for us and dorian thank you steve. now to some of the other stories making news around the world french authorities say if
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a person has died of wounds sustained in the christmas market attack in the city of strasburg the paris prosecutor's office identified the victim only as a polish national police killed the gunman on thursday night off for a two day manhunt. in brussels belgian police clashed with right wing protesters marching against the u.n. migration packs adopted in morocco last week several hundred protesters tried to storm the european commission building although as he's had attempted to ban the march but court said it could go ahead. and more than forty people are reported injured offer an explosion at a restaurant in the japanese city of sapporo most of the injuries were minor though one person is said to be in a serious condition the cause of the blast is under investigation. and angry thousands have marched to budapest or other in what appears to protest a new labor law and what they see as a slide toward all the tarion bull in the country it's the fourth demonstration in a week the unions and opposition parties have dubbed the new label rules as slave.
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talks in poland on climate change finally produce an agreement late last night nearly two hundred countries unanimously adopted a rulebook allowing the paris climate pact to become operational by twenty twenty the chairman of the conference called it a historic moment but critics say the agreement doesn't go far enough it is sold aside. it's a belief after two weeks of intense negotiations produce a compromise and captivates. with approximately two hundred countries in the room it is not easy to find agreement on the deal is so specific and so quickly co. but is this circumstances every single step forward is if the deal sets out rules to implement and finance the twenty fifteen paris climate agreement which aims to
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limit global temperature increases to below two degrees celsius. these are going up at c all this generation has the responsibility to show how we keep our planet livable how we can make sure that we reduce c o two and he we showed the way that's important but a long side the backslapping there was also criticism activists were hoping for more ambitious climate goals after scientists recently warned that a cap of one point five degrees celsius i do radical shift away from fossil fuels are needed to avert disaster i think certainly the fossil fuel countries here slow things down i think that the united states certainly did not help on the issue of having science move forward but there was just an overall lack of leadership from the european union as well on getting admission out of the agreement fifteen year old swede grettir to merck has become a voice for the younger generation by inspiring children all over the world to
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strike from school in protest to climate change she had sharp words for the adults at the conference you say you love your children above all else and yet you're stealing their future in front of their very eyes. until you start focusing on what needs to be done rather than it's what is politically possible there is no hope. climate activists both young and old feel world leaders have once again done too little too late. at least seven protesters have been arrested in moscow during a demonstration against alleged abuses by russian security forces the protest outside the security services headquarters was off by the sentencing of human rights activists live. on monday was sentenced to twenty five days in jail for urging people to take part in an authorized already the rights group amnesty
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international criticized the verdict. or sent us this report about the wrists russian activists face and what help build like to see from the west. awaiting his fate chechnyan human rights activist of who's been in prison on drug charges for almost a year he says the police planted drugs on him a common means of silencing critical voices in chechnya. last month to see if was awarded the french or german prize for human rights a colleague accepted the award in his behalf and told t.w. he hoped for more support from the west. my country needs this pressure pressure brought to bear on it during some hard dialogue principle. is of course. pressure like barring those who help the secret service from travel within the european union. or deal through the.
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judges who support those powers are prepared to pursue pre-determined repugnant objectives and ten down verdicts of war. your dog also let's make sure we don't let him travel to germany for example they would get a minute and other pressures such as sanctions as ukraine conflict continues the kremlin fears more penalties could hit its banks next year but not everyone thinks sanctions. the way to go even if the state were to take strong action against human rights activists. really harsh sanctions wouldn't be effective because then the government just says see the sanctions hit all russian citizens and we all suffer as a result. we striving. russians who fear injustice in their own courts can still turn to the council of europe and the european court of human rights. these avenues
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are an important last resort for rights activists. i am in favor of russia remaining a member of the council of europe this is important for russian citizens but also important for the citizens of european states exclusion could have negative consequences other political systems could follow this example. for human rights activists the situation remains bleak international rights organizations have accused the kremlin and its secret service of human rights violations but the west's condemnation appears to have made little impact. the bundesliga match day fifteen is in the books let's take a look at all that results frank age level and life dominated minds dortmund
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lehmann got upset. by a new nick club it had of a disorder all took down off and i'm glad in that score listen. drew. on friday night. around forty same sex couples have staged a mass waiting in the brazilian city all the participants tied the knot fearing brazil's new odd line president elect. could order a crackdown on gay weddings next year the way it has been called it an act of resistance has in the posse it he would not be able to love a homosexual son. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you turkey's foreign minister says donald trump told turkish president richard type but one that washington is working on the extradition off a muslim cleric living in the u.s. tricky wants to put this in
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a good and on trial for allegedly orchestrating the failed twenty sixteen military coup against thirty one. you're watching t.v. news live from berlin i'll be back at the top the hour with more news joining me if you have. the volume. in the end this is a me your not a lotus to your rules and you. are you familiar with this. when the smugglers were lions of the what's.


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