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me. please. please me me me me. me me me. this is you know we do is live from berlin the legacy of fighting i.a.s. in the philippines this martial law is extended on mindanao for another year daily news an exclusive report from the devastated city of murali and talks to one young muslim ready to fight again for the so-called islamic state also coming up finally there's a small break faith with the british people who are trying to stage another referendum . british prime minister theresa may you rules out another referendum on your that says she sets a new date for parliament's pivotal vote on her brakes a deal also
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a winter of discontent a wave of anti-government protest groups hungry security guards forcibly remove opposition m.p.'s from the headquarters of the national broadcaster that's as public anger grows that ad prime minister viktor oman's policy plus and you hearing opens in paris today into the pit breast implant scandal and the german sort of fine body that ruled the defective implant c w news years from one of the women affected. and the knockout fixtures in the champions league now have been determined to be very good and is the whole side will face by immunity another tough test for under-fire byron coach in new coen kovacs who i have we have all the details on the draw and will miss the highlights just to come up with a. little. man.
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alwaye la rock is a pleasure to be with you everyone. we start off in the southern philippines where the island of mindanao is facing another year under martial law after presenter that it will do thursday extent the measure last year murali city on mindanao was the scene of a five month long battle when government troops were deployed to quell insurgency by militants allied to so-called islamic state more than a thousand people were killed a half a million were displaced today lies in rooms and even did every news reporters has just returned from the devastated city with this exclusive report. this force the center of today residents call it ground zero. we get the military's permission to enter selected pots and a warrant about unexploded devices last year a few hundred i asked inspired fighters holed up in mosques and houses the army
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with help from the united states responded with relentless ai rates in this type of warfare you have to flush out the enemy from their defensive position and you can only do that number one using bombs or heavy artillery bombardment. but people here paid a very high price for the five months long battle hundreds were killed. they're buried in these mosque graves. most of the victims were never identified denying their families closure. over sixty five thousand people remain displaced many are still searching for their loft once. it. has lost four of her eight children she believes there were taken hostage and used
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as human shields. he simply says i feel a very deep pain inside of me i missed my children they were gone in a blink of an eye my combi with them anymore. martial law remains in force with soldiers everywhere the impoverished region has witnessed decades of conflict between muslims and christians who make up the vast majority of the filipino population many young muslims few disenfranchised. last year after the spied on the military passing on details of troop movements to i.a.s. fighters holed up in my robbie he tells us that he stood ready to fight for an islamic state. but it was i wouldn't fight and while we're all we again or in any other muslim area here in the same thing will happen again our own muslim people will get hurt but if the battle happens elsewhere i will join. someone.
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like many others up who blames president rhodri go to terror to fall bombing merapi the government has promised reconstruction and great to muslim autonomy but until those promises are fulfilled angry young men like up to it will continue to pose a threat. to our reporter and our peers men was part of the filming in city and she's here now with me to talk some more about. this region that we don't really hear that much about in this part of the world looking at that footage that you shot with your colleagues i couldn't help but this could have been syria this could have been iraq incidentally regions that you've been as well this has been completely obliterated yet authorities maintain that they only used surgical attacks i would dispute that because even if it were such
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a strikes only as the military claims it must defend many and they must have been extremely powerful forceful relentless i think what the military tried to do here on governments all this is to not only you know flush out the enemy that's how the military puts it but also just sent as very strong signal to the population that because without local supports i think this battle from rob you wouldn't have lasted five months let's talk about civilians because we saw that mother that you spoke to who lost four of her children i just wonder because now of course you know the fighting is over rebuilding has to start how much does the filipino government involves local the local population the civilians in any reconstruction efforts if you ask the civilians clearly not enough i mean they're not allowed to go home you know getting some money rebuilding their houses they have to wait everything is on military orders martial law has just been extended people are still by and large
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living in emergency camps at the fringes of town after rooted you know they have lost the sense of belonging and the longer this loss the more problematic it becomes and the more angry young men like abdul will become and that poses a threat for them you know joining new forces yes molly and i would say you have four basic eclipse and two islamic state leading this seats last year they might be gone but there are still remnants hiding in the jungle there a new recruit. just out there looking for new young people to recruit explain to us some if you can very very bruce unfortunately is what does allegiance to i mean do they get direction from my ass are they just sympathizing with the u.s. are they using i used to recruit people and what do they want i think it's a little bit of oh yes there was a direct connection between i.a.s. middle east and here but there are also local grievances dating back to colonial
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times longstanding difficulties between christians and muslims in the regions muslims perceive the christians to be sect less like in a unfolds but the philippines majority catholic of course and so local grievances are compounded in this i s ideology right and of course for the philippines a catholic majority country where christian muslims in that region are a minority all right thank you so very much for use this under appears now for another excellent report thank you. and i'd like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world a senior opposition politician in india so john kumar has been convicted for his involvement in the one nine hundred eighty four anti sikh riots reversing a previous acquittal more than three thousand and six were killed a delhi high court found kumar guilty of murder and promoting and ready between groups he's been sentenced to life in prison. when you were fighting near the
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yemeni city of new data has left at least twelve people dead a flare up is casting doubt on the cease fire negotiated last week between heathy rebels and the saudi backed government seventy percent of yemen's centers enters excuse me the country through this sister teacher grant seaport. the european court of justice has ruled that poland must immediately suspend a new law lowering the retirement age of it's to just share the controversial measure bringing forward retirement by five years saw about a third of supreme court judges forced to take an early pension critics have accused the polish government of undermining judicial independence. mexico's public at the petal volcano is putting on a stick takio or display saturday brought a flash of light followed by dazzling to responding out from the creator on sunday the volcano erupted for a second time spewing out
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a column of ash and smoke nearly three kilometers high. british prime minister theresa may has said she intends to hold a parliamentary vote on her brags that deal in the third week of january may brief the house of commons on talk she held with european leaders at last week's summit she warned lawmakers today i guess holding a second referendum on president the senate her decision to suspend the vote last week some of the resulting exchanges at this council were repulsed but i make no apology. i make. a no apology for standing up for the interests of this house. i mean interests of the whole united. oh earlier i spoke for of asal who's been following the story in london i asked her what people thought about how to resign may as how. people think this is mostly completely terrible they admire
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tourism a for her obstinacy for sort of just plotting on on the other hand they also say that the situation is a complete shambles and there are of course a lot of people who say no there should be a second referendum the only way the only decent and democratic way to solve this impasse that parliament and government find themselves in is to have it go for a second grand referendum what they call he had the people's vote and asked people again is this really the deal on the table what you want it all would you rather remain in the european union but your reason may is doing who knows to prevent that and she really tries to sort of play for time and sort of push things so far out that in the end nobody really dares to stop or any more. for his or reporting their short while ago are you watching t.v. news have a lot more to share with you here is what we have in store. china and the e.u.
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joined forces to slam trans trade tariffs europe says the u.s. is at the center of global trade disruption for stuff has more in the business block but first. hungry in the biggest demonstration of public discontent since right wing prime minister viktor orban came to power back in two thousand and ten an estimated fifteen thousand people braved freezing temperatures in the capital budapest for the fourth rally in a week and protesting against new labor legislation that opposition groups are calling a slave law either turn on them or god and the law be of hungary's public service broadcaster a woman films as a peaceful sits in comes to an abrupt and. for those of you in the sense of an opposition m.p. dr dhar by armed guards on the team and several others have spent the night and site asking to read a list of demands or national t.v. including a call for
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a free media. hours earlier they had arrived with thousands of others united in anger at what they see as their government creeping authoritarianism and the lies of the state t.v. . and the thick of the smoke bombs the flares and the tear gas desperate voices begged for calm about. this and do not do not rule why are you throwing he shouts. others point the finger at the police i want to see that these protesters are here for you to do for you and you and you for all of you. he said the outrage was sparked by a rowdy parliamentary session last week with viktor orban is government taking over control of a judicial system that has until now been independent and weakening employment rights described as a slave law by critics. for many the seventh
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constitutional change in his many years under our ban was the last straw. in that book i thought i might have a democracy here i'd like to have in a country where i can freely decide what i can do and no decisions i'm a department head and ok ok ok with that we have unfortunately reached the point where the government interferes with almost every bit of people's every day life occasion cultural administration labor and health care the but. the result is piling pressure on hungry government and its controversial leader on a collision course not just with the european union but with his own people. tense times in hungary we can now go to stefan boss who's standing by in budapest stefano i understand protesters are gathering again tonight in signs of the state broadcaster and apparently a member of parliament i was involved in scuffles with the security services there
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what can you tell us. yes indeed to one thousand people are once again demonstrating here outside gary and states around television building and we have seen a consul tensions moments ago actually leading politician oath a lot of the opposition parties he was actually dragged out of the building and another politician who was actually injured moments ago during an altercation we still security forces also hung garion state run television i can tell you also a very say a lot of police here around the building and many riot police people as well so it is quite a concern what will happen later in the evening i think the second opposition parliamentarian last beaten up by the security forces is definitely seen here so worrying signs for him. more seems to come all right let's talk
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a little bit more about these this wave of street protests it's a broad alliance of different groups that are out there and they clearly don't support the government but what is it that they exactly want. well they launched several things it began old school or so we say law basically allowing employees to. gifts and basically allowing employers to give employees four hundred hours of overtime and they only get paid for that it once industry year so that is what sparked it but it has seen six penda to order issues i think about more democracy of course a free media because what people here are saying that this is actually orbán television in order words to television station of crime unit to orbit and people don't recognize them so any more into programming you're right and they find it
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also interesting to watch very little coverage for the protests as well so there's a whole host of issues that these demonstrators are tackling as you instantly have been reporting we've been showing live pictures of the demonstration taking place behind you i wish it was a threat do these protests pose to the government of prime minister viktor orban a very briefly if you can. well i think we have to see whether they can keep the momentum going i think one of the issues will be really will there be more people will be only a protest for a while but i think definitely prime minister was quite surprised that so many people came i mean it's very cold in budapest and people are still turning to the streets and i think what they trying to do now is to make the case a grassroots movement not only in budapest i have to say but also in order areas so i think much will depend on how big it's getting. for now for
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government to prime minister is calling these people mercenaries george soros shelf course the well known feel entry means that he's supporting all kind of human rights initiatives but whether they will get away with it is remains to be seen i think we can expect still more tensions and it more tensions ahead stefan boss reporting from budapest thank you you're welcome. right and we're back here in brolin kristoff this year because there's been a lot of finger pointing going on now regarding these trade wars listen to this the european union says the united states is the epicenter of the deep crisis multilateral trade is going so currently and the u.s. official made the comment at a gathering of the world trade organization in geneva today and other members didn't sugarcoat their words either the u.s. claim china's quote unfair competitive practices were harming foreign companies beijing fired back slamming washington's tariffs. for months now china and the u.s.
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have traded tit for tat tariffs no surprise the latest rhetoric at the world trade organization was heated the u.s. to. dennis share says china subsidizes its local manufacturers while discriminating against foreign ones called china's actions are incompatible with the open market based approach expressly envisioned and followed by other w t o members and contrary to the fundamental principles of this organization and its agreements and quote. meanwhile china said that washington's tariffs on steel and aluminum enable protectionism under the guise of national security. the e.u. isn't pulling punches either it blames the us for the entire crisis in the global trading system brussels is calling on washington to make concrete proposals to reform the world trade regulator as the trump administration questions and hinders
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the dispute resolution system. now let's get more from d.w. correspondent meyer's waiter in washington my of the e.u. says the united states is the epicenter of the deep crisis the multilateral traced trade system is going so what's the opinion on that in washington. well this is very typical of trump's style we see it in his political dealings as well as in his business dealings he likes to come into an established system and blow it out cause an earthquake to speak which is exactly what we see him doing here and a lot of the current dispute seems to revolve around as we heard at the end there the what's called the appellate body which is the highest court within the w t o and in order to appoint judges to the appellate body every country must be in agreement as to who gets to sit on it and the u.s. has been basically blocking all appointments in an attempt to force all trade
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organization reform and this is ben the latest explosion shall we say at the within the in the u.s. being the focal point here now the big problem here is that the world's biggest two economies the u.s. and china are at loggerheads although looks like some of the ice might be beginning to melt give us the latest here india so we saw china recently halt a set of tariffs that was going to be put on cars imported from the u.s. in what looks like was going to be a gesture of reconciliation of ice melting as you put it. what looks like there was going to be thawing the relations that have been escalating and going back and forth so much but now we're seeing this one thing to put it lightly at the world trade organization with the u.s. and the chinese ambassador's going back and forth over who's to blame for the
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current practices being the way they are and china even going so far as to accuse the u.s. protection of the unilateralism so what may have been a step forward may indeed look to be a step back now my short on washington thank you. u.s. president donald trump has again called on the federal reserve nobs to raise interest rates a day before a policy meeting which is widely expected to do so mr trump tweeted it is incredible that with a strong dollar and virtually no inflation the outside world is blowing up around us paris is burning in china way down the fed is even considering another interest rate hike the fed has been slowly hiking rates since the end of twenty fifteen in line with the improving economy. to the aviation sector u.s. plane maker boeing and brazilian based embraer have announced a new joint venture worth over five billion dollars boeing will hold
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a majority stake in the business comprising in briars commercial aircraft and service operations. so ng has been successful producing large aircraft for decades now the company's collaboration with embraer will help it to better compete in the rapidly expanding market for regional jets under the plan boeing will acquire an eighty percent share of the new joint venture for four point two billion dollars and then breyer the rest the two companies hope their strategic partnership will help accelerate growth on the global market embraer is forecasting a sharp rise in demand for regional jets of up to one hundred fifty seats in the next two decades especially in china it has been promoting its new to single git. the two plane makers have also set up a separate joint venture to produce emperor's new military transport plane the k c three ninety. both deals are still subject to approval by brazil's government
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shareholders and regulatory authorities. boeing's collaboration with embraer is also a response to the takeover of production of barbarity a c. series for regional jets by rival airbus earlier this year. while business coming up a little later for now back to lay low. now for many of us a trip to the local market is synonymous with mouth watering produce a bit of haggling and some playful banter but for many women in lagos nigeria it can mean fending off kak calls and even sexual abuse and now they've had enough our social media editor liz show joins me now for more liz. we're going to be joined by liz. very soon there she is good to see you this is
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being billed as nigeria's meat movement to tell us more. that's right leila so over the weekend about a dozen women and men gathered at the market in lagos nigeria and they were protesting against sexual harassment that women have experienced at that market so it wasn't a very large group but still they managed to get people's attention here you see them they were wearing these yellow t. shirts holding up signs chanting do not touch us or stop touching us as a lot of people were really paying attention to them but then these activists say that they were disappointed by the reaction especially from the men and especially from the vendors at that to market here for example of the participants says i was at the market in march and just because we said stop touching us they would as they called us prostitutes lesbians and jobless people they also threw pure water at us
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one landed right on my chest a guy even touched me twice and in fact that they posted some videos online like this one here you see this woman here who has a water being splashed on her the men who are standing around are just in there filming or laughing or pointing their fingers a towards those activists so the men didn't really get the message or they were not really bothered by the protests of those women now liz so i take it this is not just something this district only it's a market so how big of a problem is. well a sexual harassment is pretty widespread in nigeria and activists for years have been complaining about the lack of proper laws really to prohibit sexual harassment at the workplace even at public places and also in other areas a so a lot of women now are trying to put pressure on their local governments and the state governments to finally do something for example last year there was
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a petition that was a taken to the state government of lagos these are women who are saying please give us more protection at the markets they were want they wanted legislators there to do something about the sexual harassment that they encounter regularly and many women tell us that they feel that the authorities don't really care for example the women who participated in the march over the weekend one of them says i think the saddest thing that happened today was the four police officers assigned to us didn't really believe in what we were doing they were just following orders from above i caught them winking at men who were calling us prostitutes i also caught them laughing and women say that even when they try to take action doesn't really help telling them to stop it makes matters even worse i remember once saying that the girls that norman says when they come home to when they go to the market when
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they go home they cry so we should be happy that they are touching us and the women say that they will continue with their fight and also organize more marches thank you so much very disturbing things you learn for us. social media editor. all right we're going to take a very short break we've got lots more coming up. it's almost insatiable. the racialists and it's growing incessantly. the internet that we're a country it would be the world's sixth largest energy consumer. just lies ations dots on the palms going into. close ups in forty five minutes d w. first day
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at school in the jungle. or first calling wasn't. even a door as grandma was arrives. joining a regular chain on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of the remington returns home monday w don't come to tanks. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word i don't think of any coaxing germany to sunshine. coast why not learn with him her. to suffer it's simple long line on your mobile and free. double using learning course because free german made it easy. everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and
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expression. the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference. and to seek receipt and include information and ideas through any media regarding the frontiers. to seventieth anniversary of the un declaration of human rights article nineteen. on d. w. . great fear again you're watching it over news on the rock and roll and these are your headlines this hour british prime minister theresa may has again ruled out a second referendum on britain's membership of the european union she also set a date in the new year for a parliament to vote on the brakes a deal which has polarized british lawmakers. and their court case has begun in paris against a german testing organization that certified the fact of breast implants as safe
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from one thousand nine hundred seventy two twenty ten hundreds of thousands of women received silicone implants from the french company p.-i pete all those implants received a seal of approval from a german testing organization on now there are fears that even more patients and surgical products could be affected if you never use lisa louise met a woman in the u.k. who received a faulty implant and this is her story. tracy is a survivor her fighting spirit pulled the amateur bodybuilder through the most difficult time in our life six years ago caused by breast implants she had gotten to correct unnatural asymmetry my chest was collapsing my breast implants and ruptured and leaked i could hardly breathe i thought if i can't even hold my newborn baby. what's wrong with me i couldn't even make myself
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a glass of water i was bed bound and when you're stark completely helpless in your youth when you should be the strongest in the most confident you know i felt like a pensioner her implants were produced by french company p.h.p. she didn't know they were filled with highly toxic industrial great silicone instead of the medical variety for days after the implants were taken out and replaced by safer once her fiance left her he couldn't take over weakness she went into depression i detested myself because i had caused this by by having a surgery that i didn't need i could have lived with my naturally disfigured breasts and learnt to love myself i was hiding away and feeling. i don't even have the words to describe how you feel when you when you can look at yourself you know i waited and i waited several months until i could actually stop
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crying over into i could stop morning. that i can either i went through then she decided to fight back and she discovered she wasn't alone tracy joined one of the court cases against german company to fry land which are certified the implants she has already received some compensation. it's part of the healing process that we all need to know that this is actually being taken seriously that there is legal backing behind this finally if i could get my hands on the people that did this to us that took away our lives i don't know what i would do to them. she still has her form of breast implants at home as a reminder to keep fighting this. king disgusting math is what went into the ring and it's chemicals toxic
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industrial chemical. my baby was in my womb i was breastfeeding or something has almost killed you you almost want that trophy to say i survived. tracy still suffers from in explicable symptoms eyesight has deteriorated she has day just of problems and sometimes feels like she's suffocating and yet she has also come out stronger. you have to hit rock bottom to reach your bast because if you live every day as a casual average you never fully appreciate anything and to have this second chance in life it's made me so thankful and i am possibly happier than i've ever been in the sense that the smallest things mean so much to me now tracy has learned to love herself again and also found new love she and her boyfriend are now together in
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this fight so that tracy can finally put this chapter for life behind her. and we're now joined by a journalist with the german public broadcaster and you are she's part of a global research team into the medical device industry and their recent investigation is called the implant files and i highly recommend everybody to go and consult a thank you so much for being here. like tracey there have been thousands of women shoe received these faulty year implants too with some painful and terrible consequences how was this allowed to happen how could this have happened well we had a look at in our investigation and the systematic problems which the two cases like this and that is like. it's a it's a systemic problem. we had to look at what other requirements for medical devices before they come on the market and this is regulated by private certification
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bodies and they don't test the products themselves they rely on the data off the manufacturer and they have a customer service provider relationship ok wait hold up so how are they able to certify something if they are not testing it what are the sort of fire they are receiving. a booklet by the manufacturer with all the data and the description of the product and the description of how it is tested the manufacturer has to do the tests themselves and they do something like a. collection of all of the state and it's called the declaration of and that's what they have a look at and they see is all of this which is in this book that is a plausible is the device working as the device should work but it's not in many many cases it's not tested clinically tested clinically so how is it working maybe in the human body that begs the question i mean how broken is that whole system
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that regulates in the first place these these devices. well it is. it is a system in which ninety percent of all medical devices don't need clinical data before they come on the market and there is no central oversight this like it's all left to these private certification bodies and and the authorities in the european countries this is talking about the european system. they they don't get information from as much information as they would need from the companies of from the hospitals of from the mr ok so if i understand correctly there isn't like one umbrella organization let's say you're in union wide that has oversight over the certifying bodies and also these manufacturers that provide these devices that is nonexistent exactly it's just the oversight it's about right
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now it's about fifty five private suffocation bodies like to friend which was. which was responsible for the breast implants and and there's no central agency as we do have in europe a central agency for some city kills but that doesn't exist for medical devices you think after this scandal. that they will set up an organization that will provide oversight in cases no it's not planned there's a new law which will start in two thousand and twenty and in the past years the european union has been working on that also after the breast implant scandal it was like. it was a big it became big a topic and there were demands from petitions to just have a central agency but it wasn't it was not decided to do that the system will will be will be also the system in the future but what one has to say is well as the requirements for medical products are bit stricter there will be more clinical data
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required right because in terms of patient safety and this is quite shocking actually to be quite honest all right journalist with the german public broadcaster n d r was part of the international team that came up with the investigation called the implant file must read thank you. fears of a recession in turkey are growing the latest figures show october industrial production down almost six percent year on year that's the most in almost a decade on top of that the bubble in the construction sector seems to be bursting president out of office autocratic measures combined with a week earlier mean foreign investors have fled to turkey leaving building companies bankrupt and many projects up in the air three years ago houses stood on the spot in all four hundred people lived here in a building for a made them an offer they could move into stylish apartment blocks on the same site
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for which they would not have to contribute any money and their rent would be subsidized during the building phase the state supports such projects in line with the law that would threaten the residents here if they did not comply. with the state force to stu do it they said everything you would be nationalized that's why we signed up. the prime location made the planks a lucrative prospect for the building firms they were also allowed to build high and sell any surplus apartments at expensive rates and twenty seventeen the building industry accounted for two thirds of turkey's total economic growth of seven point four percent but since july more than a thousand turkish building firms have declared insolvency we meet building contractor out a haidar susumu he's had to hold several construction projects because he can't find buyers for thirty five properties sister says more and more firms in the
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sector are in a similar situation. there just aren't the customers if you look at the scale of the projects behind me eighty percent of the apartments here empty thousands of properties are up for sale that is about about on the u.s. sanctions against turkey saw the turkish leader weaken considerably over the summer inflation in turkey has climbed to twenty five percent the consequences are harsh zeus' lu who also owns two money exchange offices says unemployment is much higher than the government figures of ten percent. director of the german turkish industry and trade chamber likewise has a critical view of the economic situation. we are currently experiencing a clear downward trend in the economy and we still can't predict if there will be a recession and how deep it will be but difficult times are definitely coming.
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around seven thousand german firms are active in turkey many of held back on investment over the past two years partly due to the detainment of german citizens but fatty top rock n p for everyone's a.k.p. party refuses to talk of a developing crisis. turkey is an attractive country for investors and we believe that we will sign more contracts with german firms in the near future. but will that be enough to stave off the looming crisis in fee could tip it they've lost hope zeynep is now planting tomatoes at the building site if it comes to it the sixty three year old says she will leave here in the container. from turkey to asia now china has a reputation for investing in developing countries particularly in infrastructure like railroads rolls and airports while some question beijing's motives local often
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welcome the projects but china isn't the only country setting its sights on that kind of foreign investment india is building a rail line in the himalayan mountain nation of nepal and sacks some say china and india are playing a game of monopoly in the paul why for leverage and influence so what have they done so far while china is building two airports as well as highways roads hydro power plants and a cement factory india has also started nesting building hydro power plants and railings and what about nepal well it seems to be benefiting from the competition but it's also becoming more dependent on its neighbors to the north and the south. some residents of the nepalese city of john a poor come here every day to check on the progress of the trainline construction project the new railway station is starting to take shape and they're looking forward to the new travel possibilities . you know out of the west and. it costs
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a lot to travel on the bus. so once the train service starts it'll be much cheaper and more accessible for everyone. and it did not on a sort of oneness with the regatta figures the newly forged rails cover a distance of thirty four kilometers and connect john to poor in southeastern nippon with china gar in the indian state of bihar it's hoped the project will increase business and pilgrimages for years nepalese politicians have been promising to add new train lines across the mountainous country both india and china have been competing to build them. connecting near. by you know the trains india has to know what they're going to. obviously because they have already moved down the tracks and the whole river system is going to function good within a couple of months. whereas. the chinese plan is still in
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a run way you know you can reduce those on the map on the pavement whether india or china end up winning more influence in upon ordinary people are hoping they'll benefit from the investment. the draw for the champions league round of sixteen has been completed in switzerland and here is the full fixture list all three german teams face english opposition byron will play last year's finalists liverpool will shock have the toughest test draw against little title favors i should say manchester city bonus leaders dortmund square off where tottenham meanwhile man united play a french champs. and eights have draw for eventis who will lock horns with atletico madrid last year's champions real madrid have a reasonably easy task and i.x.
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amsterdam will play spanish giants barcelona while rome will host porto the first legs of the matches will be played in mid february. all right and tongan are from to the resource is here with me to give us his analysis of those the fixtures thanks for being here tom abide and don't mean both topped there are groups meeting there were they drew against second place teams how do you think their chances are first of all the second place teams thing for byron and dortmund is going to you know hopefully help them quite a bit because vine just about crept through that group in first place. i.x. you came in second have now got real madrid bruce you don't win with just one goal in front of athletic are in their group or not that's going to get you ventus or both the germans seem to have done so some serious favors here however the opposition is still very tough now. we saw liverpool in their final game in the champions league group stage this year against napoli came out very strong performance in def lying at the top of the premier league at the moment you know
7:47 pm
they were of course but we said the finalists last year and to be honest this year they look better if anything so if a bye and that's going to be a very tough two or dortmund i think perhaps on paper have slightly better chances because tottenham have been be in a couple of times in the premier league this season they are a club with the kind of european pedigree that those who don't have. a little have or example and you know it was seen pictures here again of bruce lee don't know how well they do in the bundesliga so far they still be in the league this season has been a revelation for them marco voice is back in the form of his life so i think they'll be feeling a lot more confident than you have strings is for all right let's talk shocker because they also face a team from the premier league how do you think they're going to do is perhaps the toughest teams facing the premier league now much of the city are of course behind liverpool in the premier league table at the moment but their hold on there he was . i think it's a brave a very bold and quite an optimistic shaka fact he doesn't see the end of the road say i mean that's just that they haven't been doing so well in the bundesliga this
7:48 pm
season. and they struggle just recently again this weekend against out really in the team that shout even of last season would be dealing with quite comfortably. and when might just a city come they're going to face the toughest opposition they had to face so far by quietly just now so far shall go haven't been do so great in the bundesliga like i say they had been performing quite well in the us people petitions now they've obviously done well to get themselves through in the champions league but they face it got a test ride pulled so i look almost like a star now they're going to face and i just it's a it's a bad ten seconds left to one of the fixtures staff real. estate and the a good guy dentist who talks as one of them has to go. ahead last look forward to going to thank you thank you for. and in sunday's it want to think action are the life secure hammered minds to keep their place in the top four as so often with both the season it was their strong attack that saw the lock down another three
7:49 pm
points night six regular attackers yousif housen and t.-mo vanna were back in the starting line up unlike at their midweek europa league match and they went right on the offensive house and opening the storing in the fourteenth minutes of the getting to kevin compass cross just before their minds defenders like to see passed by us deep in their own half and sprang into action when they won the ball of the team obana setting up house and to make it two nil only five minutes later of his second of the day and a third of the season. shortly before half time the visitors finally created a chance and cut the money see both hit that target in the face of some sloppy leipsic defending that story encouraged minds to be bolder going forward but it opened up a lot of space for leipsic to counter attack team over making the run in the seventy fifth minute and putting the results beyond doubt. and in the final minutes
7:50 pm
van have bagged his fifth brace of the campaign five four one the final score flight six attacking duo of how set in van made all the difference. fake art rather like fake news has been rearing its ugly head recently but both have actually been around for centuries for is says there are numerous fakes in the world of archaeology well now an enterprising we see em here in germany has an exhibit exhibits all about fake artifacts down the years and over now from our culture desk is here to talk more i mean all this all these things about imitation being the highest form of flattery don't apply in this case so how has fake art been around longer than fake news you know. i mean you and i could have be to music
7:51 pm
to see it exhibition and wonder that this moment is painting which in ten years' time could be discovered to be to be fake and fake news as we now know has been around for centuries although will somebody has made it rather popular in recent times anyway this enterprising museum as you say is in his design small town of his i'm just south of. is called the room appended says museum and the special exhibition is called fakes of the facts wrong tracks in archaeology yes there's lots of archeological exhibit exhibits that have been proven to be fake but there's also basically a look at spectacular misjudgments down the ages on behalf of. who verified something and it's later proved to be not true and also amazingly clever forges and actually nowadays we have the help of molten technology like carbon dating and in akio logical times but even so we should as we should see modern research does make
7:52 pm
incredible mistakes sometimes. it was an archaeological sensation in one thousand nine hundred six the louvre in paris was offered this apparently knew the excavated crown allegedly from the third century b.c. the museum by the record sum of two hundred thousand francs. but then a few archaeologists came and said the way the scenes were represented was a bit strange that one day a gentleman from a jester called israel richard arrived and he said i'm sorry but i made this. the goldsmith was able to back up his incredible story the trial had been commissioned by diggers and he had used historical turing's as the basis for the design he paid a mere two thousand roubles the museum removed the ground from show today that such
7:53 pm
a thorough nose is considered the most famous fake of archaeology. this new exhibition comes at a time when fakes have become a bit of an obsession and. hunting is of course a very exciting topic a day we hear is this fake news or not fake news what a fact is what or not it's a topic that comes up all the time in politics and science but of course also in culture. and there was none that some of us. some fakes are misunderstandings the metal remains of an old bucket excavated in eighteen thirty eight elevated to another royal crown. others wishful thinking the unicorn of quentin burke skeleton was discovered in the hearts mountains in six hundred sixty
7:54 pm
three but scientists had reconstructed the mythical creature from the bones and tusks. various extinct animals. none the less the great scholar got pre-drill him like nits included a drawing of the find in his standing on fossil science. the exhibition shows that some fakes can be as alluring perhaps more alluring then and the original. well said i love the house there's a guy there all right something full examples of how some experts were duped into believing in these things were true let's talk about infamous example here in germany that of the hitler of diaries in one thousand nine hundred eighty three they are also part of this. and surely you would have thought that alarm bells would have rung when one found the sixty hit
7:55 pm
a well it's reasonably good collaboration you would have thought this would of sort of raise question marks but i think the problem was that at the time the media couldn't wait for the sound and if specially stand magazine a very revered magazine it's on here in germany they acquire them and they got overexcited about the prospect of these diaries existing they were in such a rush rush to reveal that coud that they got some experts to verify their authenticity but they didn't initially have any forensic tests done and they handed over considerable amounts of money to the middleman as it was the diaries were released and dance were raised about some of the facts in the diaries the couldn't have happened then they have friends and tests they discovered the ink was not named they discovered the paper in fact they discovered they were very good fakes told and two men went to jail and stan magazine lost its reputation for
7:56 pm
a very long time written this verification is key is king i should say. especially for a magazine or vaca stature thank you so much around greatly appreciate it and thank you for spending this part of your day with us so we'll be back at the top of the hour in a couple of minutes with brant coffee again tomorrow same time. to .
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this is. the fight against so-called islamic state in the philippines as martial law was extended in the southern region of mindanao or another year we take you to the devastated city and we talk to one young muslim ready to fight again yes also coming up. trying to break faith with the british people by trying to stay. british prime minister theresa may makes it clear again she do.


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