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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2018 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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he stopped using hard drugs a four years ago and just a few days ago he told an interviewer he'd given up drinking almost happy birthday a keep. right thank you so much for watching on little rock and burr a leg is up next with your business that lies and i'll give the top of the hour. a. man. you know this is you know five minutes four minutes.
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has an hour and a beauty. pageant all. the feats in the pantheon of the great tennis certainly he's one for the ages and her new. book. is called my tender for the ages. starts december twenty second on g.w. . to the fact that. china says we will not be told how to do business that's the bottom line of president g. jinping speech marking forty years of economic reform in the communist country. also in the show us foreign policy and sanctions against tehran have led to a shortage of everyday. items in iran and that includes vital prescription drugs.
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this is did of your business i'm proud of as welcome today china box forty years since its economy opened up to the rest of the world a move that ultimately turned china into the global economic powerhouse it is today second in g.d.p. terms only to the u.s. in his speech at the great hall of the people in the chinese capital beijing chinese president xi jinping vowed to press ahead with economic reforms but he also made clear that beijing will not deviate from its one constant system of take orders from any other country is comments came only a day after the u.s. and china clashed at the world trade organization needed. for more that i'm now joined by cliff it is the beijing correspondent of the irish times a newspaper to feel welcome what did you make of the speech today well we had a lot of talk today about on swerving commitment to reforms and great socialist
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rhetoric there it was a very defiant speech i think one aimed at telling the chinese people that china remains strong given that there is some anxiety in china about pressure coming from the u.s. because of the trade war so i think it was very much about about painting a very positive picture of china's strength well this remark about china not being told how to do business and clearly washington yes it was aimed obviously is that it at the domestic audience but yes it's a message for president trump who's been. president trump has always been a difficult. person to deal with for the chinese as a the other countries of experience because people is exam predictable so this is basically laying a kind of a foundation i think saying that china will be strong in the face of pressure from the u.s. we've all gotten used to china growing wildly in the past forty years actually it's sort of gone down ever so slightly growth is not as stellar. it will
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but is there any end in sight well certainly the trade war is putting a lot of pressure on the economy china needs to sell its goods to the u.s. even as it tries to move from manufacturing to innovative products it needs it still needs to sell in the u.s. and also tries to boost the domestic market but we are seeing growth is easing as you say some people are saying that it could be easy easing even further than people imagine so it's hard to say how long it could continue for but we're certainly not going to see a return to the stellar growth rates of previous years does china need more political transformation many people said the political transformation would follow on the economic reforms does it need more well some of us are saying at the moment that liberalization has to happen otherwise china is going to be a little bit like japan in the ninety's where basically the economy seizes up because it runs out of options about where to go and money doesn't move quickly enough for that to happen and i think it's very likely that china would need to
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liberalize more he did mention this today in the speech that he's prepared to liberalize but to reform more but he didn't give many details about how exactly that would happen. i think would not be very specific. these speeches are always about presenting a big strong front to the not been altered by details on the details tend to get hammered out in smaller planet among the party elite later on and i think that's very much what we saw today political and thank you very much for this insight. economic growth in britain is expected to drop to its lowest rate in a decade that's according to a forecast from the british chambres of commerce the business lobby expects growth of one point two percent in twenty eighteen that figure would make this the weakest year for the u.k. economy since it emerged from recession in two thousand and ten uncertainty over britain's imminent departure from the european union and fears over the reintroduction of terrorist of left many british businesses on edge meanwhile
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international companies are the exit from britain to the continent to facilitate continued market access that while we're on the subject let's bring in our financial correspondent from frankfurt only knows swiss bank credit suisse is also advising clients to get out of britain that's hardly a vote of confidence as it. that's true and it is really making waves here credit suisse is not commenting on this report that's to be seen in the f.t. and it's spread around through all sorts of other media but apparently after the parliamentary vote in london and westminster on the back so it was postponed because the prime minister didn't want to have it voted on the customers started coming to credit suisse in droves asking that their money be in some way made safe and that apparently prompted credit suisse to advise its super rich customers its
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prime customers to move assets to move money out of the country so that if there is a no deal practice certain things go down the tube in some way the money is still there are not locked up in prison but definitely not only the super rich clients of credit suisse worried that as we've heard the report that german business sentiment is also have been affected by breaks it all the right to be worried. i think they're right to be worried to be fair it's not only breakfast there are other things on investors' minds as well the inflation going up in the united states interest rate hikes chinese growth or trade but bracks it is taking an ever larger role and the index going down for the fourth month in a row that is a strong signal that the confidence in the current situation and the situation a couple of months from now both are polled is seen as to be less desirable less
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good than before and if it's to be taken seriously it's seen to correlate closely with the economy and the market because for us no less than about nine thousand corporations for their opinions about a substantial both of them think you very much only advance in front for. just six months. well tehran seemed to be go to destination for investors from europe including germany industry have away it's like siemens style and many other companies wanted to do business there but washington's foreign policy has since started to strangle iran's economy and iranians are bearing the brunt. at first glance everything seems to be running normally in this pharmacy in tehran. but more and more often pharmacists naveed who doesn't want his real name mentioned has to tell his customers that he doesn't have their medicine anymore. we have customers
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who have undergone open heart surgery and those medications are vital you know when they stand in front of me and i have to tell them that they're no longer available you can see the fear in their eyes so i was sure that. the majority of iranian farm imports come from europe the u.s. sanctions have caused one massive problem for e.u. around trade the payment system. we visit the bank melli iran in hamburg it forwards are bringing in company payments to respective banks of german companies but now european banks are part of the boycott according to managing director gottlieb many companies fear the u.s. sanctions. the bank. the banks don't have any valid reason for not processing is a strain of thought it's a clear breach of contract it's a breach of the rules underlying payments in europe. bunk melly could sue
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but there are simply too many banks that no longer accept payments from iran gottlieb therefore hopes for new e.u. regulations back in tehran the block payments are also a big problem for many german medium size companies doing business in iran says dagmar from bone stein of the iranian german chamber of commerce. treat is on the brink of collapse and an e.u. solution is urgently needed. to name an iranian companies in the whole country are increasingly impatient with europe in other words we have to deliver now it's no longer enough to use symbolic politics here to counter the situation and dashed hopes among the rainy and citizens no one believes anymore that europe will support iran in spite of us sanctions. we all know that europe has to subordinate itself to america in the end. i don't believe in
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a solution anymore only those who have money will survive. pharmacist navaids trying to keep his store up and running somehow he hopes that business with europe will pick up again. u.s. plane maker of boeing and brazilian based embraer announced a new joint venture worth more than five billion dollars boeing said synergies would reduce costs by one hundred fifty million dollars annually after only three years the world's third biggest plane it says shot up five percent on the news for . towing has been successful producing large aircraft for decades now the company's collaboration with embraer will help it to better compete in the rapidly expanding market for regional jets under the plan boeing will acquire an eighty percent share of the new joint venture for four point two billion dollars and embraer the rest the two companies hope their strategic partnership will help accelerate growth on
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the global market and breyer is forecasting a sharp rise in demand for regional jets of up to one hundred fifty seats in the next two decades especially in china it has been promoting its new. jet. the two plane makers have also set up a separate joint venture to produce and breyer's new military transport plane the k c three ninety both deals are still subject to approval by brazil's government shareholders and regulatory authorities. boeing's collaboration with m. prayer is also a response to the takeover of production of bombarding a c. series for regional jets by rival airbus earlier this year i know it's all your business thanks for watching.
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a stop wrong by women business as usual. intricately. the founders of the yamaha brave and determined giving and junction action in libya a chance. to manage the slimmest live and you can't let
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a morning destruction get you down labelled a monotone a little gentle. stroll on. natural riches some little precious resources. and a rewarding investment from a foreign land has been called easy meal because gringo women. the country has an abundant supply of leases it to international preferred giants cover drive export revenues come to the russian high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. of giving when i saw the bulldozers clearing the land i was devastated going to give me how could they bulldoze the land without my permission and they knew it belonged to me.
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expropriations environmental destruction starvation. governments are going to call. the sowing out of a. dead donkey no hyena. starts december twenty ninth on t.w. . welcome to three thousand this week's program takes us to war torn libya where some creative entrepreneurs are making every day struggles with the food delivery set this. in brazil.


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