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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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play. me. this is you know we news live from berlin a u.s. court pour scorn on the general who lied to the f.b.i. searches postpone sentencing michael flynn the highest profile culprit so far in the investigation into russian election meddling once the split sold out his country. also on the show as japan approves a huge increase in military spending we look back at
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a year of fluctuating tensions over the korean peninsula how genuine was the thought between north and south and does pyongyang still pose a nuclear threat to peace. also china strikes a defiant tone as it marks forty years of market reforms and president xi jinping warns other nations not to dictate the rules to beijing. plus is sport english premier league giants manchester united fire coach jersey marino the football club pulled the plug on the controversial manager after the war start to the season in nearly three decades. and on international migrants day people were counted abuse at the hands of the libyan coast guard while libya says it's just doing its job holding back those trying to flee to your.
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thank you so much for your company everyone a federal judge in washington has delivered harsh criticism against donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn saying he had arguably sold out his country the disgraced former general had pleaded guilty to deceiving the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia's ambassador to the u.s. in january twenty seventh flynt originally said he had not met the ambassador when in fact he had on lying to federal agents can carry a five year prison sentence the judge has postponed said to say now the case is linked to special counsel robert muller's investigation into possible illegal links between the trump campaign and russia already conducted by a room supporter all right these are breaking developments the let's get more of from washington where w.'s schrader is standing by. this was supposed to be
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a cut and dry sentencing instead sentencing has now been postponed what's changed the mood within the courtroom. yeah definitely a lot change not only within the courtroom but between yesterday and today when the the buzz around town shall we say was that flynn was more or less going to walk free after we saw another high profile sentencing just a few days ago where that defendant got three years people were expecting a much more lenient situation for flynn but as the hearing went on reports from inside said that the judge was really not having it and the lawyers involved despite presenting evidence that flynn had been very cooperative with the investigation had provided a lot of assistance and recommending no jail time but we as you said we've heard harsh words from the judge that indicate that this might not end as well for flynn as people have been estimating now. as you referenced the expectations were that
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you know he was not going to go behind bars because he had cooperated with investigators what i wonder does this mean that there is no more that those involved in the mall or want from flynn but they haven't gotten at this stage. it's entirely possible it's entirely possible that prosecutors want to keep using him although earlier statement to the judge when things got kicked off said that he had provided the vast majority of the political cooperation which is. political speak for we've basically expended his usefulness that might be something that contributing to the fact that the judge may be considering jail time now we were expecting the judged as you said to give a fairly cut and dry sentencing and now has taken the law took a long break that was posted fifteen minutes and is now delayed sentencing and even offered flynn early in the proceedings to delay his sentencing to push it off and
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flynn said no i want to go forward. so it's unclear what to expect now both from a legal standpoint and from the investigation standpoint as to what exactly flynn could still offer because again so much of this is still sealed and secret and. is expected to come out at some point in the full investigation but we don't know what else they could be using fill in for all right miles short of reporting from washington on a very eventful day thank you so very much. all right let's bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. russia iran and turkey new syrian are you new syrian constitutional committee should begin early next year kicking off a political peace process in syria where should foreign minister sergey lavrov made the announcement in a joint statement after meeting with un special envoy staffan de mistura and geneva . president vladimir putin says russia can easily make and
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a poit land base intermediate range missiles if the united states quits a key arms control agreement the u.s. accuses russia of violating the treaty and once and warns it will tear it up if russia does not return to compliance. america's top public health officer has called for action to curb the use of ela tronic cigarettes by teenagers and adolescents surgeon general jerome adams said young people's use of the devices that exploded to epidemic proportions and he urged adults to educate youth about the dangers of. the. trade unions and hungry have been threatening to press ahead with nationwide strikes if the right wing government of viktor orbán does not revoke controversial new labor laws or bond says the laws are crucial to address a labor shortage in hungry as manufacturing sector but the laws had a sensitive nerve that have prompted thousands of people to take to the streets in
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protest monday they turned out to show their support for opposition m.p.'s who've been trying to get their concerns heard by the state broadcaster. gretz by anger and frustration thousands on the streets of budapest again it's the big issue of opposition to the country's leadership in years. outside the state t.v. headquarters riot police moved to despair as protesters furious that their leaders were dragged from the building by armed guards. was that leaving this opposition m.p. had wanted to read a list of demands on national television including a return to independent public media. and state he was dumped on the street. only. four days protesters have been venting their rage at the government and the
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public broadcaster. was all that you imagine it's a very good t.v. channel for fairytales they don't broadcast the kind of stories that i would show my children in the future. things kicked off following a rowdy parliamentary session last week when a vector or bans government tightened its grip on the judicial system the husbands will now be independent and it weakened employment rights described as a slave law by critics. the moves incensed opposition parties and rallied a massive backlash. meant that moved them and we don't want to go back to the communist times. what we are experiencing now in hungary wasn't seen during communism. it's level of oppression and corruption. something must be done this cannot go. on the despite the viktor orban remains
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a popular figure among the tongue periods but if these protests are ready to go by a vocal section has had enough. japan's government has approved a major increase in defense spending and weapons capability in the coming years the country will get its first aircraft carrier since world war two and it will place a large order for advanced health fighters from the us tokyo says it's ending to counter chinese no six pound its military presence in the region but shows obvious governments that it also has to address continuing tensions with north korea all this comes at the end of a year that stop young yang make moves to improve ties with its other arch enemies united states and south korea. the unified team korea. twenty two athletes i see temperatures but atmosphere. it all started with kim jong grand entrance one month
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earlier the north supreme leader suggested feeling unify korean olympic team and. this despite donald trump's threat of firing fury hanging over him. suddenly the world saw another side of north korea boy cheerleaders applauding the unified women's hockey team. after months of playing tough guy it was a veritable public relations coup for kim. and then a first for the two koreas in make him and south korea's president in met at the military demarcation line that divides the two countries. later moon would say at the moment chairman kim crossed the line the site became a symbol of peace not division. but came through curveball he departed from the official protocol and asked me to join him in stepping across
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to the north arch enemies holding hands in the spring sun. i am hoping for a meaningful agreement that will be a big gift to the entire korean nation and every peace loving person in the world. the talks culminated in an agreement that was signed in september its motto cooperation not confrontation. the two koreas were in charge. washington found itself sidelined. after being in power for seven years kim made his first ever state visit it was to china and two more trips were followed. north korea's relationship with china has hit a historic low but now kim was looking for friends for its part china wanted to reassert its traditional influence the outcome was that china would be at the table
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whenever intra korean solutions were discussed and then there was the elaborately choreographed summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump in singapore. high on production values low on concrete results. according to trump north korea's nuclear disarmament was a done deal trump was pleased with the results a lot of progress really very positive better than anybody could have expected top of the line. in reality kim had signed only a vague declaration of intent similar to his agreement with south korea business as usual for the supreme leader. kim had tunnels destroyed at the nuclear test site in the run up to the summit it was a sign of diplomatic reproach model. for total disarmament will not be coming anytime soon the weapons are as bargaining chips came wanted sanctions loosened but
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trump didn't budge. relations with the south on the other hand were more fruitful a canine peace gift from him to president moon for six puppies the dogs are south of the border where millions of north koreans can only dream of visiting. we're going to stay in the region because it's now been forty years since china opened up to the west with its fair to say huge implications for the world economy that's right. opening up to the world markets and to green capitalism ultimately turned china into the global economic powerhouse that we see today second only to the united states now let's take a look at how this came about forty years ago china was producing goods and services worth one hundred fifty billion dollars annually now by nine hundred ninety seven g.d.p. had hit the trillion dollar mark and by last year its gross domestic product had grown to more than twelve but he also made clear that beijing would not deviate
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from its one party system or be bossed around well frankly by anybody. it was an impeccably choreographed event designed to showcase china's transformation from an inward looking farming based society to the economic giant it is today. the country's new president xi jinping credited forty years of what he termed socialism with chinese characteristics for lifting people out of poverty and pushing china on the international stage. but that stage now more than ever is fraught with tension in a thinly veiled reference to his country's month long trade dispute with the united states she has this to say so. there's no text book of rules to follow for the reforms and opening of china a country with five thousand years of history and civilization and little
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population of more than one point three billion people no one is in a position to dictate to the chinese people what should or shouldn't be done. no one not even seemingly the leader of the most powerful economy in the world. this footage shows eating ping having dinner with u.s. president donald trump at the g twenty summit in argentina earlier this month the result was an agreement to a ninety day truce in their trade conflict. but the arrests since then of a top executive at chinese tech equipment giant twi way has left that truce on shakier ground than ever. the tone coming from beijing today was defiant china won't be pushed around. while among other things china has developed a reputation for coming up with copycat versions of products conceived in other countries and it's not only technology that the country is able to replicate at
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speed and the village of artists have been producing replicas of famous artworks for decades but the one successful model took a hit when the financial crisis hit ten years ago that's from to the local government to encourage artists to embrace something new creativity. the world's most iconic works of ours replication to an extraordinarily high standard. here in the chinese village of dothan thousands of people make a living copying masterpieces the tradition of reproducing western art work began forty years ago when a series of reforms opened up the chinese economy since then dauphin has grown from an obscure village of three hundred rice growers to an international painting hub some of the artists even reckon they could give the original creators a run for their money here's how to nguyen rates her version of starry nice
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compared to vanguard original. well below i think i paid better than he did you know that said his is the original mine is a reproduction and i paint this piece several times a year and i personally think i painted better than he did but no matter how much better you are you're still copying his work. and that is precisely what the local government is hoping to change international demand for the replica artworks produced here has waned since the two thousand and nine financial crisis this has prompted officials to encourage artists to produce original work instead this newly opened fourteen million dollar art museum is to has some of their work. but whether the original pieces will be produced at the a staunching speed of the replicas is another matter creativity after all
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takes time. from china to iran just six months ago or tear on seemed to be the goal to destinations for investors from europe including companies from germany siemens tyler and other heavyweights wanted to do business there but washington's foreign policy has synced started to strangle arounds economy and the iranians are bearing the brunt. at first glance everything seems to be running normally in this pharmacy in tehran. but more and more often pharmacist naveed who doesn't want his real name mentioned has to tell his customers that he doesn't have their medicine anymore. we have customers who have undergone open heart surgery and those medications are vital you know when they stand in front of me and i have to tell them that they're no longer available you can see the fear in their eyes so this was for them. the majority of iranian pharma
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imports come from europe the u.s. sanctions have caused one massive problem for the us around trade the payment system. we visit the bank melli iran in hamburg it forward sereny and company payments to respective banks of german companies but now european banks are part of the boycott according to managing director hans gottlieb many companies fear the u.s. sanctions. the bank. the banks don't have any valid reason for not processing those being the alpha thought it's a clear breach of contract it's a breach of the rules underlying payments in europe. bunk melly could sue but there are simply too many banks that no longer accept payments from iran gottlieb therefore hopes for new e.u. regulations back in tehran the block payments are also
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a big problem for many german medium size companies doing business in iran says dr marfin bone shine of the iranian german chamber of commerce trade is on the brink of collapse and an e.u. solution is urgently needed. in the human iranian companies and the whole country are increasingly impatient with europe in other words we have to deliver now it's no longer enough to use symbolic politics here to counter the situation. dashed hopes among the rainy and citizens no one believes anymore that europe will support iran in spite of u.s. sanctions wolf. we all know that europe has to subordinate itself to america in the end was. i don't believe in a solution anymore only those who have money will survive. pharmacist trying to keep his store up and running somehow he hopes that business with europe will pick up again.
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big news in the football world where manchester united have fired their managers are they mario and mccambridge for force joins me now to discuss that big big decision for manchester united not a surprising one considering that pressure was piling on you know what was the straw that broke the camel's back was he said it was an unsurprising decision from the club that this is now munches you know it is worse starts to leak campaign for twenty eight years if i'm so sick in the table nineteen points off the top spot and it's not even christmas yet all the while they've been serving up drab and defensive football leagues away from the farm the exciting attacking football fans got so used to under saddam's focus and now if there was ever an image which scream short term arrangement as we can see there it's really a leaving his hotel that he's been living in for last two and a half years and didn't deem it necessary to find permanent residency while he was in the area but as we are about to see now my colleague mark meadows has put
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together a report which gives us a little bit more background on why i chose a marine who lost his job at manchester united. the legacy of former manchester united manager alex ferguson looms large his thirteen premier league titles have been a tough act to follow josie marino became the latest coach to be tasked with reviving the club in two thousand and sixteen his impressive c.v. included success at porto chelsea interland and away on madrid the early signs were good with the europa league title in his first season but worries about his defensive style of play began to eat away at fans the portuguese spent nearly four hundred fifty million euros on new players such as pol pot work but demanded even more from the reluctant board rumors also circled that stars including france world cup winner were unhappy with merinos methods and public criticism of his squad so sometimes what you see is not one so you don't think.
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i see. some more than others. you know. the radio leaves with a reported twenty million euro payout and united's focus which is to a new permanent coach probably for next season then a deans adown is available after leaving rael madrid falling three champions league triumph while tottenham hotspur tino is adept at developing young players just like ferguson. the challenge of restoring united's former glory and in for all in their millions of fans again is huge whoever takes charge. rather is our big shoes to fill there so what next for man united well a lot of the reports flying around in the english press at the moment are saying the only gun associate is going to be taking over zinser emboss until the end of the season that's not been confirmed yet now manchester united fans will remember very fondly he was the man that's called the winning goal in the one nine hundred
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ninety nine champions league final against by munich so a very famous moment in the club's history and he would come back and restore an element of familiarity to the club after three failed coaches since the alex ferguson era but one of the big names as we've just seen the report being linked to the job is in a dingy down he won the last three champions league with rail madrid and is now out of work so it would be it makes sense as a replacement because he will be looking for work next summer but another name that we just mentioned in the piece that is probably what i would say is the fans' favorite next i'm riccio patino he knows the league as we've just seen he bring to bring three young players he's had a lot of success at tottenham really turned the club around there a man united need that sort of thing again now he was asked today whether or not he'd be interested in the job and he was quite clear about it so let's see what he said now. but you know if you know. the sort of the room or the cup and. the commission didn't make
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a note. of these type of question because the more up in the business you in food will. know exactly what you call a straight also well we've come to expect that sort of thing we're going to start flying around these football clubs he doesn't want to rule himself out but he hasn't said he's going to take it all that is interested it's also it's very hard to read that one but what is clear is man you know i don't want to rush into a decision this time they've got their fingers burned with their last three picks since ferguson left it didn't work with moyes it didn't work with van hall it didn't work so we've very excited to see if the next one does pay off for a time like this time around are actually doing bridget thank you so much for your friendship. and now we have some surfing here's the surfers up in hawaii during the season ending event in the world surfing championship brazilian surfer gabriel medina of the australian and julian wilson in the upright masters final to take home the sport's biggest prize while with their waves are reaching more than two
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metres high or indeed it remained calm and scored on all of his runs but to capture the crown it took perfection and the brazilian delivered in front of thousands of onlookers we do not have a perfect ten after surfing this to lawlessly any of you when you just nailed it this isn't a second world surfing championship title the first came back in twenty fourteen. now remember clear it's the polar bear that won hearts around the world and then sadly died suddenly at the age of four while berlin was devastated but now there is a new cup in town ready to take up newt's mantle get ready to soon everybody. here is a tiny seventeen day old bear with its mother tanya. staff have not yet determined the sex and have no intention of entering the birthing den anytime soon while
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newborn a polar bears suffer high mortality rates on his first two cubs died soon after birth but the zoo says tania is taking excellent care of her offspring and the cub is eating well. we wish them all the best you're watching d.w. news we have a lot more in store for you here's what's coming up. leave journalists facing jail or worse around the world and the report highlighting the risks of reporting the news. and as the clock ticks down to britain's departure from the european union businesses on both sides of the channel say sentiment and investment are hitting rock bottom kristoff has more in the business. instagram and the changing the way people consume the arts we look at successful pop up museums creating art spaces as backdrops for the perfect social media
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post. that and a whole lot more coming up in just a few off the use of. a. cool it existed for just three years. the right university of stross for the law created by the nazis to rival the prestigious sorbonne in paris. but the university conducted her rhythmic experiments on humans and murdered people for a racist ideology. in the name of science in forty five minutes. i'm not thinking
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out of the gym but just sometimes i am but i said nothing with that and the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype the question that indians think is he's a country that i don't blame. you don't seem to take it as grandma there goes it's all doubt. i might go join me from the jam and sunday. post hijacking the news. where i go wrong with the news being hijacked journalism itself has become the scrooge is reality show it's not just good vs evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia or china churchy people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist of the year and you try to get beyond that you are facing the intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my
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responsibility as a journalist is to give me on the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. trying he was going to go and i will give you the. great to have you back with us you're watching. this is our main headline this hour . a u.s. judge has postponed sentencing on former trumpet aide michael flynn from wyoming to the f.b.i. one judge told flynt trump's first national security advisor that he'd arguably sold out his country flinn was convicted as part of the special counsel's probe into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election. and inquiry into
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zimbabwe's july presidential election has found the military's use of live bullets to stop violence was quote disproportionate and unjustified six protesters were killed and dozens were injured in unrest sparked by delays in announcing election results and were some god became the first elected head of state in zimbabwe in thirty seven years and said he would make a decision on how to proceed after studying the report. aren't rolo joining us now from harare is journalist privilege was fine here good to see you a privilege the inquiry called the post-election violence disproportionate and unjustified will there be any consequences now. there are insinuations that they could be consequences but mostly inclined to the opposition who. currently look at the report and even the statements from
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government are being saved are the. pivot traitors or the major drivers behind the demonstrations that took place on the fifth of august but on this side of the shooters the people of that short people who drink their protest it is doubtful that they will be any quince occurrences because from the looks of things even from yesterday we saw the general who was responsible for the you need to that window into the streets to do with the protesters he was promoted to a major general yesterday and given a new rink being rewarded for the week probably that he did one to fist of august so it is very doubtful on this side of the shooter's doors that short people when the fist of all does if they're going to have any quince of his or any. if they're going to be brought to book now the violence of course for which came off the back
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of an election the other was seen as as a beacon of hope for zimbabwe has president obama been able to deliver on those very high expectations. this is a difficult moment for zimbabwe because if you speak to a lot of people citizens are not happy about how things are going since the election of president when i got well in july they are saying that they are all upset that they had when their former president robert mugabe left if since gone down and their hopes lowering because they isn't much that they are seeing the new president has delivered yes of course the freedoms that be different from what prism got be used to do during his reign but in terms of the economy the economy is struggling and a lot of people are struggling to put food on the table and to go by every day. a
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privilege was found here reporting from the capital harare thank you all right i'm going to hand you back over to christophe now and europe's efforts to boost development and africa e.u. leaders pledged to strengthen ties with africa yet again one might say as they met their counterparts from the african union in vienna on tuesday improving economic growth in africa would reduce migration flows participant said increased european investment has also ended curbing china's reach on the continent. the line of official vehicles goes on and on top politicians from twenty different countries have come to vienna to take part in the e.u. africa summit along with c.e.o.'s and managing directors from around a thousand companies. a speech this isn't just about foreign aid or migration this is about a partnership between equals and that's what we're going to do today in big part we
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way too late china's been doing this for years yes but we do it better. a lot has certainly gone wrong in the past around five hundred billion dollars and development aid has been transferred from wealthy nations to africa since the one nine hundred fifty s. and there's not much to show for it now the partners hope economic cooperation building infrastructure and factories and creating jobs will be more effective at pushing development forward as there is going to be mutual benefit. africa gains and europe and gave us until there we are a benefit to more than we would have by continuing to do business as usual. that will involve rewriting current trade agreements like the ones allowing the e.u. to flood markets there with chicken parts that's destroyed livelihoods for many farmers in return african companies theoretically have access to european markets
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but standards in the block often effectively kill any chance of exports in the new spirit of cooperation zeman promised to invest a further five hundred million euros in africa that will involve training many more young africans at home but will it be enough. we need more european investments african government representatives often complain that we are big supporters of foreign aid but there when it comes to investments china is getting ever stronger. you know we can't just concede the african continent to the chinese it will last. at the summit the e.u. and european companies committed to investing a billion euros in africa and the creation of eight hundred thousand new jobs if that happens it'll be a good start those still a long way behind china in september beijing promised sixty billion dollars in credit development aid and investment in africa the e.u. has a lot of catching up to do. a so-called hardbacks it is now on quote operational priority
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for the british government and intentions to deal with an unregulated drop out from the walk of life preparations for a country in deep crisis for example the u.k. government plans setting aside space on ferries to ensure a regular flow of medical supplies with just over one hundred days the uncertainty over how britain's exit from the e.u. will happen continues. businesses are wringing their hands who are british parliamentarians squabble and a no deal bragg's it becomes ever more likely. the government's priority remains to secure the deal but we need to recognise with fourteen weeks to go that the responsible government is preparing for the eventuality that we leave without it meanwhile uncertainty surrounding britain's exit from the e.u. continues to plague the u.k. economy. economic growth is now expected to drop to its lowest rate in nearly
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a decade to one point two percent in two thousand and eighteen according to the british embassy of commerce german companies in the u.k. are expecting more than two hundred million euros in additional costs according to the german chambres of industry and commerce the potential reintroduction of tariffs after brags that wire is businesses on both sides of the channel recently eighty percent of british companies have declared that briggs it is having a negative impact on their current investment decisions german multinational bosch shelf plans to invest thirty nine million pounds in new offices b.m.w. said it would halt production at a plant in oxford. for a month following brags that it's all the same for british commie is jaguar land rover has announced cutbacks and layoffs as a reaction to be expected drop in demand with no deal in sight more businesses will be tempted to move their operations out of britain. in their attempts to combat air pollution and slow climate change european ago she enters agree to drastically
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lower future carbon dioxide emissions of cars and the european union emission levels are to decrease by over a third by the year twenty thirty compared to levels agreed for twenty twenty one dollars and vicious but feasible political leaders say you're being car makers say the target is the target is too much too fast. around fifteen million cars are sold each year in that view they make up a tenth of c o two emissions in the union the stricter carbon dioxide reduction target is aimed at tackling that as well as shifting development of cleaner e-cards and plug in hybrids into high gear but the auto industry is wary a good deal in the regulations we learned of yesterday he said very strict limits and currently we don't know how to adhere to these limits in the given time. of ice the odds are some car makers like have been caught off guard it had built its five year thirty billion euro plan to reject production to boost e-card development
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though based on a thirty per cent c o two reduction target b.w. says the much larger cut means it will have to adjust its strategy the german auto industry lobby says it will need help this is about it's essential to expand charging infrastructure in the distribution grid and europe in such a way as to boost consumer acceptance that's one cool tons along an he cars only have a one point five percent market share in europe but sustainable transport campaigners say the agreed limits will mean that a third of new cars will soon be electric or hydrogen powered. the law still has to go through the e.u. parliament and member government but the likelihood of its approval mean carmakers will and evidently have to raise their game. while the incentive for service vehicles like vans or trucks to become more electrified is already there several cities in germany have banned diesel fleets from their centers over their emissions that's disastrous for many small businesses who rely on mobility and have bought the latest clean air diesels in good faith. bricklayers.
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can't imagine life without his trusty diesel pickup. rely on our diesels and that's the problem. with. the diesel ban is likely to affect eighteen of estens districts including the a four motorway one of the most important transport axes in the valley it leads directly into s. and city center. building contractor frank shoto who burt and his employees use the a forty several times a day. if they actually closed off the a forty to diesels that would cause a lot of chaos. skilled trade companies typically expect to use their diesel pickups for at least ten years the ever tighter environmental regulations are expensive. after the diesel emissions regulations of three or four years ago we bought two new vehicles that cost us around eighty thousand euros and if we have to
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grind our current vehicles to a halt and buy new ones will likely end up spending a quarter of a million. might stand culp is a roof he paid around forty thousand euros for a small pickup truck that runs on electricity that was his solution for the diesel restrictions but so far he's disappointed with his purchase he says it's hardly ever used and his employees still prefer diesels. there are not enough charging stations getting to building sites is just too much effort we often don't make it to or back from the site our employees find that really difficult and of course our customers don't have a charging station on site creates lots of problems far more than we were expecting . building contractor frank shorter who is still hoping that the proposed diesel benz can somehow be stopped he says it's out of proportion to implement bans on
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a wide scale in the. and if it is unavoidable he wants exceptions to be made for trades people said that they can keep on working. a speculator now and the risks of being a reporter yeah they're very serious indeed the campaigning group reporters without borders has released its annual report and it makes for a dismal reading when it comes to freedom of the press and information any reporters or people working in the media have been killed so far this year that's fifteen more than twenty seventeen while most of most of those deaths happened in afghanistan syria mexico yemen and india and the number of journalists jailed has also risen to three hundred and forty eight china egypt turkey iran and saudi arabia account for most detentions. here now is another country that keeps a tight lease on its media and that power extends beyond the country's borders you know we use so many young men it's a vietnamese journalist who has been running an online news portal here in berlin
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for the past ten years. believes there's a hunger for and sensitive information in vietnam especially from young people to reach that audience from his office in far away berlin he's taken to the internet. if. possible to visit from asian is almost a big win in vietnam if a journalist tells the truth about politics he will probably have problems straight away before he could be threatened or arrested or beaten up a lot of people are so interested to get information about politics it. is always there for inform us on. chua has been publishing pieces on his news website about his home country for ten years usually in vietnamese sometimes in german mostly he writes about vietnamese politics and the situation of his country many in europe.
7:45 pm
he's reported many times on the case of chinch one term who sort of asylum in germany but was allegedly kidnapped in berlin by vietnamese agents and now faces trial in her noise such stories says lee truong chua have annoyed the vietnamese or thor it is. how websites has been blocked in vietnam since july twenty seventh seen normally when you type in. d. and nothing comes up for anything if. he says a lot of his information comes from journalists in vietnam who can't tell what they know there but he says even working in germany is dangerous. and we are by then if we work here we get threats really from real people that they call us or they send a text saying they want to kill us. despite the obstacles is getting past the vietnamese senses he says his site was accessed more than two
7:46 pm
and a half million times during a recent month mostly from computers in vietnam but that success will not stop him calling for greater freedom of speak. germany never shuts down a vietnamese page so why does vietnam close a german page it's not right it's an injustice which must be ended that life and these are. and your study published today by amnesty international reveals the shocking scale of abuse that women suffer online particularly on twitter a study analyzed over a million tweets for sort of the course of a year and our social media editor show looked into their results and they make for some disturbing reading that sounds like a very enormous undertaking was. yeah that's right so amnesty international analyze the tweets that were sent to hundreds of from and female journalists and politicians over the course of one year and they found out that every thirty
7:47 pm
seconds one of these women receives an abusive message or one that is at least considered problematic on twitter so according to amnesty international a tweet to that would be problematic is one like this one here with somebody writes you're dumb and dumber go back to cuba and then you have the abusive ones which often contain threats like this one here if she was raped would she keep her mouth shut or another example here is saying i would rather hit you in the face with a large sledgehammer you white hating racist retire and now end of the study also shows that women of color are much more likely to be abused online and on twitter especially very disturbing there are just a couple of tweets i mean some of these women have been very vocal in drawing attention to the problem yeah that's right in fact we can listen to to a prominent politicians and from the u.k. talking about how aligned abuse has affected them personally let's take
7:48 pm
a listen here. stop what i'm going to think about politicians i'm not. a black politician. i don't. think it's not right so. it's christmas yourself. and they can make you second guess yourself as to. what you write because you know. it's. response so what makes me angry when i read that kind of abuse about me is i what he that is putting the next generation of young women or politics. and them a senior national is also warning of that online hate can also make women stay off twitter completely right now this is something that you know twitter has been aware
7:49 pm
for quite some time now you know they know the true extent of it it's not like this is all coming as a surprise are we likely to see any concrete action on their part well we reached out to twitter we asked for a comment we can read you part of the reply that we got from the network they say could or use a combination of machine learning and human review to adjudicate abuse reports and whether they violate our rules the context matters when evaluating abusive behavior and determining appropriate enforcement action so twitter essentially saying that we are already a taking action and that combating online hate takes time it takes effort so we're doing all we can but then again the pressure is really on the network to do more than what they're doing right now all right we're sure social media editor thank you. instagram is one of the big success stories in the field of social media in the
7:50 pm
past few years as part of our modern culture now and people are getting more and more artistic with their instagram photos and robin merrill from our culture desk is here so good to see you love that picture that we have on the wall so talk to us about this connection between instagram and arts well it's all about backdrops i mean people are going to museums to more and more people are going to museums to a particular room or to a particular picture or even standing outside some of these wonderfully designed museums and getting that as the backdrop this is the notice to anyway with that in mind just a few weeks ago a museum emerged in color in western germany simply drawing people into to two scenes or spaces if you like that are perfect for these instagram photos let's have a look at it. there
7:51 pm
aren't any exhibits at this museum nothing to see apart from the perfect backdrop for the perfect photo at the super candy pop pop instagram museum in cologne. open the museum to seeing its success across the pond. this concept and the concept is from the us so it's been going strong for about a year now and exists in many cities. basically began when museums started realizing that exhibitions that allowed people to take photos of themselves were drawing more visitors than more conventional ones and so it is that's not all from . a lot of sites and also that there are twenty different interactive installations each one with a picture perfect concept like this pink ball pit or a balloon room these two sisters came with their mother and a very. good camera. they're all set for the photo shoot and they're going out of
7:52 pm
their way to. your to do a backbend. most of the visitors heard about the pop up museum online it's especially popular with women. of course we have a target group it's primarily women over ninety five percent of visitors here are women there are professional and amateur photographers who enjoy all the different sets and so. we also have families and it's free for children under six. men there were five friends over fifty who made some great pictures and there were even some over seventy people of all ages about. the content the room is also a perfect backdrop and attention is why they've come to the museum after all the entrance fee is twenty nine euros for two hours. you see and will be
7:53 pm
around until the end of february twenty ninth. and i can attest robin it's a lot of fun i went to the one in new york it's called the color factory last night in san francisco it's really a lot of buy see pictures from that it's all summer right ok so that is a temporary exhibit taking place to we have a permanent museum well the kind dolphin it has to be in hollywood doesn't it there's a museum of selfies in los angeles it's heaven instagram as you might recognize some of these pictures you can have a look at a picture hopefully tell you yes there you go that's kind go. bedroom in. you know so you can be very artistic of course there's a connection there or here's another one i think this is a result of you staring if own too much not be overpriced the statue that it stays or however that has happened in real life just recently in russia. we were taking photos the museum and the doctors to go and i'm. sure knowing that is terror. so
7:54 pm
apart from the danger of actually destroying accidentally some priceless piece of art how is how is this this this trend of taking selfies affecting museum well i think i mean it's benefiting them up a bunch of his last will people literally are going into museums paying the entrance price you know to get a photo from background also most museums you can take photos in five years ago you can take photos in any museum in the world the must be an exception but probably any museum of the world are encouraging photos otherwise they might get people in that also. think of alt installations they sort of immersive and lend themselves to into action with your camera here it is your. house on the icelandic danish artist he transported hundred tonnes of ice from greenland to the tate modern this month to highlight global warming of course as you can see is perfect for instagram because the ice by the way has now melted but the political message remains
7:55 pm
basically more and more people are engaging with alt to get instagram photos and i consider this a positive side to social media you know i really do i think it's wonderful people going into museums for something else but oh what's in the core that's always the gulf and you know getting interested and just to finish off we've got time got thirty seconds i think we have to take a selfie. what are you saying here i'm struggling with my phone. call to tell you we take take take care of got to know. that if you don't like your area. where we go we've got a wealth power think you so much for watching your brain got that next now you know .
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i'm going to. come. on. the mob. it existed
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for the president and lied to the f.b.i. a u.s. court has postponed sentencing for flynn but not before a judge lambasted him saying the former trump national security advisor sold out his country also coming up on international migrants day people recount of views at the hands of the libyan. libya says it's just doing its job holding back the.


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