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jesus. for many christians the fact that the b.b. has been freed is a christmas miracle only could not have dreamed and even though she remains in hiding in the festive period. some seasons change and obscene isn't for what the future holds. they're watching to w. news there's much more to colby here in just a moment looking at growing tensions between china and the us. cut. and on demand. video and.
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life. long. full of energy. play. europe's best rock and pop musicians in captivating performances. cut. a european concert on the d w play. as if the ongoing trade tension weren't enough u.s. authorities accused two chinese men of cyber espionage in dozens of countries beijing denounce washington drop those charges. also coming up opec agreed to cut production at the start of the month but it hasn't stopped oil from getting cheaper
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. and it's the most wonderful time of the year for shoppers retailers don't just yet cash in on the season spirit. come to business china's foreign ministry rejects what it calls slanderous accusations from the u.s. and its allies for slamming china over economic espionage the u.s. justice department indicted two chinese nationals accusing them of cyber spying the u.s. and china are currently engaged in a high stakes trade dispute with the alleged hacking operation dates back over ten years. according to u.s. authorities the hackers targeted some of the world's leading corporations they breached the networks of technology companies and then stole secrets from their clients. or in this case is significant because the defendants are accused of targeting and compromising managed service providers or m.s.p.
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. in a species or firms that are trusted to store process and protect commercial data including intellectual property and other confidential business information. when hackers gain access to m s p s they can steal sense the business information that gives competitors an unfair advantage the attacks were allegedly part of a chinese campaign known as cloud hopper with the defendants working on behalf of china's intelligence service the managed service providers networks were infiltrated multiple times in breaches that lasted for weeks and months the deputy attorney general described it as part of a trend of state sponsored hackers breaking into u.s. networks more than ninety percent of the department's cases alleging economic espionage over the past seven years involved china more than two thirds of the department's cases involving theft of trade secrets are connected to china china
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has rejected the u.s. allegations of industrial espionage the foreign minister in beijing is calling the accusation slanderous they also state that the u.s. would also have to withdraw its charges against two alleged hackers from china this dispute is likely to further burden the already strained relations between the u.s. and china due to the trade conflict. and the price of brant crude slipped to its lowest level in fifteen months yesterday oil prices have been steadily sliding for weeks dropping more than twenty five dollars since the beginning of toba but it was hovering at around eighty dollars investors hope that supply cuts from opec will prop up prices but the cartel of oil producing countries may find that c.c.s. it done. earlier this month the oil cartel opec and its partner countries agreed to cut production to one point two million barrels a day from january the regime to reduce supply and boost prices the price of a barrel of bread has been dragged down by
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a combination of factors the global macro economic outlook isn't shining on the oil industry and this week's rate hike from the us federal reserve has exacerbated investor fears of an economic slowdown but oversupply remains the biggest challenge for the industry increasing crude production in the u.s. which is now a top producer worldwide makes it more difficult for opec to control the global market. so while the downward trend of oil prices may be welcome news for drivers it spells trouble for opec an inability to influence price may mean its effectiveness as a cartel is diminishing now for some analysis i'm joined by hello by our investment research analyst. in a london good to have you with us clearly a reporter who just today did the oil market it doesn't seem to be able to rebound properly there's nothing sustainable what exactly is going on there. well i think it's really down to what's going on in the rest of the markets we've seen equities
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in the u.s. u.k. germany and around the world really sell off and there seems to be concerns about growth you know quite a bit of fears that the u.s. economy is going to slowly slow down next year and ultimately that's affecting the price of oil that we could potentially see demand slowing down so the oil market narrows the overall concerns we see elsewhere but at the same time of course i mean there's certain tool certain measures that can be applied and we've also said i mean opec for one wants to clear up oil production the united states boosts all production probably to keep the oil price low i mean who benefits from a low oil price or i think care of the largest beneficiaries easily going to be america it's a it's an economy that's hugely dependent on oil and the big you know their economy especially given the fact that they drive quite a bit you know they go into a lot of internal flights the economy so dependent on around the world the other
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economies you know the chinese economy got the indian economy who are generally all importers who will who will certainly like to like you know see the benefits of law prices to their economy especially at a time when you know even concerns around growth in china is being questioned but this is beneficial to the u.s. fracking industry i mean they want to earn money don't they. oh yes so i would say you know the u.s. of record industry certainly been huge beneficiary now the reason why they've come back is because all prices since the middle as well since the lows of twenty sixteen have steadily gone back up again up to eighty five dollars back to back in october and that's really led them to come back in but let's not forget that they've also come back in a lower cost off to make a number of strategic cost cuts in the past so they're far more profitable the higher the c.e.o. prices or as you saw a few months ago more of a more of them are going to be encouraged to come in but even the old price is now roughly fifty five dollars a barrel sort of that spreads even at those levels with
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a lower cost they're generally going to be more inclined to keep producing and they were in the past when the cost. just briefly i mean obviously the for for many years dominating our oil cartel all over the world announced just recently it would cut production in order to boost oil prices that have little effect what's the telling us well i think you know all opex power is is still there but i believe it is fading we've seen caps are recently decided to decide that they're going to be for other political reasons they believe their side really yours too dominant but also you know quite a few countries don't adhere to their production cuts we've seen in the past with the likes of nigeria continue to produce on the sides and there are question this time around whether saudi arabia and even russia are going to commit to that one point two million production cars because a judge every there's going to a budget they don't speak with one voice then apparently held my or their
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investment research analyst talking to us from london thank you so much if you don't speak again merry christmas with that tree behind you. merry christmas. i'd look for a while as if x. is on sheriff go on the would be getting out of jail but the state prosecutor's office in japan has just issued a fresh warrant for his detention the accusation this time is that go and dump millions of his own personal debts on tunis and he was originally arrested on the end of the nineteenth he is he said to have declared far too little income and to have personally enrich himself with nuisance company capital. but german consumers are known to think twice before splashing out on some good they seem to enjoy spending more in recent years the old happened looks to kick back in fresh data shows that domestic consumption is slowing well christmas make a difference and who will benefit online retailers or the high streets we when shopping in berlin to find out more. it's the most important time of the year for
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teen movie but. it's just a few days before christmas the manager is hoping to see a lot of shoppers in his luxury department store card even he's pleased with this year sales. the personal touch and friendly atmosphere of very important something online rivals don't have the department store depends on both german and foreign customers the employees give buyers advice especially about the current trends escape from fashion that fans got in but there are various trends when it comes to fashion a classic cashmere sweater is popular toys are still ahead from classic board games to dolls for your daughter but there are a lot of new trends for the home this year like interior design and for the kitchen if you don't fancy to say i was almost. smaller stores are not as upbeat because i freed managers three fashion shops in berlin she's found a nice with special smaller sustainably produced brands she has many regular
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customers but sales could be better now she's thinking about launching an online shop even though it's a daunting challenge. has decided to make. very hosley and would require hiring at least two new people purchasing inventory would also be an organizational challenge that's why we're taking our time being careful and seeing what happens in the coming months. and for a city when at some consumers prefer shopping in their own neighborhood. it's just it's again mind keets i support my neighborhood stores and avoid online shopping whenever possible i'd like to see and feel the president i just think it's better for me to involve some coffee is kept at least i can say i can start shopping in stores walking around and seeing what would suit my parents or siblings notifications seconds can pass for a song if there's a big difference in price to go or if i can compare items better i buy online for
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guys but going to a store is always good. but there is growing competition on the internet more and more retailers are doing business online particularly in entertainment and consumer electronics i know as the seven crease their growth forecasts for november and december from nine to eleven percent. is bucking the trend by focusing on traditional retail sales only consumers can determine if the strategy succeeds. and that's your business update here thanks for keeping us company again at the top of the.
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midweek matches in the bundesliga it'll be christmas soon and who's getting the gifts. certainly not mid-season starkman they picked up their first loss of the year against islam. and it'll be a blue christmas for shaka after losing
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a home to. go. public upstream against hopelessness and the destruction of nature in one of cape town's forest districts was some low income but just to analyse and it was left enough to fit. this can do in club gets youngsters up on the streets and interested environmental protection eco africa in sixty minutes on d w. natural riches precious resources and a rewarding investment farmland has been called easy go because gringo in the
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country has an abundant supply of leases it to international agra for joins. the government to his or her export revenues and the corporations profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the coming business. the something out of a country dead donkey is no hyenas starts december twenty ninth on d w. cut.
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the midweek match day and kind of for the last round of getting fit for the winter break time so black out and get down on your.


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