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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2018 9:30am-10:00am CET

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export revenues to corporations profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the biggest. selling out of a country dead donkey no hyenas starts december twenty ninth on t.w. . alone welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven allan's the european union is set to lose one of its biggest and most influential members the united kingdom when briggs it british exit from the e.u. kicks in at the end. it's not the reason may that rule supreme in london but chaos sheer chaos the prime minister did survive a no confidence vote introduced by members of her own tory party but she has no
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parliamentary majority for her grades a deal it looks like a very uncertain beginning to twenty nine. well for his part singer and musician simon evolvers grandson of holocaust survivor and its alaska fish believes it's all a disaster in the making and he's responded by doing what was once the unthinkable applying for german citizenship his grandmother only survived auschwitz because she could play the cello and now her grandson is using his cello to try and prevent bragg's it from becoming a reality. what's more persuasive than music. this is the only two joy from beethoven's ninth symphony the basis for the anthem a funeral. once a month simon by fish gathers his friends together and strolls through london's government district playing his chana. sound songs and melodies know no boundaries
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and that's how it should be but for many musicians the loss of freedom of movement breaks it would cause is a severe blow they perform all over in london paris berlin all round it's day life . here but we were born with the good fortune to be able to move freely and be able to work and play throughout europe. and that's really important story but then suddenly due to some arbitrary vote it's been taken away from us we can't accept that your. son invited fish says that music is his religion the cello is his life's blood and the life's blood for his family to know how. my grandmother's life. when she arrived in auschwitz the girl who cut off her hair and tattooed her asked her what she did before the war my grandmother said i played the cello and the girl said you'll be saved. because i. and that's what
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happened i need to los cabos fisher escaped being sent to the gas chambers because she played cello in the girl's orchestra of auschwitz later british troops freed her from the back in beslan concentration camp she then went to london and became a british citizen. for her grandson simon breaks it is bringing the past back to life where he heard about article one hundred sixteen of germany's constitution which gives descendants of german holocaust victims the opportunity to acquire german citizenship. but it's a painful process all of the documents he must give us speak of expropriation denigration and death i mean we've all seen pictures of the piles of corpses at baghran bears in the road seeing this still shakes me up it gives me the chills the dispossession and absolute denigration of people. on. the now he holds his german city because of naturalization in his hands things have come full
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circle simon says as his family was german to start with even so it still felt a bit like the trial today for reproductive health for me taking this step shows just how stupid and far reaching breaks it is how much i would never have considered doing this before or for me it means being european i was born a european and i want to remain one line. his wife kathleen is now the only one in the family who just has one passport they teach children and their british and german citizens. some invited fish learn to speak german in berlin while studying music he wanted to learn the language so he could understand the works of german composers schumann and schubert better. including schubert venter a winter journey. this song cycle is a rollercoaster ride for
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a baritone like him. the music is sometimes quiet and peaceful sometimes full of drama. and his big concert is just three days away. at home he realises schubert's work which recounts the tale of the traveller. forces of or are. born. here simon sings at a benefit concert for refugees immigration and the loss of one's homeland are themes that have dominated his family's life for decades. anita alaska vi fish is now ninety four years old but she rarely misses one of her grandsons concerts she understands why simon has taken on german citizenship but says that doesn't make him german the holocaust survivor says some wounds never heal.
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visually simon fuge how should simon feel if he was born in england but his background isn't english he's a singer who's learned german he's just european. i don't think he feels wonderful now with gemini again careful i think you must be careful about that. after the concert anita lask of our fish tells her grandson that he was rather good her opinion carries weight in the family though fish is a family that lives in the u.k. but cause here at home. well there's no end in sight to the long cruel conflict between ukrainian government forces and russian backed separatists in ukraine's eastern donbass region and it's estimated that as many as eighty percent of the ukrainian veterans from the fighting have been traumatised by their experiences men like andre tara the question now is can
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art help series his pain. a year has passed since and that he left the front line the home the fighting may now be hundreds of kilometers away but the conflict still hasn't let him go time and time again his thoughts turn to the donbass. and i was dragging a wounded friend through the snow to safety here you fall down and the bullets are flying over your head you get a few metres further and just end up falling down again because the fire is so heavy. and that he spent three years on the frontlines of donbass as tensions rose volunteered with the nationalist as of the tally and it was simply the fastest way to get to the front he tells us later he served as a paramedic the constant vigilance that saved on please life in the trenches is now getting in the way of adjusting to normal life he's just one of thousands of
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veterans returning home to find that the war continues in their minds and their bodies. it happens really suddenly everything can be fine and then. i get all hot i lose control over my arms and legs my heart starts beating like crazy and my blood pressure jumps sometimes i get a full scale panic attack. those are just some of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder p.t.s.d. . but for all that and three sometimes wishes he could return to the front line life as a civilian isn't easy he doesn't expect gratitude andrew tells us but even finding work is a struggle many businesses won't employ veterans for fear they could turn violent. and he has yet to receive any support from the government we put this to the ukrainian military they say the problem has been overstated.
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of course soldiers returning from battle have trouble readjusting. could be anything from heightened aggressivity to anxiety or depression. passes after three days at home. more than six hundred soldiers on active duty have taken their own lives since the conflict began so says ukraine's top military prosecutor it's a statistic that's been making headlines in ukraine for months but the army's top brass dismisses the figure. the true numbers are no higher than the ukrainian average. they would be wrong to say that we have a critical situation with suicides in the ukrainian army. instead activists are filling the gap left by government we're in very high up in the
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copied in mountains about as far as you can get in the front line. veterans like and he can come here to take a break and receive support from psychologists and author places it's an opportunity that's only possible thanks to private donations. for the next ten days and that he will be sharing every moment of every day with a group none of whom he knew before coming here and that there i don't want to see anybody's any flowers all i want you to do is experiment with the colors. who were there. before the war between the muslim world was an art teacher what began as well interior soon became a full time job helping veterans to find their feet but how do you get adults let's learn soldiers to paint. young you know wonder why i always say just do it try all participants and was astonished when they see that they can produce something of beauty and what we're doing here is to create an atmosphere of trust in a safe place. surrounded by beautiful landscape they can finally let go and think
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about what they want to do with their lives. when did you last straw though it's been a while ok come on it's been thirty five years at least. i've never done anything like this i'm glad i came here. i'm just in a really good mood. the group heads up the mountain towards a cabin that italy now hopes will eventually become a permanent home for the project but it's not just about the landscape and you think it this village is help our veterans to make sense of who it was they were actually fighting for they meet people who are truly grateful to them that's a really important was leaving my mom to. chopping wood picking apples not just letting go it's a welcome break after an intense few days no one can be sure how lost an impact at a short stay can have but already entry seems like a changed man one with
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a plan. i want to use the experiences i've gained here to help others like me. who i've seen myself how tough it is. one of those there was i left the army a year ago and still can't find peace but. it won't be easy the waiting list for this project is already closed to the telenor tells us the donations have simply dried up. now they're tiny franchise irresistibly beautiful marine creatures that shapely heads resemble those of horses so they're cold sea horses and just over a decade ago a diver in greece discovered a rare colony of sea horses in the waters off the house than insula but as we find out now their existence is under threat from what is sometimes called ghost nets.
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proselytes mentor journeys nikos cutouts us and a team of divers are combing the seabed off the greek peninsula. for abandoned fish nets the so-called ghost nets are left behind by large fishing vessels and danger in the underwater ecosystem and seahorses will beat the fuck out of the nets get caught on the reefs and the fishermen can no longer pull them up. but then they find themselves having to cut the nets loose what upset us like that's there. when these ghost nets sink to the seabed they destroy the local ecosystem and kill sea horses really very good but it's a region has new terrain which water because of the river so washed sediments into the sea that's why there is such a high biodiversity which is why sea horses are found there too. in two thousand and seven vassilis mentor journeys discovered a sea horse colony just off the villages to the tony the only one in greece there
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were dozens of sea horses until one year a storm destroyed many sea grass meadows and thus their natural habitat a series going to johnny send other volunteers have since rebuilt the meadows now the sea horse park illusion is recovering today the divers are searching the seabed for ghost nets and discover one covering an entire reef to see a good piece of the net does not let anything through it just killed everything underneath the water can only longest circulate light pulse through. its own. really eerie it looks like a ghost. the activists attach balloons to the net which then rises up to the surface they really and they have a net with a winch and bring it to land because crowdsourcing this fellow activists are pleased it's been a successful day. was over the board as you can see we pulled out a big net bigger than expected. the activists spent three full days freeing the
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seabed from ghost nets thereby saving the lives of countless sea horses. until recently it was an act of charity you know it's being criminalized volunteers in belgium have been offering shelter for perhaps just one day or longer to migrants who for a variety of reasons have not yet applied for asylum or have had their applications rejected now the belgian government is cracking down on people who take migrants in some why don't you deport tara have had their homes rented. a. lot that's what it must have sounded like when belgian special police forces stormed dounia to point of his apartment on october seventh twenty eighteen. with hundreds going. on a school down there in the pacific came in through here forcefully pushed me to the far end of the room. when i opened the door i was flung against the piano and they
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twisted my hands behind my back to new for knocking them out and you know when. the singer was sheltering to unregister and sudanese refugees at the time. this is where they slept. the belgium police unit accused the porter of people smuggling which left her speechless. they told me you are under arrest. you no longer have any rights beside and there's a young exit here and the whole situation was one long violent ordeal. i was wearing my pajamas. a female police officer dressed me i couldn't even cry at that moment only later so sensitive and. computer and telephone west seized to check whether she was working with belgian people smuggler as. the forty five year old was handcuffed and led out of her home while her neighbors were
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watching us. went as human compassion and and went as people smuggling begin we meet a lawyer who defends many belgium's who acted just like doña deported and are now accused of people trafficking he says the authorities are abusing their power. secure the rights of the group it is simply unacceptable that the police and public prosecutors are going after ordinary citizens raiding their homes at five in the morning. so clearly it is an abuse of power for there might be grounds to call in and question citizens over but that entails ringing the doorbell. not putting them as criminals cryptic on the door who commute this is brussels park maximillian where refugees flock you have no place to sleep and don't get regular meals. we want to know how their life has changed now that many belgian citizens are too scared to put them up for
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a few nights because they fear they are committing a crime. the refugees want to remain anonymous. use it is from eritrea he says he doesn't know when to sleep at night which makes braving the cold winter temperatures even honda. how is your situation at the moment when you sleep at night here in the park do you have a blanket yes i do we all sleep here. my friends to. belgium parliament is deeply divided over how to treat migrants until recently the right wing nationalist new flemish alliance party determined the government's tough stance on migrants until it quit the coalition in protest over the un migration pact what's their take on the current situation. i've got to do my duty as. we requested an interview to you but never received a reply. dounia departure i was forced to spend twenty four hours in solitary
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confinement tell a judge ruled she was innocent. the ordeal has scarred have a life it will take a long time for her to regain trust in people so that someday she may feel strong enough to again help us. and belgium's minority government is currently in turmoil reflecting profound divisions in the country over the issue of migration now hundreds of years ago the legendary italian instrument maker antonio stradivari got the wood for his now almost priceless masterpieces from the spruce forest in the fi a valley in the his country's northeastern region of trentino and today the same board is still used to create world class instruments but just a few weeks ago a massive storm braze large swathes of the forest and no this man fabio on your
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belly is in a race against time to save as much of the precious spruce reserves as possible. fabio on you benny always enjoys working with wood particularly if it has a nice texture or scene with. the wood is smooth and even that's just the right kind for making musical instruments. this one of those. but a major windstorm on october twenty ninth knock down almost all of the trees here involved a few. general all but one local without those you know next day i felt like a friend had died with a. fall from. the
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high winds blew down trees across entire mountainsides. b.c. the thought of that if what you meant sounded like gunshots or small explosions. when the wind knocks down an entire tree it makes an awful lot of noise it's like the sound of a million branches breaking the brick out there but i mean. fabio has been coming to this area for thirteen years to find just the right kind of wood for centuries the forest has provided wood for violence guitars and pianos the wood gives the instruments an excellent sound and resonance but now fabio is trying to save what he can. see by the wave and this trunk has a good diameter and a good texture. but this crack here shows that the tree split when it was knocked over so i can't use it. with you but i meant that although being. fabio
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wants to save as much what is he can before it's ruined by bark beetles and other pests. but i was a woman to do double i love this kind of work and i love these trees. this is my passion and i fight with. me. the wood is processed at fabio small factory down in the valley this is where mountain spruce is converted into tone wood and residents wood. fabio's customers include a number of major companies that produce musical instruments. this finally cut tone wood will be used to make violins it's been sorted by age and quality. more than three hundred years ago antonio stradivari crafted his violins from wood similar to this.
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but right now fabio is trying to recover as much wood as he normally does in four years and it's going to cost a lot of money to store it. so he's asked customers and private clients to pay three hundred euros in advance per tree trunk to cover storage costs. that's why he's choosing only the best work right now. yes good job i've got to examine every trunk carefully to determine which piece of wood would be best for each instrument and how many pieces i can get out of a truck i'm legend out of me the only. only top quality wood will be processed fabio keeps a close watch on all of the tree trunks even in the sawmill. here the trunks are precut along the grain this wood will be used to make sound boards for pianos.
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saw mill owner frank old saber is sorry that so many trees were lost in the wind storm. it took those trees one hundred ten twenty years to grow to maturity and then the storm ruined everything it's sad and know it will take another one hundred twenty years for the forest to grow back. customers who appreciate fabio skill and experience will support him during these tough times. and i know you now. has an extremely important job he's the only one who can find this kind of high quality good violin makers like me couldn't do it but we're all part of the process of creating a musical instrument so we have to trust each other. every
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step of that process must be spot on as fabio's tone what is made into a violin. they're. happy when the client is pleased with the instrument. thought of the manufacturers and the musicians deserve a lot of credit to. them but people seem to forget that it's my word that makes the instrument the main. customer certainly haven't forgotten and for the time being he'll continue to salvage as much what is he can from the valid if you have the site so that he can keep providing top quality material for world class musical instruments. fascinating and that's all from this edition of focus on europe but i would like to wish you all the best for the christmas season and for the year to come for now though it's bye bye cheers.
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the body. the body. the body. the beauty the stars deliver a rousing performance the been intoxicated submissive now but from the irish singer imelda a man above the big dog. mauling.
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love trying to. come to. the starting with some of the subject of the book off the books of the gentleman the favorites from the book. coaches players fans up close for personal touch. the twenty nineteen patients cut the big kick off series starts december twenty seventh d w. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but they stand up and with the tenet of the budget i don't think they've been to the general culture of. new jersey will take this drama day on the east coast if hold out who they know i might show join me for me to get the bungee jumping course. where is home. when your
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family is scattered across the globe. with this is that the digital is the book was a journey back to the roots we should get a minimum of. the shards family from somalia who live around the world to them want to go now to urgent assistance. global family starts in january twenty third on w earth home to millions of species the home worth saving. google ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience in series of global three thousand on t.w. and online.
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players. played. this is deja vu news live from berlin at odds of a building a wall of our shutdown is nothing we can do about that with a partial shutdown of the us government kicks in ass trump in congress disagreeable funding a multi-billion dollar war and long the border with mexico also coming up thousands of hunger endemic.


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