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tv   Reporter - The Striezelmarkt in Dresden  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2018 11:15am-11:31am CET

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good. all up soul. that's it for now but to the man with his not small on our website that's the dumpy dot com you can also follow us on twitter and facebook i'll see at the top of the hour about it. took. the natural riches of precious resource it is. and a rewarding investment of farmland it has been called the can still be a supreme court the country has an abundant supply cleese's it to international every child's. good government his or her high export revenues the corporations high profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the public christmas
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cookies to creation environmental destruction starvation took the selling out of a country dead donkeys oddly enough it starts december twenty ninth on t.w. can. pull . this from is just beautiful took interest in christmas stollen it's a great flare up and of course it's super. every week heard president bush teacher mark turns to defend its reputation as germany's lovelies christmas market it's a tough job for those working here and then there are concerns about secure. but
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when all goes well for you time spirit year as per. your. it's six in the morning man baker but only because i'm is under pressure. the true breads known as stolen have to be ready in time for the christmas market. his booth needs a fresh supply they have been baking this typical dresden christmas special the year since september. that this christmas and all in is the most popular it's a traditional part of christmas. that's all and. we try out other kinds such as cranberry or chocolate stalin but basically the christmas stollen is our star interest and i thought will start this in fozzy. for
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newcomers is the third generation of his family to run the bakery he never wanted to do anything else. but there's to be marked are being packed. the boss quickly checks the new dough. on this morning to the statutes of the dresden style and protection association we have to put in at least fifty percent butter. you have to get through all. of them to accept it's well recipe calls for fifty two percent and that doesn't include the butter that spread on the stall and later when we dust it with sugar by both on and i'm focused. it's a recipe for weight gain being greedy and send their amounts have to be followed to the letter flour butter candied lemon peel all mins and lots of sultanas.
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rene calls the sultanate the queen of raisins. as it is in that they were softened in rum yesterday that's why they're so shiny as you can clearly see here. for the big boys as far as your figure is concerned. how can i put this. stolen is best for your soul. it's a seasonal indulgence to do with what you've seen what valuable ingredients go into it and no indulgence is ever completely free of regrets guns or the wia. dawn has broken in the first vendors are already out the market. is always one of the first address to native she's been at the streets of the market for twenty eight years. she's decorated are multiplying booth to look like an old distillery for the weekend she's ordered an extra fifty liters of mulled wine and reordered
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mango punch three times. marks who delivers the beverages is from the surrounding region. self make to quality deliver quality so why would i want to use anyone else it's like the customers once they find a place they like they come back. on the shelf. she loved it i just live really been busy you too i think we started five thirty i thought can you bring me two more gas canisters for tomorrow i think as a reserve that was the one on. the christmas market opens in an hour. cornelia has a place for everything in her booth she also owns a small hotel in the area. with a cup of tea with their neighbor and greed is part of the routine oh. come on it gives them
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a moment to slow down and relax without. most say the christmas market is best when it's cold and dry because then tourists flock here but there are also more pickpockets. present all we can i look out to get we tell our customers to hold their bags in front of them with their hands on them and never leave anything open sometimes it is their own fault or this is a. bus. here but i see it a lot here elderly women put down their purses or when i hand them their purchases they hold the item in one hand and their purse in the other and start to walk away . while they say put your purchase down pack your purse the way first and close your bag and then you can go we try to keep an eye on them. since the attack on our berlin christmas market two years ago the police have other worries. the access roads are secured here. ten officers man the streets unmarked mobile police
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station x. with people distributes the radio frequency of his. so he and fellow officers susan hear of iraq and iran patrol together today. both have been thinking about the latest terrorist attack and tries book as police officers and as private citizens. but best it does i mean you follow it because you never know how it might affect you whether it's coming closer and at five or whether what happened there was a one off. it's stupid to see it i think that worries everyone especially around christmas time it's a violent side. and from. around noon the streets are mark starts to fill up. with their patrollers gone quietly to be brilliant going to relate a report that there were no unusual incidents usually they're called out when people drink too much or get rowdy. you're also visit the market
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when you're off duty. lied on unfortunately no i don't manage to come here in my free time. and stiffest my profession after patrolling the streets unmarked all day i don't much feel like coming back but you already know every fragrance from every single mulled wine both. men and eyes and if you weigh. locals come to the market after work they said. it was a canadian levy says mulled wine has gone a bit out of fashion nowadays more exotic drinks are popular this writer because i thought of all this is a hot cuban lots of rum goes into it but i can't reveal the rest but it sounds lethal what i know is delicious nothing we make is lethal you get up in the morning and you never have a hangover from my cocktail scripture after my mind if. i get into the bunker as i'd like to say in the evening the boss says for assistance. for helpers speak
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several languages. because that's what the english and spanish now do cloudier of speaks italian and is studying water management. one cannot but i know works as a head of marketing and a sales manager my name isn't on one end she also helped design and market my booth and insight into marketing study. back in the bakery calls or has already taken out the new dough notion and can weigh more than a kilo and a half during advent everyone including shoe my an apprentice from eritrea helps out of the i destroyed as if they all like stolen the answer is a resolving yes. but. then they say that includes your money. don't you dare say anything different that. every year they make fifty thousand christmas told an ear in the bakery. master an hour in the oven
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daughter and already they are solent these stolen are very good look at the texture you can see really well how nicely they've risen. during advent grenade gets hundreds of orders his dresden originals are delivered abroad as well he says that these. days dresden children are a kind of ambassador for saxony. today you're going to is going to the streets and mark himself. well known as children bakers like renee sell their christmas baked goods from their own booths.
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to told listening they get terrorists and visitors to the city love this fruit bread and sometimes that's why they come here when these disposal there's nothing better than buying tourism stolen at the market that's named for it. so he says. this customer comes here every year to barter news story first edition of the brotherhood but you know the big our promise is to pass on a compliment to his assistants. they say that this kitchen mark is living history. the tradition goes back nearly six hundred years the children's choir is just as much a part of it as the handmade stars and huge wooden pyramids. then tourists love it. the admins have traveled here especially from berlin and. given we've been to berlin christmas markets and they weren't so great but we
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really love the dresden market the decorations on the little booths the christmas ornaments everywhere and the friendly people here twenty four additional idiopathic i see love and i think most chinese people know about germany's christmas markets they're very famous. in half an hour the market will close for the evening at cornelia's there's a last round for the late birds. the to hit. them say mean old fish and we have beautiful markets in vienna but you have to see what markets are like elsewhere and this booth is especially fun this is a song that's a little. christmas eve is the last day at the street so mark for nearly beach and all the others it will. be our season full thing or we close a two pm then we have to clear up and take some things to the store house when done there and then at five o'clock lie on the couch drink a glass of bubbly eat some potato salad and we usually just fall asleep because
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we're so exhausted and that's what our christmas is like. but next christmas season for nearly blew through the bureau with her staff she can't imagine christmas without the streets are marked. her. to. be a. man all see. and know. that it was. the world's best known christmas carol. where does it come from tracing the origin of silent night. your romance next on.
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police at full speed. anyway. but always almost. no clue to date and to the future. trying to do sixty minutes on t.w. . how do you want to. discover your concept discover with obama house. a school. teacher off to one hundred gives the ideals of the fine house a more relevant today than they were a hundred years ago visionaries who shaped things to come to ballgames people and
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so we're shaping society. with ideas that are part of. how small three part documentary starts january thirteenth on t.w. . believe. in. everyone and welcome to another exciting edition of your own max with near host meghan lee we've got a lot to celebrate on the show so let's get right to it here's a look at what's coming up. silent night the world's most famous carol was first heard two hundred years ago. happy birthday queen sylvia of sweden turns seventy five.


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