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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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music we've got you covered. thanks for the double. leg. hello and welcome to drive with a b w motor magazine coming up the a board six ninety five we've got a hot hatch with a ship design. and eldorado for tuning fans the s. and motor show. and the latest edition of porsches mckern crossover. portion has promoted the meconis of the seriously sporty member in the compact
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issue v. segment now four years after its extremely successful launch the mcconnell has undergone a facelift. as all of our current test or close needs of it says the mckern comes with all wheel drive of course so that handling is neutral and stable there's a bit of understeering if you take the corners fast but you never lose control what's unusual is that it's eighty percent of rear wheel drive only twenty percent is at the front if you then drive on rough terrain and lose a bit of traction and the powers automatically redirected to where it's needed obvious and talk to and. tony. what was. the mccann was originally known as the car you short for cayenne jr but porsche quickly dumped that name evidently keen to underline that the small s.u.v.s a whole new car of its own. the mcconnell
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comes with porsche seven speed dual clutch transmission. when it comes to the exteriors the porsche designers were clearly unwilling to overdo things so you'll have to look closely at the front and sides to spot any differences to the first generation. the wheels have been redesigned and are available in twenty and twenty one inch versions. the rear features porches elegant three dimensional alley the strip while the new tailpipe set up as rounded outlets on each side. there are significant updates to the interior including the new infotainment system with a larger eleven inch display which features both boys control and in touch screen. the center console is elegant but features
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a host of buttons which might not be to everyone's taste the optional leather g.t. sport steering wheel is taken from porsches nine eleven sports car. rounding off the exterior the four point design brake light certainly standout. this mcconnell has comes with a three leader v six turbo gas engine porsche will also be adding a far more powerful two point nine leader twin turbo this one has three hundred fifty four horsepower and four hundred eighty millimeters of torque and you can really feel that as for fuel consumption klaus thinks if you keep your speed down you'll stay under ten liters per hundred kilometers but if you like to hit the gas it will be over ten liters get to you about say and. then two hundred sixty kilowatt engine powers the meconis from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour and around five seconds the time. speed is two hundred fifty
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four kilometers per hour. that is what that of close says this v six turbo engine is newly developed what's unusual is the turbo charger is located in the intervening this means that the cylinder heads have been turned around so that the exhaust side faces inwards and the intake side outwards resulting in short exhaust gas paths between the combustion chambers and the turbo charger and that means you get no turbo lag and it's very responsive but i did take this undulation. dot of the plow swags the porsche meconis new traffic jam a system which had dab speed steering and braking during congestion author you could almost go to sleep it's going to go of course you wouldn't recommend it i'll bet that a. cloud
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says it's clear the porsche mcconnell has long been a success story it's like the icing on the cake for porsche who've sold around three hundred fifty thousand of these vehicles since two thousand and fourteen tells the altos how to run that by the old threats and fuck all. just to compare porsche is iconic nine eleven so less than half that many over the same period. but the funny cars says if you just order in a car and you get the basic engine which is probably enough for most drivers it's a medium you two leader and you're with four cylinders two hundred forty five horsepower and a top speed of two hundred twenty five kilometers an hour it porsche says eight uses eight point one leaders for one hundred kilometers but close things feel like a step on the gas if you use one or two leaders more awesome on little that's why i made it to my. com turbo is set to follow in twenty nineteen so it's worth to some
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up close is porsches new meconis still an all around talent its at home both on and off the road well most people don't need to drive off road that they may want to look up a tray there are just appreciate the added stability of all wheel drive on icy roads in germany the basic version comes just under fifty nine thousand euro and up oil. those of a kind as we tested would set you back at least sixty four thousand euros. it's a little hot hatch with the big sound we put the a barred six ninety five revolver through his paces the italian race car maker with a scorpion logo became known in the one nine hundred fifty s.
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and sixty's for making small engine sports cars fit for the racetrack in one nine hundred seventy one theater acquired a bart now the sportiest additions of fiann passenger cars the a bard name including the fi add five hundred since two thousand and seven. on country roads the direct steering and stiff suspension give it a feeling of solid contact with the pavement but how is it on the highway to spec sheet lists the top speed of two hundred twenty five kilometers per hour. the opt out of car testing is paid three is having fun with the a bard on the autobahn two and has enough power to be good for a surprise or two even at high speeds or she steps a little harder on the gas it shoots ahead. with. stay at than in. this can enhance the experience even more by pressing this cord
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button that changes the maximum torque output to give the car greater thrust on a lighter touch and increase the driving fun considerably yes i had that flash. the four cylinder inline engine with one point four leaders displacement puts out a snappy one hundred thirty two kilowatts with a five speed manual transmission which pinas says here it accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and a decent six point seven seconds. abyad that besides the relatively powerful engine in this points out the stylish design
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both outside and in. the name of clarke is worked into the grill one of the many details to be discovered by the scorpions on the wheel hubs. this particular abart is a special edition and partnership with reba a striking feature is the double turquoise pinstripes running the entire circumference of the car. at the rear the six ninety five revive leaves a sporty impression. left and right in the black carbon fiber in the future are the two tailpipes.
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turning on the transistor controlled ignition calls up and the bart image on the display singling it's ready to go the instrument display is digital but has a sports car design. several points about the interior to allude to the legends of the road and the way it was a barge and reba. once inside in a seize reviews contribution clearly enough it's spelled out as an in the way in the mirror a time stamp hog and he would trim that refers to revisit boat designs and gives the interior just a touch of. the gear shift lever not only looks elegant it cradles the hand nicely as well. i mean his fine sporty nose and elegance feel fully combined on the steering wheel to us but she recognizes this
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twelve o'clock marking from sports cars but in this version it's made of wood. near the parking brake is another lever the driver can use to adjust the seats angle the switch to raise and lower the windows is here in the center console above the gear shift lever that takes a bit of getting used to. one little flaw in a sense noticed about the interior is the gap between the veneer and the plastic it's why the enough for her to stick your finger tips into that and for the seven hundred ninety years extra for the wood trim she feels she could have expected a much smoother transition that. the number of his smart special edition is engraved in a little batch the contour and blue leather seats admirably combined elegance and sportiness. that is telling us. is this
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a bar version starts at thirty thousand euros or the test car stylish design brings it to over thirty four thousand to her the abart is a guarantee for driving fun as the design though is a matter of taste and she sees the little city car more as his snappy speedboat than a distinguished yacht and get to know ya. there's savings amc is expanding the model range for its age class the latest entry is the eight thirty five am g under the hood you'll find a two leader four cylinder turbo that puts out of beefy two hundred twenty five kilowatts of power like its more powerful sibling the a forty five b. a thirty five am she also features all wheel drive the new entry level performance car can go from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour and just four point seven seconds. has launched its near zero practical compact s.u.v.
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with a good driving range according to the new standardized tests the model with the one hundred kilowatt electric motor can travel two hundred eighty nine kilometers on a single charge the version with a more powerful one hundred fifty kilowatt motor has a range of four hundred fifty five kilometers and europe that goes on sale in april . the car premier is usually follow a predictable pattern there are talks and speeches the audience looks expectantly at the stage and then the vehicle is unveiled or driven out. right at the skoda scholars day view the location itself was a world premiere for the first time an event like this was held in the is really capital to live eat. it's like. this is the not my. they are says that israel is an
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important market for skoda they are the strongest european brand here and currently the fourth most popular overall and they have a good partnership with importer champion motors it belongs to the ally group which is a real powerhouse here skoda also entered into a joint venture with them over a year ago to raise our activities in the field of digitalisation to a new level if you didn't go i think that is the only boy of a noise limits of a. champion motors c.e.o. also told the invited guests from around the world how important the cooperation was skoda is to them. and we have it for long which is really. privileged to be we have good the wonderful people mutual respect. joint war and we believe in the future scooted considers israel the new silicon valley tel of evo so many high tech startups it's now called
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silicon wadi. the almighty not meyer says they've established a spinoff of their progs based lappie exist and are working closely with thirteen startups they've taken a stake in country startups focused on topics like artificial intelligence big data and other technologies to better serve their customers and offer customized products beans a kind of a right now it's the skoda scott well that's the focus of attention based on volkswagen groups and q.b. platform a four point thirty six meter long compact offers a host of driver a citizen modern technology. that's what is about scooters has designer thinks the most striking part of the car's exterior is its front a very straight proud grill and the connection between the headlights grille and hood give the car most of its character and of course its basic proportions there's this length with a sloping roof at the back and the dynamic side profile of the rears a real looker with a black. hatchback that develops out of the sloping roof line for him the highlight
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is the skoda lettering on the black tailgate which stands out and adds a nice touch to spots makes up the consulate's again. this although. this car with his trunk in a comedy four hundred sixty seven leaders of cargo buyers can pay extra for not lycra tailgate with a tip to close function. also available a retractable tow bar that can be unlocked at the push of a button. by gunsmoke are not my explains what prompted the name change from rapid to scala speech he says the new cars considerably larger operation a wider spectrum of things and has new assistant systems you'd normally only finding cars have a higher class so it needed a new name to set it apart and there's another reason to scoot it will keep producing the ramp in markets where it's perfectly suited to buyers needs like china and russia and that's because we wanted to get this car
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a new platform and show that it's a step up the ladder and hopefully it will be a commercial success platform game. is the finest do for me. but told me that this kind of thing difference now forgotten. the stretch dashboard features a digital cockpit and and infotainment system a six point five inch screen as standard but eight and nine point two inch displays are available under the hood buyers can choose between three gasoline engines and one diesel with outputs ranging from seventy one to one hundred twelve kilowatts. while some auto makers have been busy bringing out new s.u.v.s this year the ford kuga or ford escape as it's known in the u.s. celebrated its tenth anniversary we're trying out the second generation of this robust s.u.v. and the slightly more luxury. he has been yama version. i think about it
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current estimate is correct says you could follow suffice forever over whether the whole s.u.v. crazy makes any sense or not but that would take up far too much time so he's going to leave that to one side and just focus on the specific qualities or weaknesses of this ford who goes in yada. yada. the cool good comes from a choice of two one point five meter eco boost gasoline engines and two for two liter diesel's we're testing the smaller diesel version which has one hundred ten kilowatts of power and a manual six speed transmission. there's also a sick speed power shift automatic available. but not dislikes very much about all of ford's been yellow models whether it's the me
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as max or the mondeo cetera is the interior trim he particularly likes the decorative seams and the leather finish whether it's real leather or artificial. he thinks it gives you the sense of being in a really high quality color so monta says you just feel good you get in the car and think wow. the food i had. sure. the number of visible features like the leather steering wheel add to the lecturing feel of the venue out of the seats also have a memory function which stores your settings and there's a park assist the dashboard is uncluttered with a mixture of analog and digital instruments. as soft quilted leathers. seeds earned immediate eye catcher and offer added
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comfort. outside the chrome surrounding the radiator grille immediately distinguishes the even the i look. at. the funny styling includes bumpers and under right guard at the front and rear which matched the color of the paint shop. but how did all the other mantis is very impressed with the vin yellow models he does think there's a negative side of though not everyone might see it that way you can't just go to any ford dealer or any garage because when young those are only supposed to be
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serviced by the special flagship stores that sell them. then they will at least pick the car up from your home and bring it back afterwards and they clean it to. the. overall mata's can't find too much wrong with this cougar out of. the workmanship is good the car steers and handles well it has a decent amount of power one hundred fifty horsepower or one hundred ten kilowatts you could have more but he thinks it's a good compromise as this isn't a race car. david has to do with cars and in. on it can be found at the s.
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and motor show this festival for out immobile and tuning fans just have its fifty first edition in early december the five hundred plus exhibitors and something for everyone laypeople and professionals alike. ridiculous the top trends for the past several years alloy wheels chancy parts complete suspensions and sports exhaust systems. also on demand or spoilers wide body aerodynamic kits and roll bars for luxury and sports cars tunings becoming respectable no longer the domain of grease monkeys. among the highlights of the motor show was the premier of tesla's model three. and a range of electric vehicles and motor sports has also ground with one thousand four hundred a kilowatt the remax concept two is
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a powerhouse on wheels and the fastest car at the show by far. he calls it a beautiful rocket it's nice to see cars kind of fashion for yourself. even the most discriminating automotive camas stores find choice rear bits and aston martin d b two bought for three million euros is the most valuable car at the show one of the most famous vintage cars is this one nine hundred fifty six were c.t.s. benz one ninety s l while the corvids easier zero six with four hundred twenty five kilowatts output is still destined to become a legend this event is a stage for motor show premieres for example scooters kodiak car edge and we're knows me gun r s. two in its safe every year the finest tune police car. as unveiled at the s.
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and motor show this year it's a two hundred seventy five kilowatt b.m.w. i ate hybrid coupe a. this life size porsche it was welded together from a good twenty thousand pieces of scrap metal it took three people four months to complete it weighs one point three tons but it's an art object just for show not for driving. schools or i mean he explained seen his team have been doing this for fifteen years they started with a little sculptures and progressed to bigger ones with time learning by doing one day someone approached them at the s. and motor show and asked if they could build a car for him with a wall and. this ford mustang has an electronic paint shop the right step in time with their sound of the engine or the music in the interior a world first its own or close job has been to customizing cars in essence for
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twenty five years. i think that he describes as being his incredible estimating that some five hundred hours of work went into it he could have bought a lecturing receive these with the money it cost. even so the most expensive car for sale at the show was this one nine hundred fifty nine b.m.w. zero five zero seven with a price tag of some two and a half million euros its first owner was the baron as from two since elvis presley drove the same model. rob lowe's was in essence showing a design car the bravos seven hundred four by ford to the power of two special edition only ten of these highly exclusive all terrain vehicles have been built so far. everyone who loves cars can find something at the s. and motor show it's all about fun on wheels.
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block and next time i'm driving the bentley benjy again without a big v eight engine. and fun and friends when we find out how well the kodiak can cope with the goal. of. the big. i'm going to.
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stop wrong by women business as usual you've lost interest in. the boldness of the big dumb ass the brave and determined the few being a junction a mission in libya a chance before him an islamist that you can't let war and destruction get you down labeled a moslem a little just hours thirty minutes long deep w five. natural
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riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland has been called ethiopia's gringo the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international giants. the government is after high export revenues and the corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. mix creation environmental destruction starvation. the selling out of a country that duncan's. starts december twenty ninth on d w. climate change. waste.
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pollution just so. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing are ones are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's instrument. to go into the environment magazine. on d w. a twenty nineteen come to. the starting whistle is about to sound the premier event of asian football . kick off has had a look sick and identified the favorites the moment shots coaches players fans up close personal touch. but twenty nineteen cut the big kick off series starts december twenty seventh w. the.
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odd. place. to. this is the news coming to you live from london at odds of a building award after shutdown there's nothing we can do about that. a partial shutdown of the u.s. government could soon as strong and congress disagreeable funding a multibillion dollar border wall along mexico's also coming up a starting point to expose the ford indeed i think dramatic details to his book german journalist and a low cheers from dish be the.


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