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we're glad to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of the supply might be an issue for you soon. so nothing is just the children who have always been the way n.i.c.u. and those that will follow are part of a new kind of success. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. you. never want to welcome to another exciting edition of your own max with near host meghan lee we've got a lot to celebrate on the show so let's get right to it here's a look at what's coming up. silent night the world's most famous carol was first
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heard two hundred years ago. happy birthday queen sylvia of sweden turning seventy five. and christmas classic how to prepare a perfect roast goose. but we kick off today's show with the song silent night in the holiday season wouldn't be complete without some rendition of it but did you know that this christmas carol is two hundred years old it was first performed at a church in ourselves in austria a young priest wrote the lyrics two years before and the text was then set to music by a local teacher. so for the final part of our series home for christmas we head to austria to see the place where silent night has its origins.
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the. see. no. good. news. it's. only. even if some have to brush up on the lyrics almost everyone knows the world's most famous christmas song it originated here in the austrian village of over and off in the run up to christmas the small town years outspend offers visitors silent night tours to eliminate the songs history just before so i know many start here with this picture over here you can see the side of my chapel. organist and teacher friends of a group are and the young parish priest yosef more composed the music and wrote the
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lyrics and together performed this song an open door from christmas eve in eighteen eighteen traveling salesman took the song to markets across europe while christian missionary spread even further around the globe. hundreds of the missionaries realized that hobbit a christian message and was easy for families to learn and that's probably why it became so popular motion and then if we can put off since the nineteenth century the song has been translated into more than three hundred languages. share. and no other carol has been recorded as. often is the effort green from austria with versions by a series of superstars. which
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. the locals an open door stage a historical play in various locations that dramatize is the origin of silent night after the end of the napoleonic wars. was how do i have yet to sort through and of in that conflict it was a terrible time the poverty created by the wards and the molding troops that passed through the village this cute blend of today the song still evokes the hope for peace visitors to the silent night chapel can listen to the original version with its six verses and accompanying guitar chords.
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oh oh. oh in two thousand and eleven unesco added silent night to its intangible cultural heritage list sept primal hopes the songs popularity will last for generations to come. we have to try to maintain the tradition within the families so that children grow up using it it's not easy in the digital age of five because of the internet that kids just don't sing songs like that any single member of the human knew most so. some sixty thousand visitors flock to the small village every year most of them in the preakness missy's and tourists and locals. like enjoy the festive atmosphere around the silent night chapel this is all it's a quintessential christmas song that is always lovely because everyone associates it with a special memory system that brings people together particularly around christmas
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eve with over something so we had to phonied and then. defend it if we had the payment. is what are for it's known around the world and that's why it has become a place of pilgrimage around christmas with its message of peace silent night continues to bring people together in oberndorf and around the world. for our draw from a couple of weeks ago we had asked you to send us in your version of silent night and we received quite a few entries here some of them now. the. new you revolution.
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ok as always there can only be one winner and you just saw her there that's the very international euro max your. upon who is tired but lives in jordan and she loves germany just as well so congratulations you have won yourself in a regional christmas pyramid ok moving on now to a look at other stories making headlines on the culture scene starting with some furry friends who are also getting into the christmas spirit more on that coming up in today's express. the animals at london zoo got a taste of christmas from thursday the west and lowland gorillas to kobol to suss out how it happened can and it was but they soon got to. tasty brussels sprouts inside. campbell's ganga's and knowing that he was served breakfast in a christmas stocking. while the asiatic linus work have to pick catfish enough british
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christmas putting the papal scented with cinnamon and not make. out and about in iceland again according to a centuries old tradition thirteen trolls arrive from the frozen north to frighten or entertain children before christmas songs which wiper for example is out to steal food legend has it that the trolls mother used to eat naughty children. but these days the new lads are more into having fun and bringing gifts for the children oh. dear. santa and his busy elves have officially left their village in finland to begin their annual trip around the globe. he was spotted gliding through the snow in his reindeer drawn sleigh on the edge of the arctic circle.
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the name ian lapland was named sent his official home in two thousand and ten every year more than half a million visitors from all over the world come here to visit father christmas. so santa claus is out and about trying to make children's wishes come true so what do you think a queen would wish for as she celebrates a milestone birthday i'm talking about sweden's queen sylvia who is turning seventy five queen sylvia will certainly be spending the holidays surrounded by her big family including seven grandchildren here's a look back at her life so far. green sylvia is admired far beyond sweden's borders she was born in germany to a brazilian. mother and a german father so many germans have always considered her to be their queen to. devolve i won't change the perception in sweden is different in sweden the main figure is the king and he has
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a great what all the germans perception is there's queen sylvia who happens to have a husband. for more than four decades silvio has personified the perfect queen standing by her husband king karl the sixteenth cool stuff like here at the annual nobel prize ceremony in stockholm but she wasn't born into this role. still you are not as a mother which came into the world in heidelberg in one thousand nine hundred forty three in one nine hundred seventy two she met swedish crown prince congress stuck at the olympic games in munich where she was working as an interpreter. in march nine hundred seventy six e.u. officials he presented sylvia as his fiance. it's funny. i didn't decide to marry a king i decided to marry the man i loved the most i hadn't been meet the couple married three months after announcing their engagement and sylvia quickly won over
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the hearts of the swedish people to this day many are convinced that sylvia is the best thing that could have happened to the swedish royal family. they credit her with having transformed her husband stuff from a playboy prince into a respectable monarch his or herself became a modern hard working queen just asked cooney going in there she was the first queen in sweden is thousand year history of course the first commoner but also the first queen to interpret this office as a job and and to fill it with real purpose and. her work on behalf of children the disabled and the underprivileged quickly became her trademark she serves as a patron of dozens of charitable organizations. z. had i'm a function of to look when she set up various foundations and now she's considered one of the experts worldwide on children's rights issues with. funding for i think that's united nations and some other really big institutions have great respect for
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her and i think that the. queen sylvia made it clear she wanted to bring up her children herself the family came across as modern and in touch with the people and willing to speak openly about their struggles. and what she was very courageous in publicly admitting that her children were experiencing problems and that the crown princess had anorexia and was also dyslexic and her son had dyslexia to the middle because she felt that being open about it would help her children and other children to the best in the. queen's ill be also weathered a number of storms the image of the happy royal couple became somewhat tarnished during the one nine hundred ninety s. . the body of a. little if they were asked was ruthless in reporting on the couple's private lives about affairs the king had an alleged trips to the red light district. where
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you are that's a physical obviously it must have been a nightmare for the queen. because this is the thought for next session invited her but it had all long since been cleared up between the two of them and no one ever knew about it is a higher told they could have been so into the queen's decision to stand by him and to continue her role in such an exemplary fashion won her a lot of credit in sweden exclaim to what a guy. the royal family held in advance celebration for queens of used first day this week at a theater in stockholm prawn friends victoria and her husband daniel and prince confident bent his wife sophia were among the guests. sylvia's youngest daughter princess modern then and her husband were also there to celebrate the. birthday and honor her for her untiring efforts to help others. in the new year something unusual just might be spotted on the streets in germany
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in east cooter now they're still not permitted here but france has introduced them in paris and it's proving to be an effective way to maneuver through heavy traffic . east coasters are taking over the streets of paris and most every street corner you can see these trucks in that electric as the french call them just waiting to be rented. on like the scooter using an athlete and then drive off at speeds of up to twenty five kilometers an hour. to get them to depart but i work in customer service in paris the scooter is practical ecological and saves me time so i'm done with all the. pick up my kid from school but also to service tutor is very useful for small shopping trips that's what you need. a company called lime started paris is first rental service a few months ago now four companies are competing for this growing market.
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our scooters have been used more than a million times we average around thirty thousand trips per day. paris is plagued by small going traffic jams so scooters a car on quickly the city is looking for ways to get cars off the streets and promote alternative modes of transport but a scooter like this is meant to carry only one person so what's allowed and what's not. the city plans to pass a law governing the use of the scooters next year. something that can go up to twenty five kilometers an hour has no place on the sidewalk so it's dangerous so there will be a one hundred thirty five euro fine for that. goal safety first but it can still be fun and after users where to find one and once they're done scooting around they can just believe it. and next we're off to ukraine to visit
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a toy factory that takes the traditional approach to manufacturing now there's no sign of plastic at the u. gears workshop that's because every model is made of wood over the past few years a company has used several crowdfunding campaigns to get on their feet and their toys have become a huge hit. each of these models comprises hundreds of individual punks doing find any plastic batteries the trains and trucks consist excusably all intricately assembled pieces of wood mountains propelled forward fine by the band. and they are just vehicles to choose from either. no one expected us to create a musical instrument you can assemble and play yourself. like the old masters or customers can build an instrument from the middle ages. the yugas company was founded in kiev in twenty fourteen and has been exporting toys to
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phones the world over. to be successful with what models in the past again every angle must be right every detail must be exact it often takes thousands of attempts until everything is perfect. tension is what i want to achieve this is what attracts them to it. so it's always interesting to come up with your own ideas and then turn them into reality says. most of the design has been finalized they use an laser to cut the pieces from the new plywood. customers compress them out of the chute to home and assemble them according to a blueprint. some thirty models are now available with something for everyone from beginners to professional craftsman but sometimes customers have special requests to. form and. in southeast asia our partners asked us to put something other than
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a ballerina in the middle of the model that could symbolize happiness for example. a ballerina isn't popular fare. it's always about giving our customers things that mean something to them. then they sell better. assembly of the tractable model with ninety seven pots takes just three quarters of an i want to complete a treat for an experience model make. the most complex models consist of almost six hundred parts. final puzzle seem to be catching on again in the digital wells production is currently running full speed ahead and. the model is still being packaged it will end up all over the world in time for christmas so thank the models are designed and manufactured here in the ukrainian capital kiev.
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but next spend a tenth of production remains in the country. thank you thank us. overseas customers have long since discovered the full mistah to. facebook and instagram spread the would even without expensive advertising you get sales its models in around eighty countries and even big companies are interested in cooperation but what comes next. the goal is not to build bigger and bigger models or become even more complex there are already clear limits after which would be so difficult that most people couldn't assemble them anymore words were more concerned with aesthetics and originality and learn to do really. like this innovative fortune say thank you.
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thank you thank you incidentally you gave is stands for ukrainian gives a name that describes the halt of these modern day mechanical toys thanks . and finally good. this is the traditional christmas meal for most families here in germany and one place where you can enjoy it is at the hester bag estate in brandenburg just outside berlin this is where six hundred guests roam free now we visit the estates restaurant chef to find out how to prepare the perfect christmas roast goose dinner. very. nice free range piece were raised at who tested bag and estates in eastern german state of brands and books then nine months old and weigh about five pounds each. estate. says that the birds feed on grain that's grown right on the farm part of
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his policy off humane treatment. than to does what they enjoy being able to run around in the open they can pack away of the grass for us and it's about as healthy an environment as you can imagine what i think it's a natural way to raise then it will be said they can live just as they have for ages and that's what this also contributes to the production of hormones in hans the bad sense of well being groups one wanted lobby for and. that's because up to it was always my. best to pakistan it was built in two thousand and one the main building contains living quarters and office space. on the right hand side of the complex there's a farm produce shop and the restaurant when visitors can enjoy a homegrown meal. brandenberg
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resident benyamin schultz trained terrorists chef. right now he's preparing stuffing for a dish of roast goose. doesn't close this loophole so this is a standard regional recipe i'm using apples oranges onion. smug war time life and then i rub salt and pepper into the meat and the both inside and outside also in the stone and yet in the first shot slices an onion. then an apple on an orange. thing pretty and it's in this recipe includes a lot of fitzsimmons and me transfer. the secret to creating the perfect roast goose is in the cooking time the meat should be tender while the skin should be crispy. is healthy it's
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a temple to accept the temperature for the goose is gone eighty degrees celsius for eight hours of each. other but they go through this slow cooking the acids from the fruit will permeate the meat slowly and evenly. in the flesh ensued. after the long cooking time you can tell whether the goose is well cooked by trying the joints. now place the goose breast side up on a counting board i'm coming to. the choices pieces go on to the dinner plates what's left will be used to season the gravy together with a wasted vegetables or does them both know what's left is just skin and bones but you can cook that along with it and hope this gives it a wonderful flavor long as there is nothing better than to. test a back they say if they roast goose with kale and red cabbage the chef uses lots of
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ingredients to spice up these winter vegetables. to put to make it special i at apple sauce to the red cabbage and. so there's also cloves cinnamon a leaf all spice and a bit of goose fat in it let's move though. now it's time to serve the food alongside the k in a red cabbage benyamin schultz of spectating dumplings made from rule and pre-cooked potatoes. then that's the roast goose and then you have it the classic german christmas dinner. what drink is best with such a hearty meal. for you to see it is a hoot to see all the my favorite is of course it's bone fruity and due to the variety of grapes you can drink it while its young hit it strong enough to hold its own against the particular sounds on everything no matter what they have for each
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e g.'s don't forget to raise a toast and enjoy your roast goose. and finally before we go we want to let you in on the winner of this week's drop now we have asked you what you need to make a perfect christmas and some of you answered with pictures of cookies and lots of various ornaments including a nativity scene but the winner comes from john gomez in colombia who said crew the christmas tree is the icing on the cake for him so congrats to you john you have won yourself an exclusive iran max watch and with that it is time to say goodbye but we will be back tomorrow with the highlights edition so closely that. next time on your own max the highlights tour with the germans are your constant is decked out for the festive season.
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to french artists and their artistic like creations. and find out how to rock your christmas gifts marker for. this fan more next time to ensure a maximum a. good .
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going to india inspire children to bond with nature that's the goal of the green school program throughout the state of gujarat government initiative is sowing the seeds for a new generation of environmentalist. when these children grow up that behavior will be exemptions and different from the norm.
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thirty min w. . the first climbing lesson from the door is grandma's arrives. joining a regular jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour and already getting returns home on the d w dot com tank. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with existing devices but this is a journey back to the roots government of. the shah shyly from the rubble. i didn't rush into systems. family
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starts in january twenty first. w. . all we can be the generation that ends it. malaria must die so
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millions can live. such. a good player when. the body . of this is d w news live from berlin all of overbuilding a wall of a shut down there's nothing we can do about that a partial shutdown of the us government kicks in as trump and congress disagreed over funding a multibillion dollar border war among mexico also coming up. i'm starving.


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