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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin all of overbuilding a wall ever shut down there's nothing we can do about that a partial shutdown of the u.s. government in a strong and congress disagreed over funding a multibillion dollar border war along mexico also coming up. a star reports that exposed the fortunately adding dramatic details to his work german journalist class of the locust from dish beagle has admitted to falsifying information bringing down
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his own career and tarnishing the name of his entire organization. back down to a german astronaut alexander guest has been sharing his into time experiences aboard the international space station and his plans for the future will bring you the latest. i'm come to the program the u.s. government has partially shut down after lawmakers missed a deadline for proving a spending bill president donald trump and congress could not agree on the five billion dollars bill for a border wall between the u.s. and mexico now the democrats say they are more effective solutions to border security a trunk refused to sign a bipartisan stopgap bill twelve votes the shutdown. it was one of donald trump's most divisive. election promise is
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a wall running the three thousand kilometer length of the border between the u.s. and mexico to keep illegal migrants out of america trump still insists the wall is needed to counter drug smuggling human trafficking and gang violence. our great country must have border security we don't want people coming in that aren't supposed to be here the only thing that's going to stop that is great border security with a war or a slight bends or whatever you want to call it but we need a great barrier on his twitter feed trump says the fortification would be totally effective while at the same time beautiful but u.s. lawmakers are not convinced democrats and republicans fail to reach agreement on funding the government democrats held out against trump's demand for five billion
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dollars to pay for the wall and. is. funding the border. national security experts. and honestly say. around a quarter of the u.s. federal government has gone into shutdown the senate and house of representatives are due to reconvene mid day in washington in the hope of averting a full scale crisis over the holiday period. washington correspondent stephanie moans told us about the likelihood of a fresh deal to avoid the shutdown. this is washington there's always a deal to be made but it would be highly speculative on my part to say oh yeah there will be a deal today on saturday or to say no there won't be any deal possible at all what's really going on is that this is that we are in the waning hours of the
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waning days of a republican majority in the house they have him in the in the senate of course and they will have more for the more so in the senate next year when the democrats take the house after gaining forty seats in the midterm elections however this is the last chance for president trump to make good on a critical crucial and huge campaign promise that he will push for the wall that he will build the wall and the mexicans pay for it now that's off the table mates kids are not paying for it so he needs the money from congress and is the last chance for him with a republican majority in the in congress in the house of representatives to get his money after that there's no chance of all and this is what it's all about. stephens the moans in washington time not to look at some of the other stories making news around the world a double car bombing in somalia's capital mogadishu has killed at least thirteen people the first blast struck a checkpoint near the presidential palace the second came minutes later at
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a nearby intersection the islamist insurgent group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attacks. the yellow vests have returned to the streets of france for a sixth street protests but in paris and other cities the numbers were far fewer than previous demonstrations in the south of the country one person was killed in a car accident at a traffic blockade and it's the tenth death since the nationwide antigovernment protests began last month. british police have arrested two people over the criminal use of drones at london's gatwick airport the airport was closed for almost thirty six hours after the drones were first sighted over the airfield on wednesday tens of thousands of passengers were affected and the airport has resumed many of its services today. a prize winning journalist a fan of germany's leading news magazines has handed back a number of awards after it was revealed he faked elements of his stories plus a lot is has admitted inventing entire passages and making up quotes. fired him
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earlier this week and management says it's looking into all of its work to establish the extent of his deception. class reload sears has won many awards for his detail rich reporter large much of it about the united states that was the story of gale gladys a woman from missouri who traveled around the country witnessing executions. or the item about a citizens' militia guarding the border in arizona. but after doubts were raised by a colleague has admitted that many details in these pieces were completely made up . before going the way he operates it was really built he kept people updated about the research he was still expect his editors about where he was being unsuccessful it was like he took everybody with him honest research trips false picture was created and we didn't have the structures to detect it so
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a canon. spiegel sees itself as a standard bearer of tough and factual journalism now spiegel gate has prompted some serious soul searching the problem does not stop with desh beagle the zoo tortured site on newspapers also revealed the reporter faked parts of interviews. is in pain and this is a one off case german journalism is in general of high quality but this one of k. should never have happened it's a disaster. we have to deal with this proactively we have to make clear sometimes we do make mistakes and sometimes there are even criminals among us as i think is the case here we have to investigate it. well germany's news organizations fret about how to ensure this kind of fraud can't happen again some a calling it fake news politicians from the far right a f d have been quick to point out the failings at dish legal and to suggest it's been unfairly critical those on the right. be invented journalism of class may be
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a rare case but it's likely only to add to the skepticism of those who already believe that the mainstream media doesn't tell the truth. german astronaut alexander guest has arrived home for the holidays and spoke today about his latest adventures in space he came back to earth on thursday after spending more than six months at the international space station at a press conference in cologne guest said he's looking forward to celebrating christmas with his family to having carried out some two hundred experiments in space but it would be all rest and relaxation for us to alex he spoke about what an astronaut life is like after coming back. as of the space weather let's from my last mission i realize that the period just after returning is also very busy so it's actually just another part of the operation in fact it's not over yet i'm still doing a handover for colleagues who will enter into space after me believe you know who
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are fleeing the self-assurance and the whole operation the international space station itself is carrying on one individual mission may come to an end but the important thing is that the program is still ongoing yes. and joining me now in studio is derek williams from our science desk to discuss this so derek this is very exciting for me i have to say alexander guest second mission to the international space station clearly there's something about him why do they keep choosing him well they chose him because he turned in a very very solid performance and in the blue dot mission back in twenty fourteen this particular mission he was the commander for the second half of the horizons commission mission he's just a very media savvy person he really. turned an entire generation of young people onto the idea of space so on the one hand he's proved his competence in space once already and and on the other hand he's he's proven that he's been able to make space something that's more of a daily thing for a lot a lot of young people down here on earth but before we talk more about the guest
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let's look back at the last six months of the of the mission that culminated in the landing in kazakhstan two days ago. i heard. back from space after spending months in zero gravity alexander guessed had to be helped out of the tiny still used capsule that ferry to him and his crew back to earth thirty to fifty feet is one that it feels like coming home although i am in kazakhstan and the place i haven't been to before it still feels like coming home. for three months are you know. his fellow astronauts russian surrogate procopio off and american serina anon chancellor both seemed exhausted but all are said to be doing well. the capsule was docked on to the international space station d.i.'s this which has been home to the astronauts for the past six and a half months despite several setbacks the crew performed dozens of scientific experiments on board and guests later became the first german to take over command
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of the i.s.a.'s he used his unique perspective to offer insight on environmental issues via social media before he left the i assess gary's sends a message to future generations. when looking down to earth i feel that i have to apologize. it looks like my generation is not going to leave the planet in the best condition. back on earth guess just ready to celebrate christmas with his family and remains determined to fight for the future of humankind. so derek it's interesting that a man who has orbits of the world around three thousand times in through the most incredible technology had something rather melancholic to say after history really was a very somber message that he signs to his unborn grandchildren. i've talked to several
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astronauts over the years and all of them kind of convey the same message one of and one of the most important aspects of that message is that me the earth is a very fragile place and the echo spirit that we are on this planet that we call home is is fragile it has a fragile it from space that you can imagine when you're down on the surface and they're flying over they're flying over landscapes there's seeing the wild fires caused by drought in california they're seeing the deforestation in the rainforest in the amazon there they're seeing the marine pollution along the coasts of the continent in a way that we don't see it down here on earth because we're limited simply to to our to our immediate environment and i think that that really that message that song message that sobering message is one that he wants very much to commit to use his position as the commander or wanted to use it in his position as the commander on the ice as to communicate that to people and do you think this is what he's going to keep doing because you know he said that he might be back on earth but his mission is definitely not complete well it definitely isn't because
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a big part of what astronauts do or cosmonauts do is is is they're working hard with public relations to try to make space a common endeavor of humanity and it's and going to space is something that nations really can't afford to do all on their own we're going to we have to come together even if we have political differences with russia or with china we're going to in the future. if we really want to explore space we're going to have to come together in a way that the us has shown as we can do and i think that that's that that particular message when i spoke with him was one that that they also came through very strongly he said once we get out there we're all just people. and so it would be surprising for example if he decides to join the usa maybe on their moon mission do you think there's a possibility that the moon mission exactly the moon the mars missions are things that are going to be happening in the future no one can really say when i would speculate that yes if it doesn't take too long to get there he is forty two after all so if it takes twenty years to get there they might not be wanting to send
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a sixty two year old up but if they happen quickly as nasa is possibly planning in the in the in the next ten to twelve years yes he might actually make it to them to see what happens derrick williams thank you for that news from us. a lucky ticket holder has struck it rich ahead of the holidays as the winning number was called in the spanish lottery known as el gordo or the fact one millions of people gathered together to watch the draw of spain's traditional christmas no two and a total of two point four billion euros were up for grabs the stime in the first place ticket wins four hundred thousand euros from the jackboot the draw takes place at the madrid opera house where schoolchildren sing out the winning numbers on stage and the excitement even brought some students to tears as they read out the number as the highly anticipated tradition dates back more than two hundred
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years. you're watching the news live from berlin well coming at the top of the hour in the meantime feel free to log on to our website d.w. dot com for around the clock news and information thank you for watching. the natural regions on precious resources. and a room warning investment. forum which has been called ethiopia is going. the country has enough funding supply and leases it to international joint.


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