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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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this is the news line from daily star reporter exposed full fortunately adding dramatic details to cues west german journalism class of a lawsuit from a news magazine dish spiegel has admitted to falsifying information bringing down his own korea and tanisha the name of his entire organization also coming up how the shutdown is nothing we can do about that. partial shutdown of the us government chips in as president trump and congress disagree over funding. wall along the
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mexican border. i'm glad you could join us a prize winning journalist at one of germany's leading news magazines has handed back a number of awards after it was revealed he faked elements of his story class for a lot is has admitted inventing entire packages and making up quotes there spiegel fired him earlier this week and management says it's looking into all of his work to establish the extent of his deception. class reload sears has won many awards for his detail rich reporter large much of it about the united states that was the story of gale gladys a woman from missouri who traveled around the country witnessing executions. all the item about a citizens' militia guarding the border in arizona. but after doubts were raised by
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a colleague admitted that many details in these pieces were completely made up. the way he operates draws really people he kept people updated about the research he was doing he spoke to his editors about where he was being unsuccessful it was like he took everybody with him honest research trips saw false picture was created and we didn't have the structures to detect it so a canon spiegel sees itself as a standard bearer of tough and factual journalism now spiegel gate has prompted some serious soul searching the problem does not stop with fish beagle the zoo tortured psycho newspapers also revealed the reporter faked parts of interviews. this is a one off case german journalism is in general of high quality but this one of k. should never have happened it's a disaster. we have to deal with this proactively we have to make clear sometimes
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we do make mistakes and sometimes there are even criminals among us as i think is the case here we have to investigate. them. while germany's news organizations fret about how to ensure this kind of fraud can't happen again some are calling it fake needs politicians from the far right a f d have been quick to point out the failings that dish legal and to suggest it's been unfairly critical of those on the right. the invented journalism of class may be a rare case but it's likely only to add to the skepticism of those who already believe that the mainstream media doesn't tell the truth. dish beagle isn't out of the woods yet in fact the u.s. ambassador to germany has called for an independent investigation into what he sees as institutional bias and anti american attitudes and with more on this developing story we're joined by dint of his digital reporter we thank you for joining us so
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what exactly did the ambassador so the america's ambassador to germany richard grinnell yesterday wrote a letter to the spiegel basically using what appears to be a one off i'll be a very extreme case of a journalist lying to paint a bigger picture of bias and anti-americanism at the magazine the pub legal has the letter published it we have it here it says it's clear we the united states were targeted by institutional bias he goes on to say that reporters are responding to what leadership wants accusing spiegel of allowing this atmosphere of bias to flourish grinnell ends the letter by calling for an open independent investigation into this so-called anti blatant anti-americanism at spiegel so is he casting his net a little too wide here or is he right. right well course spiegel pushes back a bit they published a letter of their own today in response to grinnell's letter we have that as well in that the deputy editor in chief says he admits that the magazine's safeguarding
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and verification process he's failed in this case but then he says that grylls bigger picture criticism drawing a line between criticizing the u.s. president and anti-american bias he writes quote anti-americanism is deeply alien to me and i am absolutely aware of what germany has the us to thank for a whole lot there spiegel harbors no institutional bias against the united states and of course this story would not be. if it didn't spill on to twitter richard grinnell posted a tweet to further his claim on twitter we have that it's a claim of several spiegel covers from the past in which he writes their spiegel says they don't have any anti-american bias but the facts tell a different story below are only a few examples now of course are more observant viewers might notice that many of these covers are from the george w. bush era so little bit dated of course the spiegel those people has been criticized for many rather blunt similar covers in the trump era his critics went after though
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his broad brush strokes a reporter from the german public broadcasters e.d.f. got involved he interjected every real journalist is outraged by the fabricated stories he said to richard grenell on twitter but every journalist should be outraged by what you the ambassador make of it to you yourself are critical about german politics but nobody calls you anti german so he and then went back and forth on twitter about these these very importance of you all through this morning so where does this story go i mean at the moment the institution of dish legal its integrity is on the line how do they get out of that and do we just keep seeing back in full. right so you know the current the current issue they go through a long investigation of how this all happened they apologized time and again government officials complaining about unfavorable news coverage is of course nothing new certainly not unique to the trumpet ministration i mean i have here this is from two thousand and fifteen from barack obama's ambassador to germany
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writing a very similar letter about spiegel's coverage about u.s. sanctions in russia so that's nothing new criticism of spiegel being rather outlandish with its reporting in its editorial layout styles also nothing new and sadly journalists occasionally lying and embellish in their stories is also nothing new spiegel is just the next in a long line of major news outlets who have to deal with this problem but the stakes are a lot higher now donald trump is one of the least truth. presidents in history and as we saw in the report before he and his ideological allies in europe for example right here in germany do not need any excuses to call what we do fake so when something in the news business in the news media actually is fake it only makes their job easier and our job much harder secondly william know if you crossed from my digital desk thank you. well the u.s. government has partially shut down after lawmakers missed a deadline for approving a spending bill president donald trump and congress could not agree on the five
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billion dollars bill for a border war between the u.s. and mexico the democrats say there are more effective solutions to border security but trump refused to sign a bipartisan stopgap il to avert the shutdown. it was one of donald trump's most divisive election promises a wall running the three thousand kilometer length of the border between the u.s. and mexico to keep illegal migrants out of america trump still insists the wall is needed to counter drug smuggling human trafficking and gang violence. our great country must have border security we don't want people coming in there are supposed to be here the only thing that's going to stop that is great border security with a war or a slat or whatever you want to call it but we need all makers i'm not convinced
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democrats and republicans fail to reach agreement on funding the government democrats held out against trump's demand for five billion dollars to pay for the wall and. is. funding the. national security experts. unanimously say. around a quarter of the u.s. federal government has gone into shutdown the senate and house of representatives are due to reconvene to midday in washington in the hope of averting a full scale crisis over the holiday period. is washington correspondent stephanie once told us about the likelihood of a fresh deal to avoid a shutdown. this is washington there's always a deal to be mates but it would be highly speculative on my part to say oh yeah
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there will be a deal today on saturday or to say no there won't be any deal possible adult what's really going on is that this is that we are in the waning hours of the waning days of a republican majority in the house they have remained in the senate of course and they will have more for the more so in the senate next year when the democrats take the house after gaining forty seats in the midterm elections however this is the last chance for president trump to make good on a critical crucial and huge campaign promise that he will push for the wall that he will build the wall and the mexicans pay for it now that's off the table mates because they're not paying for it so he needs the money from congress and is the last chance for him with republicans majority in the in congress in the house of representatives to get his money after that there's no chance of all and this is what it's all about. that was did abuse staff and the ones in washington meanwhile there's been more fallout from donald trump's decision to pull u.s.
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troops out of syria u.s. media is reporting that brett mcgurk washington special envoy for the fight against so-called islamic islamic state has quit his post now c.b.s. says resignation came because of his quote strong disagreement with trump's decision on syria defense secretary jim mattis also announced his resignation on thursday on the back of that same decision let's now look at some of the other stories making news around the world another day of yellow vests on to government protests has been taking place across france demonstrators scuffled with police in paris but the force indicate turnout is no worse than in previous saturdays this week the government gave in to some of the yellow vests demands. british police have arrested two people of a criminal use of drones at london's gatwick airport the airport was closed for almost thirty six hours after the drones were first sighted over the airfield on wednesday tens of thousands of passengers were affected the airport has resumed
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many of its services today. a lucky ticket holder has struck to bridge ahead of the holidays as the winning number was called in the spanish lottery known as the or the fact one millions watched the draw of the traditional christmas event this year with two point four billion euros in prizes. i. bundesliga leaders brucia dock mourned kicked off the weekend with a two one win at home to second placed glad the game was the first in the final round of fixtures before the christmas and need season break and bottle and remain on top in the first half of the season. there was a festive mood as rival fans mingle before kick off dortmund captain marco roy's face these form a side desperate to give the home faithful an early.


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