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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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going out over country dead donkey. cart. horse december twenty ninth on t.w. . this is deja news live from berlin and donald trump stands firm on his demand for a border with. our shutdown there's nothing we can do about that. a partial shutdown of the u.s. government kicks in and strengthened the center's disagree over funding off the barrier along that makes a good border we'll have analysis from washington also coming up. a stall report to
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expose for fraud shouldn't be adding dramatic details to his work german journalists calls are not serious from news magazine danish legal has admitted to falsifying information bringing down his own korea and tarnishing the name of his entire organization. the world and. i'm christine one welcome to the program. even by his standards it's been a somewhat turbulent week for u.s. president donald trump and pressure is building on two fronts first more fallout from his decision this week to pull u.s. troops out of syria brett mcgurk who is washington's special envoy for the light against the so what is not mixtape has quit his post u.s. media saying he resigned because of ease strong disagreement with trump's decision on syria to defend sick. also the nonce his resignation on thursday on the back of
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that same decision. and now a fight of a donald trump's five billion dollar border wall has seen the united states government go into partial shutdown. it was one of donald trump's most divisive election promises a wall running the three thousand kilometer border between the u.s. and mexico to keep illegal migrants out of america. trump still insists the wall is needed to counter drug smuggling human trafficking and gang violence. our great country must have border security we don't want people coming in that are supposed to be here the only thing that's going to stop that is great border security where the wall or a slot beds or whatever you want to call it but we need a great barrier on his twitter feed trump says the fortification would be totally
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effective while at the same time beautiful. but u.s. lawmakers are not convinced democrats and republicans failed to reach agreement on funding the government democrats held out against trump's demand for five billion dollars to pay for the wall i don't think. there is any appetite. for war. funding the border war the national security interests. unanimously say one thing or person. around a quarter of the u.s. federal government has gone into shutdown the scene is in house of representatives a reconvening in washington on saturday in the hope of a versioning a full scale crisis over the holiday period. all right let's bring in michael in washington for us right now michael we see it all make this and the white house or rather will we see lawmakers and the white house strike some compromise and find
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a deal to end the shutdown. well if there is one rule covering the trump era then that is that it's impossible to predict what anything trump involved. will do so it's impossible to really predict what trump might do and how this will play out. the easiest thing for everyone involved would of course be to simply kick the can down the road again and that means to still fund the government again for a few more weeks or months and then bring up the issue again in the new congress but it's not clear if that is an option right now for congress. you talk about kicking the can down the road they have the democrats take over the house and they spent two weeks can triumph and long promised will often. frankly i think it's very hard to see how democrats after their midterm success
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could find anything that includes money for trump's border wall i think it is highly unlikely that democrats could go that way and i think it's very hard to see how hard they could pony up money for a forum for the wall after they have said repeatedly that they will not do so. all right mark it's been a turbulent week we soul prison donald trump's abrupt decision to pull out of syria prompting the resignation of defense secretary jim matches then today state envoy brickman now how concerned is washington right now. well a noted u.s. politics expert told me yesterday that it's time to be afraid now and that kind of sums up the mood here in washington pretty good lot of people are concerned about trump's increasingly erratic behavior and i was thing of a lot of his his advisors senior advisers like mattis who whatever you may think about him had some restraining influence on trump there outing makes makes it
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really difficult to see how trump's worst impulses could occur in the future so people are starting to really worry about the future here are at that stage michael clinic in washington for us thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world another day off again of this anti-government protest has been taking place across france demonstrators scuffled with police in paris special reports indicates turnout is no what that on previous saturdays this week the government gave in to some of the faces the demands. british police have arrested two people of the criminal use of drones at london's gatwick airport the airport was closed for almost thirty six hours after the drones were first sighted of the if wayne state tens of thousands of passengers were affected the airport has resumed many of its services today. a double car bombing in somalia's capital
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mogadishu has killed at least thirteen people the first came to sponsor venison full detects. a prize winning german journalist at one of germany's leading news magazines has handed back a number of wards after it was revealed he faked elements of his stories cross results he has admitted inventing entire passages and making up quotes biegel fired him earlier this week management says it's looking into all of his way to establish the extent of his deception. class reload series has won many awards for his detail rich reports much of it about the united states that was the story of gale gladys a woman from missouri who traveled around the country witnessing executions. or the item about a citizens' militia guarding the border in arizona. but after doubts were raised by
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a colleague submitted that many details in these pieces were completely made up. for going the way he operates was really built he kept people updated about the research he was still expect his editors about where he was being unsuccessful it was like he took everybody with him on his research trips falls picture was created and we didn't have the structures to detect it so a canon spiegel sees itself as a standard bearer of tough and factual journalism now spiegel gate has prompted some serious soul searching the problem does not stop with desh beagle the zoo tortured site on newspaper has also revealed the reporter faked parts of interviews with him but. this is a one off case german journalism is in general of high quality but this one of k. should never have happened it's a disaster. we have to deal with this proactively we have to make clear sometimes
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we do make mistakes and sometimes there are even criminals among us as i think is the case here we have to investigate it. while germany's news organizations fret about how to ensure this kind of fraud can't happen again some are calling it fake news politicians from the far right a f d have been quick to point out the failings at their spiegel and to suggest it's been unfairly critical of those on the right. the invented journalism of class may be a rare case but it's likely only to add to the skepticism of those who already believe that the mainstream media doesn't tell the truth. so daschle though isn't out of the woods c.-h. the message to germany has called for an independent investigation into what he sees as institutional bias and anti american natives now with me on this developing story. a reporter william no one thought across the right with him what did the ambassador have to say so the bastard in germany is richard grenell he wrote
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a letter to spiegel yesterday basically using this one off i'll be a very extreme instance of a journalist lying about his stories and his sources to paint a broader picture of what he sees as anti-american bias especially in the trump years spiegel magazine published the letter that was sent to them we have it here and in it grinnell says in part it is clear we the united states is referring to were targeted by institutional bias he goes on to say that reporters are responding to what leadership wants accusing spiegel of allowing the atmosphere of bias to flourish grinnell ends the letter by calling for an independent investigation into this so-called blatant anti americanism. a lot of people biggest changes right now and wondering is grinnell right now so spiegel doesn't think so of course they had over a letter in response today to grinnell and in it they the deputy editor in chief
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does admit that the magazine safeguarding and verification process is failed but then he put it pushes back on grinnell's bigger picture criticism drawing a line between criticizing the u.s. president and anti-american bias he writes anti-americanism is deeply alien to me and i am absolutely aware of what germany has the us to thank for a whole lot desh beagle harbors. no institutional bias against the united states and of course this story would not be complete if it didn't spill out on to twitter so grinnell today double down and we have a tweet of his that he published this morning or overnight showing multiple spiegel covers that he says is more evidence of anti-american bias we can see it here in it he says dish legal says they don't have any anti-american bias but the facts tell a different story below are only a few examples here we have examples that are a bit dated they are actually mostly from george w. bush's time in office although observant of viewers will remember that this people
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has had many controversial. bold cover stories cover images of donald trump one being of him decapitating the statue of liberty a reporter from the german public broadcasters e.d.f. got into the fray here on twitter he interjected with the ambassador every real journalist is outraged by the fabricated stories but every journalist should be outraged by what you the ambassador make of it to you yourself are critical about german politics but nobody calls you anti german and he and rebel a back and forth and it went on like that as it often does on twitter and said he does but where is this looking to be going so some of this is not new spiegel is often criticized for its more outlandish editorial and layout practices and appearances this is certainly not unique to the trump administration barack obama's ambassador to germany john emerson in two thousand and fifteen wrote a very similar letter saying spiegel about article he didn't like so the
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government government's having problems with what they see as unfair reporting is nothing new and unfortunately lying reporters is nothing new trying to make great stories that actually aren't true what is new is that we're living in a time where the president that's one of the most untruthful in history and he and his ideological allies in the us in europe right here in germany do not need any excuses to call what we do fake and so when there is actually fake news to call out it makes their job much easier and our job much harder all right. digital reports that we know of to profit that's that. now the final blenders legal round of two thousand and eighteen is underway let's have a look at the results from match day seventeen so far distal dolph grabbed an injury time winner in hand of eleven coups and were too strong for berlin to glaze to beat him in gutfeld home to show frye book took all three points home from
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nuremberg frankfurt's match against buy in is underway and there is confirmation of goldman's win on friday and we have games in all spoiled and hoffenheim to look forward to on sunday. a lucky ticket holder has struck rich ahead of the holidays as the winning number was called in the spanish and off we learn as el gordo all the facts by the millions of people gathered to watch the draw off spain's traditional christmas daughtry a total of two point four billion euros were up for grabs this time and the first place ticket wins four hundred thousand years from that jackpot the draw takes place in madrid opera house we exclude children sing out the winning numbers on stage the excitement even brought some students to tears as they read out the numbers as the highly anticipated tradition dates back more than two hundred he is . already watching the news live from berlin mole
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