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tv   Doc Film - Jonas Kaufmann A Tenor for the Ages  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2018 2:15am-3:00am CET

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first yellow card of the campaign is well i the platinum market in the second half you could tell we were very tired this is it has been long and hard so far we've had a lot of games but we still managed to get it sorted and we pleased with the win for the thirty one after an impressive start to the season braman are stuck in mid table mediocrity while like so you head into the break sitting pretty in full place . now has this for a soccer scrooge for a coach and they told his players they would have to train during the holidays if they used to just as or if and for a full ninety minutes the game remained goalless but fortune favored for tuna in the ninety first minute olivet think scored the winner with a big helping hand from keeper s. or an early christmas gift for the visitors who will spend the winter break four points clear of the relegation zone meanwhile the hanover players will be facing
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a winter workout after all. and we're going to bring you two games now featuring two under pressure coaches in a moment we'll see if shout can restore it to many go today as goes reputation with a win against struggling in stuttgart but first embattled leverkusen boss heiko hellish was hoping to silence his critics by beating have heard him rumors have been swirling that he could face early dismissal after come pain that has left the club on the rhine far from the european spots. leverkusen fans were well and truly in the christmas spirit ahead of this clash and they received an early gift for kevin fall and stick it strike by christmas is a time for laughter too that came courtesy of help to keep erroneous dine his blunder allowing cut habits that double his sides leave. the youngster did get a little lucky with the finish but. not everyone saw the funny side of course chin
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up rhona have to hit back just three minutes later jordan children are eager turning home from close range was this the start of an epic comeback no it wasn't leverkusen killed the drama just after the break habits again this time a sumptuous law five goal number for this season for the indicated. three one ended high fives all round from a satisfied heiko hellish. dominica to disco hope his shock aside could end the miserable first half of the season on a high they faced a snappy dresser in stuttgart who are marking one hundred twenty five years of history and retro style there were no prizes for fashion no shelter took the lead early on through steve inskeep steve my hands doubled their lead in the seventieth minute sell it sonny playing this one above he received considerable backup from
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mario gomez that. should got him back just two minutes later for nicklaus domes are less obtained on the beam over shell to put things to bed just moments later when scripts he teamed up after it could two g.b. . first been his league goal for the young turk. despite the win it's been a stormy season so far for to discuss strugglers this is a side that he says on the first half of the season was crap to put it simply we don't need to beat around the bush it wasn't good at all. so i'm just really happy it's over. more misery meanwhile for mario and co. now it's time for the bull in this league is play of the day as voted by our followers on twitter and we may have just seen it and it will make painful reviewing for berlin fans out there but here is that sneak goal following that defensive blunder by head to forty four
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percent of our followers on twitter wanted to see this one again a fumble by berlin keeper one a gift at the loading half it's a free shot which to be fair he seemed fairly surprised by it and near missed as you may remember though steve go on to score a cracker for leverkusen later. now here are the results so far for much day seventeen and there are the wins for byron and of course leipzig hanover slipped up against the door for support of course in the very last minute practically leverkusen beat at berlin shook our sneaked up slipped up against shell and freiburg took all three points home from nuremberg the visitors took just nineteen minutes to score the only goal of the match manuel gould a just getting the slightest of touches on a free kick from. that's an effing games now nuremberg is out and we are in
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times. now we have games of course on sunday between spirit and evolve spurred and hoffenheim will take on minds and there's confirmation of friday's game dortmund who beat us to one and there's of course this is how it came about the black and yellows took a first half lead with matthew goode taking out jade and son show who found a no for him to score from the tightest of his six go of the season for the eight. you're out. but the visitors hit back on the stroke of half time with just off comma firing his side level the defender fastest to the newspoll there. but an inch perfect set up marco royce for the winner early in the second half to make it two one and ensure lucy on five a side goes into the break on a high and. let's see how those results affect the standings of course dortmund and
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the first half of the campaign on top and six points ahead of byron munich moved down leipsic up there in those champions made spots frankford just outside the champ and six pots and look who has made a reappearance in the top half of the table laver cues and they edge up there after some recent semi good for down the bottom and the winter break will be long and painful for nuremberg. of course beginning to edge up the table after of course three back to back wins shall to win because when also moves them up a three points for burke on sunday could change all that. well that's all we have time for today on this edition of the bone this week on q. w. dortmund's players here i've got the job done and to look forward to a well deserved winter break out the top but we'll be back on sunday to discuss all the top talking points of the scenes and so far the former germany goalkeeper it's
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not enough it's a don't miss start we need you now with these images from saturday's games so for me and the rest of the team here in berlin five by. zero the christmas on. the other good lights go germs. are the shrubbery the loveliest ways to crack a present. festive spirit a visit to konstanz christmas market. next.
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year. you know this zero five minute or minute. has a power and beauty combines he has it all. fits in the pantheon of the great tenors certainly he's one for the ages. because most. say this is a. hundred german street on. the news on the school kid she's not seen the incident. supposed to
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take us out two days time soon boost side by. playing. people who put big dreams on the big screen play the movie magazine on the w. play. everyone and welcome to our highlights show i'm your host meghan lee we have put together a very christmassy program for you today here's a look at what's coming up. happy holidays downtown potsdam is decked out for the festive season. bright couple two french artists and their light
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creations. finishing touches on how to wrap your christmas gifts like a pro. and we start off on a musical note silent night is one of the most popular christmas songs but did you know that it's about two hundred years old it was first performed in a church in a small village in austria while a young priest wrote the lyrics and then they were set to music by a local teacher we learn now how it became the most famous christmas song of all time. the. how. we. know. the.
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news. to me. even if some have to brush up on the lyrics almost everyone knows the world's most famous christmas song it originated here in the austrian village of over and off in the run up to christmas the small town years on spec offers visitors silent night tours to eliminate the songs history just before i know many start here with this picture over here you can see the side that my chapel. organist and teacher friends of a group are and the young parish priest yosef more composed the music and wrote the lyrics and together performed the song and opened doors on christmas eve in eighteen eighteen traveling salesman took the song to markets across europe while christian missionary spread even further around the globe. as if the missionaries
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realized that it hobbit a christian message and was easy for families to learn and that's probably why it became so popular and they didn't know if we could put off since the nineteenth century the song has been translated into more than three hundred languages. that you. know whether carroll has been recorded as often as the evergreen from austria with versions by a series of superstars. was .
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just. the locals an open door stage a historical play in various locations that traumatizes the origin of silent night after the end of the napoleonic wars. was i have yes this was true and of and the gun for it was a terrible time the poverty created by the wards and the molding troops that passed through the village this year plans of today the song still evokes the hope for peace visitors to the silent night chapel can listen to the original version with its six verses and accompanying guitar chords. oh oh. oh in two thousand and eleven unesco added silent night to its intangible cultural heritage list sept primal hopes the songs popularity will last for generations to
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come. we have to try to maintain the tradition within the families so that children grow up as things it is not easy in the digital age of five because of the internet it gets. don't sing songs like that anymore and it will sing a member of the human in most old. some sixty thousand visitors flock to the small village every year most of them in the pretty christmas season tourists and locals alike enjoy the festive atmosphere around the silent night chapel this is all it's a quintessential christmas song that is always lovely because everyone associates it with the special memories that brings people together particularly around christmas it was over something so we had to phonied and then. we had the famous. sort of it's known around the world and that's why open doors has become a place of pilgrimage around christmas with its message of peace silent night continues to bring people together in oberndorf and around the world.
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on now to some christmas present ideas to french artist based near bordeaux specialize and lamps with paper maché figures now they both put their own creative input into them they're based near the french city of bordeaux but their customers are located all over the globe well i recently met up with them in their studio where all the magic happens. these figures are light as a feather that's because they're sculpted out of paper into feminine forms which resemble dancers. they're called man was and are the work of french artist sophie muito and frederick di bruni frederick structures the paper and sophie and her touch to it by creating the various figures.
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and a few pieces. to my point the electric parts inside depleted section of the lamp internally lighted up if you focus to see clear and sophie works on the personification. each character. we both work on the concept of each lamp. of our own range of skill and expertise that. sophie uses a paper maché technique to sculpt the figures this includes the use of different types of paper and glue to hold it all together. she prefers paper to other sculpting materials because of its flexibility. the made in france label doesn't come cheap but their clients are willing to spend seven hundred euros and upwards for a hand sculpted lamp. but. there are many different
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kinds of paper i started out using old newspapers that i gathered up you can use recycled paper so it's a good paper to start with and it's also very light. do they think it's a lot of freedom to work at home when there's also paper that's very valuable or there's a transparency to it or is it more of their papers that have a quality that makes a nice to work with and to touch and to mold. further england about plea to paper in asia their sculptures are a mix between art and technology and have made it to some of paris's best known addresses book or day one that cover your we've worked on some beautiful projects for. we made and that was else according to the ballet as an opera we have are doing i created ballerinas and dancers for the different performances little place there. so we also liked working for one hundred seventy people he which is
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linked to the museum of decorative arts. as it is out there there we were commissioned twice to decorate their windows both projects that were really close to our hearts because we were a part of a specific place and we had to create works the connected with that place. of experience. and the two artists are expanding their repertoire to include neon like they outsource the creation of the to lower their signature figure is of course included in. the liner elements come in different forms. some are shorter and wider than this. and we have others that are much larger. than the biggest we have measures one hundred fifty centimeters. with christmas just around the corner so she and federico are
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busy making and shipping off lamps and other paper figures to clients all over the globe. our american clients are buying lots of pieces like this one to put on top of their christmas trees. well clearly our australian clients like our little rabbit figures like this one. well in all colors . and our french clients of whom there are also many really like these little characters either in white who are painted. we don't want to get more that home along. with you but our top seller are the modern ones as. we sold about a thousand of them so far. whatever the time of year it is decorative lamp shade a cosy light on any space. here in berlin the city is really in the christmas spirit with its traditional markets lighted
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boulevards and spice wine but tourists are also flocking to the famous museum island to see what's on offer now one of the architects responsible for helping to shape museum island is david chipperfield we see now how he has made his mark there . crowded on to belinda's museum. which houses the collection of classical and. the. nineteenth century art. which comes. among its collection. the paddle more newseum currently undergoing renovation with its famous power. and the border museum which boasts an impressive collection of. every year more than
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two million people visit this unesco world heritage site. really like so many museums being in such close proximity to each other here. from. its. new museum was heavily damaged in world war two and stood in ruins for many decades in two thousand and three british architect david chipperfield began restoration work on it. everyone appreciated his plan to combine historical and modern elements but now his work is celebrated as an impressive architectural.
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david chipperfield in started on this project in one thousand nine hundred nine his philosophy was to respect the ruin and not to cover up the marks left by history and he wanted to restore and carefully preserve this historical building for a while sensitively complementing it with modern elements and. develops amongst the plan to have a whole museum island and also drew up plans for berlin is brand new james e. morton gallery it's set to open its doors in the summer of twenty nineteen and will serve as the entrance building and visitor center for museum island to be for right now the five museums are like five friends sitting at one table. but with their backs to each other. james in the gallery will link spaces and museums with each other. the field also works on buildings near the items such as the gallery house. now on to museum full room on the opposite speck of the river.
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the british architect has certainly left his mark on dylan's historical city center . for many people roast goose is the traditional christmas meal here in germany and one place where you can enjoy it is at the hester berg estate in brandenburg just outside berlin now this is where six hundred geese roam free we visit the estates restaurant chef to find out how to make the perfect christmas roast goose dinner. it's free range peace were raised at school tested back in the states in eastern german state of brandy stand nine months old and weigh about five pounds each. state. says that the birds feed on grain that's grown right on the farm part of his policy elf. humane treatment.
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and yet also little more often than today does what i enjoy being able to run around in the open that i can pack away at the grass for us and that's about as healthy an environment as you can imagine what i think it's a natural way to raise a crossroads. she said they can live just as they have for ages or and that's what this also contributes to the production of hormones and hearts the birds a sense of wellbeing groups all morning long we've been here and. that's because i'm to goodness i was my. best pakistan it was built in two thousand and one the main building contains living quarters and office space. on the right hand side of the complex there's a farm produce shop and arrest front when visitors can enjoy a homegrown meal. brandenburg resident benyamin schultz trained terrorists chef. right now he's preparing stuffing for a dish of roast goose. doesn't close
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a little so this is a standard regional recipe i'm using apples oranges onions mode war time place and then i rub salt and pepper into the meat and both inside and outside also in the stone and if you. trust slices an onion. then an apple. then orange. thing credence in this recipe include a lot of that to mince and me transfer. the secret to creating the perfect roast goose is in the cooking time the meat should be tender while the skin should be crispy. it's healthy it's a temple to accept the temperature for the goose is eighty degrees celsius for eight hours of. others with the go through this slow cooking the acids from the fruit will permeate the meat slowly and evenly. in the flesh ensued.
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after the long cooking time you can tell whether the goose is well cooked by trying the joints. now place the goose pressed side up on a cutting board and cause. the choices pieces go on to the dinner plate what's left will be used to season the gravy.


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