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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2018 7:00am-7:16am CET

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the best is deja vu news coming from berlin rescue teams a race to find survivors of the indonesians tsunami of a volcano transit steve and rocket experts are warning that a second saddam me is possible people are warned to stay away from sections offical lines. also calling time in germany. for the brightest bulbs where it will head into the winter break as a force to be reckoned with. and end this season of giving details meets the owner
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of a washington d.c. restaurant is getting all year round. i mounted on a welcome to the program indonesian authorities are urging people to stay away from sections of the coastline amid concerns about further tsunamis after a devastating tsunami hit with that warning on saturday nice authorities say at least two hundred eighty dies when the huge wave swept the coastline along the strace hazing sumatra and java it's believed to have been triggered by the eruption of an island which is going through an active phase homes and beach side hotels were destroyed along the coast which is popular with tourists dozens of people remain unaccounted for and more than eight hundred are reporters in church.
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carried to safety after the disaster clinics like this one in western java are treating an influx of tsunami victims. others have found refuge in temporary shelters after the waves demolished hundreds of homes and buildings. it was at the moment i heard people shouting to run away and i saw the water had gone up to the mainland and the hotel had been flooded by water the waves dragged away around two hundred people and i'm sure that. this is the aftermath at a beach resort where a band gave a concert as the waves smashed on to shore. one survivor described the moment of impact. when i saw the
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water come in about knee high i tried to run but suddenly the current dragged me and i was drifting away. combing through the rubble for victims could still take days or weeks there were no tsunami warnings the warning systems are built to activate when earthquakes occur but this time of all can a corruption is thought to have triggered the tsunami. these pictures were captured by indonesian conservation officials to show the volcano in question but not. the right thing one day before the tsunami occurred. tsunami warnings on the islands of java and sumatra remain in effect as activity of the volcano persists. for more in this hour we're joined by journalist crest. in jakarta cresta the volcano that's being blamed for this tragedy is still
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erupting what are the chances that it could trigger ferguson. and wanting dead is government advice that read that say. you know why they're also aria and will still have land. because experts say this is most likely. associate that with the. d.v.d. off. the. old dog bed the experts say that it needs to hear you know an option. to get this and i mean like what happened the one hundred . years ago but. it will save that medicine because as you can see maybe that is this the what the landslide that. was. what was the law in west winds.
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and that's talk about the disaster response have first responders got into all get back to areas. oh yes. rescue workers have been there since a morning even. not so hot and also sent out of the government itself was four minutes more striving. although that they're just. isolate the places especially in the islands the violence in months and what i heard from that island is to isolate that that is no rescue for miles i. only. people organize themselves all i ask you
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and waste. and uneasy has suffered a series of devastating natural disasters this year wow that's hard he's learned from those earlier disasters would you say. yes we have done a lot of for example it's a big complex quake and tsunami. even though that is a big earthquake in. it seems that this one i mean also you got by the landslide. you got by the way. most likely because of the force and it's easy. to be honest experts say that it's difficult to make sure you can about the tsunami we just kind of thing because use a least manami was maybe it's. because the make me do it and also the bath
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and then they can make someone else. i mean. this thing is still difficult to predict. in jakarta thank you. you know. now just some of the other stories making news around the world. in the march two boys her fortunes are set to appeal their seven year prison terms on charges of free from the country's official secrets act they were jailed over in the wrong hands or crisis and have already spent more than a year behind bars the case has sparked a global and quite from human rights advocates. the body of a seven year old girl who died in the u.s. border patrol closely has arrived home jacqueline died in texas last week reportedly from dehydration and shock after a tree that isn't journey u.s. authorities were heavily criticized for the way that they hundred her case. today
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marks exactly fifty years since orbiting the moon snopt an iconic image of our planet the earth rise photo as it became known shows humanity's hold rising above the lunar horizon set against the black vastness of space. change of pace now and we're going to switch to some soccer in a.z. and the first half of the point to take a season came to an end joining me in studio to talk us through it all is alina attacking from the deep out w. sports after lima talk me through some of your favorite picks from sunday's games so there was a lot to choose from as i'm going to go with it and alex fork will spoke of course this is death threats straight when and if if the industry has standings if they keep this up and they could qualify for the europa league but i have to admit yesterday's game they did have a bit of luck against alex book let's take a look at. after four wins in the last five matches brutal up idea has turned
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vosburgh into a force to be reckoned with after some close calls his side got the lead they deserved in the thirty third minute captain yours work you have will get connecting perfectly with john briggs header for the opener i visited with a more effective side in the first half and their hard work paid off william doubling the wolves lead just before the break was that idea very pleased at half time outs bugs fans less so which is why coach minor brought on some extra spice in attack which immediately paid off as they pulled one back in the forty ninth minute i've already cadia taking advantage of both spoke poor defending i the walls were in trouble now your time schmidt setting up such a court of outburst equaliser it was a double blow for the wolves in the space of just ten minutes i asked the game drew to
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a close out kept pushing for a winner but look it was a voice book side of the yanik erhard converts of the winner in the eighty ninth minute. three to the final score as out spurs are in the dumps while brutal of a deer is on a high. he comes off a very successful first half of the season. weatherly why do you think. such a change in fortune. due to the fact that the mental game has improved drastically under coach dru i mean she basically what he has done is that will spark now see themselves as a top team he's injected confidence and he makes sure that the players give it one hundred percent each and every time and you also have some players like i made you for example who has injected some new impulses but i think that idea said it best he said that if he continued playing like this we are going to be fine but if we
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sit back by even as ill as five percent while spork is going to be in big trouble out of the team who's been given one hundred percent this past week at least has been. and there are the relegation zone are they safe there i wish it were that easy if you know here's the thing i mean a season is made up of two halves and let's be honest ace what hasn't changed they still have one of the worst defenses in the they have conceded thirty three goals but at the same time there's also something special about them because they are the only team in the to be thought mind and let's not forget that they do against by and so i think when it comes to them they have to play more consistently and for sure they have to use the general transfer window to fill in some of the homes there the season has reached its halfway point but about your highlight so far you know what instead of a highlight can i say highlights because there's so many to choose from you have taught me and i'm. basically he's fast tracked this team into the successful team that they are but at the same time praying for at the fact that they did not tumble
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after losing the cook or that in fact some might argue they even better under the hood and then also special mention to d. to hacking and what he's done because they are really keeping up with dortmund and by on an email talking thank you. well what's best without a christmas tree for many it's a quintessential part of the holiday but there's an awareness that in many parts of the world be industry reallife tree is wasteful and bad for the environment or trees or whatever for many families picking out the tree isn't tegel part of the holiday celebration christmas isn't christmas without a real treat you know you think just you know watering it every day and see that smell especially the smell of it in our home just wait it feel more christmas to us growing christmas trees is hard work it takes a seedling eight to ten years to grow to
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a height appreciated by holiday happy decorators and competition from artificial trees have farm owners saying the ranks of traditional minded tree buyers are thinning. we're an industry that would like to remain to be here and be around and if they're very buys an artificial tree we're not going to be here but low maintenance and a long service life are a tough combination to beat the artificial trees are also becoming more and more realistic the one billion dollar market in the u.s. is growing at about four percent a year. no one got as excited about a real tree as me and i didn't it was just too much work to put the real train on my car get into the house all of that which is totally for convenience the battle between artificial versus real isn't a new one but new lines are being drawn the prize the continued patronage of young families whose traditions will determine what kind of trees don't keep on buying
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just. leave you now with a taste of the traditional christmas sing along german second division site in your own berlin on the back again at the top of the hour. i'm. sorry we're having technical problems at the moment we're going to leave you now with a taste of the traditional christmas sing along at german second division side in your own bread and back again at the top of the air.
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