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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2018 12:15pm-12:30pm CET

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that for me for now you are watching do you know the news coming to you from berlin and we will have more news again at the top of the hour meanwhile if you need to get up to date information you can always check out all the latest news online at www dot com or on twitter thanks so much for joining us. i'm secure in the volume. that's hard and in the end these are me you're not allowed to steal and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. new smugglers we're alliance and. what's your story. on what numbers and women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us
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your story we are trying all with to understand this new culture. for your another visit or another and yet you want to become a citizen. in four migrants your platform for reliable information. at. our u.s. banks liquid enough to withstand the latest market turmoil in the u.s. secretary of treasury secretary asked the country's biggest banks in a phone call in an unusual move aimed at reassuring investors out of big losses on wall street's. also on the show forty engines and a diesel emissions german car makers have had a long way to go to get back into authorities good books. and ops officials. all real time which kind of christmas tree are americans going for this
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season. but come to do business i want to get jones good to have you with us u.s. treasury secretary steven man who has phoned the hips of the country's six largest banks over the weekend to discuss steps to kamarck it after a week of dramatic losses on wall street a new chain called the chief executives of goldman sachs bank of america j.p. morgan chase morgan stanley citigroup and wells fargo who according to a statement confirmed that they have ample liquidity available for lending the calls came as u.s. stock markets experienced their worst week since the two thousand and eight financial crisis uncertainty over the partial government shutdown has added to concerns key indices tough wiped out all their games for the. for a what's driving the markets in these last few days of the year i'm joined by two
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pundits jim bellew my colleague of course will phone call do you think come markets well i mean cerned about the liquidity that he had to discuss with those six banks yolles in the u.s. that he spoke with yesterday and of course today he'll be having a meeting with the leading market participants in the u.s. regarding the current market volatility among other things and saw investors are wondering if there's more to be concerned about not really reassured at this point so everybody's i actually kind of wondering they want to be probably listening in on those phone calls and that's the issue right now i mean those phone calls is quite an unusual move in are not is necessarily instilling confidence there and that's certainly when you have that back backdrop of that government shutdown which i mean we see it every year but this year is somehow different i mean the last more than twenty thirteen and that was the one during the obama administration that when white point two percent of the g.d.p. that year so. in terms of this one it is very probably bad for the market because
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it comes at a time when the market is already volatile that wasn't the case in twenty thirteen and investors have enough to be concerned about and now they actually have this one thing to also worry about and i think that's the issue at this point is the timing is terrible at the at a time when december is actually a great month when bester is normally but this is sort of like the words december in years except for of course the financial crisis in two thousand and of course december isn't over just yet we've got the christmas season now we're coming up to new year do you think this could be resolved before the end of the view well i mean it's going to be a vote on the twenty seventh of the december that's when a decision could be made and it doesn't look very likely because of course as sort of an issue with that wall border wall with mexico and trump is not very willing to compromise on that and it makes it can supposedly pay for it anyway oh i mean he wants now his own government to pay for it and nobody is going to really probably come to an agreement on that one at least not until the end of the year. to ponder thanks so much for joining me in the studio. pan-european exchange operate
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a unix is in talks to acquire also boris the stock exchange for six hundred twenty five million euros the company is currently seeking the support of the board of directors it's already secured support for its offer from also boys shareholders representing almost half of the outstanding shares theoretics which operates bourses in paris amsterdam brussels london this has been and dublin said it found also bars position in c. fledged derivatives and oil services and shipping attractive. german luxury carmaker b.m.w. has been fined ten million dollars by south korean authorities they say the comic it was too slow to recall recall they had calls affected by a faulty engine that b.m.w. may have bigger war race than just the fine it now also faces a criminal investigation. south korea's transport ministry wants prosecutors to
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investigate german car maker b.m.w. it says it has evidence the auto giant took its time to form authorities of a forty car engine b.m.w. known b.m.w. said it recognise a correlation between the defect in the exhaust and the fire on its vehicles only on july twenty twenty eighteen but the company's headquarters formed a task force in october twenty fifteen to resolve the problem of the fort and embarked on measures to minimize the risk of fire including changing the vehicle design from sun to one you put up more than forty cases of fire involving b.m.w. cars were reported in south korea where the carmaker has now record more than one hundred seventy thousand vehicles by october b.m.w. had recalled another more than one million vehicles due to the same problem in europe and some asian countries including self career where it sells were down ten percent on the year by the end of november. and more hick ups for folks of
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europe's largest comic as this is alerted to german authorities over emissions software concerns half a million vehicles e.w. recalled for a fix my still be equipped with illegal software designed to cheat during emissions tests affected diesel cars with one point two liter motors so far fox has spent more than twenty eight billion euros on fines and car buybacks in the united states in the aftermath of the gate emissions teaching scandal back in two thousand and fifteen this latest issue could add to the two billion euros that the comic is expected to spend on diesel gate cleanup next year. to hungary and now the country has seen a raft of protests against a new labor law introduced by victor or bugs government the so-called slave law will allow employers to ask stuff to work up to four hundred extra hours peja of
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overtime and or comes as high level of any gratian has led to a significant labor shortage in hungary. the shifts so long at this metal plant in cash commit in central hundred of us both luck works two hours overtime five days a week he gets double pay for it one hundred new law and overtime takes effect his boss will be able to require him to work four hundred extra hours a month. no money isn't everything in life i'd rather be with my family here. the plants all are desperately needs new workers to fulfill the orders but qualified staff are hard to find many people have left the area for western europe where wages are higher and he doesn't want to demand workers to do too much overtime as it is not good for me because i
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won't like it the trouble is that. time and time so it's makes them better. and they've. not too far away it's a plant owned by a german car maker mercedes spends around thirty five hundred people work here some fifteen hundred are in a worker's union the new law over time will enable the company to have six work days for its staff and that's something they aren't happy about them most met i know more money isn't the argument since summer staff have been putting in more than one hundred hours in overtime and now it will be four hundred the workers want to spend time with their families we've had enough of having to work overtime and. hungary and so cross the country have taken to the streets to protest against the
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new law on overtime they say it doesn't solve the country's problem. with eight hundred thousand people having left the country hungry lacks the workers it needs says research a paycheck they call i think discount of low if it really puts an extra burden on the verge it can just facilitate the outflow of the rig force from from hungary that would mean that family owned companies like sultan who gifts firm would have even more trouble finding workers. it's a billion dollar market anted grows by four percent each year artificial christmas trees are becoming more and more popular in the united states they don't wither they don't lose needles and often they come already decorated full of tinsel and lights only thing is they don't spread to that christmassy sent a culture war is raging and only time will tell which side comes out on top. for
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many families picking out a tree is an integra part of the holiday celebration christmas isn't christmas without a real tree you think says it all watering it every day it's just that smell specially the smell of it and our home just made it feel more at risk to us growing christmas trees is hard work it takes a seedling eight to ten years to grow to a height appreciated by holiday happy decorators and competition from artificial trees have farm owners saying the ranks of traditional minded tree buyers are thinning. we're an industry that will buy your remain to being here and be around at a very very buys an artificial tree we're not going to be here but low maintenance and a long service life are a tough combination to beat the artificial trees are also becoming more and more realistic the one billion dollar market in the u.s.
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is growing at about four percent a year. and no one got as excited about a real tree as me and i didn't it was just too much work to put the real train on my car get it into the house all of that it's totally for convenience the battle between artificial versus real isn't a new one but new lines are being drawn the prize the continued patronage of young families whose traditions will determine what kind of trees. just.
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article nineteen fall on d w. m d. welcome to another pop export special today is all about germany's brainiest band taco tronic talk about indie rockers unique kinds of bang listen to what other musicians have to say about them and have a look at their latest album.


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