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going the country has an abundant supply of beliefs is it too international to bring joy inside. the government to export revenues and the corporations can profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the business. the selling out of a country dead donkey no one you know has starts december twenty ninth on t.w. . with just a week to go before christmas are getting ready for the celebrations with a special week of your imax i'm louise houghton and over here for the next huff an hour taking you through the theme of the day which is creativity in winter. playing
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it cool a visit to the i.c.'s music festival and the well. been blown away how to make the perfect rosenbaum both. signature scripts by handwritten i took a still a favorite. each day this week we'll be focusing on the theme of winter and what you can do in this season be that's full of eating drinking or getting come easy today we look at cold weather activities both in and outdoors scandinavia is known for its extreme weather conditions and yet it is often the far north of no way that an outdoor annual concert takes place temperatures is so low that the instruments i'm a from ice for this concert but that is no guarantee that they won't melt before the.
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as day draws to a close in the norwegian ski resort of the ilo and the temperature plunges to well below freezing you sometimes hear strange sounds for miles around. once a year one of the strangest and certainly oldest music festivals in the world takes place here on a frozen lake. play instruments made entirely out of ice. the audience members are impressed. this is really impressive thanks. i'm still wondering how they made it. to experience. on the phone. in the car and on the. if magic. norwegian percussionist teria is sunset came up with the idea for the
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festival in two thousand and six he has an ecological message that he's. already heard the climate change and some of the things on the ice melt. down i think to rise and fall to. becomes very important for common although since. the annual festival last three days and always attracts thousands of visitors. the twenty six musicians who will perform make their instruments themselves almost at the last minute before the concert. they use ice that's been collected from the frozen lakes around. it take some time to fine tune the instruments and find this suitable sound. which right music's. hi normally. my job is to come up today. to go to
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the program dark hair so. this year we have these enormous too far from the thing probably also have the drugstore african style drums that we haven't done before. the annual highlight is the midnight concert on the i losed frozen lake needs to be improvised from beginning to end. the musicians never know if their instruments will survive the two hour concert they tend to melt and the sound changes accordingly.
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oh i. see a strange and unique music performed in the arctic channel. our energy used to living is a cold temperatures the possibilities are endless i mean what is a few degrees even cooler and messy is out and frozen water wouldn't seem that ludicrous if you got used to it what it well that is what a less rancor and a group of filmmakers do in central finland they shoot videos upside down below the surface of the ice at first glance it looks like a sea bed but keep watching the direction of the bubbles and you'll soon say that there's no more to this than meets the eye.
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they're. late already become a hit on the internet the weird the nice clips from a finnish diving group led by a lizard i think and you saw me. this is legs ideology and bad luck. once again the group of video artists meet up here and go diving under the ice to make their films. in winter the ice is up to half a meter thick. the
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main act to elicit uncut is preparing for his on camera performance and is fitted with special equipment the spikes on his shoe soles are especially important to prevent him from slipping on the ice. hotel in dark as a performer i always have to know exactly what i'll be doing before i dive under the one time underwater it's difficult to communicate with. his friend and cameraman use a metal or will be busy with his underwater camera under the most taxing conditions i think i. could be. above the ice as sophomore pollard takes care of the props. in the crazy to do this in the middle of nowhere. it is no not at
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all. predicates. which from. acrobatic talent is a must and both performer and camera man have trained for this for a long time. the diving gear provides enough buoyancy nonetheless excellent orientation and perfect balance are required to work upside down under the frozen surface. suddenly becomes down on the bottom of the icy surface transforms into a bizarre film set. the laws of nature are turned on the head as the team plays tricks on our perception. bubbles no longer float upwards but slowly sink to the ground. meanwhile the viewing figures of the crazy videos from finland keep rising they've gone at more than five million hits.
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the shoots can take up to an hour. a minute so metal is always happy to finally get out of the icy water. there are so many underwater films in the world. but we put our own twist on it and the diving film. that's something special. and it's fun like a hot house call for. whether they're fishing from underwater through a hole in the ice. sledding upside down beneath the surface. these finnish
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divers never seem to run out of crazy ideas. and if you want to say well from the finnish divers then you can easily search for them on. when you turn out to focus on two german artists who are lighting up forests for their projections and imagery within and it's a combination of techniques they bring life to the darkest of nights and images they produce magical and mesmerizing that you may also have perfect to not digitally manipulate anything in post-production so the key for them is in the preparation and i can take hours in the cold winter nights.
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glowing shapes in untouched nature surrealistic images from the short film lucid by the german artists collective. and none of this is done with computer animation even images that seem inexplicable are real objects and were actually installed in the surroundings. and pretty fun sure put on lot of physical work and creativity into their art. among other things they use luminescent wires and objects to create their illusions . we can use anything with clothes but it all depends on how you stage it today i think. the techniques and materials i use range from household items for example the sphere share as a layer. projections i mean for example we have one shot with
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a triangle we cut it out of cardboard and then just object it a colored light onto it. the sun points it would have a windows and. in twenty fourteen the artist duo shot the short film bio luminescent forest here to all the light effects are projected directly into the setting rather than manipulating the images on a computer. direct mile wide and if we should run sure employed and even now protect knology for the called projection mapping parts of the forest are illuminated effects on irregular surfaces and textures are taken into account this requires not only a precise plan but also patients. especially when the illuminated objects are not only three dimensional but also animate. as we usually we only project light onto inanimate objects but we also want to use animals ones that don't move
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much or that hold still for a while but with a frog we have to film for five hours because it kept jumping away because. for other projects the light artists bring a bit of nature into the city. for example their new blast project in paris in twenty fifteen i hunt astonished the audience with the projection of a gigantic spider. first they had to build a cardboard model of the building and film the spider inside it then they projected the video onto the inside walls of the building for the illusion to be perfect the dimensions and perspectives have to correspond precisely. when it is with the monoid for us it's important to trying out new techniques for example in our next project we might work with fire or with water with or whatever. with a wide range of the. we don't want to limit our so incident i'm saying that i think
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that's what enables us to always have new themes and to be able to convey the feeling. good fruits of them didn't. die who will continue to create illusions in the future without image editing using physical exertion and ingenious ideas. now of allowing to save people is usually something that you'll see kids doing in the summer time but as you know our show today is all about winter activities and strangely enough blowing bubbles can be done in the cold tape in fact if the conditions are always for us to be the bubbles we're actually free and the crystal eyeballs make a great subject the king photographer. a different take on the concept of ice sculptures frozen bubbles. in subzero temperatures soap bubbles become rigid and won't stop when they collide
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with another object. as long as they stay frozen they can last for several days. for amateur photographers from northern germany want to take the perfect ice bubble picture perfect night the conditions are good hardly any wind that's when the bubbles freeze best. not to time august alsina why they look so magical and they're frozen a bit like a crystal ball and it's fascinating to record on camera the way i drive just a freak and gradually becomes this solid glow like. a time lapse video of a frozen bubble in the making at minus sixty three celsius in real time it takes two minutes. and the perfect bubble mixes half dishwashing liquid in half water plus starch. it's using sugar but you can also use glycerine or quark.
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it's just there to make the consistency a bit stronger so the bubbles are more stable when they're forming laws about it and. another chip use a straw to blow them up they are easier to position and they hold better. than the long ago north and are committed to being in the cold for long enough is what it looks like you really think. that if we touch it it cannot smartass. just like chewing gum yeah because like doing i'm sure. the results of the nighttime shooter quite spectacular a long stint in the cold paid off. and many are conducting their next experiment at sunrise they want to see the effect of
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a backlight but it's too windy this time in the bubble won't freeze completely. but they managed to get a decent picture. just in time. for morgan throws in a few places. like which to perfect. you were lucky weren't you me. there's not much i thought it would be almost impossible in the winter. and. the bubble hadn't frozen entirely but there are a few but literally ice crystals as soon as it's cold enough for will be out again on the hunt for that perfect ice bubble until then they'll have to make do with the regular variety and they're pretty nice to. have all of the images resemble bubbles that you have on christmas trees as well every festive it is the time if the decorations of course and something that is popular as i have in many homes during the holidays a candles we missed out with
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a german artist who works with waxes have material of choice she loves the transparency of wax and the effects she gets when putting lights behind them has helped her receive well wife recognition. flowing room installations glowing objects. good products creations are made out of wax. just. told starts her day in her studio at the stove where she melts large paraffin slabs she started out studying painting but in the meantime she's worked with wax for many years. it's the perfect material for the effects she seeks. to construct since the strands loosens the inkling that something is there but she can't really see it. does it want and the blur ness that you have when you remember something it's never
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absolutely clear it's about trying to recapture impressions and feelings and i think the material i work with expresses that very well with mine in the act of alice. shall i put forth a she i work with five different kinds of paraffin one of them gets a chapel surface when it cools. or and i'm going to the other extreme is one that creates an incredibly smooth surface on the hill i can affect that but in reality every slab i'm more is always surprising for me and that's what keeps it interesting for me that this one and. color light and form it's there interplay that creates the effect in your group called once. she's won many prizes for works and she's exhibiting them all over the world here's one of her wax rooms in omaha nebraska. expanses were shown in glasgow scotland.
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seeding made of wax also in glasgow at the lighthouse design museum. in her dancing water lilies piece she floated wax discs on a pond in toronto canada. in a good protos cast countless wax slabs and discs over the decades and melted countless ones down again if their color surface texture or degree of translucence didn't please or. one exam jets are stable as long as they are exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight. the light source is in or wax lamps all burn cold. people who have bought my last repeatedly tell me that when they switch them on
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it's like turning on their hearts and the lamps bring a smile to their lips but what could be better than that. for not. a deal it carries even this time of year as well now we end the show today by looking at the handwriting something that probably many of us have not done for a while but at christmas time it's fitting to have calligraphy on christmas cards and christmas party invitations the style is both traditional and festive and there are many people who make a living by bringing the beauty of this dying art form back to life. there was a time when everyone wrote with a flourish. today hand lettering is an art form that is ever growing in popularity . because it's not just visually appealing it's
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a rewarding past time. this old fashioned way of writing as taught in calligraphy workshops. it's hard actually because you aren't accustomed to that it's fun and you see results pretty fast. i only ever saw it on instagram and admired how beautifully some people are able to write. calligraphy classes are growing in popularity in many places and germany is a case in point i had a long workshop with expert chris concert in hamburg cost more than three hundred euros and attracts professional graphic designers as well as amateurs it's an analogue trend. how my rebuttals i once heard that a technique turns into an art form when it becomes obsolete and maybe hand lettering popularity comes from the fact that nowadays people even type their grocery lists into their phones and generally write less and less by hand so
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there's a yearning to go back and take a pen in hand precisely because you hardly need one in daily life anymore. chris champa has made a career out of calligraphy apart from holding workshops she's written a book on hand lettering her a labrat handwriting also graces the book cover she's been commissioned to design for publishers and agents. as the world goes digital many companies have recognized the appeal of adding a personal touch through hand lettering define are you mom how delicious are currently doing everything they can to lend books a special and tactile touch so a font that you can tell is handwritten to. it's the bill i see it as a counter trench to all the polished surfaces we have on our phones and computers. and wrong lettering that grabs the eye is a trademark of artists ryle see who boast one hundred thousand followers on instagram optical illusions are one of his specialties while he comes from the
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french speaking part of switzerland but he now lives and works in berlin. he calls his work one hundred percent analog. even when he draws computer pixels by hand. while c. creates logos for sporting goods firms and restaurants. he also shows his lettering art and galleries. i think that one of the main reason why i like to do it by home is when you do it with a computer it can be as beautiful as you want but somehow it doesn't exist. it its own need light and pixels whereas this is and then we can talk to it's here with us. after a few hours of intensive tutoring at the workshop in hamburg the novices are already producing some impressively swirling scripts mindfulness patience and
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dedication and lettering demands qualities that it become rare in our fast paced world. but rather than spelling an end to the art of handwriting it appears the digital age is fueling its renaissance. unfortunately though that is the and all of our show today a focus changes each day of the week so do you keep watching i'm going to reveal what we have in store for tomorrow i'll be on the show tomorrow as well but the now from myself and all of the team here in the studio up i'm. coming up on the next special edition of euro marks a look at the man otherwise known as roller man of extreme athletes shani going to . class one of the best free riders in the world if a vaccine out. and surfing in the most northern spot in the world that and more next time on your own max.
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the house world part documentary starts january thirteenth on t.w. . play. players. play. this is due to the news coming to you live from berlin the death toll in the indonesian tsunami rises to four hundred twenty nine as people try to salvage what they can from the local desperately needed aid housed to a rifle force humanitarian workers warn that is clean water and medicine supplies are dwindling the definitions thrown into the asia also falling off.


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