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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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urgent assistance. search turned her into. w. . this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin the death still in the indonesian tsunami has risen as people try to salvage what they can from the rubble desperately needed aid has started to arrive but humanitarian workers move on the clean water and medical supplies are running out to get the latest from the region also coming up forget to differences and unite that's the word from germany's
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president in his christmas message from the steinmeyer oh just people to calm tensions in society by engaging with each other and not drifting apart. and on a happy christmas for the wild stock markets one street is down three percent and took us nikkei index plunges more than five percent it's was finishing the. last celebrated christmas around the odd santa doesn't or was the rival to slate and you don't form is the personal book this must share getting on the beaches of australia . played. out in a warm welcome to you i'm on the thought we start in indonesia with a number of dead has risen to four hundred and. twenty nine days after
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a tsunami swept across the coasts of java and samantha the death toll is expected to rise with many people still missing in the remote areas of the islands almost fifteen hundred people were injured in the disaster we talk to our correspondent in the disaster zone but first this report. paso nonny warning has people fleeing for their lives. luckily this time a false alarm. bought with the a not krakatoa volcano believed to be the cause of saturday's tsunami still erupting experts warn that more killer waves could hit the devastated region this fear has driven thousands to over crowded evacuation centers. i am not i am here because i'm afraid of a disaster my house is actually far from the sea but i'm afraid the water will rise
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and flood my house so that's why me are. those who return home to salvage what they can a faced with a wasteland of collapsed houses. in order to survive people have no choice but to try and return to normal as quickly as possible. at this market vendors sell the remnants of anything they can find. it is good the really just opening now people are only coming in now as the last two days have been quiet we haven't made any money meanwhile the grim recovery effort continues but the true extent of the damage is yet to unfold with rescue is only now reaching areas that were previously
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inaccessible. reed hundt joined by a correspondent on a sankofa she's in in western java which is welcome was affected areas hi ana give us an indication of how many people still missing and how is the search going. and read of the numbers and the search and command operation center have the number of missing a couple of dozen but both authorities and residents say that this is likely to be very underreported you have to remember that there are certain areas that would be inaccessible these are the areas that have been blocked off by rita and that did the tearing up these roads remain to be because they are to be restrained additionally there are some i looked at the very end of that that have been inaccessible. this area is a tourist area and the tsunami happened last weekend right before the holidays there were many people here who disappeared concerts all sorts of holiday gatherings and there's no way to account well how many of those visitors make it
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you need to be missing. the new queen and kind of travelling down in the region how anxious all people there what the possibility of another tsunami. people have very anxious about another tsunami and it doesn't help that from here whether you go to the higher up areas or you're in the coastal areas you will hear the grumbling of the volcano and that is an indication that the volcano remains active so this is really adding to the fears of the people not to mention that indonesia has been ravaged with a series of natural disasters to see it so i thought he has been warning people to do is to be careful of additional and tsunami and to seek shelter and higher area we visited in village earlier where that where villages have fled to higher up the area and even there you could hear the rumblings they said no starkly this area which is an elevated the area was untouched by floods other tsunamis but they
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continue to feel very anxious about how they and how long they so you have another how up people coping what is the situation like for survivors there. the survivors that we visited in that village which is the higher ground they were seeking shelter among family members some retail we saw houses there were any can families that were living there all scrunched up together they took comfort in the fact that you know at least we are together we are with our families and doffed was but they said that they are anxious about how long they could get there with their families and how much longer their food supplies will keep them or see them through those questions remain unanswered for them and that is causing a lot of anxiety and a lot of uncertainty. just to clear a difficult situation for people on a santoso in in western java thank you very much for that update.
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in june pope francis is given is to distil or to be it ought to be christmas day blessing to the city of rome and to the world but. it's he did speak. from the balcony of st peter's basilica the head of the roman catholic church said the universal message of christmas was that god is a good father and we are or brothers and sisters here as people to put aside partisan interests and look for political solutions to wars and conflicts. and here in berlin germany's president from the steinmeier has urged people to address tensions in society but engaging with each other in his christmas message recorded at berlin's bellevue palace steinmeier said the nation must not be allowed
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to drift apart christmas for the german president functionalities steinmeyer is the time to talk to one another with family with friends and also with those who have political leanings other than your own. yard christmas is a time not only for carols but sometimes also for quotes i believe it's good for us to engage in debate it's good for us to talk to each other if i had one wish for our country then it would be let's move to pate. steinmeyer things germans are spending less time actually talking to each other and more time in their own social bubbles. however no matter how upset we are about others or wish they just didn't exist one thing remains true we are all part of this country regardless of our origin skin color approach to life or favorite sports team. his christmas wish this year
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is that people enter into dialogue with one another other countries he says are showing us what happens when societies drift apart. we have seen burning barricades and powers deep political rift in the united states and anxiety in the united kingdom ahead of threats it europe is being put to the test in hungary italy and other places we are in the heart of europe of course not immune against these developments the president is convinced german democracy is strong and to make sure it stays that way we all have to work together. let's look at some other stories making news around the world suicide bombers have attacked libya's foreign ministry in the capital tripoli one of the attackers detonated his explosives another was shot by guards before he could do so security officials say three
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people have been killed. in monday's gun bomb attack on kabul government compound has killed at least forty people that's according to the afghan health ministry it was one of the deadliest assaults on the afghan capital coming at the end of one of gone astounds most volunteers no group has yet claimed responsibility. the american actor kevin spacey has been charged with the with indecent assault of an eighteen year old man in two thousand and sixteen it's the first criminal case brought against the oscar winning actor since his career collapsed amid a series of sexual misconduct allegations a year ago spacey is due in court in early january. cicely's mount it's no volcano has been erupting larva and ash after a new fracture opened in the base of one of its creators observers say the bill
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clinton is displaying and usually high levels of seismic activity air traffic to nearby airports was shot down for several hours yesterday due to the ash plume. as the year draws to a close fit taking a look back one of the stories our correspondents filed from around the world is about a group of iraqis in the city of who are celebrating their liberation from the so-called islamic state by pursuing their passion in the skies. nor abbas runs and leaps off a low hill there's not much wind today but he's finally flying again. the few seconds of joy and. freedom are extremely welcome after the recent because a year is what we're freed on exertion exhaustion. all not drift away. when i fly i feel exalted he
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lacks my head clears. and useful the young men from mosul were not allowed to powerglide for three years the terror group forbid the sports for noor this was especially hard paragliding is his passion he had only discovered it just before it was forbidden in two thousand and fourteen he feared for his life and hid his gear or had you know. i was afraid to even mention it she they could lock you away for that and kill you so we had been one of the civilian but they executed some members of our club trainers and pilots being in place. since most those liberation in two thousand and seventeen they have been able to fly again with donations and membership fees they were able to purchase five paragliders some of the first runs are rough though some members of beginners
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others are still out of shape. train or thumb and harmeet has his hands full sometimes there is more sliding than gliding and bruises and minor wounds are common but they are truly enjoying themselves. ali has been paragliding for less than a year between eighty four year old has been passionately training is talented and loves being closer to the sky. i want and the fear is gone and the fear of i yes and also fear of flying out of great heights the fear is gone and i want to fall you want to see a dominating people's lives here for three years also in the village across the road it is one of the few christian communities that exists in iraq. eight hundred twenty families once lived in qatar mulisch most fled in august two thousand and fourteen just before i asked militants descended on the village and left
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a trail of destruction in their wake since the liberation in july two thousand and seventeen the village has been undergoing reconstruction three hundred twenty families have returned but many others chose to emigrate. the local priest has been trying to breathe new life into the community here these youngsters are being prepared for their first communion the entire village is placing its hope in these young christians after all the suffering that selection is and. we have. two hundred forty houses built on it one hundred destructed completely on all the houses churches scimitar. schools city it's. islamic state is now gone but its legacy remains in the debris and in the trauma even now more than
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a year after mosul is liberation. paraglider noor is cutting hair and shaving beards again he loves his job as a barber even that was forbidden during the i.s. reign of terror its guardians of public morals caught in trimming an elderly man's beard and he was severely punished. i was given forty five lashings and i stayed inside for three days and closed my shop that was the punishment for defying the shaving rules after that i worked as a taxi driver with six of. his sporting friend ali is bringing color back to mosul after the documents of the militia rule. two years ago his short beard drew the attention of i s's guardians of public morals and he was reprimanded an argument broke out early threw a punch and pay dearly for it and how to pop out. no i know
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i feared for my life they tortured me with cables electric shocks burns they would heat some object and then in our bodies with it i have never experienced something so horrendous in my entire life and one side of me was sure. now they are flying again to forget all those awful memories and to enjoy their newly won freedom the paragliders from mosul know just how precious that is now more than ever. inspiring story day monica from business news joins us now merry christmas to you monica christmas to you but no christmas cheer on the u.s. stock market i think a lot of investors cheer the fact that most stock markets are closed today and there's good reason for that because traders often say when wall street sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold and today's trading on asian markets no those were open once again seem to
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show exactly this shares on tokyo's nikkei index were down more than five percent that was its worst finish in nearly two years and this of course after monday's three percent plunge on wall street investors are increasingly worried about the future of the u.s. economy on twitter president stoneage trump gnashed out at the federal reserve calling it the only problem the economy had he blames the fed's interest rate increases will bring an economic boom to a halt but traders are also worried about a budget standoff between trump and the senate which so far has refused to pay for trump's border wall mission there's a lot of issues there around christmas last long time wall street correspondent joins me now in the studio last whatever happened to that traditional santa claus rally well it looks very much like santa is not in charge really on wall street these days it's more like compos or maybe we should say donald trump was because he is the trump of course the one person who has irritated the market over the last
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couple of weeks and especially the last couple of days first of all with his ongoing trade war with china that is weakening the economy then of course came the government shutdown just a few days ago and now his latest attack against the fed specifically calling possibly even for drone powells removal and these are attacks that wall street takes extremely seriously and so that's basically what happened that's why markets reacted with a steep drop as i did i'm a little bit surprised when it comes to him lashing out against the fed because when you. that he's been doing that so often maybe the tone is a little bit harsh but does it really warrant that market reaction it probably does because the tone is very important this particular case it is one thing to criticize the fed for not doing what you want it's an entirely different thing to ask for the removal for the firing of the chairman of the federal reserve that would if it was possible it is not possible for him to fire drill hole but if this
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were possible this would destabilize an institution that has a one job and that's to stabilize the economy and the markets actually two jobs the fed has to mandates one is to strengthen the economy afford to a point where it can support full employment and the other one is to keep inflation low and they certainly don't have a political mandate and last may be just very briefly i mean many markets are closed today so we can all relax a little bit but the nikkei closed. at a one year low almost two year low know what's in store for us after christmas well i don't see where there would be a catalyst for a turnaround for stocks here it seems to be going further down to see markets really going up you need something positive to happen that would possibly be the government shutdown to end and it doesn't really look like this right now as for the attacks on the fed it probably needs somebody to take on a chance to put a phone away so that maybe i meet
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a little bit of christmas cheer and there's still time for that. thank you so much for this. now of course one of the problems pressuring stock markets worldwide is the ongoing trade spat between the u.s. and china it might have implications for the german jobs market in twenty nineteen that is according to the german chamber of commerce the analysts expect five hundred thousand new jobs to be created in germany throughout the coming year that will be quite a bit fewer than the five hundred eighty thousand new jobs created this past year the reasons obstacles in trade uncertainty around the upcoming brics it and a general cooling off of the well to qana me. iran's president hassan rouhani has submitted next year's budget to parliament it is the first budget since the united states restored sanctions against tehran sanctions that had been lifted under the nuclear deal. iran's government faces acute economic challenges at less
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than fifty billion dollars this year's budget is less than half the size of last year's. us. nobody can say that the sanctions do not harm our economy or people's lives. but nobody can say that the united states will achieve its goals. america will certainly be defeated and it will fail. even. since u.s. president donald trump decided to withdraw from the three year old nuclear deal and to restore sanctions to rainy and rio has lost around half its value the fall of the currency drove up prices across the board with food costs up sixty percent on tuesday president hassan rouhani announced a twenty percent increase in public sector wages. this
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sanctions can cause and have already caused problems for people's lives we should try to reduce these problems and we are able to do so. odd that it was. the government plans to fund thirty five percent of the budget with oil revenues projecting exports of up to one point five million barrels a day china india and turkey are still importing iranian oil. affordable housing is few and far in many european cities everywhere gentrification is pushing up prices even families with an average income are struggling to keep up with the cost of living the city of vienna is bucking that trend it owns two hundred thirty thousand flats and it makes sure that people can afford paying the rent. for the past four years the proposed site family and that three children have lived in this apartment it belongs to the city of vienna they pay eight hundred
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forty euros in rent for ninety square meters that works out nine euros per square meter. relatively cheap compared to other capital cities. i lived in a regular flat for three years and then after three years the city housing association gave me this one. here is very good with the school the kindergarten and nearby. apartments like these are everywhere in the enter the city owns two hundred twenty thousand of them then there are another two hundred thousand places considered social housing two thirds of people in vienna live either in an apartment owned by the city housing association also show housing . units new people have seen what can happen when there's not enough living space available especially when there's not enough quality living space for the
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population that's why we have city or in towns in here we fought for it a hundred years ago so now we're sticking to it. keeping the project going comes at a cost though currently sixty housing projects are being refurbished to the tune of some six hundred million euros but with ever more people moving to the austrian capital city it also needs to bring more money in four thousand departments have just been built with money from a special fund but city authorities don't want to attract private investors or sell their apartments on the free market. the command of the construction of city housing projects remains very much in the hands of local authorities we also have loft conversions which we carry out ourselves and we don't want to see any private investors involved human to get back at that whole pile site family home and it's evening. cornelia sharma is just dropping by she takes care of all the new
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tenants living in the block she's been a resident here a long time and she appreciates the fact that she has the right to live in a city owned building. i want him to commit that the. you know if i'm a decent tenants and i don't do anything wrong then i can grow old here i'm moving pay my rent and live here for years that my rent won't go soaring compared to say other tenants who move out three times a year and the place has to be renovated each time. to almost to get it to me because in the end of that is also the case as soon as a tenant moves out the apartment has to be referred bisht and the costs are passed on to the next tenants. many people around the world celebrating christmas today their traditions may differ but it's all in true holiday spirit is a look at how some revelers celebrating around the cloak. of germany home of the town in bow or fur is traditionally used for christmas trees but today in berlin some germans aren't snuggling around a tree they're stripping down and taking
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a dip relatively mild water temperatures a balmy four point nine degree celsius were cold enough for some local ice swimmers know that if it's over when it's icy it's even more beautiful especially when the sun is out and it's freezing cold that's a lot of fun and outsider can't really understand that but i swimming can be kind of addictive this is how different kinds of talked on this i just bought. a christmas dance for the tibetan catholics in southwestern china although the country's political face the communist party is never far away the banner above the dancers reads listen to the party be grateful for its kindness follow the party. those seeking a christmas in the place where it all began or in bethlehem worshippers saying and prayed at the church of the nativity where jesus is thought to have been born. but some people don't want a christmas of prayers or chilly waters they prefer a hot sunny beach and while it's cold and dark in the northern hemisphere it's
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summertime down under i don't miss anything about england. i think it's going to be done by about three thirty whereas here it's going to be uniquely study all day today and usually so the up until nine o'clock tonight. at sydney's bondi beach christmas day is one of the busiest days of the year so however and wherever you do christmas enjoy. and is a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. the death toll in the indonesian tsunami has reached four hundred twenty nine with almost one thousand five hundred injured desperately needed aid has started to arrive but humanitarian work is one that cleared water and medicine supplies up when. you're watching the news live from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour.
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and it starts twenty one special. beethoven needs more. news campus much of younger generations from germany and india explore each other's musical. the result. taking
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a concert at the beethoven fest in bonn. only. the first time i saw the northern lights or something in my brain changes visitors from all over come to northern sweden to experience the spectacle of nature is synonymous. purchase something that comes from the sky consummating winter journey to the northern lights solar storms at midnight magic. in forty five minutes on. how to. discover your concept discover it with. a school
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a lecture off to one hundred years the ideals of the boss are more relevant today than they were a hundred years ago visionary. to come ball about people as a way of shaping society. with ideas. about laos will be part documentary starts january thirteenth on team w. . will come to an arts twenty one special. lucky. i here in mumbai young musicians from india and germany have come together for a very special occasion they're preparing for a joint concert the beethoven festival in bonn.
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