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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2018 5:15pm-5:30pm CET

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sleep. carefully. don't look too cliche. to be a good. discovery
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. subscribe. documentary to. the people at the. stock markets tumble into the christmas holiday friction between the u.s. president and the federal reserve as well as a partial government shutdown sent the dow towards its worst december since the one nine hundred thirty one great depression. also on the show after weeks of yellowjackets demonstrations homme growing business reasons try to catch up on their holiday shopping on christmas eve. the whole hoed santa clause keeps track of his reindeer. the state of the art g.p.s.
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transmitter kala. welcome to your business i want to get johnson berlin good to have you with us traders office say one wall street sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold and on tuesdays trading on asian markets once again seems to show this shares on tokyo's nikkei index were down more than five percent that was its worst finish in nearly two years this after monday's a two percent plunge on wall street the worst christmas eve for u.s. stocks on record investors are increasingly worried about the future of the u.s. economy on twitter the president on a trumpet lashed out at the federal reserve calling it the only problem the economy had she blames the fed's interest rate increases or bringing an economic boom to a halt traders are also worried about a budget standoff between trump and the senate which so far has refused to pay for donald trump's border wall you're going to. see
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a lot of issues there around christmas last long time wall street correspondent joins me now in the studio last whatever happened to that traditional santa claus rally well it looks very much like santa is not in charge really on wall street these days it's more like compass or maybe we should say donald trump was because he is the trump of course the one person who has irritated the market over the last couple of weeks and especially the last couple of days first of all with his ongoing trade war with china that is weakening the economy then of course came the government shutdowns are still a few days ago and now his latest attack against the fed specifically calling possibly even for drone powells removal and these are attacks that wall street takes extremely seriously and so that's basically what happened that's why markets reacted with a steep drop as i did i'm a little bit surprised when it comes to him lashing out against the fed because we used to. he's been doing that so often maybe the tone is
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a little bit harsh but does it really warrant that market reaction it probably does because the tone is very important this particular case it is one thing to criticize the fed for not doing what you want it's an entirely different thing to ask for the removal of the firing of the chairman of the federal reserve that would if it was possible it is not possible for him to fire drill but if this were possible this would destabilize an institution that has a one job and that's to stabilize the economy and the markets actually two jobs the fed has to mandates one is to strengthen the economy of four to a point where it can support full employment and the other one is to keep inflation low and they certainly don't have a political mandate and last may be just very briefly i mean many markets are closed today so we can all relax a little bit but the nikkei closed. at a one year low almost two year low know what's in store for us after christmas well
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i don't see where there would be a catalyst for a turnaround for stocks here it seems to be going further down to see markets really going up you need something positive to happen that would possibly be the government shutdown to end and it doesn't really look like this right now as for the attacks on the fed it probably needs somebody to take donald trump's to put a phone away so that maybe needs a little bit of christmas cheer and it is still time for that that hello. thank you so much for this. well in recent weeks violent clashes between police and yellow vest protesters have prevented the region's from getting their christmas shopping done with big shopping centers boarded up on sunset days retail losses have run into several billion euros but on christmas eve a yuletide lull in hostilities allowed businesses to open up to try and recall some of the losses. last month one of the city's iconic shopping streets and home to
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several large department stores including gallery lafayette and ponto shoppers braved the last minute rush to buy presents cantelupe sales slumped ten percent in december during the protests that offer i usually do my shopping earlier but with the recent events in paris the yellow vest protests and so on i was doing other things it's true it's a bit last minute because it's christmas eve but everything went well and i got everything i wanted so it's perfect about dealing with you but it. whilst some rush to get toys clothes and gadgets for those who are out foraging for the family feast in the mall martin neighborhood people queued at seafood shops to choose from an array of shellfish for their traditional seafood platters usually composed of oysters langoustines prawns crab and wilks or even lobster for those with a bigger wallet britany lobster goes for about fifty two year olds for half a kilo admission national deficit all comments are the only rule that you know this protest is did effect our business certainly on the financial level but also in the
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minds of customers basically to customers cow malaysia or they don't come until two thousand and. one. with so many are trying to catch up with christmas presents plenty of space for those who seek the most simple pleasures of the festive season and talking about space let's hope everyone gets home and hangs up their stocking on time today because centers already airborne with the presents that made it to his death at the north pole just in time amazon u.p.s. and d.h.l. simply can't compete against this kind of global premium delivery service. and by now scientists should have delivered all his possibles and take a well deserved nap as will his reindeer his indispensable help us every christmas they pulled a sled full of presents for the dock night it's been that way since time immemorial that santa claus s. also keeping up with the times now you can equip your adam walls with a g.p.s.
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transmitter color as an app helps you to locate out to protect the seppo coitus those reindeer are far away in northern finland the breeder watches over hundreds of animals what was once a huge challenge is no longer as hard as it used to be thanks to the latest technology. as an alternate ending some thirty years ago you had to follow the older reindeer herders for about five or ten years to learn the landscape the forests and all of the animals habits but nowadays you just pick up your mobile phone with a navigation app and from the first day on you can do it all yourself that that caught up then it goes a long gun. apart from agriculture and forestry there's not much money to be made in this area but for about fifteen hundred shepherds the reindeer on the basis of life herders the meat milk and for the animals are herded together for slaughter.
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since he invested in a g.p.s. collar it's been easier for sept because though to find his reindeer can all sail in all sectors of society efficiency is playing a big role it's the same with the reindeer herding we have less workers so the action should get more and more efficient all the time and the network technology also helps to locate cadavers if an animal doesn't move for several hours every year five thousand reindeer fall victim to predators like the lynx this helps the herders claim the valuable state compensation. i think now we are facing the same kind of revolution like we had with this no school with r.'s forty or fifty years ago i think that these new. technology could do the same that we could take this new technology and use also in randy husband to save a lot of time and money. all the herders need is a collar which costs ninety euro so a battery which lasts up to one year and a cell phone simple tools that keep an entire way of life alive and.
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well life can be tough when you lost your way getting vulnerable people back to work and giving them a sense of dignity and purpose that is what the son of. a state is about close to the italian seaside resort of reunion in the state employees former drug addicts to work in the estates bakery it's dairy farm and it's it's cloudy you know was a drug user for seventeen years today he oversees the production of sangiovese a wine in sun patrol yano north of rimini now he's clean and learning how to find his way into a more ordered lifestyle some one thousand three hundred former drug users live on the estate where would cloudier be without this opportunity he jeremy honestly in prison or dead and buried. he's not allowed to drink. drugs and the red wine are
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strictly forbidden. just its bouquet we're learning to smell a bouquet of the wine then the knowledge is tastes that. the sun patron yano a state is surrounded by a high but by no means impregnable fence it has vineyards a cattle farm a cheese dairy and a bakery that's where they make traditional italian penna tone at eleven to cake with candied fruits. states residents have to learn a trade there's no pay but it's a first class ticket back to life seventy percent of sun petrone on those graduates stay off drugs this exceptional success rate is not the only reason it's feigned far beyond italy's borders. this is a product that is totally homemade with natural yeast and high quality ingredients . and the candied fruits are made here and they are certified organic sicilian
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orange and calabrian lemon. the planet tony here is regarded as one of the best which is why it costs a little more than others. but these sales aren't enough to make son petrine ya know self-supporting half the twenty million euros the estate needs every year to stay afloat come from donations. and that's your business update here. thanks for keeping us company. the to. cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut cut.
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cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut. cut. cut. cut cut. cut cut. the tax cut. back on india inspire children to bond with nature that's the goal of the green school programs throughout the state of gujarat government initiative is sowing the seeds for a new generation of environmentalist. because when these children grow up that behavior will be exemptions and different from the normal. next. year music museum
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strengths and a glimmer of hope. the only symphony orchestra in central america. hardly any of the musicians have professional training in. their one big symphonic family in which the musicians from kinshasa have found a home and global three thousand and sixty minutes of g.w. . earth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. here which is on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use has come to the climate the most green energy
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solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and were determined to build something here for the next generation of global ideas the multimedia environment series on g.w. . alone welcome to eco india a sustainability magazine that zooms in on solutions to some of the biggest problems affecting the environment today every week we introduce you to change may cause while working hard to move the needle of the grassroots on sun coming to you from new delhi over the.


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