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tv   Popxport - Pop Xport Special Tocotronic  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2018 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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it will actually pay the some. welcome to another pop export special today is all about germany's brainiest brand taco tronic will talk about the indie rockers unique claim to fame listen to what other musicians have to say about them and have a look at their latest album. acrobats regular chart toppers toko tronic being a one of a kind in germany's music industry for over twenty five years time for a pop export portrait of a band like no other. lyrics fraught with meaning somber tone see the title track to took
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a tronics twenty eighteen album. eternity. on the band's twelfth studio album sing a different look so recounts his life in twelve songs. off notes that served us well to the odds the hope is of course to maybe come to a kind of self ethnology like a field study of one's own life and of the same charge to create a portrait of society and present something in which listeners can recognize something of themselves to go on through as if it's like the death of. the band which took its name from a japanese games console has been around for twenty five years now. the three founding members now live in berlin but singer dick for not so and bassist john miller first met while studying law in hamburg.
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we met at a student orientation course at the university where we were both wandering around disoriented we spotted each other and for someone who looks like me and not like everyone else it was love at first sight. the two eventually dropped out of university to devote all their time to music their aspirations lyrics with depth their style indie rock their look tracksuit jackets that's how took a tonic started off in the early one nine hundred ninety s. . together we're talking tronic my name is and i play drums and also sometimes sing and play guitar. and i like to play bass. and i sing and play guitar. like
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that back. soon the intellectuals of german pop had amassed a large fan base even though in the beginning they hadn't quite mastered their instruments yet. sure we were musicians when we first met. but that wasn't the most important thing for us to show what we could do on the instruments. it's just good mind trying those are more interested in expressing something or in getting across a certain mood. to make. a. tronics fans understood them and with their third album the band hit the german charts for the first time i. it takes is
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a good lyrics are interesting and different from most other bands pretty crazy to michelle would. i feel like they understand me. in c.s. i. took the tronic was accepted by the mainstream but they remained rebellious in two thousand and two they appeared with a playback track on a t.v. chart show and traded instruments with a healthy dose of irony the band. rick macphail from the united states started off as the band's roadie before being asked to join as a fully fledged member in two thousand and four. and vic's watts alongst together gross together it's hell for this and i hope i can prove that i deserve it. until.
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eight german top ten studio albums two of which climbed to number one. talk of tronic are intellectual rock stars even if they don't really seem like rockers. so it's a target i think nowadays having a supposedly normal parents is much more subversive them wearing some sort of punk costume that any bank would wear of us or to spark us and understood. it would be lost going to sleep we prefer to look like bank clocks backcross not because states said it's ok to go. recording the twenty twelve album even leaving borland or how we want to live the album marking the band's twentieth anniversary was recorded on vintage analog four track equipment and deals with the topic of. but the band has no intentions of
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retiring the music for its leaves if you really love music list then you want to keep going because there are always more things that you'd like to do. reached. maturity but a long way from being done trying to a quarter century of indie rock from germany. video for electric guitar is all about singing a debt from lotos coming of age the single is off toko tronics twenty eighteen album on ended shite which went straight to the top of the german charts. played the lead.
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the lead player. head just doesn't fly. every week exploit publishes a new playlist on spotify with twenty songs full made in gemini. chopped up his name and he says classic hits. followed up export on spotify. tronic of the superheroes of german indie rock by firearms critics and fellow musicians alike now their peers have shared with us some of their favorite things about twenty five years of history. playing.
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one coming the first time i heard it i thought the name talk with sean it just sounded great kind of techno like king of. second hand and adidas track suit jackets they were just awful if i mean we all bought these damn jackets and the corduroy pants and the worn out adidas sneakers only p.e. teachers where yuck. but i like them right away because they had such outrageous song titles.
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and so i feel good and. will for sure reason must never prevail i really like that i thought it was great. but for the most was. his shots i appreciate their music a lot and i'm always very very curious about their lyrics and i go to him and especially the smart and exciting stories they tell. me she. said. this.
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is a. momentous and you can tell those are people who just do their own thing you know i guess they do math you can see how much they love each other and i think it's a very homogenous bad. as a needle and they're all so funny i mean really really funny. that's one that's tough to be able to leave your own musical market and to change the country's fashion all the entire way it looks i think that's something only the greatest achievement not. now for some fairy tale inspiration the video for the song this boy is tokyo tronic
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is set in an inch console with a single on the album tokyo tronics a return to the german charts in two thousand and two. tom cole trot. poles.
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lists. the ultimate. goal of. the of. the a. little a little. the a. the the a. please . please.
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please. please please now all channels are telco tronic and i am extra segment. was. just talk of tronic wouldn't be enough singer so is involved in a number of music projects. like working with the beats takes on a soundtrack for the movie chick. in two thousand and fifteen he and theater director rene polish wrote an opera for berlin spokesman it a full orchestra and chorus instead of guitars and drums. the role. for not so and producer t.'s mentor also make up the electrode phantom ghost story. with
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fribourg one of their very first songs took a tronic upset the entire city of the same name. from not so one studied there and in the song he pokes fun at how fanatical people in freiburg are about their bicycles later took a tronic stated that fribourg was just a metaphor for any place where people feel excluded meanwhile tempers have cooled. it. was either way the song became a classic and inspired other musicians as well here's a covered by the electro project console was was germany's indie rock intellectuals are particularly fond of this animated movie series. are huge fans of toy story. for the front man derek for lots o. has a special favorite i'm lot stronger for other character not so good so you can build
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up their evil. empire and also the names quite similar to my lords who that's all i'm pronounce them to school votes or. their latest album talk of trying to even quotes the toy astronaut buzz lightyear in german india. fighter. the whole world of pop music on one facebook page d w music check out your favorite styles and the latest from the scene. dealing with us into the top universe and follow us on facebook we'll see you then d w music. comes. on its first number one album in the german charge
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was shalyn van in twenty ten its lead single mocked his next is an ironic takedown of the do it yourself movement and pokes fun at some german d.i.y. chain stores.
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listening. to mock that twenty fifth anniversary and twenty eight team coco tronic released an
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album called d. or an end to all eternity on it sing of death from loto offers deep insights into his innermost self telling his life story in song. things weren't necessarily always better in the old days there from lots o. doesn't have very fond memories of his youth he grew up in a small city in seven germany and always felt like an outsider. he might not be the i recall have fearful i was as a child how little courage and cruelty our percentage collars and how strongly you perceived threats from other children a vicious a mean they can be done maybe because i didn't really fit into the dominant image of what boys were supposed to be the same ol. this young man represents the young so into trying to just music videos.
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the album is like an autobiography in twelve songs memoirs that also reveal sad and embarrassing moments in his life. i think many people who write their autobiography tend to avoid these topics not all the things that take a wall to run around my memory starts a blur and you start recalling only the nicer moments instead of the tougher ones. even though they might be much more formative and small since praying. a secret love affair in the video for electric guitar. has been colleagues recognize themselves in many of the stories from not so shares.
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does she even though we do all come from different places and yanna from hamburg i'm from a small city and back. remain in the united states but we still all share similar experiences and our discussions just develop from that came a starting point for this album the point for us i will. be. the longer talk around the greater the pressure becomes for them to keep succeeding and their expectations are rising too they no longer integers. thrashing away at a guitar. to have money i was on how we used to just bash out the albums quickly.
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and we think we had fun doing it and it worked well what's a target but nowadays that wouldn't be the right way for us to do things anymore. two and a half decades of music history twelve studio albums and took a tronics journey is far from over. to close out the show we've got togo tronics first have a video. in seattle down all this is in seattle doc the song deals with a process of musical self discovery enjoy and we'll see you soon.
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