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tv   Sarahs Music - Christmas with The 14 Berlin Flutes  Deutsche Welle  December 26, 2018 11:15am-11:31am CET

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how do you. discover your concept discover it with a powerhouse. school. much after one hundred years the ideals of the favs are more relevant today than they were that. is ago sure there
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is room shaped things to come to the ball not as feudal times a way of shaping society. with ideas that are part of. our house world three part documentary starts january thirteenth on w. . towards some lights before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring except for team berlin flu players.
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through. the. backstage at the chain music or at the berlin film when he and the rehearsal has just started i wanted to show you if it really is the middle of the night the fourteen berlin flute players have to rehearse the middle of the night because they are able to different orchestras that the film will make the symphony of the opera on the radio orchestras which means musicians work at night so the only time they
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have is off to the concerts after the performances they are real nice towels. or. through.
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a man god is awful not through on. give us our eyes on and i asked him this artistic director. same for you know well. behind the scans were inspected as a small scale human given that he put we're going to tighten it. up and can you can or should i not i'm concerned. so. if you talk. on this on some it's off that's when some of us would freshly in as a food source as a definite was done so with me. on. but all of it is and i it's are going up this influx now it's a list of on. t.v.
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she was going to this fund for the city norton guns i thought this well you have it gives them the. components into. something new. going on. a few songs. that's understood so far from the most intense it in the poll in the long song but also so either. you had a fetish think on your sex or. this is so does tend to try to learn to come under in some mental. function or off the horse in this pickle true spirit of truth on course the fruit doesn't justify such dentist as mr munson or boy if you look down and often people disappearing from the list. they are fine on the outs or . you know when to stop as the people of their fault or
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clothes. this inside. south of me it's a spaceship it's been so big i said from oyster is i. have. as a rehab yeah i know zip can't boss. this is kept you here to keep this feeling. of fear shtick. these is instruments of being. young going to concerts a good. premier for your personal history they're both good lessons and they've. written and somebody. who's going. to do it. as a nine hundred picked me to forgive. and you feel. so i don't want to.
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i'm. through this thing kiddo. on the. roof or on the. move on. ok that's a sign. of hard plus you have got to also packed a seat and this is also. more than here this is. the steve this is constitutional two this is the plan i was with this is the there's a couple of us that i know who are one can already high boarding this is from gropius we also because of. the theists because one hopes along about my you know we'll talk. about the. yeah so it's being beside me contrabass on this visit. is in have been about it.
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and somebody should be just concerto good also on the other spouse a few few bus was heard on the cyclone. vasant noho house. contrabass for being. told. took speed. for. those with clinked in mind this inspired us one that's very. good milked what does your father's blood. or how much room to move in with mr food i want to speed that kind of situation i. mean i'm a. little screen. on four days for the end of tact but there's no hope to fix that. this
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is just this is a test the tone the hearse. the sudden. spring actually runs an. hour here think. i like it. that's often sarah's music for today wishing you a very merry christmas and a happy new year i never thought about mom was before he took up a spirit. thank
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. her. for. her. car i thought her. car culture clash. oh a hair. color superman. superfood stylish style icon the stuff what ohs. lifestyle during. the match. on g.w. . german christmas at its best.
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presents resident at sands this streets of markets here in the city is the perfect christmas setting. what's the secret money on this you will time magic. stick their farms the right recipe. in sixty minutes on t w. how to want to help in a timeless way discover the house effect bell house world starts january thirteenth on. everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference.
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and to see receive and implement information and ideas to immediate goal regardless of twenty years told. the seventieth anniversary of the un declaration of human rights article nineteen follow on to w. such. a. welcome does forty show yesterday we have a special edition of your view and it focuses entirely on winter sports as what's coming up. the road if there's no stuffing extreme athletes don't leave long. snow queen the way a bad night want to.


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