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tv   Sarahs Music - Christmas with The 14 Berlin Flutes  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2018 12:15am-12:31am CET

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twenty nine team comes as. a starting whistle is about to sound for the premiere event of asian football. kickoff has had a look see and identify the favorites couple shots coaches players fans from up close personally and the twenty nineteen asian cup the big kickoff series starts december twenty seventh and d w. two. towards some lights before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring except for take berlin few players.
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through. the. air are. the i. were backstage at the chamber music or at the provincial i won it and the rehearsal has just started i wanted to show you it really is the middle of the night.
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fourteen berlin float players have to rehearse the middle of the night because they are able to different orchestras the film will make the symphony of the opera on the radio orchestras which means musicians work at night so the only time they have is off to the concerts after the performances they are real nice towels.
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and this is also the one time eating in excellent at salem to say they are going to going on as a d u d i n n also because when the sun doesn't let go one of. the leading all steam e.m.i. . cancer learn not to sound all kind of i've been known through it. bottom cities a desire on some of them to stand or didn't know what and how to first meals and i seem to have for listening been working folks in fla to sign an almost mandatory study leading all star concerts tropical t. and d. of all done they're gone on seven hundred fifty two is often fresh state going on shining good let's find something better. lost on me i was awful us and i was
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amused. of it do you have a lot of spirit of mashed out in that other side is most not science fantasy or. disaster most guys i was it's a man god is awful my through one. of us i was on and i asked him this artistic director this. same for you and. i just the scans were spectacular as all this monsieur human gave and if i take going to tighten it. he doesn't or inconnu can or should i not i'm concerned. sort of all. on this one time it's off topic and some of us would freshly in as a food and so it is a definite was done so with me. peter on this one was. but all the citizens and i had to go through this in facts
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and the list and all of on. t.v. she was going to this fun forty city norton only seconds i focus while you have it gives them. center to. components into the list most of them on the move the. nine eleven. but i hit. a few songs. that's understood so far for the students sitting a pole in the wrong song but it's also either. you or the furthest thing. this is so it does happen to come under the instrumental. funks loaf. off to hopefully speak with some spirit of truth on course or through it doesn't justify such antics dismiss the motion or boy if you look down and between often
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people disappearing from one list. they are fine on the outs or. you know when to stop with the people of their fault or spirit. and conclusion on this national to say we're twenty and. the are not the cement of you've got on the bus. or and on earth upon flew to earth is taken my dust come up on the surface knowing it would come against yanks does abortions on no cemented no daughter most of you can't. see one. of us through to us that almost position vocally c.e.o. is what i know about and.
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you're. close. yeah this insight concept i mean it's a special it's been so big i said from oyster is i do bust. as a rehab yeah i know zip can't boss. so. this is. this could this we're feeling. the fear shtick. instruments of being. young going to you know buying a concert so good. pre-meal. they're both good ones and they've. written somebody. who's going. to do it.
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because i soon i'm hungry pick me to forgive. you feel. so on. the. tongue be handed down by my i'm. seeing quito. on the. roof or the. ok. hard close you have got to ask apart to see if this is also not. more than here this is. steve this is not true this is the plan i was with this is the use of computers for the i know who you are one can already high boarding this is from corporate we also. know the theists because don't hype so long about my you know we'll talk. about the blogger
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did yeah so it's being beside me contrabass. is in have been about it. and somebody should be just concerto good also on the other spouse a few few bass heard on the cyclone. vasant no hope. for minus contrabass for being. told. took speed. for events or. those with clinked in mind this inspired us one yeah that's very. good man what is your father's blood. or how much room to move in with mr food i wanted to speed a conversation and burchinal cassar stream of ish minima bomb. iran for
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their funding of taxes but there's no hope of fixing the. city this is a test the tone in the hearst. fredricka spring actually runs and. already have think. i like it. that's all from sarah's music for today wishing you a very merry christmas and a happy new year i never have a yes mom was forty two proper spirit.
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thank . her for her. vote for her. her her. just told to by his parents adopted by wolves this isn't the story of the mostly it's the story of marcos and is it true. her seventy two year old spaniard you know lives with fellow humans now use passing on his year.
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on. next on d w a. card for her. car culture that. her a hair. much superman a. super food stylish stuck on a stove what over six. lifestyle you're a. woman sixteen zero. zero zero. zero zero zero zero. how do you. sustainable way to discover the bone house you talk about starts january thirteenth on t w. where is home.
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when your family is scattered across the globe. the answer to sleep because the journey back to the roots again minutely. traveling from around the. time one. person to systems. really starts to enter into a. w. a new zone. to see what's the one single. call to cancel the today's concert. by. play live. the people who put big dreams on the big screen play. live the movie magazine on the demi. her first day
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of school in the jungle. listen to the. doris crane the moment arrives. join during a take on her journey to freedom. in our interactive documentary. to bring to tame returns home on d w dot com tang's. live. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe i'm so me so much gaga today we're taking a look back at some of our favorite stories of twenty eighteen and that the people who moved us people who are working to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them here in europe. they're fighting in their own way against the
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spread of aids and the prejudices that come along with the disease for the right to their home.


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