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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin indonesia raises the threat level from yellow to a red alert authorities warn the public to keep their distance from the rumbling volcano a rerouted flights and told people to stay away from the coast and so after an eruption triggered that deadly tsunami at the weekend also coming out. six months after a tragic training accident olympic track cyclist christina is adapting to life in a wheelchair we caught up with the two ton the limpid gold medalist on the long
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road to recovery and a possible new career as a pearl if you. follow on terry barton good to have you with us authorities in indonesia have upped the alert level for the volcano that caused a tsunami last weekend they warned that fresh activity from the krakatoa volcano might calls another tsunami and they've ordered all flights to steer clear of the area saturday's deadly waves killed at least four hundred thirty people since then heavy rains have calls riverbanks to rivers to burst their banks flooding streets and submerging some homes our correspondent. has this report. on. these villages through. safe after escaping the tsunami that tore
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into the western coast of java but now they've returned they face a new problem. in the lobby around six in the morning when the water began rising. i went out to get some food and when i came back the water was almost chest high our village has never been flooded like this lawyer. johnny moved his family because of the risk of another tsunami. no not here he is leaving behind me with way three other children and twenty five other individuals it's a tight sorry sir but at least he's living with a hundred a lot of light in there or found work right now on his feet his family. attorneys wife may sorrow remembers the moment she had to leave. but i'm wondering
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when i heard talk of a second tsunami coming i grabbed my children and ran to my sister's house people were panicking and fleeing screaming run and run because the wave was coming i couldn't think of anything else the safety of my children was my only priority my youngest children eight and three years old they're in a bit of a shock and have trouble sleeping at all i don't buy that but. although the tsunami spared this family the flood still threatened their lives. santoso filed that report for us joins us now from the krakatoa lawyer trying post in western jobber good to see you tell us how difficult is it for authorities to get aid through to the tsunami victims given the flooding and an active volcano. there are two challenges that face local authorities and aid agencies first is the
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problem of access weather conditions like rain from yesterday have flooded roads that are already choked by debris that were blocking them and secondly the volcanic activity that continues limits where search and rescue operations can be done for example they've been asked temporarily yesterday and today to stay away from coastal areas and these are still the areas where they have to search to see if there are people that still need assistance and secondly there is also the problem or the issue of tracking the evacuees something back. stay with their relatives rather than evacuation centers making it difficult for a story to use to determine who exactly the evacuees are and what their needs are and how to reach them what about the crack a toe a ball cane or we understand that it's still causing headaches there what more can you tell us. through our society as a raise the various level today to level three that's the second highest level and
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they did this because of the continued and heightened cannick activity cracka tower has been shown to be spewing more volcanic ash and hot clouds into into the air so flights have been rerouted they catch like over the volcano or within its periphery authorities also told us earlier that they would have been able to determine from satellite images that a collapse of the volcano is what caused the tsunami it was sixty four hectares of the volcano fell into the ocean that's equivalent of about sixty four football fields crashing down into the ocean now it's not possible to determine if another collapse what happened though krakatau remains fragile so authorities are saying that yes there is the possibility of there was another tsunami but they can't tell when and how and how strong it may be are the best they can do now is to tell everyone to exercise extreme caution and to stay away from the post in areas ana
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thank you so much for bringing us up to date there. in western java. out. of other stories making news around the world today the cleanup operation is underway on the italian island of sicily after an eruption of the amount that volcano triggered an earthquake there a four point eight magnitude tremor struck just north of baton injuring several people and damaging buildings. u.s. printers president donald trump made an unannounced visit to troops stationed in iraq on wednesday she and first lady malani of trunk then made a brief stop at the ramstein air base here in germany through the first time trumpet gone in person to a conflict zone where u.s. forces argument in iraq he told reporters police officer in greece has been injured by a homemade explosive device left outside and athens church the officer was responding to a call to investigate this is this suspicious package no one has claimed responsibility
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for the bombing. and a court in austria is set to rule on how much out of hitler's birthplace is worth that's after the state offered to buy the apartment in oh no i'm in for three hundred thousand euros the current owner is demanding one point five million judges are expected to decide the matter in january. here in germany the idea of a so-called mosque task is being explored it would be loosely based on the existing tax which funds catholic and protestant churches in germany the idea is that living a charge on practicing muslims here would make german mosques less dependent on financial support from abroad the muslim council of germany is open to the idea the interior ministry is now planning to discuss it with germany's muslim community. and for more on the story we're joined now in the studio by say round she founded
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a liberal lost in berlin where men and women prayed together and women can also lead prayers as in a mom she also initiated the idea of the so-called mosque tax thank you for being with us this morning. why do you think the funding model model in germany for mosques should be changed should be changed because we have a huge influence from outside from foreign countries what kind of islam is educated in germany this influence has to be caught the influence is controlling all the education this controlling the mosques controlling the way how they teach islamia now we have is that this is bad because we have this influence mate that muslims a lot of muslims are not able to integrate themselves or their families here in germany no europe we have all this problems all over europe it's not only
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a german problem we have a big influence he in germany especially from turkey or from the muslim brotherhood so we have to cut this influence to give the muslims a chant a chance to have to call germany as their home country and to think about new ways of education this is the motivation behind the idea of the. text the motivation is to cut influence from outside when it comes to one day mom education and to teach them already that comes to the prayers in the mosque. so looking at germany's muslim community as a whole it's sizable is there a lot of support for reforming the way most are funded within that community as a whole i think a lot of muslims are not happy in the situation what we have when we talk about
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islam so if you talk mostly about weiland or terrorists so there's a need that we have to change this picture us that's a reason why in my opinion people start singing about new models we have to start to sing about the integration of islam in germany in an as a way than the as associations did in the past they say to change to change the way muslims are perceived in germany is that what you're referring to most things on one side we have to change the way how people look to islam and how the muslims themselves have influence here they have to stand up themself they have to take care about their own religion here in germany so muslims in germany should do something for islam in germany so do you see a consensus building long term for for your position on this how do you go about convincing germany is more conservative muslim community to support your idea the
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first step should be able to cut the financial influence and the next step would be to bring together the purity of islam on one table and discuss about something like a text we can not take the idea of the church text what we have in germany no and put it on islam this is not possible. we should take a sing about new models and my opinion won't be oh my will be to sing about a kind you know we have the five pillars and one of the pillars the social text so we should name it different maybe than the public can understand better so thank you so much for talking with us today pleasure twenty eighteen was a year of sporting success for many german athletes cabo won the u.s. open in the men's ice hockey team took home silver from the winter olympics but
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there were also bitter defeats and tragic moments olympic track cyclist christina fogle was critically injured in june when she collided with a fellow cyclist during a training exercise she's now paralyzed from the waist but is determined to regain as much mobility as possible. this berlin hospital has been casino for goes home for the past six months it's where she was operated on to have to crash and it is where she has begun to prepare for a new life in a wheelchair. something stand working email as the things work differently now i have to learn how to do everything like getting out of the wheelchair onto the floor into bed christina is paralyzed from the seventh resting vets a break downwards that means she needs to find the strength to do anything in her upper body. as an athlete she had strong muscles that she must now rebuild it's
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a live boreas process. continues to play super helpful to have been a competitive athlete i know how hard it can be to achieve something but that it can pay off if you fight for it and stick with it. for dominated her sport in recent years she wanted to olympic gold medals including a spectacular victory in rio in twenty sixteen when she lost her saddle during the sprint and still won she was also world champion eleven times solo and as part of a team accident still hits her german teammates harmed him is the best i just miss christina as the person we experienced so much together we always shared a hotel room and it's really sad that from one day to the next she couldn't be there or do her beloved sport anymore just a tragedy. away from the track she works for germany's federal police because it's almost impossible to earn a living wage as a professional track cyclist after her accident the federal police will continue to
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take care of her. for the expect sport to continue to play a role in her life in the accident clinic she has found pleasure above all in archery is this possibly the beginning of a second paralympic sport korea. to smoke yes my ambition hasn't been killed off in fact it's been awakened debates and i've still got that fire in me but to think of competitive paralympic sport i'm still far away from that. it will be three or four years before casino decides whether she will return to a sports arena as an active participant for now she has to get used to everyday life on four wheels. but before we go just a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on d w news indonesia has raised the alert level from the erupting. volcano and warned aircraft to steer clear of the area it's also told the public stay away from
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the devastated coast nearby in case more volcanic activity triggers another tsunami . so we have more for you coming up top of next hour of course. thanks for watching. we make up over but we want to have a face. that she takes this every summer for some. want to shape the continent's future. card and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa majority .


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