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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2018 1:30am-2:00am CET

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content teaching next generation to touch it. using the channels available in school. and were determined to build something new for the next generation globally is the environment series of global three thousand on d w and online. by decision into the site my name's louise houghton i'll be bringing you a special program today packed three things to do to increase your wellbeing let's see what's coming up. here that and happiness featuring the danes special acts that used to like. playing games like german ball games the popular
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all over the well. as a vinyl vine to entrepreneurs invite you to listen to the records. we kick start the show with a great philosophy on life if you speak more than one language you'll know that sometimes there isn't a direct translation for what you want to say in some languages was just don't exist and one example is the danish what hugo just cut counts later but it basically means enjoying life simple pleasures be that spending time with friends and family going for a walk or simply looking at the woman glow of a candle they all signify hyuga and since the day is a usually a ranked highly among the happiest people in the wells way thought we'd get a lesson in how to live a moral issue good lead life. surveys indicate that danes are among the happiest people on earth. in fact the un's world happiness report
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regularly puts denmark at the top of the list. what is it about the danes that makes them such happy people. might be king has written a book about all this and he believes he knows the answer. he has to do with togetherness it has to do with the art of creating a good atmosphere it's about equality it's about saving simple pleasures i think we also see something inherently danish i think we see it as part of our national identity the same way the american see freedom we think of something as part of our d.n.a. . toward who good means being comfortable and contented often while enjoying the simpler pleasures of life. here are a few examples. it's having of kabul for warm chocolate all warm
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and some peace with at some and the talk. a little bit deeper than the chilling on the couch and we take a. candle for us all hope is also maybe watching a film or reading a book and brutal isn't. mike peeking is the c.e.o. of the happiness research institute in copenhagen he says that the danes unique attitude towards life plays a major role in their sense of wellbeing. than we've been curious about why denmark does well in the happiness rankings and we've looked at the political system and that's a big part of the explanation you know high level of trust your social security and those with health care but that also explains why the other nordic countries do well so we wanted to understand why does that monk do better than sweden from then iceland and. and now we are spending quality time with family and friends or
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enjoying homemade cinnamon buns that's. the danes really love christmas time the traditional apple tarts are on sale at christmas markets throughout copenhagen . so is brook or danish mulled wine. particularly amusement park is decked out with a sea of lights might be king says winter is the peak season for it. while it is practiced throughout the year i think for the winter period it becomes almost a survival strategy it's a way of getting the best out of the time of year which is doc and cold and wet and we're forced into forced. the best place to experience here is in danish homes the danes have more living space per person than any other european country and they make their surroundings as comfortable as possible. light is important too.
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there's a reason why we use twice as much candle wax as number two in europe which is australia because we enjoy lighting that is at the low end of the temperature scale so we enjoy warm mortify soft diffused lights to create a nicer atmosphere in a room. but danes also like to have nice things around the house northern europe is known for its design concepts like lamps by pulling an accent and chairs by on a yacht and cortlandt but do these things actually make people happy the notion or the concept of something that for danes is just a word or describes a situation and or a state of mind more than a design i don't think you can say that it's a sign it's a sign there is. doing something to create but i think it's something that's more ingrained. maybe internalized in our culture
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a simple walk outside can also be good it doesn't cost anything and it makes you feel good. he shouldn't be about consumerism you could also use. as the get out of jail card if something is too expensive if you walk into a restaurant it's too expensive you can say sure can you find a place that's more and you first oh yeah let's find a place that's more so we should be inexpensive because it's about equality and it's about simple precious. danes call that special cozy christmas feeling. and the focus is not on expensive presents it's on being together with family and friends that's the true spirit of christmas and not just in denmark. taking care of your well being is something that more and more people are becoming aware of these days luckily there are activities that we can do take clear the mind
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and matter whether one of the latest craze is adult coloring books they're said to help relax and focus the mind and scottish artist johana basket was one of the founders of this trend. ninety six pages of detailed drawings of plants and animals and secret garden also has labyrinths to discover patterns to complete or entire drawings to color in it's a template for creative ideas drawn by john abbas for. she lives and works in scotland and main job is creating illustrations for packaging the idea for a coloring book for grownups came by accident. color for adults was a child that is now i so a national a there are. five pages at this point is that to that i need to collect yeah that's the thing. coloring books for grown ups are
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booming at the moment and the best sellers are fairies and pirates spot books like secret garden. beer cover lower is on the nonfiction buying team for britain's leading bookstore chain we're seeing that coloring books are selling much better than books like that and. crossword books which used to dominate the category so be interesting to see if people start to meeting and coloring and. coloring in pictures is said to be relaxing while also improving concentration the versions for grownups are just somewhat more complex female bands are especially enthusiastic about this rediscovered pastime sometimes it's hard to find. any time for myself to actually think that me say this is the way that i can just sort of think about me and do something for myself to. ask for its first book
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secret garden has sold more than ten million copies worldwide she joins by hand with pen and ink she gets her inspiration from a castle in scotland where her grandfather was the gardener. as really inspired by the catholic art at. it's just a really beautiful place to play when you're a child and just a lovely setting that it be really imaginative so the pics i've inspired by that childhood and those mammoth cave and then a second back in time and thought it best take this inspiration the forestry that was behind my grandparents. chanted forest was published in twenty fifteen and became a bestseller and she's since published there aren't any ebook editions of her work so far this is one genre that still works best printed on paper. well as we're in chill out mode today we wanted to show you this fabulous hotel in the mountains of the czech republic the building is an old t.v.
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tower that ten years to build initially is now filled with character and doubles as the main mark of this popular winter sports region on a clear day there's a great view of the city as well as parts of poland and germany but when we visited winter with in full swing. this is yes did mountain and on top of it the famous ninety four metre high t.v. tower. which houses the u.s. did hotel. the building in the czech city of liberates is an impressive site provided the weather is on your side in winter the tower is often shrouded in fog. taking the cable car up is almost a mystical experience in the winter a special atmosphere pervades the mountain. no one knows this better than eyelash was worked at the hotel for years. to come on your. gains in
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the winter like another season you can enjoy stunning views from here come on it's wise for us with eleven new hot sometimes you get to experience this kind of snowy winter wonderland we're having today as he tells me and i don't mean to marry him. scenery that many guests appreciate from behind observation windows. has been my i'm really impressed by all this the weather in particular the shame we can't enjoy the view today this is a bit harder but there are no cars and no traffic only nature. you know to look. the snow the wind you know to friendly people everywhere. and the. like cloud nine it's great. the hotel has one thousand rooms on two floors. and two of them still have the original nine hundred seventy s. furniture that was created by interior designer or to carbon are. the other rooms
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were redesigned the look of the hotel reminiscent of a space ship or an airplane was preserved. by night at the us dead hotel starts at seventy year as. the futuristic tower opened in one thousand nine hundred three after ten years of construction it was a sensation at the time partly because of its unusual construction materials. porcelain was used in the hallway. and a wall in the lobby is made of exposed concrete and bohemian glass art. used. for. example to be working here is not just like working in a hotel but also like being in a gallery on board. the. chairwoman of the seventy three club wants to preserve the hotel as it was she works closely with the
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original interior designer he's drawn up plans to build reconstructions of the furniture. and life. this was the small lounge forty years ago and today refurbishing it took a year and cost twenty two thousand euros. after that the bar was refurbished soon the exterior of the tower will be renovated it's exposed to extreme weather conditions at a height of one thousand metres. a. special most here at these people who spend a night here they say so and. which is for me the most beautiful a situation where you are above the clouds you are in the sunshine butler but out on the whole republic is under the cards and then you feel like in
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a spaceship. just outside the spaceship flies the check skiing region of the user mountains. feels nice and feels like home and you're. also a towering military machine but especially doesn't if there are too many people here or i feel tired i can take the cable car to the hotel have a coffee in the child or or take a break to or maim or until i know both of us. covered in snow and ice the us did hotel doesn't lose any of its appeal in fact it looks even more mysterious in subzero temperatures. are your design at its best check out our youtube channel d.w. interior design stunning design ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y.
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tutorials on home decoration will take you inside the most beautiful european home show you the latest in furniture fabrics success stories subscribe and don't miss out see you on youtube. that sent me the time of year it's become easy isn't it it winter there's nothing i like more than to be warm by the fire with family around me and a board game like many people i spent a lot of my childhood playing clue monopoly and then later trivial pursuit when computer games and consuls became popular they board games ended up on the shelf just gathering dust and tell recently times are changing again and ballgames are enjoying a revival certainly in germany anyway and that is thanks in part to innovative concepts like this one. is the name of the
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game it's about taxes and commodities bluebloods and peasants it's a new board game developed by. the players are the royals they've got to build statues to themselves this is one of about fifteen hundred released in germany each year. lot of people play the. games are a deliberate way for the players to sharpen their focus. their completely. think about the next week and what they are. today on the job they have to be totally focused on the. has been making a living inventing since two thousand and ten. a year and a half one hundred test to create the prototype for.
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the moment comes in when you realise you're. just playing and it's just fun. because you get the feeling you might have to touch it up a bit here and there for the most part the game is ready to go. by. himself. game royalty his father. created katan. over twenty. it's even hard killer with the dot com crowd of silicon valley who use it to get away from the monitor even facebook founder mark zuckerberg admits he's a fan board game experts and. see the secret to germany's boardgame success in its diversity. game as the american see it as a mechanism that interacts like clockwork not much luck is involved. where players don't get tossed out of the game too early or the conflict doesn't mean getting
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military units or spaceships or it's against each other. since two thousand and thirteen the pair have been presenting board games on their you tube show hunter and they post a new episode daily. either and welcome to our channel. or you'll find everything about board games card games children's games and other stuff and if it's. present new releases review games and invite other you tube to their board games. to them more games are more than just a pastime the backdrop for a subculture. is. the pursuit for adults and young adults on our farm with watching movies comics and playing computer games. so it's only natural that a whole culture would grow up around that. interesting.
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board and computer games are no longer mutually exclusive either many publishers make available on the internet. all the cards except building scarred and deal thirteen cards to each player each player picks up their hand so the other players are unable to see them and. for some board games there are even digital aids for the classic scotland yard for instance an app can help players track down the elusive mr x. . game cafes and libraries have also become popular like this one in berlin patrons can choose from a library of two thousand games and play them for a euro an hour. it opened a cafe in two thousand and six. after a long rocky start. interest has soared. to be the curfews not the.
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cafes are an alternative to pubs movies include not a lot of maintenance or play ball games here and then move on to the club's. biggest gun rights in the. game of the year award is presented annually in germany a kind of oscar for board games giving them a platform for international recognition. taking the time out to play a ball game is good for the mind body and spirit in fact taking the time full stop is a great way to appreciate life that is what the danes said at the top of the show and it seems that the philosophy is catching on around europe i mean when was the last time that you sat down and listens to an entire music album and really listened to
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it well the opportunity to do just that is spreading its way around germany. back in the days when vinyl was synonymous with records many people listen to l.p.'s from start to finish those days seem long gone. but marketing and heart and. still remember them. they founded a company called play time. can run for sixty dollars seventy minutes today listening to an entire work is a unique experience. reintroducing that to people and culture was our original idea . when it'll play time is on the billet a german cinema has here at the babylon movie theater in berlin visitors pay five
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euros to listen to a record in the company of others this evening's auditory treat is bob dylan's double album. the idea of consciously enjoying something without distractions is catching on. that's what playtime is all about taking time to press play and just listen to him music played out its own term partners without pressing skidmore fast forwarding or being seduced by other opportunities on the songs that are just one click away. to just abandon yourself to the music from start to finish. listening to an entire album requires time and leisure and these days few people make the effort. because and harder today we're barely able to perform any activity for
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a long time we live into our cycles every two hours there has to be a new impetus whether it's going to the theatre the cinema visiting friends or having dinner everything sinked to this to our rhythm guitar then we need something new for us noir time seems to be running away from us it's a plague of all modern age yet this feeling isn't so new. even two thousand years ago. it's like the roman seneca look reoccupied was this phenomenon . back then he figured i'm this applies to the present to get a third of our time was taken from us a third disappeared on noticed and a third slipped away into the southern end of the longing for life to slow down is growing people are doing lots of things to escape stress visiting spawns taking holidays on farms and leaving their cellphones behind when they go on a hike. this desire for things to slow down has become a trend. that's
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a serious note certainly still a nation trend away but i think it'll become more important as people are already noticing that many things in our time change too quickly perhaps the multi option society of the last few decades has overtaxing to quite before dark eyes back into babylon cinema and berlin the album is about seventy minutes long not including the pauses needed to change the record yet none of the visitors leave before it's finished. the mission the citric pleasant. listen to an album at the cinema and also it's very nice to be able to do it at the right value of the arms of all at home you sit down and get distracted by some screen your mobile phone or whatever you're using to listen to the music. here you just get to listen to the music moods music i think this brings back an idea of music that when you keep alive you know. there's
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super interesting. to play turns into play time is a seventy minute break and that no matter when it happens morning noon or night it really is that a break in what is this new pope. playtimes inventors plan to present their conception of the major european cities they want to keep the wheels turning but not to fox. i hope even watching the show today is helps you have a break for about thirty minutes anyway so it's all right for a loss special so the weekend tell then take harry's house is. on the next special edition of your i'm max and i see adventures on the norwegian aki pella go spitzbergen. tourist through iceland second
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launches. and the winter getaway in the swiss resort of dogs cats and more coming up tomorrow on your own max.
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the female female. snow there is no reason to stay if. you can get rid of it. get over it. and if nothing else you can just flip out completely godchild. russian and japanese do it and they should marry let's. treat thank you steve. more.
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africa charge of. natural riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment in. a foreign land it has been called ethiopia's gold. the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international preferred giants government export revenues and the corporations profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. when i saw the bulldozers clearing the land i was devastated can give me how could they bulldoze the land without my permission and what they knew would belong to me. expropriations environmental destruction starvation. the price for government
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and corporate. the selling out of a country. that donkeys fear no hyenas. starts december twenty ninth on d. w. . indonesian authorities have raised the alert. level for the volcano that constant tsunami last weekend they've warned that fresh activity from the un not krakatau a volcano might cause another tsunami and they've ordered all flights to stay clear of the area saturday's deadly waves killed at least four hundred thirty people. read.


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