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tv   Doc Film - Land of Inequality  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2018 10:15am-11:00am CET

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for most of the us football is their only source of income but they continue to play even if their next paycheck is hanging by a thread. you're watching d.w. news coming to you live from berlin don't forget you can get the latest news and information on our web site at g.w. dot com i'll be back at the top of the next hour of floor thanks for watching. and . nico is in germany to learn german. and which can be called why not learn with them online on your mobile and free stuff from the w e learning course nikos speak. to me.
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i'm here because i know there's a charity gonna auction in balance if the luxury watch goes for a good price but in children's home we'll get a new sports field millionaire co organizer clay stuff going on urges the wealthy guests at the auction to dig deep. no one who wants to buy leon out of mass is golden boot and with it the virtuous feeling of helping children. you know i do the guys here the people who drive things board who have the possibilities the time the money and we must get involved we have one of the best countries in the world is the best opportunities so let's help to create equal and fair opportunities for children thank you very much. for six months christophe go in and let
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us record him on his day to day activities thanks to him and others the resulting film gives an insight into today's society in germany at first. germany is a rich and powerful country full of opportunities but if you look closely even in this industrialized country the wealth is very an equally distributed. success often depends on where you come from but why should it be that way do these great differences threaten social cohesion to get some answers we talked to some of the leading academics around the world who have specialized in the issue of inequality including nobel laureate joseph stiglitz the world is at a crossroads today people sense that the control of their nation is being stolen from inequality is the most pressing social problem facing us today welcome to the land of inequality.
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stuff keeps getting richer. for instance trying to fix a new novel but if you have two hundred fifty million euros you can throw it out the window and it will come back through the door you can buy cars and real estate that increase in value you buy gold in the gold price goes up you can't a story money through consumption going to and his money in real estate his company says he is behind every third new apartment in leipzig alone. we built or renovated everything you see. he's worked tom to get to the top. pretty funny i always go to work if i have a herniated disc a forty degree fever my wife and i have a fight now i don't sleep i still work the next day and it's by the operator oh so
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does his success automatically rub off on his children can you actually buy life opportunities and germany. six am. while other fathers are waking that children are up this millionaire is working up a sweat during an early morning workout. connor's every day life is strictly regulated time is money and that can be added to anywhere even in the car where he turns the backseat into an office. kunta sees his assistant almost every day but his four children usually only at the weekends.
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i mean for the teachers but as a father you naturally try to get the best for your children. a child that attends a regular school still needs a lot from their parents during the week in there that's where i fail completely. it's also what i've done with my children and it's probably more honest that is to tell them i won't be around from monday to friday. become yours was so i can't give them the attention they might need during that time. and that they'll be under the best supervision somewhere else. and sending your children to a boarding school perhaps gives them a better chance of getting a good education than school children who live at home with. the flight i'm going. through stuff going to doesn't want his children to appear in this film two of them
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go to an elite boarding school in another city the school fees are three thousand euros a month per child. three thousand euros per month few families have that much even to live on four thousand people live in these high rise blocks known as the vices eed long and. district mostly large families in two to three room apartment sixty percent of them are on while family children who grow up a usually go. to the zalman elementary school ninety three percent of the children there do not have to pay for their books because their parents sample. these have been known as problem schools for years but no one has done anything about it. and she wouldn't do good morning everyone. oh. for of mr. what should you pay attention to when you write
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a caption for your holiday picture. made raise your hands. a full stop after a sentence exactly all but two children in your right is to me is fourth grade class have foreign roots just. yeah. she sets them a written topic mine best experience on holiday. you can also write something about it first and then draw a picture. called me she said we should meet. you during the holidays i had to tournament. we came for. you. and me and my parents went to etiquette supermarkets. i know i got a can of surprise. and then we went back home. for most of the go. i
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think this is my breakfast but you can have some to. stephanie five tog is a teaching assistant she's there to help with tasks settle disputes and go on school trips. generally on my life i want a teacher is off sick for a long time and we don't have enough staff that makes me sad to see it as like you know how to get to children don't have lessons they don't learn anything i can manage up to the fifth grade you know mom all of us should know still we're also doing something nice that we do it with my german most right well i like that not so much in the. us those who speak little german at home need more support there are currently four vacancies for teachers at the school. smushed my mom i want to become a civil engineer because i want to earn a lot of money because that's what my father does and you have to be good at math i
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must resign. after i want to graduate from high school. and work for a coal company i'm not. to not have my. issue that i want to study. this room that i want to become a doctor because i like helping people like to think it's. just a quarter of the children have will make it to high school in the rest of berlin it's almost twice as many. yards from the as the harm they do have their big dreams and goals it is not. easy but they may not always know how to achieve them because they somehow don't know the way or it's sometimes closed off. bad. head teacher kathleen a polka mccoury would like to hire more teachers but she only has a little more money to spend than she would have at a school where all the children spoke german and nobody was poor. i'm fine larded
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was in mustique an up call if you could look at what the children eat and hire the people to provide that then things would be completely different this months or two days monochromatic also the people who live here can't afford a lot of how one mustn't on benghazi and when we look at what the children need and whether it's a healthy diet or more exercise or proper work materials on which costs a lot of money tough to get there are so many factors that determine every day life in class and one that you can't even describe or to words to smile for i saw. a should you can and i'm fine if i know parents who don't send their children to the school at all they group together and send their children to a school farther away. by time where they even asked the schools to open separate classes for their groups of children to class and to me this is all social segregation. to me.
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social segregation in this context is the spatial separation of rich and poor on what happens when those on top and those down below drift further and further apart economists and social scientists all over the world are looking for answers and investigating the consequences of inequality. one of them is ballin based educational research on marcel hell be in a recent study he discovered that in germany the rich and poor are increasingly keep to themselves and hardly ever meet in. our study looked at seventy three cities especially in terms of social segregation and we concluded that social segregation has actually increased in all but six or seven of them flexible. one example is bell and unemployment and child poverty are decreasing in the north of noise. whereas almost two thirds of the
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people in the vises eat long tower blocks get help from the state. in the whole area a forty divides the city of s. and north of the motorway seventeen percent of adults are on social welfare whereas south of the a forty the figure is only seven percent. because it is and in many cities in germany we see these pockets in certain neighborhoods where seventy to eighty percent of the children live off benefits and for the schools this means a concentration of the social problems that go with that because of the education system has to struggle with this every day mrs produces things you talk of no you can from. not only are rich and paul meeting last unless it's also becoming increasingly likely that children with and without immigrant backgrounds will go to separate schools this is an experiment involving two schools in essence in orange
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t. shirts and elementary school in a far more affluent southern part of the city. and in blue t. shirts children from a school in the poorer north of essen the children have to ask each other a single question from the pupils from s. and north ask each other are you a foreigner. mom . studies show that children growing up amongst many poor people or immigrants will most probably underachieved. new content as exclaimed can precisely tell which children will have which chances and you can we can work out the probabilities and i would know exactly where to send a social education worker or a good teacher if i had one she converted so in particular when you look at children who move or who are randomly offered a chance to move to
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a better new. through an affordable housing program they end up doing far better than the children who didn't have that opportunity showing directly but this can't just be about differences in ability or about dreams. germany aims to provide education that doesn't depend on parents' wealth the state uses taxpayers' money to ensure that all children go to good day care centers and good schools it also offers opportunities to those who have few but what if the state doesn't stick to that. stuff bring up a millionaire and father feels he has a duty. as many would say i don't hear it from a good home in the education policy is substandard your parents can help with that if you have a bad home but a good school then the school can lessen the impact of the bad home it is now but it's failed everywhere we've got parents who don't care and don't get their act
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together have an education policy with the doors wide open to the chaos we see today. the entrepreneur is on his way to the foundation for disadvantaged children it supports around two thousand children in twenty two can homes. going and wants to see what's become of the money. and to initiate new projects. there not so much that i was full of but here for example everything was full of concrete so we had the concrete ripped out and created a place where children like to spend time with and and don't hit their heads on the hard surfaces. and immediately head to qana takes one project at a time paying for tutoring dental braces and sports fields and all of it in addition to running his business. on his own could see you can do charitable work and get your homework done. just.
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inclines i'm feet out of the small end for theater will be built here for me it'll be a dream come true. i'm sure it's. just a job sometimes you feel like sitting on the floor and just playing with oh you have to be careful in the job i do but you can't just sit there and play citizens is enough. because you know you're our real heroes is it thank you. it's ten times it's for who needs the most time financial resources and support from children. that if you can't save a poor old person although you can alleviate the circumstances they live in but with a young person or a child you can still set the course devise mr long shot and on a sponsored this sports field for one hundred thousand euros many children hang
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around the guardianship of the youth welfare office and can't be filmed one must watch the so it's fun to play here it's working out it's fun. from the children's home half a house to don's for the event as a thank you a businesswoman couldn't. call. i don't know how i'm going to touch could i just have everyone's attention for a second. if i can do that i want to tell you some important information from us this field is here we created it because we believe in you children by it and will do everything in our power to make your play time as much fun as other children's play time we believe in you and will always be here to do these kinds of things ok. well and i believe my own here.
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if it becomes clear in a society that the richer people have much better opportunities than the poor and it also affects those in between the middle classes if they can no longer rely on the state to watch for opportunities to or children a matter where their school or nursery is it has far reaching consequences then the pressure grows to do the best possible for the children. in germany a family with two children is middle class if they have a gross monthly income of between three and five thousand euro's like the cows family from like say. thomas klaus picks up his children go stuff on luisa from the nursery. get. a
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big topic at the moment is which school gustaf should go to. we would like you and your child to join us for preschool in the period from december to february or offering your child a weekly preschool lesson. so we can start school really start that's cool isn't it the school. year coming to you you can also come with us and it says only your child but you are our child to. the children can grow up in comfort thanks to thomas says john the engineer works only five minutes bike ride away from home. they can afford an apartment in a good location. but it's been clear for some months now that his company wants to save money and that entire plants are under threat. possibly his as
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well. so there we are we all thought we were part of the big operation you lend some lawyer tells us we are to do my see a huge risk that will be left standing here empty handed i'm awful then will of lost if we're just ripped out of here without any control over it can then we're really facing total defeat here in leipzig for tuesday. as chairman of the leipsic plans works council thomas klaus travels to the siemens headquarters in munich where the managers want to announce their savings plans. it's an end to the rumors everything in black and white you know try google chapter three high of two children and i also have plans for the future and they are largely based on the future with my good job at siemens and this is our home and now it's all up in the air in the street eyes when that future is no longer there than i am and shaky ground you can hear you know it's
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a bit like the road to the slaughterhouse to be very emotional so i want to know. where does the middle class fear of sliding down the social ladder come from for a long time the german middle class always believed that their prosperity would only increase but all that is about to change. and it has something to do with global development. economists bronco milan of it has examined the consequence. of globalization and number crunching large amounts of data on his conclusion people's income has risen but not uniformly. or when we look at globalization and we are when we say about globalization we are really talking about the period of the last twenty five to thirty years and we have two large groups of people who you can say are the winners
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of globalization the first group already belong to the rich one percent of the world and they are getting richer and richer. while particular interest of the middle class is in asia especially in india and china where the income of two billion people has grown strongly they other winners have globalization unlike the lower middle classes of the u.s. and the industrialized countries of europe income is also stagnating in germany. the group that you can say are lower there is although they have not really lost in real terrorism but certainly they have not gained very much or a globalization are people from the lower parts of the income distribution in the rich countries so it's actually lower middle class of germany united states japan or france and they have incomes today than they had like twenty years ago. by we've managed to pull two billion people in india and china out of poverty house
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this is an incredibly positive development position but at the same time it's true that the lower middle classes whether in mannheim or michigan or middle class or haven't got a lot out of it in the last twenty years because one of. the transition. in concrete terms it means that if europe fails to link globalization with principles of social justice there is a long term risk of a rupture between globalization and the lower strata of the population. back in munich thomas clouse knows now for sure that his plant is slated for closure if the management gets its way parts of the business will probably also be relocated to areas where production is a lot cheaper. to god in one of those in the who no matter how long this situation last there will come a time when i won't be working
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a kilometer away from our apartment of these income and this is when i won't have the income and security i have now when the ship and then i'll have to take a look at what i'll be able to afford with mark i'll also be back on the job market and that won't be easy i'm well aware of that and there will be considerable up people's. own admissions for example for me because the family budget will no longer cover the flat we have now. the housing market in leipzig is very competitive as in all german metropolitan regions people are moving to the city center here real estate investors smell high returns. risen by twenty five percent in the last five years affordable three to four room apartments are grap. if they have to move thomas class his family would
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probably have to relocate to the cheaper edge of town. to take my place construction done here is in the luxury segment it's like everywhere isn't it you know the situation in the big cities and i think we're on exactly the same sort of spiral here. but truly the best course that would be attractive but given our current situation i need to give that much thought to congress day after training conduct. christopherson a is also building rental apartments here he says they are affordable two rooms for seven hundred euros excluding services. that's twelve year olds a square meter. so it's not the most expensive it's not the classiest that i would but it says something that has style quality
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meaning and soul and i'm very proud of it because i'd like to live here myself. if we want to become the v.w. of real estate so we need to step on the gas. going to success also impresses his children they get asked about him at school. going to classmates say things like. that the one from the c.g. group if you can see and you drive up in from the playground and they're watching you and they google c.g. group and say do you know what your father does. suddenly my son comes home and says daddy is this what you do that's the kind of thing that gives you a little bit of pleasure all of a sudden he's interested and it's a mixture of pride respect and a bit of sadness initially i was because i also know that the time i spent here is sometimes at the expense of the family i think.
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in the basement of the old town and postal bank building which kind as company is currently renovating. she doesn't want to just live husband. company fits out apartments including ones built by ha ha spent. the condos want to shield their children from their luxury as lifestyle as much as they can. this being. but that's why we decided to send them to boarding school there among their peers there. and they don't get what's going on at home every day. to see the events we go to we go out or what we look like when we dress up for
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a ball or something. they may not get. boarding school there are rules and all the children are treated the same. here in berlin not. all the children are the same there are children who have rich parents or poor parents in spirit by no one and there's a lot of tension among the children about what they have that the others don't know how to add to the name sometime i picked up my middle daughter from confirmation class and suddenly she hid in the front foot well. and i'm off to stick to what i asked her what she was doing she said it was something the other children can't see me sitting in this car. those are the problems they have to deal with this and that . was in the. campaign as a type two and was i know there are a lot of situations where they have it easier but there are also situations where they have to compromise. because. there are
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a lot. it's important to tomas on cotton cost that they and their children can stay exactly where they are. number there's a very good social environment here as soon as they're on the typical gropes here where you think because that child even have a chance at all the home the parental and social environment all exert a strong influence on them. and i get to see my friends from kindergarten back in school and surely you know none. well not the side of his friends will go to the same school as him and he knows where it is he's already thinking about who will be in his class we have to do everything to keep it this way. the more uncertain the future
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the more important the children's opportunities become when the middle classes fear for their jobs they also fear relegation at stanford university the downward trend has already been confirmed by figures economist raj jetty has evaluated how income has changed over generations he describes a trend that is discernible not only in the u.s. but also in germany ninety two percent of children born in one nine hundred forty earn more than their parents did but then if you look at how that's evolved over time you see a pattern that has come to be known as the fading american dream where that steadily falls over time such that if you look at kids who are turning thirty today kids born in the middle of the one nine hundred eighty s. only fifty percent of them are earning more than their parents did and in particular they're going to likely to be due to globalization if they don't have high levels of education because one of the benefits of
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a higher education makes individuals more flexible more able to move from one job to another because education is maybe not the only means but it's certainly the primary means by which people can improve their own lot in life and pursue those goals that they have. the promise that the next generation will be better off has always been part of the german identity a modest central european variant of the american dream but if that promise is broken it has consequences. parents will try to maximize their own children's opportunities in life the struggle for status begins with the choice of elementary school. marcus costello is a nurse at a hospital in boerum he has a five year old son louis who he doesn't want on camera less will be going to
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school in autumn costello is afraid that his son will not receive proper support at a public school so he has registered him at a private school a walled off school at the moment which. at the moment is so far ahead that he can already read and write and so want to control the public schools would probably concentrate on the worst in the class first. with the down time he had in school was a decisive factor for me. as well as the different social environment you could be in. or her tour of cost of himself went to a public school run down buildings and big classes with the teachers standing at the front he wants to spare his son that but it doesn't come cheap. the charts are not written by top there's a monthly contribution to ducted as a percentage of your salary looked to the highest contribution is five hundred fifty euros a month. were moved on and then there's a building fee that's three thousand two hundred euros for the entire school
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generation are told from for another the costs for lunch and supervision of to britain's course for which others seem to brooklyn's district. the fucking shite district in both more than one in five inhabitants here have a migration background and vow to shite is home to most of the city's unemployed people. right in the middle of it is the video surely. because costello has registered his son here it's a waldorf school which are private alternative schools like most schools religious all secular they are largely financed with tax money because all children can go here at least in theory. cast in fricken as a teacher them she guides interested parents through the campus.
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of the poor. and yes i can see you doing great it's not even august but i'll come back again at the end of the year and see how it turned out i didn't say i was going to be out of. there. there is one teacher here for every ten children there are only thirty four pupils in each year in the neighboring public school there are twice as many most of the time the children are divided into two classes. those who say that's great bella now you can start with the file. young the. because i'd like to introduce you mimi and. you are all. such here to talk to once this is of course the attraction for all the students a real highlight the idea is to give our city kids an experience of what nature is
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. not worst. whereas our breakfast days come from not from the supermarket. there's a school garden a school circus a theater stage a sculptor's workshop a canteen and music clubs. instruments are important for their early musical education work you want everyone to experience the success of creating sound. comes . on top. of the proportion of migrant children children with a migrant background is relatively low here so that's something we don't like at all but it's obviously because they think it's a private school we can't afford it. because it's coming. we have two groups who come here one is a big turkish family it's like a clan that's branched out more and more and so we get the cousins of the cousins
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who have already been here. like that one can be to. their. program now it's all about word of mouth this second our children here with an african parent sometimes. retore backgrounds that we have children from here. there are only two or three children per class not more not yet. not committed. to randomly selected school classes one from a war school in purple t. shirts and one from a comprehensive school in cologne skulk district in white. the question to everyone do you speak another language at home other than german.
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and do you sometimes help your parents to translate into i was. on segregation is just getting by us. which would be tied up both the total number of private schools and the number of private elementary schools have gone up a lot recently. in fact the number of private students has increased by thirty percent in the last twenty years. being increased has been especially noticeable in elementary schools here the number of private schools has quadrupled. in these competing towns because you have parents willing to pay for it and do nothing to counter it and also there are schools that need these high school she or think they need them to provide
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a good education and most importantly we have an administration that neither has the situation under control nor wants to control it. on average the state covers two thirds of the costs of private schools most of the rest is paid by the parents this is how the public school administration saves money research is estimated could be as much as two point four billion euros a year since these private schools are replacing public schools the state has to ensure there are affordable gemini's basically all states the private alternative schools might only exist if everyone can afford them. the article standards mission include because it's the current state of affairs is not compatible with the basic law and the main problem here is that the german states which should be monitoring the basic law do next to nothing to put a stop to these discrepancies of these a value of truly. a new issue of schools as well as other independently sponsored
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schools boast that they are good schools and many of them are. untrue they have an educational principle that successful so why don't they take it over into the public school system thing that's what i'm wondering this is made up i checked. the state is supposed to insure all that good opportunities for children to not depend on their parents' money because that often doesn't happen others take on part of the responsibility such as the patrons of the laughing hearts foundation charity. god been in where christophe kunta is also the evening's host. i. knew i slept for four hours but i have enough energy for ten days there's a lot at stake today we have to collect money for the children we're really motivated. because few children in cannes have been invited and
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stand for the rich and glamorous. but that and senator for health care and equality is here. it's nice to see all you beautiful people and you doing something good i'm going to thank you so much for that you see i think. it is called the patron as he or she doesn't have a say in what happens with a detonation money but at least she has climbed on a side that both committed to saving children from going down dangerous parts in life it's just to be the girls end up on the street that's how far it goes it tears my heart apart that cannot happen this time. be a good look a known from a children's talent show sings for the crowds. it's an event supported by the taxpayer. and says your business or does your.
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donations are tax deductible that's pretty good to you so i end the state pays half and we pay the other half i do and i have to time to. see that i have to do a little heidi klum here from germany's next top model. girl we have to do something with your outfits. because you sing about a president who would like to make you a present for tonight's an evening dress. thank. you thank you i. thank you for the thank. you in the family i absolutely don't think we should be orienting ourselves around the slower and weaker members of society but what i am quite sure of is that we'll
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be the judge. by how we the strong performers i deal with the fact that there are lower performers and people who struggle in society like children or people who have fallen into poverty that's how we'll be judged him as he didn't. want to someone who can afford anything do. who doesn't want more money but more influence does wealth health and political participation possibly even more than is good for democracy. and. the seaman's employees in making photo greetings cards for them managers. will see that their decisions affect people. now and right now we feel powerless. meanwhile kristoff going to is still fighting to stay globally competitive. and often open and for that dear investors also need your support in the futures so who
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really has the power. listen they have the power because you. believe. the dice and invite your friends around. board games are experiencing the midnight hour. and then you all turn it into a night on the town. a group activity and a way to unwind. away from the screen. boardgames are back to. your romex you know thirty minutes t.w. . or.
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i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but most and nothing with the ten and even have been think they've been to jam a culture shock. new did seem to take this gram a day on the east coast it's all out there no time rachel join me for me to get anybody to post. be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers everyone of them as a planet in a super you. can then thing is just the children who have already been the n.i.c.u. and those that will follow are part of a new the process. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines.
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business d w news coming to you live from berlin change on the horizon for one of the ages most visible gay community support same sex couples in thailand get ready to exercise their rights pacific partnership but they say a new law being introduced early next year falls short of the equality they want for help with heterosexual couples also coming.


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