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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CET

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need for minds. this is news coming to you live from berlin the change on the horizon for one of nature's most visible gay community see same sex couples in thailand get ready to exercise their rights pacific partnership but they say a new law being introduced early next year falls short of the equality they want for head with heterosexual culture also coming up indonesians struggle to get back to daily life after last weekend's devastating tsunami we need the fishermen with no boat left and no tourists to sell his country to anyway. and it is
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football but not as rich countries know as professional players are going hungry and don't have proper team jerseys it's a world away from the huge well seen in the game in europe. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us thailand's government has given his backing to a groundbreaking bill on same sex relationships under the proposed legislation thailand could become the first asian country to legalize same sex unions that would be a big step forward for the country's gay community but some say the law doesn't go far enough in meeting their demand for equality with heterosexual couples. these two want to be in perfect union and. only in
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a workout routine. and. more than just training bodies to pay for their love twelve years ago and they've been together ever since. three times a week they start their day with a workout it helps their bodies and their relationships stay in shape. on the go all the time working. i think the only time we actually get to spend together quality time is during morning workouts like. to use a well known t.v. presenter in thailand for more than a decade he's been in the public eye when he came out four years ago it might be headlines not all of them current. feels thailand still has a long way to go towards full acceptance of sexual minorities. he welcomes the new bill as an awakening fatah society that. people just
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started talking about this seriously over the past year i thought proof. ok we're civil partnership ok so do gays who need to get married and the conversations out there. never talked about this. not. activist she acknowledges that a civil union would bring some improvements to same sex couples for example when it comes to succession at the same time like many activists she feels the move could entrenched this status a second class citizens. by itself if they. say. so. because you cannot adopt.
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this is a huge move from from my point of view so instead of taking baby steps to take some balance i would call full right. woody and take a different view of what they feel thailand isn't ready for full marriage equality demanding all much just result in achieving nothing. if you push too hard. you might be aggravating the people that are living here now so it's about knocking the doors opening the doors one by one it's a first step i think it's a very important first step and if we if we manage to get this first step right we will still be the very first in asia or in southeast asia to get that and i think that. it's on its own is such an achievement both for thailand for the region it's something we can be proud of most of the heavy lifting is done what's left now is the vote in parliament should the civil union bill pass wouldn't want to be among
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the first same sex couples in thailand to legally taught the not. that our correspondent joins us now from bangkok hi florian getting same sex unions legally recognised is a big step for any country how difficult has this process been fertile and. it has been very difficult in the has been a year long effort there had been plans for such a law already about four years ago before the military coup in two thousand and fourteen then this whole project basically. fell apart and it was especially difficult because there's not really an open debate now that's a very typical thai things so you don't voice your opinion openly especially not if it's a controversial one so there has been a lot of negotiating behind closed doors by bt activists like the one we have seen
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in the report and certain members of the government and now here we are now understand that a final decision on the same sex union bill is expected early next year is it sure to be approved. it is not sure we. you'll probably see the democratic or almost democratic elections by the end of february of next year as i said we're still ruled by the military regime and the legislative assembly is not elected there are just appointed members there is a chance that it will actually pass before new elections but even if it doesn't the likelihood that it will pass with the new legislative assembly. is also quite likely so i think thailand will actually see this law by next year their critics say this bill doesn't go far enough what they regard as its main
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shortcomings. well basically everything that would involve money so social welfare for partners is not part of the deal and the other very important thing is adoption so obviously it is possible for any person to adopt as an individual but there is no such thing as joint adoption for gay couples that is not mentioned in this law and this is one of the major sticking points that especially those activists are criticizing now assuming the bill does pass how significant will this be in regional terms for south east asia. very significant like we have heard one of the protagonists in the in the film say it will be the first in asia taiwan tried to have this law but there was
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a referendum against it so thailand will trouble to be a front runner in terms of the rights in the whole region for him thank you so much our correspondent tory enough there in bangkok. to indonesian our rescuers are searching for over one hundred fifty people. still missing after saturday's tsunami this after officials warned of fresh danger from the crocodile volcano and the possibility of another title way saturday's deadly waves killed at least four hundred thirty people for the survivors returning to normal life as not proved easy the w.'s of a song toss has this report. sometimes the sea is a friend sometimes a fellow jim acts as he's a fisherman in love one with java who has looked to the sea for his livelihood and as a source of food. i could make as much as fifty euros
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a week from fishing curing the monsoon season we depend on our store it's where we sell food to tourists. this used to be my store the tsunami swept along by now it's gone. to max still has his home and his family is science but without their livelihood the future is uncertain. they used to be many people on the beach every die. they came from nearby cities and even from jakarta. now there is no one. it is the waves rolling into the beaches of west java that bring in many local tourists indonesians who want to escape the crowded and frenetic pace of nearby jakarta come here for a quick break especially during the holiday season a few days ago these waves turned into a giant tsunami and fears of a second one are keeping vacationers away turning this once tourist spot into
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a ghost town. the government gave us some food and water but no money to rebuild our store and that will not be enough unless we receive regular assistance. the obvious things that the tsunami took away were lives and homes but the waves have also left people in limbo uncertain about what tomorrow will bring. now some of the other stories making news around the world election campaigning has ended in bangladesh head of a vote where prime minister sheikh hasina as expected to secure a record fourth term campaign though has been marred by allegations of foul play government critics say opposition figures have been jailed for political reasons and head of sunday's poll. the syrian army says it has entered the flashpoint kurdish held tell of month beach where turkey has threatened an offensive the kurds
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urged damascus to intervene after turkish backed syrian rebels advanced on the town on thursday turkey's campaign against the kurds is intensifying after the u.s. announced it would withdraw all syrian. in mexico thousands of migrants remain camped out in the border city of tijuana they are hoping the u.s. will recognize their bids for asylum they're trying to make the best of a bad situation but there's also growing discontent at the group that organized the caravan from central american countries. like a christmas party for migrants stranded in tijuana a sign of generosity from cooks and volunteers in the mexican refugee camp. it's hard to be so far from your family but this gesture of form say humanity helps people feel that they are welcome to guests and you know these migrants risked
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their lives to get to the u.s. but now that they're in tijuana they have to stay and wait until their asylum papers have been approved across the border this is the new agreement between the two countries advocates for the migrants criticized the approach. mexico was the most difficult part of the migration route to the border to the u.s. can be crossed in one a few days but in mexico they were on the road for thirty days and experienced violence kidnapping robbery and use. reducing the violence and hopelessness that drive many to flee their home countries that's the goal of the aid that the u.s. and mexico want to spend in the migrants home countries. we want to find the roots of migration so that people will have a better home to go back to and stay in. meanwhile a preacher who works with the migrants criticizes the groups that organize the caravan across mexico alejandro so linda says the migrants seeking to enter the
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u.s. are exactly what trump wants to help drum up support for his border wall in tijuana there are still more than six thousand migrants waiting to finally enter the not so promised land. if you follow european football you know the sport generates billions of dollars with first division players earning huge salaries but that is not the reality for the rest of the footballing world and the african nation of for example trying to make ends meet is a daily struggle even for professional players. this gavin nice football club f.c. . at first glance it's hard to find anything out of place just a bunch of professional footballers training. but imagine playing on an empty stomach so you play is fighting what can i say i fight sometimes to come to train without having eaten they tell us yes coach we're hungry
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we didn't eat. living off football is increasingly difficult in cup on even for professional playoffs many teams knock the basics and pass go months without payment. i've been playing football and go bowling for at least three years so it's really hard we can no longer live without the salary and as you can see we don't even have a jersey corseted on this so my you are. the country's economic problems have had a trickle down effect the lack of funding and poor organization have created a chaotic situation. and the real problem is that the state is putting money into sports and not civil right places it does and it doesn't necessarily go to a right person for most of these playoffs football is you watching g.w. news coming to you from berlin there forget for updated there's information around the clock just head to our web site that's w dot com and of course we welcome you
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to follow us on twitter so i news for now also you at the top of the next hour thanks for watching. her first day in school in the jungle. first climbing less of a minute or as grand a ball as arrives. join your reckoning on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home on e.w. dot com tang's.


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