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this is news coming to you live from berlin the syrian army enters a key kodesh town to deter. a turkish attack damascus says it's entered a mom bitch at the request of goods forces anxious to prevent a blood spot but is this the end of kurdish hopes for nationhood as a crucial ally of the united states is set to abandon them also coming up tensions rise in the democratic republic of congo ahead of sunday's delayed presidential election opposition candidates gore for a general strike off to
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a car to suspend voting in some of their key strongholds. and internees in struggle to get back to daily life often last weekend's devastating tsunami we never meet the fisherman whose boat has gone and so have the tourists who used to buy his fish . plus a look back at one of the hardest hitting stories of two thousand and eighteen beneath the egyptian women confounding stereotypes and fighting for respect in the boxing ring. hello and welcome i'm on the thought she the syrian army says it's and to have the kurdish head town of mom bridge where turkey has threatened an offensive the flashpoint town in northern syria has been under kurdish control since they captured it from the so-called is. mixtape in two thousand and sixteen when turkish
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backed syrian rebel forces started massing yemen which only of the three the kurdish why p.g. militia of their own wish to mask is to intervene in turkey views the vie p.g. as terrorist and has threatened to attack the town. i spoke to our correspondent in beirut earlier and asked her for more on the syrian army's presence in mom bridge well it's very clear the syrian soldiers are on the ground right now they're poised at a city and flag in it is not yet nor how many of them are there yet but it's also to a certain extent it's relevant because on this side of the border which is in syria the two major players now since the u.s. has announced that it will be drawing its troops would be the syrian soldiers and the kurds and the girls have been invited to sit ins to come in the way b.g. has said that we're moving out of this area we would like the syrian forces to come in and avoid a turkish invasion that because the kurds know once the americans leave they will
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not be in a position to give a fight to the turkish forces but the syrian government backed by the russians and the iranians can and until it's more why ankara is expected to try and attack among bridges what is its strategic objective there. right in the beginning of the syrian war under the one ball that turkey had was to avoid the kurds from having contiguous territory along its southern border which is north of syria now kurds are strong in several other areas including in the war the also managed to have a stronghold in. the turks think of these guards as death is this the be kicking in turkey is the way in syria and if these forces are strong along their border that will mean that secession is and within turkey will get stronger and there will be more terrorists attack all door do on a supporter of several other groups because he seemed to be sympathetic to him
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brother who said he supported region islamist groups as well and some moderate ones as well but one call that turkey had was to never let the cards have this corridor or this contiguous corridor or along their border that is why they're expected to attack mambas we will there over there not is a question that still needs to be answered because tomorrow the russians and the turks are talking about specifically disanalogy us to how to deal with it because thus far the turks have not actually responded to city of soldiers being in mom bitch and then you seem to indicate that these developments are linked to us president trumps decision to pull out american troops from syria because us troops had given some deal of protection to the kurds who had led the fight against islamic state in the region. that is absolutely collect it's entirely linked to that the kurds have lost their leverage and only got to remember when they started fighting the so-called islamic state they did it because they themselves faced of very imminent threat from islamic state because this entity this never saw the
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official was against any kind of minorities so they perhaps faced very simply extract from the islamic state so first they fight them when this fighting is happening and your benefits form an alliance with them the girls are also hoping to have some sort of a contiguous territory just as has happened in iraq remember you drop you have an autonomous kurdish revolution because the americas which then support did the kurdish forces on the ground in iraq to the pot well let's try we're going to have a contiguous territory those hopes will cost when turkey moved in after it then we will have some sort of autonomy which is a stated goal of the s.d.s. that is the sort of entity that the way these are but with the american forces leaving even that is not going to happen to the cards are basically back to square one. hundred were in beirut thank you very much for that analysis. if we are bring you up to put some other stories making news around the world u.s.
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president donald trump has threatened to close the us mexico border if congress does not fund his promised border border a trump with a threat in a tweet the u.s. government is still in our shutdown over the funding of the war. russia has completed a sixty kilometer security friends along crimea's border with ukraine moscow annexed the crimean peninsula in two thousand and fourteen in a move which the european union says violated international law since then more than ten thousand people have been killed in fighting between moscow backed separatists and the your previous army in eastern ukraine. election campaigning has ended in bangladesh ahead of a vote where prime ministership casino is expected to secure or. record fourth term the campaign though has been mobbed by allegations of foul play government critics say opposition figures have been jailed for political reasons ahead of sunday's.
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now the long term president of the democratic republic of congo joseph kabila says sunday's election will go ahead in this country that's despite a decision to suspend polling in some areas to launch the government says the move is due to security fia's but the opposition says it's been the thickly motivated today police dealt with protesters in the east of the country by firing live ammunition and tear gas to get an update from can in just a moment but first this report for you. makeshift barricades burned in protest a bad omen for sunday's already contentious presidential election in a country that hasn't held a peaceful one since independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty now residents in and around benny a city in northeastern democratic republic of the congo may not pass their votes until march the country's electoral commission says that's due to the severe ebola outbreak and rebel fighting that's plagued the area more than one million of forty
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million registered voters could be affected by the delay protesters however see the decision as more to do with politics than safety bottled up with just that they need to get us another president who will govern this country and if that doesn't happen create chaos starting from today until a solution is found if it calls for us to die then so be it last i know not who fuck the president he's so angry at is joseph kabila in power since two thousand and one and now stepping aside the ebola affected region getting its vote postponed is a stronghold for opposition to be law and his preferred candidate emanuel ramadani should dari should already faces twenty one opposition candidates martin for you though is one of the leading contenders. i. think we're going. to. do. what.
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could be less electoral favor it is also the target of european union sanctions he and more than a dozen other congolese officials stand accused by the e.u. of obstructing the electoral process and related human rights violations in retaliation the congolese government has opted to egypt the e.u. and bassett are giving him forty eight hours to get out that leave sunday's election already two years behind schedule largely without international observers mostly because they've been denied accreditation more protests against the electoral commission decision are planned for today opposition parties have called for a general strike. have. there's been i'm drawing a you're not getting he is in kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo now you know as opposition parties of course for a nationwide so-called ghost town general strike today what is the situation like
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in the country. yes so it's important to know to look at the exact places of the country so if you look at the east where we have been the temple those places were and which are where the elections will be postponed they are people to go people are going on the streets we have protests today shops are closed so there people are respecting a bit amount of the opposition also in goma which is also in these some type but if you look at kids just where i am right now everything remains calm people are thinking a little bit about the festive season it's it's new year's events all they need to look for presence and so life is pretty much normal you today that's the end of voting in the suspended botts of the country has been postponed to much officially for safety reasons not the opponents of president kabila say their political reasons tell us more about that. there are so i went for
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the w. i went to be a couple of weeks ago and there we were talking with the people with the health ministry and they told us that actually it's no problem to organize a ration over lots of people as well because people are going to church people they're going to university to the market so this is not such a big issue and so there's some truth to it if like the society it was society and opposition candidates they say that this is just a pretext to push forward an election and to create trouble and chaos in the country because actually with a little bit of effort it would have been easily possible to do elections here another issue is this charity situation and it's true the situation is really complicated in some of those parts of india it's complicated you me we have seen some interethnic clashes but this is nothing new for the democratic republic of the congo so we have seen this in two thousand and eleven two thousand and six so this is actually really
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a pretext right here in us getting in contrast on the democratic republic of congo thank you for that update turning now to an uneasy event rescuers are searching for one hundred fifty people still missing after this tsunami this after officials warned of fresh danger from the volcano and the possibility of another tidal wave saturday's deadly raids killed at least four hundred and thirty people for the survivors returning to normal life has not been easy to use on a santos sent us this report. sometimes sees a friend sometimes a photo mark says he's a fisherman in love one west java who has looked to the sea for his livelihood and as a source of food or not i could make as much as fifty euros a week from fishing. sure in the monsoon season we depend on our store it's where we sell food to tourists in calm this used to be my store the tsunami swept along
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by now it's gone. to mock still has his home and his family is safe but without their livelihood the future is uncertain. they used to be many people on the beach every die. they came from nearby cities and even from chicago. now there is no one. so. it is the waves rolling into the beaches of west java that bring in many local tourists indonesians who want to escape the crowded and frenetic pace of nearby jakarta come here for a quick break especially during the holiday season a few days ago these waves turned into a giant tsunami and fears of a second one are keeping vacationers away turning this once tourist spot into a ghost town. the government gave us some food and water but no money to rebuild
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our store and that will not be enough unless we receive regular assistance. the obvious things that the tsunami took away were lives and homes but the waves have also left people in limbo uncertain about what tomorrow will bring. you're watching the news still to come it's the last day of trading in two thousand and eighteen for markets in europe and asia and what do you have it wrong with transparency greg zeschuk and legal woes for companies high levels of want to tell it to investors on their toes. the first news from germany as the armed forces struggle to fill their ranks the government in berlin is drawing up plans to recruit nationals from the e.u. countries reports in the german media say defense minister or is it off on the line wants to offer military service especially to poles italians and dominions who live
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in germany and speak the language the german military. has stepped up its recruitment efforts as part of a broader reset in recent years pressure on berlin has increased since the u.s. president's dollar trump wonton nato allies have washington could draw a supportive europe did not boost military spending. a political correspondent good pretty joins me now for more on that story good what do you make of those reports and just how significant would this move be well this certainly would be a significant move and would be a big change to the german military act of course the bundeswehr in its sixty one years of its existence has only allowed german nationals to serve in the german military but at the same time this idea isn't anything new already almost two years ago the german defense ministry presented this idea in its white people which put forward their plans for the future of german defense military so although this
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would be a significant move why not expecting any changes short notice so what kind of people are they looking for and what conditions would they have to fulfill. well we've already heard from the german defense ministry saying that the main target will be specialist so that eighty specialists doctors medics when it comes to come to conditions which should be able to work and join the german military that still unclear but of course when it comes to language having a good command of the german language of course would be a prerequisite without doubt. and the fact that germany needs to look outside for its recruits showing that most recent concerns about the state of its army well it is absolutely no secret him particularly in germany that the german military is in bad shape for years now the headlines have been filled every year with stories
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about lack of personnel and lack of equipment and of course since germany ended it military conscription back in two thousand and eleven compulsory military service that came to an end almost half a decade more than half a decade ago that really hit the military personnel numbers hard and since then the german defense ministry has been trying to come up with new ways to entice people to join the german military and of course open in the german military to e.u. citizens could indeed help relieve that pressure. get pretty obvious political correspondent thank you. now for sport to start with sailing where the wild oats boat crew are saving a particularly sweet victory after winning the prestigious sydney hobart your chris last year the boat crossed the line first but was stripped off the title following a near collision earlier in the race this time there were no such problems for the
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australian vessel as a drac top ninth win in the seventy fourth edition of the event but it ended up being one of the closest races in years why do it's completed the route one day nineteen hours seven minutes and twenty one seconds. saying in the region any know the new tennis season is getting underway and roger federer heads towards australia and one lucky couple even had the systemise maestro gatecrash part of their wedding federer was touring of the famous limestone pinnacles in western australia when he stumbled upon the newly weds the old wished each other good luck with the federal looking to defend his australian open title in mid january he got some early practice in against some local girls and likened the landscape to the moon. it's almost the end of two thousand and eighteen and really taking a look back at some of our favorite reports from the year one of them took us to
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cairo to meet viola and how the two women bucking egypt's macho culture by boxing their way to the top now they want to land a knockout blow for equality in the country. how dear packs a punch it saves her from unwanted male attention here on the streets of cairo sexual harassment can be a common experience her training partner while law is just as fierce she's egypt's heavyweight boxing champion strong women in a macho world and out on the streets they say they're never afraid. in a good mood and i don't want to boast but i am in fact a heavyweight boxing champion so i'm the man of the house and out on the streets. women's boxing in egypt is only a fringe sport but according to the coach there's no shortage of talented women the challenge is finding them and supporting them. it's
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not as though this is only a sport for men there are many women who become world champions and in egypt this is especially possible we have many strong and very talented women but they don't have it easy in egypt there is a deep seated prejudice and many stereotypes that still endure. as a brutal sport i think it's better for women to avoid it but that after all women are not good enduring violence the media this is the problem and i see too many muscles on a woman i think it looks disgusting to see muscles everywhere you know i detest the smell in some of us of those views aren't shared by everyone nephews are fascinated by their aunts gold medals they are her biggest fans. they want to box to one day but it's a long road to get there while law has been in the ring for seven years now her
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mother is proud of her youngest child and even of her powerful punch. boxing is actually self-defense and she's had to defend herself many times i remember how she beat up three boys at school who harassed her severely one of the boys had attacked her with a pencil and almost killed her did a lot. mala and her dear also enjoy cooking at home but when the two girls talk about the future marriage is something one lot doesn't want to rush into she intends to take her time to find just the right partner and she knows that might take a while. for him a lot about men usually the boys complain when a girl is stronger than they are that's why i want to find someone who really understands me preferably someone who also participates in the sport who gets it and who loves it. my doing what they love these female boxers are also fighting for women's rights in the arab world and for the right of everyone to follow his or her
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own path towards fulfillment with no holds barred. monica joins me now for businesses that offer some turbulent days for the markets how did the weekend what turbulent ameristar certainly i could say that stock markets around the world are continuing their roller coaster ride making for wild times for investors now europe started slow but eventually most indices ended the week up it is a different story in asia where japan's nikkei fellow on its final trading day of twenty eighteen the index has posted its first annual loss in seven years and it's a twelve percent decline that will break the nikkei seven year run in the positive its longest winning streak since the late one nine hundred eighty s. . well they will have the nikkei's closing ceremony and with the traditional uploads theme that's despite there being little to cheer after this year's historic
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decline. oh soon oh boy you must watch for you'll be a trade war between the u.s. and china as well as security issues in the second half of the year have heightened tensions market triggers appeared one after another this year such as the saudi issue in the middle east and brags that which are likely to drug on into the new year is what people who want to find out on are you and i got so used to be on i wanted to talk to them was i missed the u.s. china trade war on drugs that have played a big role in the nikkei's twelve percent decline in twenty eighteen with no end in sight to these major geo political challenges it looks like the index is set to continue its bumpy ride in the new year. well for more on the day here in europe let's cross over to anybody in frankfurt where as i can hear the year's end party is in full swing only in terms of trading it in has already come to an end in france it was a happy ending. yes my impression is looking at this party that the
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worst a year for the markets and for the investors the better the party i can't remember a party with this kind of good cheer for the past year in the those years when the docs went up and now the dax is down almost twenty percent for the year really a disastrous year no one saw that coming lots of problem areas but when i look at the people they're great they're. toasting themselves and probably breathing a collective sigh of relief that this difficult two thousand and eighteen years older. went from bad to worse and started off with a record high in the docks yes but over the year the dax lost about three thousand points one of the biggest losses in major markets and the probably selling. brazing because they made it through twenty eighteen and the tax didn't fall below the ten thousand to mop that at least is good news that make it strong again twenty nine
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thousand. yes if it stays above ten thousand points because the president did drops down that's going to add further pressure on downward momentum but the big problem area that brought the markets to where it is and that was a problem all over the world even if other markets were better need to be made to improve and above all they don't need to worsen and you don't need to know deal breck so what would be ideal would be exit when the favorable did a deal for trade or a second referendum and then staying in the new rates a problem in two thousand and eighteen you'd have to see rates not bother in equities as much as they did at the end of the year this year and above all you need a u.s. president and this trading partners in china and europe to come together not grow farther apart and suffocate trade growth and stock market prices only i know that you and i are not going to speak again until twenty nine teams so enjoy the party thanks for everything and a happy new year. thank you the same to you. and
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the united states the paschal government shutdown a six to continue into twenty nine thousand more than three hundred thousand government workers won't get paid next month if it goes on and that is why the owner of a burger joint in washington d.c. is trying to do his bit to ease the pain. what juicy burgers with melted cheese could they be beyond c. to the current government shutdown the owner of this burger joint in washington d.c. think so he's handing out burgers to unpaid government workers with the aim of drawing politicians with the free food. we hope that we can get a politician's into seabirds and they can sit over a nice juicy burger and have made this thing out and get these good people back to work this isn't the first time the burger has handed out free food in a government shutdown during the last one in twenty thirteen the joint gave up fifteen thousand burgers in two weeks that almost put the owner out of business
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this time around he says he'll take it day by day. and he is a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. the syrian army has entered the key kurdish town office monday after an appeal from kurdish forces that they're hoping to deter an attack from turkey after uncorrupt pledged to launch a cross border offensive against kurdish forces interview says terrorists. and protesters in the democratic republic of congo have clashed with police that's also authorities suspended voting in a key region in sunday's presidential election opposition leaders have called for a strike in office. you're watching the news live from the well coming up at the top of the hour.
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snow there is no reason to stay at home. you can get rid of it. when she. get over it. and if nothing else will just flip out completely godchild canadians russian and japanese do it they should never let wheelchair all three come to their own forty five minutes on. natural riches precious resources a son and a rewarding investment farmland has been called easy opus green gold the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international agra from giants. the government to the south are highly export revenues and the corporations call it
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profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the building business. the selling out of a country dead donkey you know how he knows starts december twenty ninth on d w. welcomes are in good shape coming up on the show. cutting the risk of stroke how useful are heart apps. onions a powerful natural remedy. and.


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