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someone else over country. just don't use fear no hard enough. starts december twenty ninth on t.w. . play. this is d w news live from but in the syrian government deploys it's on me to a key kurdish held town to deter a turkish attack and syrian interrogation actually in the us is closing a flashpoint town is bracing for an assault so muskets says kurdish forces requested support but where does that leave the kurds whose main ally the u.s.
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is preparing to leave the region also coming up in thailand same sex couples get ready to exercise their rights to that partnership but it's a new your being introduced early next year full short of full equality with heterosexual couples. can't israel down the walls music great artists and an advocate for peace be renowned right at a loss all dies in the age of seventy nine. five hundred on freaked out you could join me and other twists in the syrian civil war as government forces officer port to the kurds at their request all the deployment of the syrian army to the town of man beach comes ahead of a threatened turkish assault baron while russia welcomes the move turkey decries it is sending its effect. and for ministers to moscow for talks on the shifting
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situation following the announced u.s. withdrawal of its troops from the region. u.s. forces still patrol the flashpoint town of man beach but after last week's white house announcement it's not clear for how long. what is clear is that turkey feels emboldened and has sent troops towards the border after and cholera threatened to attack man beach to eliminate what it calls a terrorist threat the town called on the syrian army to help them as everyone waits for the next move turkey's president says he has no interest in taking territory. copra been syria's belong to syria where against the division of syria now sole aim is to remove all terrorist organizations from the. order once terrorist organizations have left didn't you most people have nothing left to do they. called us. for president has also said the kurdish forces had no right to call in the syrian army while russia which backs the syrian
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government has hailed the army's move. to preach it is definitely a positive step toward stabilizing the situation. on the computer this trend to expand the areas of government control is a positive one come to be to them. as the diplomats argue over how to fill the void that u.s. forces will soon leave the fate of man beach hangs in the balance it may become clearer when turkey's top ministers meet their russian counterparts in moscow on saturday. and to discuss these latest developments in syria i'm joined now by international security analyst marcus concrete to see you at the scene a lot to talk about marcus let's start off them with the kurdish forces in syria why no apparent marriage of convenience with the syrian army i mean couple of days ago we were discussing being implicate. agents of the u.s.
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withdrawal from syria and today we have seen at least one major implications the big kurds in all but here have lost their most important ally with them to withdraw all announced withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria and that fall they have to reorient their political preferences and that explains this unusual and unexpected step. as you called it the merits of comedians between two opposing forces in all the kurdish and also. the golden syrup militia and the syrian government right i mean as you point out that seems to be the moves that has changed everything at the moment in this current situation we've heard from the turkish president who won saying that he just wants to remove what he calls a terrorist organization of course referring to the white p.g. can we expect turkey to stay out of syria then if the syrian army takes over from the kurdish troops i mean turkey has not stayed out of syria where it's to maintain
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military operations which have led to some. occupied syrian territory by the turkish forces i don't expect any major military adventure been spoiled the turkish side for one simple reason the turkey has accomplished they are made just would you take gold to avoid. or you know to avoid the kurdish independent state in the middle east which has been the overarching foreign policy goal of all true governments for the last decades and they accomplish this goal without intervening another time with occupying another part of syria on behalf idea do not seeming to read for military band and we understand let's say then on the diplomatic side that turkish on russia misses a meeting in moscow on saturday to discuss the u.s. pulled out i mean can we expect a true story at least a common goal to come out of those discussions i'm not really sure about where what we're going to see. what is emerging is the post war syrian although the powers
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are emerging who are shaping the post was syrian although. the one in the country is president assad he's the dominant political as well as military falls and the three major polls have emerged turkey iran and russia and it's interesting and maybe for a lot of people frustrating the old west to put it this way does not play any major role in shaping the poles syrian post was hearing all and i would go so far as to say the post-war middle east. no role for the united states and no role for the european union i mean talk about the post war syria and the order that we could potentially be seeing now some people might say it's a power struggle and with that in mind and that potentially emerging might u.s. troops then decide to stay in the country no date has actually been set at the moment that without. difficult to say as we've seen over the last two years for the
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u.s. president trump is rather unpredictable so it might be the case that he's revising his defoliant decision all the decision of this week but as far as i can see the overarching goal has been to fight isis in the middle east syria as well as our ike and. the preference of these these two puts on to leave u.s. forces in iraq thinks that withdraw forces from syria syria and that does make sense from streets to strategic part a few because the second overarching goal is to contain all and to put political pressure on and therefore the military presence in syria is not desperately needed from the u.s. business right i mean the president has always made very clear right from beginning of his campaign and indeed he said that this is not about nation building he's also saying that the u.s. all courts no longer the suck because all those need us. direct why all this need
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to continue fighting the war in syria could not walk a very short think what we're going to see is a dominant president assad and we have two different maps here political map and a military map the military maps shows a growing area of the rule of prison that is not ruled by forces and certain parts which have not been reconquered by the syrian forces the political map clearly shows that he's in the driver's seat and every time we talk about the few political future of syria the political process of syria i think there's no way. all of exempting but he's the dominant person international security analyst marcus khan good to have your analysis thank you you thank. or at least take a quick check now on some of the other stories making news around the world a roadside bomb last his killed two vietnamese tourists traveling in
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a bus near the pyramids of giza in egypt at least twelve more people were injured in the explosion there's been no claim of responsibility for the attack egypt's already been fighting islam is militant since the twenty eleven ousting from the president hosni mubarak. thousands of fled the nor the nigerian town of bag-o. off to an attack by boko haram militants and i gerry an army says the jihadists looted an international military base in the town and seized a tribe of weapons we're going to run insurgents have stepped up their attacks ahead of fifty recent presidential election. thailand's government has given its backing to a groundbreaking belong same sex relationships under the proposed legislation thailand could become the first asian country to legalize same sex unions that would be a big step forward for the country's gay community but some say that the law doesn't go far enough in meeting their demand for equality with heterosexual couples. these two want to be in perfect union not only in
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a workout routine. and. more than just training buddies to pay for their love twelve years ago and they've been together ever since. three times a week they start their day with a workout helps their bodies and their relationships stay in shape. and. on the go all the time working. i think the only time we actually get. together. during morning workouts like. woody is a well known t.v. presenter in thailand for more than a decade he's been in the public eye when he came out four years ago it might be headlines not all of them collins. still has a long way to go towards full acceptance of sexual minorities. he welcomes the new
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build as an awakening fatah society. with people just started talking about this seriously over the past year i talked proof. it was civil partnership ok so do gays who need to get married and the conversations out there. never talked about this. not. just she acknowledges that a civil union would bring some improvements to same sex couples for example when it comes to succession at the same time like many activists she feels the move could entrenched this status as second class citizens. it's our if. so. because you cannot.
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so. this is a huge move. from from my point of view so instead of taking baby steps to take some rights i would call for rights to do with woody and i would take a different view they feel tall and isn't ready for a full marriage equality demanding role much as result in achieving nothing. if you push too hard you might be aggravating the people that are living here now so it's about knocking the doors opening the doors one by one it's a first step i think it's a very important first step and if we if we manage to get this first step right we will still be the very first in asia or in southeast asia to get that and i think. that it's on its own is such an achievement both for thailand for the region it's something we can be proud of and most of the heavy lifting is done what's left now
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is the vote in parliament should the civil union bill pass would want to be among the first same sex couples in thailand to legally taught the not. one of israel's may start to kill it advocates for peace amos oz the author of dozens of novels essays and a best selling memoir has died of cancer at the age of seventy nine. i most chose the name odds at an early age in hebrew it means strength and he certainly needed a lot of that in his lifetime fighting for peace in the middle east. with that name he became the most popular israeli author of his time but he was born almost klausner and nine hundred thirty nine in jerusalem israel was not just his homeland but also a recurring theme which wove its way through both his literary and political work. also was an advocate for a two state solution and
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a staunch critic of the israeli government's treatment of the palestinian people. however in an interview in twenty fifteen he told d.w. that he himself was heavily criticised for this stance. in my own country i have been called a traitor many many many times in my life so obviously the subject fascinates me all my life. but he didn't just write about complex political topics he dedicated some of his numerous novels to his own personal traumas. he gained international acclaim for his memoir a tale of love and darkness in which he wrote of his mother's suicide when he was just twelve. he won numerous accolades for his work including the german trade peace prize in the incivility church but despite his many nominations he met a woman nobel prize for literature. and just reminded of the top story we're following for you the syrian army says it entered the north syrian town of man
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beach this to an appeal from kodesh who says that hoping to determine attacks in turkey and allied rebels and drew an offensive against kurdish militia news as terrorists. it watching the news from berlin on how to hunt for you remember the latest is always available around the clock on our web site that is. dot com thanks for joining me and c.c. . my first boss take mosul sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this ocean for. something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle it isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my own but it took me years to the. finally they gave up and went on
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buying young lives like this and returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for those than writing about.


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