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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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urgent assumes. storage. w. this is d w news live in the syrian military entered a key kurdish held town to deter a turkish attack the syrian and turkish backed forces close in the flashpoint town of mountain bridge is bracing for an assault on the syrian government says kurdish forces requested its supporters also coming up with tens of thousands make over the
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find in asia tsunami disaster p.w. catches up with one volunteer doing her part to help those in need that. i knew it was because thanks so much for joining me another twist in the syrian civil war as syrian government forces also supports to the kurds at their request. the deployment of the syrian army to the town of money comes ahead of a threatened turkish assault turkey sees the u.s. backed kurdish forces as a terrorist group russia is welcoming the syrian news but turkey has condemned it and encouraged now sending its defense and foreign ministers to moscow for talks on the shifting situation all this off to the surprise u.s. announcement that it's pulling its troops out of the region region the syrian flag
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visible from a distance flying over several rooftops the syrian army is on its march towards man beach to secure the town against a turkish attack. syrian television has broadcast triumphal news. after we received a call for help from the kurdish people our troops have moved into the center of town but so far that doesn't actually seem to be the case video taken in man beach on friday afternoon shows an empty city with syrian troops nowhere in sight they are reported to still be twenty five kilometers from town to the north the turks and allied rebel forces are on the march towards town turkey has said it will never accept a contiguous kurdish homeland on its borders turkish president. has held fast to his plans to invade northern syria. this is a we have a clearly stated goal to teach the kurdish terror groups
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a lesson and drive them out of this region. didn't you. that goal may have just gotten much easier to achieve with washington's unexpected announcement that it's withdrawing troops from the area. the kurds have stood by the u.s. as allies in the fight against so-called islamic state president trump's announcement of the withdrawal has left them in the lurch with the clock ticking they've opted for the syrian regime and president bashar al assad rather than face an overwhelming turkish military onslaught. after the latest from syria let's cross now to news and shall vora who joins me from beirut high and child a syria says it has entered man bridge but there are conflicting reports about the troops location and whether they even marital what are your sources telling you when the syrian government has officially said that they were close to the flag in mum because they have not yet said exactly where they are and how many numbers of the present people on the ground that i've been talking to very clearly say that
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they have not seen any city in boots on the ground yet but they are aware of the city and soldiers on the outskirts so yes they're obviously to do pull ups and they seem to be correct the syrian government has said that they will be going to munge and that perhaps some of them are there but in large numbers at the moment syrian soldiers are not present in my mom age remember the americans have said they will be leaving the have not left and the american who was then able to confirm that the syrian soldiers are not present in on the ground in used numbers just yet. why did the kurds off the syrian troops to move into what do they want. see thus far they have the support of the americans on the ground and they talk they could be used they could use their presence as leverage to get some political goals achieved if not contiguous territory along the border with turkey then just autonomy which is a stated goal of the s.d.f. of which the white b.z.
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which is a kurdish force is a part of but when the americans said they would be leaving they haven't yet left but they've said that they would then the kurds leave lose that leverage and turkey says they would be attacking my big because study doesn't want this thread on their border so loving left with the kurds then reach out to the city in government if you see the kurds had contemplated this to them and. out seventy two years of sit in conflict they maintain some sort of a tacit understanding the us out of us as we too can you mention turkey what is turkey ultimately hoping to achieve from this situation. well turkey's national interests in the city and war if one thing can be said that is the threat that the get from the kurdish forces on the border now there are in turkey. turkey feels that if the kurds on the border with so the are a strong militarily and that presents a problem of secessionism within turkey
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a pretty things a kurdish forces up terrorists in turkey they call insignia they call white b.g. but turkey believes them to be one this in think so turkey does not want to be strong on its border and what essentially to the console in this conversation with take place today between and got on moscow is that the kurds are not in marbridge are not in the north of syria and south and get out there this is a conversation that will be taking place later today and help for reporting for us from beirut thanks so much. well sorry he's in egypt say police have killed forty suspected terrorists in a series of security raids the crackdown comes a day off for a roadside bombing that killed three vietnamese tourists and their local guide while heading toward gays the pair of minutes with terrorism a vital source the foreign revenue for egypt the government is under pressure to show the country remains safe to visit. the vietnamese tourists were on their way
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to a light and sound show at the pyramids of giza instead they were struck by a deadly blast three of the fourteen tourists on the bus were reported killed another eleven were injured including the driver the group's egyptian guide was also killed. i was in a minibus returning from work and we heard a big noise and thought a car had fallen off the bridge. after that we saw people and taxi drivers running in saying that a bus was hit. with security forces descending on the smashed bus investigators from the scene said the bomb was an improvised device hidden next to a wall along the road which went off as the bus drove by egyptian officials noted the bus had deviated from a more secure route a claim the driver denied in local media the tourism industry vital for the country's economy has been struggling to recover from years of high profile terrorist attacks that have scared off isidore's yesterday's bomb attack broke
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a period of relative calm that had seen a tenuous uptick in tourism officials were quick to try to contain the potential wider damage by the. sometimes attacks such as this one can occur. it may even happen again in the future. and there isn't a country in the world we can say is one hundred percent safe. haven of anything. egypt's government has pledged to find those behind the attack which no one has dust for claimed responsibility for. as i look at some of the other stories making news around the world demonstrators have taken to the streets of the sudanese capsule costume calling on president i model bashir to step down protests began earlier this month over rising prices and shortages of basic commodities amnesty international says at least thirty seven protesters have been shot dead by security forces. the e.u.
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commission president. says rumania is not capable of leading the block from january the first because says the country is divided at a time when the e.u. needs to present a united front romania has seen nearly two years of anti-government protests over alleged high level corruption to caress the set to chat you need things for the next six months. a strong earthquake has shaken the southern philippines the magnitude seven tremor struck southeast of mindanao island a tsunami warning was issued but late in the did the quake shook buildings and to see some two hundred kilometers from the epicenter so far no casualties or major damage have been reported. in indonesia the search continues for any more survivors of last week's tsunami that killed more than four hundred people thousands have gathered for mass prayers in the disaster zone service pay tribute
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to the tsunami victims the survivors also praying for safety in the future. meanwhile an army of volunteers is doing what it can to help both those who survived the civil tsunami as well as the search teams course up with one woman is making a difference using the most basic equipment. in disaster zones people don't just say with spades and bulldozes. equipped to. pots pans and spatulas the volunteer cooks at this field kitchen also hugely important for survivors saya because you need since day one i work here every day from five in the morning to eight in the evening. so i can get with the other women because we can cook faster and better than the men i can't just stay at home it's a calling for me to help our friends. when the tsunami crashed into coastal villages of western java yeah a heist wife first made sure her family was safe then she immediately set back to
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help others. although my family was not affected by the tsunami some of our friends and neighbors were i consider them a part of my family two. volunteers are busy working in this twenty four hour field kitchen where meals of chicken and noodles fish and vegetables are being cooked for those who have been affected by the tsunami this particular field kitchen serves about two thousand five hundred to three thousand evacuees a day for them have lost so much in the tsunami a hot homemade meal provides a world of comfort but they also cook meals for rescuers like these gentlemen behind me they've just come back from a search and rescue operation and they tell us that it takes a lot of work a lot of energy to do what they do and it makes them feel good to know that someone
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is cooking for them. is not about that although all i can do is give my time and energy it makes me happy to know that i am helping those in need. and if you're. going to last weekend the tines and villages of west java will literally torn apart by the way but that has only brought the community here closer together for some people helping isn't. if hearing. the triathlete patrick lang is a record breaking on man and germany sportsman of the year but he is not satisfied with his back to back world championship titles like i spoke about his plans for twenty nineteen and his one berry picking up gold. patrick lang is enjoying a well deserved break from his hectic training schedule but they are none world champion has hardly had a moment's rest receiving praise for his achievements and even an award as
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germany's sportsman of the year i needed to get used to it so my whole team needed to learn to handle the situation but now i gain a lot of positive energy from it and plenty of energy is what he has when he won the r. and man world championship in hawaii and swam nearly four kilometers in the pacific ocean cycled almost two hundred kilometers. and then run a marathon the german triathlete defended his world title and broke the course record in the process. i always said i want to women. are men and why it's my biggest goal and i want to achieve to defend my title and win again and i'm really really happy to. find if winning the world championship wasn't enough popped the question to his girlfriend yulia after crossing the finish line she said yes by the way i have. to this picture of the proposal.
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to propose as the winner. that picture's in my mind and i was really gaining a lot of power and out of moderation out of it and his hunger for titles hasn't been satisfied with flying a hoping to pick up even more silverware if i'm lucky enough to take a third or fourth win and line up with the greatest in all sports that's what drives me at the moment the most. feared even in his free time patrick lang as dr remains own ways are the focus now winning the twenty nine team world championship . one very ambitious individual. the israeli author. has died at the age of seventy nine his daughter announced on twitter that he died of cancer was an acclaimed novelist and essayist who wrote extensively about the israeli palestinian conflict a proponent of a two state solution it was
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a leading voice in israel's peace movement is works which translated into more than forty nine which is his memoir a tale of love and darkness was a world wide. three you call it you're watching news from but i'll be back with more news from around the world at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at c.w. dot com thanks for joining us. how do you. go. about start turning research on w.


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