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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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i don't know if you know when we're finished it will be beautiful that's why we're working so hard with you know more to come soon hordes of tourists will come to see the magical frozen city in the north of china an ice city that's bound to melt some hearts. it's freezing here watching the daily news from berlin i'll be back with more news from around the world of the ballot with a look at a website. called thanks so much for joining us. sometimes books a more exciting than a real life. raring to. go. what if there's no escape. ritualised. german must treat. a news analyst to she's the one
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subject to us. not the good news concept side by. play. people who put big dreams on that big story. place. maybe magazines on the deadly. plane. of the day. after a lackluster christmas sales shoppers in britain look set to make up for it on december twenty sixth the boxing day holiday is traditionally one of the most profitable days for british retailers. some customers lined up as early as five in the morning in near freezing temperatures. oh
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yeah. when the shops opened at nine bargain hunters crowded in out of the cold for the special offers discounts were even larger than last year's as retailers try to draw enough business to compensate for a disappointing christmas and get rid of their old stock this is a going good read there like i don't have praise going on so it's really the actual things whole that's absolutely every year every year to try to drive every shop every grocer out there got shops and everywhere. two thousand and eighteen has also been a nightmare for retailers who lost so many customers to the online competition that they fired one hundred fifty thousand employees boxing day won't bring those jobs back although it is a tourist attraction well we we came to london from denmark because of the shopping possibilities and since i can avert ship here and. that's why we can.
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put the year saw twenty thousand shops go out of business on britain's high street and the number of boxing day shoppers declined by more than four percent compared to last year. it was a week of ups and downs on wall street with traders buckling up for a bumpy ride. so we started up on monday but the day finished with the dow jones dipping below twenty two thousand and analysts were talking about the worst december since the great depression among the explanations for the losses concerns over the global economy and trade conflicts after monday's losses the index bounced up five percent on wednesday as investors took advantage of lower share prices. it was a similar picture in frankfurt. as if it hadn't gone down and off already after the christmas holidays the doc started this week this abbreviated. with a new loss and
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a tumble to a new two year low now on the last day of trading with the end of the year the dax are recovered some points made some territory good but that didn't satisfy anyone at the party behind me people are just sighing a collective sigh of relief that twenty eighteen is over with the dax down for the year at about twenty percent and going into the new year not overly optimistic. it seems the volatility thanks to worries over breakfast in the u.s. china trade spat will continue for some time to come. south korean officials accuse german luxury carmaker b.m.w. of delaying recalls of cars with engine faults that led to dozens of fires b.m.w. known she b.m.w. said it recognized the correlation between the defect in the exhaust and the fire on its vehicles only on july twentieth two thousand and eighteen but the company's
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headquarters had already formed a task force in october two thousand and fifteen to resolve the problem of the fault and embarked on measures to minimize the risk of fire including changing the vehicle design which one you took. more than forty fires involving b.m.w. cars were reported in the country and the car maker apologized and recalled more than one hundred seventy thousand vehicles by a tobar b.m.w. announced it would recall an additional one million vehicles due to the same problem in europe and some asian countries including south korea there its sales by late november were down ten percent on the year before. folks flattened by contrast has not been dragging its feet just now europe's largest carmaker says it's alerted german authorities to new initial software concerns half a million diesel vehicles with one point two liter motors which we don't. recalled
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for a fix may still be equipped with cheating software. this latest problem could add to the two billion euros that folks logon is expected to spend on its diesel get clean up in twenty nineteen. british music retailer h. m. v. has filed for it ministration the collapse of the insolvent chain threatens more than two thousand jobs the company blamed weak christmas sales amid a declining market for c.d.'s and d.v.d.'s for now its one hundred twenty five stores in britain will continue to operate this is the second time h m v has gone into administration in six years the entertainment retailer is the latest victim of the downturn on the u.k. high street triggered by online shopping. the royal bank of scotland applied for german banking license this week as the bricks that deadline looms that will help the bank retain its clients in the e.u. should britain crash out of the block without a deal and r.b.s.
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will upgrade its branch in germany's financial hub frankfurt. the german economy may still be doing well but the country's businesses are less than optimistic about the future there are too many uncertainties worldwide the economy has lost momentum in many places fear of homes are being built in the u.s. china is retail figures have fallen to their lowest level in fifteen years and things cooled for german industry in two thousand and eighteen the year began with lackluster figures before two spikes in may and august new orders were down for seven out of the first ten months which ended with a modest plus. experts now expect germany's economy to grow one point five percent next year below berlin's official forecasts of one point eight percent. industry is especially concerned about a so-called hard. a deal between london and brussels looks ever more unlikely less
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than one hundred days before one of the e.u.'s biggest economies is due to exit the block. german business leaders have other worries too such as the growing lack of skilled labor in the country but that's also connected to the good news germany has a stellar job market and experts are talking about full employment the unemployment rate is turnley at its lowest level in decades. when hunger is new labor law goes into effect workers may be required to do overtime too much luck and his coworkers are already voluntarily working two extra hours a day at this metal plant and catch him. he gets double pay for it but he doesn't want any more.
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plant owners who desperately needs new workers to fill the orders but qualified staff are hard to find many people have left the area for western europe where wages are higher. and who gets says he doesn't want to force his employees to work overtime. as an order is not good for me because i want you like it the trouble is that these workers out or developing a lot of time little time so it's makes them very tired at and they've been all out . not far away is the mercedes plant owned by german carmaker di miller around thirty five hundred people work there some one and a half thousand are in a union the new law and overtime will enable the company to organize six day work weeks something workers representatives aren't happy about.
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them no better and more money isn't the argument since the summer staff have been putting in more than one hundred hours in overtime doc and now it will be four hundred workers want to spend time with their families a passion that this was as we've had enough of having to work overtime you know. the. people across hungary have taken to the streets to protest against the new law on overtime which they refer to as the slave law they say it doesn't solve the country's problems with some eight hundred thousand people having left the country hungary lacks the workers it needs says political analyst peter critical i think disc on the flow if it really puts an extra burden on the verb it can just facile it date the outflow of the verb force from from hungary that means that family owned companies like sultan who gets his firm would have even more trouble finding workers especially if they drive them away with forced overtime.
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these rural women are undergoing training to become solar engineers they come from mexico indonesia and kenya. their course at the barefoot college in india lasts for six months they're learning to install and maintain solar panels and to make solar powered lamps. comes from a kenyan village without electricity. a light to my comment we all know that darkness is not the best so bringing light to the community is home be achievement. many things get harder after sundown something you mena a mother of five from west timor also knows. then we got the flu without light my children can't do their homework and when it gets dark they have to go to sleep when i get home we're going to have solar lamps. the
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training is organized by the solar mommas an indian development aid project. debbie has been training women from all over the world since two thousand and three would you know would put your board well you were a goody electricity from the grid can go out at any time where a solar electricity is reliable the sun god shines for everybody and doesn't care if you're rich or poor. if you can't pay your electricity bill power is cut off. with solar lamps you buy them once and then you can relax. trainee isabel more in many ways wants them back home in mexico as well boy in the i have no idea what i'll be able to earn now but what counts is that i've learned so much yellow gable get that people at home will see that i can
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do good work i mean i say well it's been quite a sacrifice to come here and learn something new that us all out but indeed i one way of. the indian government funds the project when the women return home after six months they'll have stories to tell and skills to light up their villages and that ends our roundup of the week's business stories. the funny. reliable data to. use distance for classic statistics. automotive shifts. most of automotive history.
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the sun something tyson commitment i esteem for jurors or dealing with any and i killed many civilians to mean that i should come including my father was something i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself like these totally but suddenly life became malinche kind of sob . providing insights global news that matters d. w. me for mines. hello and welcome to drive with an e w moto magazine coming up technology onboard subarus new in place has always drive and a lot more winter fun we try up a skoda kodiak in finland. and we test bentley slightly more affordable s.u.v.
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