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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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not a bit of. this is g.w. news alive when the syrian military enters a key kurdish held town to prevent a turkish attack a syrian and turkish baths forces close in the flashpoint town of man pages bracing for an assault on the syrian government says kurdish forces requested it's a poll. also coming up egypt says its security forces have killed forty suspected terrorists a day off for a deadly attack on the tourists know one of the country's most popular attractions
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. and bangladesh stepped up security ahead of sunday's general election we'll look at the two main candidates in buying some lead the country's one hundred sixty million people. a minute trips mckinnon thanks so much for joining me. turkey appears to be amassing more troops in preparation for a possible strike on syrian kurds turkish television station i h a has broadcast images of what it says is a large convoy of turkish military vehicles heading to the border with syria and curfews the kurdish militia in northern syria as terrorists and has announced a military offensive against them kurdish forces have been left vulnerable since the shock announcement that their ally the united states will withdraw all its
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troops from syria because of now and sit in alliance with the city with syrian government forces who claim they have entered the flashpoint town of man bitch. and for the latest from syria let's cross now to news and shall vora who joins me from beirut high and child a syria says it has and said man bridge but there are conflicting reports about the troops location and whether they even marital what are your sources telling you where the syrian government has officially said that they were forced to the flag in mum because they have not yet said exactly where they are and how many numbers of the present people at the. ground that i've been talking to very clearly say that they have not seen any city in boots on the ground yet but they are aware of the city and soldiers of the outskirts so yes they're obviously to do pull ups and they seem to be correct the syrian government has said that they will be going to munge and that perhaps some of them are there but in large numbers at the moment syrian soldiers are not present in melbourne beach remember be
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a benefits have said they will be leaving the pope's body have not left and the american who says that able to confirm that the syrian soldiers are not present in on the ground in use numbers just yet. why did the kurds of the syrian troops to move into what do they want. see thus far they had the support of the americans on the ground and because they could be used there they could use their presence as leverage to get some political goals achieved if not contiguous territory along the border with turkey then just autonomy which is a stated goal of the s.d.f. of which the white b.z. which is a kurdish force is a part of but when the americans said they would be leaving they haven't yet left but they've said that they will then the kurds leave lose that leverage and turkey says they will be attacking my bit because study doesn't want this thread on their border so who are going left with the kurds then the top of the city in government
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if you see the kurds had contemplated this in the language. out seventy two years of sit in conflict then maintain some sort of a tacit understanding the us out of us as we do can you mention turkey what is turkey ultimately hoping to achieve from this situation. well turkey's national interest in the city and war if one thing can be said that is the threat that the get from the kurdish forces on the border now there are kurds in turkey. turkey feels that if the kurds on the border with so the are a strong militarily then that presents a problem of secessionism within turkey a pretty things a kurdish forces up terrorists in turkey they call in city or they call white b.g. but turkey believes them to be one this in think so turkey does not want to be strong on its border and what essentially to the console and this conversation will take place today between and got on moscow is that the kurds are not in the mob and
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not in the north of syria and south and get out there this is a conversation that will be taking place later today and help for reporting for us from beirut thank you so much. meanwhile heavy rainfall in northern syria has caused widespread flooding and has hampered relief operations on the turkish border aid agencies say tents and relief supplies and several refugee camps in the province have been swept away by the floods foodstuffs and drinking water have also been affected refugees fleeing the war have been waiting for days for assistance. all star season in egypt say police have killed forty suspected terrorists following a deadly attack on tourists near the gaza param its interior ministry said three raids were carried out simple taney asli in the and northern sinai where the government is fighting an insurgency the targeted militants were allegedly planning further attacks on key sites
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a crackdown comes less than twenty four hours after three three vietnamese tourists on the local guides were killed by a roadside bomb. a vietnamese tourists were on their way to a light and sound show with the pyramids of giza instead they were struck by a deadly blast three of the fourteen tourists on the bus were reported killed another eleven were injured including the driver the group's egyptian guide was also killed. i was in a minibus returning from work and we heard a big noise and thought a car had fallen off the bridge. after that we saw people and taxi drivers running in saying that a bus was hit. with security forces descending on the smashed bus investigators from the scene said the bomb was an improvised device hidden next to a wall along the road which went off as the bus drove by egyptian officials noted the bus had deviated from a more secure route
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a claim the driver denied in local media the tourism industry vital for the country's economy has been struggling to recover from years of high profile terrorist attacks that have scared off isidore's yesterday's bomb attack broke a period of relative calm that had seen a tenuous uptick in tourism officials were quick to try to contain the potential wider damage. sometimes attacks such as this one can occur. it may even happen again in the future. and there isn't a country in the world we can say is one hundred percent safe. haven of anything. egypt's government has pledged to find those behind the attack which no one has does far claimed responsibility for. final campaigning has wrapped up in bangladesh as the country prepares for elections on sunday one hundred four million votes is in the predominantly muslim country eligible to cost that ballots prime
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minister shaikh has seen or is seeking her third consecutive term in office and her overall fourth tensions are running high in the country the opposition says thousands of their supporters have been arrested by authorities at least ten people have been killed and hundreds injured in pre-election violence collate as the former prime minister and the leader of the main opposition bangladesh nationalist policy has been barred from running she said in prison time for corruption the opposition says her detention is politically motivated collate as the and shake has seen a have been lost in a decades long fight for control of bangladesh opinion polls put hasina on course for resoundingly win on sunday. even if you can find a few posters of one hundred as hanging across dhaka she won't win this election
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against prime minister sheikh hasina zia the leader of the english conservative nationalist party or b.n.p. is in prison on corruption charges her supporters remain optimistic. close business so people sentiments is good because i do include a lot of the sentiment is the. new ones who. and who suck rupe into a lot of shit from the back. during the campaign in peace supporters were repeatedly violently mistreated thousands of them were arrested. by supporters of the b.n.p. and other opposition groups are now. safe in their homes police are arresting them this isn't an election this is a process of removing voters. the prime minister however doesn't agree. the opposition let the holiday they only want to sabotage the elections. the power
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struggle between shaikh hasina and hunted as he has lasted for decades it all began with a coup against shaikh has seen his father in seventy one shaikh became the first president of bangladesh he tried to introduce a secular democracy but many people in the country were opposed in a military coup in one thousand nine hundred five he was killed along with much of his family shake his ciena and her sister were the only survivors. kind of busy largely benefited from the coup her husband zio iraq came to power in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven he founded the nationalist party and began a re islamisation of the country but he too was assassinated shortly after that. his widow took over leadership of the nationalist party. in one thousand nine hundred one how the disease became the country's first prime minister but in one thousand nine hundred six she was voted out of office sheikh hasina returned to
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power since then both camps have been in a battle for supremacy one party takes office the other makes accusations of corruption or fraud or they call for an election boycott with their leader now that is even now in prison it only seems to make the nationalists more determined this time they hope to show that even without their party chairwoman they can win a majority in parliament. let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world right now a strong earthquake has shaken the southern philippines the magnitude seven trauma stuff struck southeast of mindanao island the tsunami warning was issued but later lifted the quake shook buildings and cities some two hundred kilometers from the at this and so far no casualties or major damage have been reported. in london have agreed to let some diplomatic stuff return to the embassies after they were
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expelled earlier this year person told twenty three russian diplomats to leave after accusing moscow of a nerve agent attack in england in march russia denied the charge and retaliated by expelling british diplomats. the e.u. commission president says romania is not capable of leading the blog from january the first because says the country is divided at a time when the e.u. e.u. needs to present a united front for mania has seen nearly two years of anti-government protests over alleged high level corruption bucharest is set to chair e.u. meetings for the next six months. triathlete patrick lang is a record of breaking germany's sportsman of the year but he isn't satisfied with his back to bat world championship. titles spoke to d.w. about his plans for twenty nineteen and his one very clear goal picking up gold.
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patrick lang is enjoying a well deserved break from his hectic training schedule but we are in modern world champion has hardly had a moment's rest receiving praise for his achievement and even an award as germany's sportsman of the year i needed to get used to it so my whole team needed to learn to handle the situation but now i gain a lot of positive energy from it and plenty of energy is what he had when he won the r. and man world championship in hawaii and swam nearly four kilometers in the pacific ocean cycled almost two hundred kilometers. and then run a marathon the german triathlete defended his world title and broke the course record in the process. i always said i want to win. and why it's my biggest goal and i want to achieve to defend my title and win again and i'm really really happy to. find out if winning the world championship wasn't
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enough popped the question to his girlfriend you after crossing the finish line you said yes by the way i had. the picture of the proposal. to propose as the winner. that picture's in my mind and i was really gaining a lot of power and motivation. and his hunger for titles hasn't been satisfied with hoping to pick up even more silverware if i'm lucky enough to take a third or fourth when. line up with the greatest sport that drives me at the moment the most. clearly even in his free time patrick lang is dr remains on way to focus now winning the twenty nine team. championship. you're watching news from berlin well how they know the news round up for you at the top of the hour. and don't forget you can get all the latest news and
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information around the clock on our website at steve. thanks so much for watching. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes they are but most have nothing with them. things deep into the german culture. muted seem ridiculous gram a day on the east coast it's all about who they know i'm right so join me to meet the japanese on the gulf coast climate change. which to.


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