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this is news live from berlin bangladesh steps up security ahead of sunday's general election government orders to block mobile internet are adding to concerns about whether the poll will be free and fair to look at the two main candidates and talk to our correspondent in the capital dhaka also coming up syrian and turkish baths forces close in on a key kurdish held town in northern syria damascus says the kurdish forces requested the regime support to break down the acts of the situation with an expert
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on the region. and egypt says its security forces have killed forty suspected terrorists one day after a deadly attack near the keys appear over the city. i'm carl naslund volcom to the program. final campaigning has wrapped up in bangladesh as the country prepares for elections on sunday one hundred four million voters in the predominantly muslim country are eligible to cast their ballots prime minister shaikh has seen up and is seeking her third consecutive term in office and her fourth overall tensions are running high in the country the opposition says thousands of their supporters have been arrested by authorities at least ten people have been killed and hundreds injured in pre-election violence khaleda zia a former prime minister and the leader of the main opposition bangladesh nationalist party has been barred from running. she's serving prison time for
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corruption the opposition says her detention is politically motivated to lead as the shake us ina have been locked in a decades long fight for control of opinion polls put on course or a resoundingly win on sunday. even if you can find a few posters of a kind it as hanging across dhaka she won't win this election against prime minister sheikh hasina zia the leader of bangladesh is conservative nationalist party or b.n.p. is in prison on corruption charges her supporters remain optimistic. this is so simple sentiments is growing day by day in for about off the sentiment is the if. you will lose. and who suffer in favor of it back. during the campaign the n p supporters were repeatedly violently mistreated
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thousands of them were arrested. this is supporters of the b.n.p. and other opposition groups are not safe in their homes police are arresting them this isn't an election this is a process of removing voters. the prime minister however doesn't agree with the opposition that the holidays yet they only want to sabotage the elections after. the power struggle between shaikh hasina and hunted as he has lasted for decades it all began with a coup against shake has seen his father in seventy one shaikh became the first president of bangladesh he tried to introduce a secular democracy but many people in the country were opposed in a military coup in one thousand nine hundred five he was killed along with much of his family shaikh hasina and her sister were the only survivors. kind of busy largely benefited from the coup her husband zio iraq's money. came to power in one
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thousand nine hundred seventy seven he founded the nationalist party and began a re islamisation of the country but he too was assassinated shortly after that. his widow took over leadership of the nationalist party in one thousand nine hundred one hundred as he became the country's first prime minister but in one thousand nine hundred six she was voted out of office sheikh hasina returned to power since then both camps have been in a battle for supremacy one party takes office the other makes accusations of corruption or fraud or they call for an election boycott with their leader that is ian now in prison it only seems to make the nationalists more determined this time they hope to show that even without their party chairwoman they can win a majority in parliament. corresponded nimish jase wall is covering election for us from the capital dhaka amisha we heard internet has been severely restricted
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what's the situation where you are and what led to that international. well that you cannot commit violence much has been down for over three dollars now that there have been some talk in the city and lot of not doesn't know i'm out in the comics just nation wide of the internet some shut down on a stand off shut down also i'm not i'm too good to be even online possible to just tell you communication i'm coming so can you can which might incite violence or call people position a good few points on standard pre-install of the opposition convents that's the problem i'm just trying to shut down of good and bad elections at the present i'm even. i'm not because they would be going to be for those who put forth the opposition. you touched on there were those accusations i mean the current government they've been accused of cracking down on free speech jailing opposition members how concerned are election observers about transparency.
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clinton actual progress have definitely express can go on the sense that the linking i'm mentioning is you want to use them now over the box two weeks occams even out of the mention that have been defeated attacks going on position convoys the opposition of the democracy to go out and campaign and even talk what is the possibility of that i've been talked to said well position full circle there's appeal almost and i have to look to find the opposition books that are going to be accusations coming from the opposition you can all go it was august i'll see that so there's definitely concern about how transparent the connection to the police because that seems to be an escort to silence no concessions but your income folks so why don't you belong to these it has got to be quiet that concorde has been struck down in concord because amin has been deployed to one officer at the mo by a chart on top of this is there enough or control this is something that we find
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out more about tomorrow i will voting does start tomorrow in the mission to fall in the docket for things. very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a strong earthquake has shaken the southern philippines the magnitude seven tremors drugs south east of the island a tsunami warning was issued but later lifted the quake shook buildings in the city some two hundred kilometers from the epicenter so far no casualties or major damage have been reported. thousands have protested in sudan's capital khartoum calling for president omar al bashir to step down protests broke out earlier this month against bread and fuel prices since then anger has grown against the president. e.u. commission president john as said romania is not fit to lead the block at the start of next year you guys said the country is too divided after nearly two years of
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anti-government protests over alleged high level eruption bucharest is set to chair e.u. meetings for the next six months. is a turkish military assault on kurdish forces on the horizon a turkish t.v. station as broadcast images of what it says is a convoy of turkish military vehicles heading to the border with syria views the kurdish military in northern syria as terrorists and this thread military action kurdish forces have been left vulnerable after that shock announcement that their ally the united states will withdraw all its troops from syria and they've requested help the syrian government has now sent troops to the flashpoint town of money beach setting the scene for a potential shutdown. joining me now in studio is daniel galaad he's the editor in chief of zenith magazine which focuses on middle eastern affairs so if syrian forces are indeed in. could this be
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a game changer in the civil war. no i don't think so i don't think it's going to be a game changer i think this has been much more of a symbolic move and we're seeing actually a repetition of the scenario of the of the second turkish military offensive about a year ago to the council of free and where the kurdish forces had called for help from the syrian regime and the syrian regime symbolically moved incentives and the militias put the syrian national flag and said now we're in control of. somehow they could also be a face saving solution for the turks because turkey now can buy time and doesn't have to move in as it promised. what about the kurds so that the kurds have now asked syrian troops to move into that city what do they want why ask for those troops well. kurdish forces have hate dealy when they conquered. vehicles from the so-called islamic state militias and this is they lost about
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three hundred people so this was a highly symbolic victory for them and since then monday has been contested area the. location because from the if you if you conquer vision you can enter both cornish contents are both areas that are still held by the force of forces in the east very close to the shores of the euphrates river and therefore it's a strategic place and it's very important to keep this and it's also very important for the turkish forces of course to take it if they want to defeat the wipe e.g. the kurdish militias but if the syrian regime says no officially in control of it then this is at least a political victory because a military offensive in this area would be very costly for them because i don't think the corps are going to give this away. easy as an add on you mentioned him he's been sending his own forces to the border what do you think i mean you mentioned this before about how likely is a turkish attack it's been announced several times not specifically a month
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a month we have french troops in the area we also have russian troops in the area we have the syrian regime so there's itself has not been announced by the by the by the turkish president specifically but an intervention in the eastern part the northeastern part of syria where you have a lot of oil and gas resources and a lot of turkish kurdish troops or control of this area this has been of course a strategical for turkey and what i think they're going to do is they're going to try to provoke an uprising of arab tribes against the kurdish forces there that are very discontent with the situation there with the control of the kurds and they are trying to i think more an end in direct approach but of course they could continue for us border operations aerial operations in this area but i don't think i'm not sure if we will see a heavy like full fledged military offense in this area now briefly about twenty seconds where does this leave us now i was not surprised by the withdrawal of the
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u.s. troops to be honest and i think let's hope that the u.s. have talked to the turks about it and to the russians about it but i think america has taken itself deliberately out of the game at the moment it could continue aerial attacks or whatever to be in the game militarily but you can say politically they have withdrawn completely and deliberately so. thank you very much for being with us thank you authorities in egypt say police have killed forty suspected terrorists following a deadly attack on tourists near the pyramids the interior ministry said three raids were carried out simultaneously in gaza and northern sinai where the government is fighting an insurgency the targeted militants were allegedly planning further attacks on key sites. the crackdown comes less than twenty four hours after three of vietnamese who were and their local guide were killed by roadside ball. the vietnamese tourists were on their way to
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a light and sound show at the pyramids of giza instead they were struck by a deadly blast three of the fourteen tourists on the bus were reported killed another eleven were injured including the driver the group's egyptian guide was also killed. i was in a minibus returning from work when we heard a big noise and thought a car had fallen off the bridge. after that we saw people and taxi drivers running in saying that a bus was hit. with security forces descending on the smashed bus investigators from the scene said the bomb was an improvised device hidden next to a wall along the road which went off as the bus drove by egyptian officials noted the bus had deviated from a more secure route a claim the driver denied in local media the tourism industry vital for the country's economy has been struggling to recover from years of high profile terrorist attacks that have scared off isidore's yesterday's bomb attack broke
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a period of relative calm that had seen a tenuous uptick in tourism officials were quick to try to contain the potential wider damage. sometimes attacks such as this one can occur. it may even happen again in the future. and there isn't a country in the world we can say is one hundred percent safe. haven if. egypt's government has pledged to find those behind the attack which no one has claimed responsibility for. and a reminder of the top story that we're following for you right now security has been stepped up in. sunday's election the government's decision to block mobile internet access has concerns about whether the vote will be free and fair. you're watching news from with more news from around the world at the top of the hour and don't forget you get all the latest news and information on our website.
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let's watch. this one discovers the broncos it. starts january thirteenth.


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