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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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this is news live from berlin a decades long rivalry looks set to shape sunday's general election in bangladesh security is ramping up ahead of the vote after a campaign marked by violence and intimidation a look at the two women who have long held sway over bangladeshi politics also coming up syrian and turkish baths forces close in on the key kurdish held town in northern syria and damascus says the kurdish forces requested the regime supporters and will break down the situation. and egypt says its security forces have killed forty suspected terrorists in raids and one day after a deadly attack near the use of your.
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i'm calm assman welcome to the program. final campaigning has wrapped up now in bangladesh as the country prepares for elections on sunday one hundred four million voters and the predominantly muslim country are eligible to cast their ballots prime minister shaikh sina is think seeking her third consecutive term in office and fourth overall tensions are running high in the country the opposition says thousands of their supporters have been arrested by authorities and at least ten people have been killed and hundreds injured in pre-election violence. a former prime minister and the leader of the main opposition in bangladesh nationalist party has been barred from running she's serving prison time for corruption a move that the opposition says is politically motivated opinion polls put hussien on coal. yes for
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a resoundingly win on sunday but the two women have been locked in a decades long fight for control of. even if you can find a few posters of a kind it as a hanging across dhaka she won't win this election against prime minister sheikh hasina zia the leader of bangladesh is conservative nationalist party or b.n.p. is in prison on corruption charges her supporters remain optimistic. so people sentiments is growing there but i did in five out of heart this sentiment is the if. you will lose. what will it be and who thought in favor of it back. during the campaign b.n.p. supporters were repeatedly violently mistreated thousands of them were arrested. this is supporters of the b.n.p. and other opposition groups are not safe in their homes police are arresting them
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this isn't an election this is a process of removing voters. the prime minister however doesn't agree. the opposition led by khaled assia they only want to sabotage the elections. the power struggle between shaikh hasina and hunted as he has lasted for decades it all began with a coup against shake has seen his father in one thousand seventy one shaikh became the first president of bangladesh he tried to introduce a secular democracy but many people in the country were opposed in a military coup in one thousand nine hundred five he was killed along with much of his family shaikh hasina and her sister were the only survivors. and it is largely benefited from the coup her husband zio iraq came to power in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven he founded the nationalist party and began a re islamisation of the country but he too was assassinated shortly after that.
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his widow took over leadership of the nationalist party in one thousand nine hundred one hundred as he became the country's first female prime minister. but in one thousand nine hundred six she was voted out of office and replaced by sheikh hasina. since then both camps have been in a battle for supremacy one party takes office the other makes accusations of corruption or fraud or they call for an election boycott with their leader and it is even now in prison it only seems to make the nationalists more determined this time they hope to show that even without their party chairwoman they can win a majority in parliament. correspondent jason wall is in dhaka she sent us this report from a polling station on the eve of the vote i'm here at one of the six thousand polling centers in dakar and there are at least forty thousand polling centers all
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over the country now let me take you through some numbers that are crucial to this election this particular center isn't easy m sent out the electronic voting and allows for results to come out the moment polling closes and this is an exercise which i also have to explain the numbers because of how impressive it is in this country now one hundred four million people are going to go to the ward to morrow morning at eight am one thing closes down at four pm after the space of time the theme evening results are going to start rolling in e.v.a.'s and those are going to make this easier however it's also worth noting that in the three hundred seats across the country only six are trying even and yet results like spectacles all in by the end of the night in bangladesh now also worth noting right now is that to make sure that this election goes off smoothly that of course concerns about the free and fair nature of the election and the concerns about violence already
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internet services on the more bio have been shut down since three thirty pm this afternoon we do not know if there will be continued and the army has been deployed security forces have been deployed across the country however people have spoken to wasn't given me i'm hopeful that tomorrow not only will there be a free and fair election that the next government would continue taking the country on a standard of development and also support free and fair speech. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world a two year old yemeni boy has died just eleven days after his mother was granted permission to travel to the u.s. to see him the yemeni woman had sued the trumpet ministration for a travel visa to see her alias yemen is among six countries subject to president trump's travel ban. yellow vests protesters are turning out in paris and elsewhere in france even as momentum for their movement appears to be waning scattered clashes broke out in western areas with riot police firing tear gas at
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demonstrators. thousands have joined demonstrations across the sudanese capital khartoum calling for president omar al bashir to step down test broke out in sudan earlier this month first against bread and fuel prices since then demonstrators have begun directing their anger at present al bashir. a strong earthquake has shaken the southern philippines the magnitude seven tremor struck southeast of mindanao island a tsunami warning was issued but later lifted the quake shook buildings in the city some two hundred kilometers from the epicenter so far no casualties or major damage have been reported. now is a turkish military assault on kurdish forces on the horizon a turkish t.v. station has broadcast images of what it says is a convoy of turkish military vehicles heading to the border with syria ancora view on produce the kurdish militia as terrorists and the domestic threat and warnings
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of military action across the border kurdish forces have been left vulnerable after that shock announcement that their ally the united states will withdraw all its troops from syria so now syrian kurds are requesting assistance from their former enemies and damascus which is sending troops to the flashpoint town of money beach setting the scene for a potential showdown. meanwhile heavy rainfall in northern syria has caused widespread. flooding and this hampered relief operations on the turkish border aid agencies say tents and relief supplies in several refugee camps in the province have been swept away by the floods food stocks and drinking water have also been affected refugees fleeing the war there have been waiting for days or assistance. authorities in egypt say police have killed forty suspected terrorists following a deadly attack on two wrist near the giza pyramids the interior ministry said three raids were carried out simultaneously in and northern sinai where the
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government is fighting an insurgency they targeted militants who were allegedly planning further attacks on key sites the crackdown comes less than twenty four hours after three vietnamese tourists and their local guide were killed by a roadside bomb. a vietnamese tourists were on their way to a light and sound show at the pyramids of giza instead they were struck by a deadly blast three of the fourteen tourists on the bus were reported killed another eleven were injured including the driver the group's egyptian guide was also killed. my was in a minibus returning from work and we heard a big noise and thought a car had fallen off the bridge. after that we saw people and taxi drivers running in saying that a bus was hit. with security forces descending on the smashed bus investigators from the scene said the bomb was an improvised device hidden next to a wall along the road which went off as the bus drove by egyptian officials noted
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the bus had deviated from a more secure route a claim the driver denied in local media the tourism industry vital for the country's economy has been struggling to recover from years of high profile terrorist attacks that have scared off isidore's yesterday's bomb attack broke a period of relative calm that had seen a tenuous uptick in tourism officials were quick to try to contain the potential wider damage by the. sometimes attacks such as this one can occur. it may even happen again in the future. and there isn't a country in the world we can say is one hundred percent safe. haven if it. egypt's government has pledged to find those behind the attack which no one has just far claimed responsibility for. the year is coming to an end and it's time for us to look back our correspondents have filed many reports from all over
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the world stories that encourage or make us shake our heads like this story from blog posts the beating heart of nigeria's commercial hub is this a pop up but traffic snarls along the major auguries leading there are enough to give any driver a heart attack our correspondent adrian krege reports. breakfast on the side of the road is nothing new for this truck driver. segment is stuck in yet another traffic jam near the port in lagos. had five days we've been stuck here for five days nothing's moving it's very stressful the only thing we can do is eat sleep and wait for the. papa is well known for its traffic jams but in the past few weeks the situation has worsened due to a strike at the port truck drivers often have to wait for a month to get in and the entry cost to the port for their vehicles has quadrupled
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. businessman kevin in benoit has come to have a look at the situation for himself he exports goods from nigeria. normally to three years ago we could do two three containers a month i mean a week now we're down to if you're lucky one two three weeks sometimes four weeks so the clients are complaining you can't get as much product out of the country and it's just it's it's a disaster you get a gun noise says the bad stage of the roads the lack of ports in nigeria and mismanagement are to blame for the situation. that macedonia is due and from my assumption is some people probably benefit for me being the way the driver gets so bad that we had to leave iraq i'll be i. and jump on a motorbike many of the tractor trailers told us that they secured an open secret that if you're right some of the security forces who are in charge of a range of the traffic you can jump the line. several institutions are responsible
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for traffic traffic police union representatives regular police even the military but they don't consider themselves part of the problem. there are just too many containers and the port authority isn't opening up the pole to let them in so every day there are more and more the major issue is the road. so we have begging the government to help to reduce the traffic. we wanted to talk to the relevant ministry in the capital but no one would answer our questions. be three weeks before he sees his family again that's the earliest he'll be able to deliver his goods he's hopeful in two thousand and twenty lego's to get a brand new porch. and a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you right now security has
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been stepped up in bangladesh ahead of sunday's general election the government's decision to block mobile internet access is adding to concerns about whether the vote will be free and fair. turkish t.v. has broadcast footage of what's believed to be a convoy of military vehicles heading toward the border with syria turkey has threatened military action against kurdish militias which views as terrorists and serious kurds have requested protection from damascus now that their u.s. allies. and don't forget you can always get news on the go just download from google play or from the apple store and give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications from breaking news you can also use that to send us your photos and your video. you're watching t.v. news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and for the latest headlines check out our website that's dot com that's want to.
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