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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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post. this is dave w. news live from the tension simmer of rooster t.g. town in syria syrian and turkish backed forces closing on a k kurdish held town in northern syria damascus says the kurdish forces requested the regime supporters of the breakdown the situation also coming up the security is rounding up in bangladesh ahead of sunday's general elections violence and intimidation mob the campaign will look at a decades old rival of rivalry that appears set to shape the outcome of the vote.
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and we have been told in china for a look at the muscle power behind the construction of a spectacular city made entirely out of ice. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program top government officials from russia and turkey have met to discuss their response to the u.s. military pullout in syria the talks also come off to turkey has threatened to lot lomu an operation against u.s. backed kurdish forces moscow an anchor and now say they'll coordinate ground operations in syria with a shared goal of eliminating terrorists that's despite the fact that they're backing opposing factions in syria's ongoing civil war. a warm reception for turkish officials in moscow but after the hugs and handshakes. the
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pressing business of shifting alliances in syria washington surprise military withdrawal has reshuffled the deck following their talks moscow an anchor represented a united front. with the students and today we have reached an understanding on how the russian and turkish military representatives on the ground will continue to coordinate their actions under these new circumstances with an aim and to a bad akkad the terrorist threat in syria with. those who need for these interest groups. but one likely point of contention the northern syrian city of man bridge controlled by kurdish forces encore of use them as a terrorist threat turkish television broadcasting these images of a convoy moving into position for a possible offensive on man bitch. the kurds meanwhile requesting and receiving help from syrian government forces backed by russia. a potentially
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explosive situation says one local expert out of court to fight over money could lead to an uncontrollable military escalation it's not just about turkey and the kurds there is a much larger conflict in the background that between international powers which use syria for their own means namely turkey and russia both. as tensions mount to the people of man bench have little choice but to wait and see how the interests of these international powers play out. now on to some of the other stories making news around the world candidates in sunday's presidential election in the democratic republic republic of congo have been is falling over a declaration committing them to a free and fair election the country's election commission and observers also joined the talks tensions a high head of the long delayed poll talks to continue into the night. yemen's
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the rebels have started to leave the red sea port of data the withdrawal is part of a u.n. sponsored peace agreement signed earlier this month in sweden the data is a key point of entry for food supplies millions of yemenis are starving. here in germany hanover airport expects to resume flights shortly after an incident closed the airport police say a man drove a car onto a runway and chased after an airplane he has been arrested tests show he was on drugs there's no indication of a terrorist background. egyptian authorities say security forces have killed forty suspected terrorists following a deadly attack on a tourist bus near the giza pyramids miss a day after the roadside bomb killed three viet missed means tourists and their local guide so far there's been no claim of responsibility ahead of new year's celebrations and next month's orthodox christmas security forces remain on high
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alert for further attacks this is egypt's response forty eight at suspects these pictures are from the interior ministry suspected militants killed by security forces although we have no way to verify the ministry statement it does not even explicitly link the suspects to friday's bombing but it called them terrorist elements and said they were planning a series of attacks. the ministry said security forces killed thirty suspects in the tourism hot spot where the roadside bomb was planted another ten said were killed in north sinai the volatile province where egypt is fighting an islamist insurgency. the bombing killed three vietnamese travelers and their egyptian guide and left at least ten others injured the attack famed pyramids is another blow to egypt's tourism industry which has only just started to recover from the unrest following the country's twenty eleven uprising. the prime minister said all star
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teams were trying to contain the impact but admitted there would always be a risk. sometimes attacks such as this one can occur. even happen again in the future. and there is a country in the world we can say is one hundred percent safe. if. the attack doesn't seem to have put these tourists self while british travel group thomas cook day trips to cairo others decided the risk was worth it. they can make a choice unlike the locals who call this home. final campaigning is wrapped up in bangladesh as the country prepares for elections on sunday one hundred four million voters in the predominantly muslim country are eligible to cast their ballots prime minister shaker siena is seeking her third consecutive
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term in office and her fourth overall tensions are running high in the country the opposition says thousands of their supporters have been arrested by authorities at least ten people have been killed and hundreds injured in pre-election violence collated z.-a former prime minister and the leader of the main opposition party bangladesh nationalist party has been barred from running she's serving prison time for corruption a move the opposition says is politically motivated opinion polls put her say no on course for a resoundingly win on sunday but the two women have been locked in a decades long fight for control of bangladesh. even if you can find a few posters of a kind it as a hanging across dhaka she won't win this election against prime minister sheikh hasina zia the leader of bangladesh is conservative nationalist party or b.n.p. is in prison on corruption charges her supporters remain optimistic. so
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people sentiments is growing thereby did it in for about off this sentiment is the if. you will lose. and who thought in favor of the back. during the campaign the n p supporters were repeatedly violently mistreated thousands of them were arrested. this is supporters of the b.n.p. and other opposition groups are not safe in their homes police are arresting them this isn't an election this is a process of removing voters. the prime minister however doesn't agree. the opposition led the holidays yet they only want to sabotage the elections. the power struggle between shaikh hasina and hunted as he has lasted for decades it all began with a coup against shake as he has father and in seventy one shaikh graffman became the first president of bangladesh he tried to introduce
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a secular democracy but many people in the country were opposed in a military coup in one thousand nine hundred five he was killed along with much of his family shaikh hasina and her sister were the only survivors. kind of busy largely benefited from the coup her husband zio iraq came to power in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven he founded the nationalist party and began a re islamisation of the country but he too was assassinated shortly after that. his widow took over leadership of the nationalist party in one thousand nine hundred one eyelid as he became the country's first female prime minister. but in one thousand nine hundred six she was voted out of office and replaced by she has seen a. since then both camps have been in a battle for supremacy one party takes office the other makes accusations of corruption or fraud or they call for an election boycott with their leader and it
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is even now in prison it only seems to make the nationalists more determined this time they hope to show that even without their party chairwoman they can win a majority in parliament. t.w. correspondent mission jess well as in the capital dhaka she sent this report from the polling station on the eve of the void i'm here at one of the six thousand polling centers in dakar and there are at least forty thousand polling centers all over the country now let me take you through some numbers that are crucial to this election this particular center is an easy m center the electronic voting machine will be use here this is the false time that in bangladesh national elections that even am is being used now why is this important that even allows for results to come out the moment polling closes and this is an exercise which i also have to explain the numbers because of how impressive it does in this country now one
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hundred four million people are going to go to the water to morrow morning at eight am one thing closes down at four pm after the space of time the theme evening results are going to start rolling in e.v.a.'s and those are going to make this easier however it's also worth noting that in the three hundred seats across the country only six are trying even and yet there's always like spectacles all in by the end of the night in bangladesh now also worth noting right now is that to make sure that this election goes off smoothly that of course concerns about the free and fair and which are of the election and the concerns about violence already internet services on the more bio have been shut down since three thirty pm this afternoon we do not know if there will be continued. and the army has been deployed security forces have been deployed across the country however people have spoken to us and they've been we hopeful that tomorrow not only will there be
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a free and fair election that the next government would continue taking the country on a standard of development and also support free and fair speech. china is gearing up for one of winter's the biggest spectacles the harbin ice festival features more than two thousand ice sculptures across a freezing cold famed park but all that ice has to come from somewhere we have this behind the scenes look at the heavy lifting that goes into building a winter wonderland men pulling their special sawing machine onto the frozen song while river behind them you can just make out the skyline of the northern chinese megacity harbin at minus thirteen degrees celsius the diesel engine takes a while to get warm and then the men get to work here. harder to cut away the ice here and we built this machine ourselves we could. cut by cut they saw the frozen river into
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a chessboard pattern. the river is the lifeline of harbin city and in the winter the source of the construction material for a city of ice. this is what it will look like when it's finished the famous ice festival will open soon hundreds of thousands of visitors will come to have fun in the cold as they marvel the elaborate ice structures. but first comes the hard work the ice has to be lifted out of the river a block of ice can weigh up to one thousand kilos in the few weeks before the festival begins they pull thousands of ice blocks out of the river. or to rock and ice and not make you tired i had to get up at three o'clock in the morning i go home at five pm one by one we have to remove thousands of ice blocks the workers are farmers most of the year but here they can earn thirty to forty euros per day
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it is so cold on this ice that they have to always remain in motion if you stand still you freeze. a stream of trucks bring the ice here to the nearby festival grounds it is a giant construction site ten thousand workers are working around the clock here they have to finish on time these men are working on the main attraction when they finish it will be an ice tower that stands forty meters tall. blue conduit you loath or don't know if you don't know when they're finished it will be beautiful that's why we're working so hard with you over the. soon hordes of tourists will come to see the magical frozen city in the north of china an ice city that's balance of melt some hearts. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you turkish t.v.
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has brought concert footage of what's believed to be a convoy of military vehicles heading toward the border with syria turkey has threatened military action against kurdish militias which anchor abuses terrorists syria's kurds have requested protection from damascus now that they u.s. allies are pulling out. you're watching day w. news flow coming up the top of the hour thanks for watching. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with the goods to do it deliberately to be good for since returning back to the roots get a minimum of the. trolley from somalia literally to the one i did urgent assistance. family starch turn or a twenty five on t.w. .


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