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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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the seventieth anniversary of the do you wonder corrosion of human rights article nineteen full on w. this is d w news live from berlin the reports of violence in bangladesh as photos of going to the polls some one hundred million people were eligible to cost ballots with tight security in place across the country prime minister sheikh hasina is expected to win another amid accusations that how government is trying to stifle the opposition. voting is also under way in the democratic republic of congo the
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country's choosing a success that a long time strongman leader joseph kabila often years of delay opposition policies are already calling the poll on. and off for a senegalese player was subjected to racist abuse at a recent match supporters of italian club not take a stand against discrimination in football. i mean you could just mackinnon thanks so much for joining me third. polls have just closed in bangladesh as parliamentary elections where prime minister shaikh hasina is expected to win a comfortable victory she has been praised for taking in hundreds of thousands of her head injury refugees fleeing neighboring me and ma the critics accuse her of attempting to solidify her power by silencing political opponents including tribal
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leaders the who is currently imprisoned on corruption charges the first projections of the results are expected in a couple of hours. i spoke to a correspondent. and i asked her about the reports of violence between opposition members and supporters of the ruling party there have been reports of deaths. reported that as many as nine people have been killed in different parts of but even speaking about it in different parts of bangor they should excuse me but even speaking about talk it is worth noting that while i'm out of the polling centers we nor just noticed that the opposition party polling nugent's would move to be absent even inside the polling booths where representatives from all the bodies are supposed to be a bit ahead or does find their names on the cd on the serial numbers on the polling mists there were more representatives off the opposition bangladesh nationalist
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party which is about of concern which some people have raised questions about but heavy security deployment across talker and violence is already breaking out in other parts of the country. so does the opposition stand any chance asshole in the selection. well given that there is a serious lack of a lack of the bow the opposition's representation right now out in the field it kind of supports what the opposition has been claiming is that there is an uneven playing field already opposition leaders have been coming out with comments saying that if this election is a free and fair run the really come to power of course that is a convenient claim on the other hand we have to do in parties saying that they are confident that they will win a historic consecutive third term bangladesh it's important to note has a tendency towards and i incumbency this is this is going to be a historic torqued on because in the past the party is the leadership is always switched between the opposition bangladesh nationalist party led by call of the
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c.e.o. and the current ruling party the army league but covers the other leader of the opposition is currently in prison if her party does somehow scored a victory we do not know who will be leading it over all the polls are predicting that the opposition will not be coming to part and she could see now becoming a historic fourth term now the current government has been accused of cracking down on free speech as you were saying jailing opposition members how concerned are observers about selection transparency in this election. but observers from human rights watch and even other observers from countries have expressed concerns about the transparency of these boards now as electronic voting machines being used for the forst time and they are also reporting delicious and slow and that's one of the polling centers viewer that actually we found many voters who were saying that they were not able to work because the serial numbers cannot be found of course the agents inside the election commission of the site said this was only a technical glitch no clear evidence off any kind of of what rigging or ballot box
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stuffing has come out opposition leaders of course are claiming that they are hearing reports about this but right now as of now we are also getting reports from observers in the hawkeye saying that currently the election is proceeding as expected so this picture will be cleared up later in the evening but concerns have been expressed. all right well reporting from death thanks so much. after more than two years of delay presidential polls have opened in the democratic republic of congo there off is that violence could overshadow the ballots the choosing a success that's joseph could be that he's stepping down off to a seniors in power must info you do a formal oil executive is leading in recent opinion polls get international observers have echoed the concerns of those opposition policies that the election is not free and fair and three opposition strongholds will see no costing of ballots asshole after authorities council the vote due to the outbreak and ethnic
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violence ok let's cross to contrast the now where when the back she is asked a polling station covering the story for us when the voting has been underway now for several hours tell us how things are going there. hi everyone things are going quite well for the moment. to people as being growing inside calling stations some of them are struggling to find the name on the visa but everything is going well and we are waiting for the results and the house seems to go on to the day now this is an electronic poll says voters a using electronic touch screens other any concerns about potential fraud with this kind of system. for the moment i i have to say that i didn't see something special i have seen that before the roads that they remember of the polling station
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as united and also the observers and they get the everything you see here we are using everything for the first time for the moment there is no program overthrows or something that can say everything is going well some people are read the shy and really worried about the electorate because process but there is some people to ask them and explain to them what to do exactly the moment inside the polling station. now this vote has been delayed by two is could be less long to power how significant is this poll for the congolese people. for the congolese people these these paul he's a really important and the like the one who is green the change in the country today i was i was the young man who. vision and he worked. very very
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early and i think you know why are you coming early this is really important for me at the moment i. would think machine is pretty important for me because i can change my life he was really cool that that will do what will be the occasion for people to have more jobs and who have to do all good things to have a good life so yes people have been waiting and do put them maybe the coming but of course. we don't know exactly what is the we take this and. yeah ok wendy bash reporting from can shasta thank so much. he telling football club will play the next two home matches in a completely empty stadium after. it was subjected to racial abuse in milan earlier this week was the latest in
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a series of incidents in italian football with authorities struggling to eradicate the problem in the absence of an effective official solution some fans are now taking it upon themselves to show racism the red card. coulibaly has known italian football at its worst today napoli friends showed their play on a brighter side with their support. ahead of their three two victory over blown year on saturday a group of supporters distributed ten thousand flyers declaring solidarity with their defender it comes after coulibaly was racially abused by internazionale fans in milan on wednesday the after the game napoli coach carlo and she lost a few officials for failing to take action. but he was racially abused for the whole match. we asked the authorities to intervene but only announcements were made about that. they didn't temporarily suspend the match as we had requested them and
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that's i think would have been the right thing to do. while officials and or thora to struggle and fail to deal with the problem grassroots activities by friends offer a more inspiring example. some group i mean we were a group of friends when we come to the stadium we are passionate and this is unthinkable for us and it always happens wherever we travel with napoli these incidents shame italy shame everybody if you don't know what i mean. italian football grounds are a long way from finally being free of racism but supporter initiatives like this one showed that progress can be made. now as the year draws to a close we are looking back on some of the best stories from the last twelve months our correspondents filed a whole range of reports from all over the world about people's own personal
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stories about political crises and of course about war and violence that many of those were stories that both touched us and made us think about things a little differently like this report on how rap music is big used to promote democracy in thailand have a look. on the cell phones. in the streets in the car. with the beats of a rap song reverberating throughout thailand. but. me or in english what my country has criticized this thailand's military government and the lack of freedom to think. that. the war. the fact we're in a country under a military dictatorship that has struck
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a chord especially among young thais the song got more than twenty million clicks on you tube in just a week and. it's sort of a voice for teenagers or young adults who can think that contact. we can only talk amongst ourselves but we have no liberty or rights to speak out freely if you do speak your mind it will only be bad for yourself. and you can change anything anyway you. can live without you. but it was not daring to speak out something the group rappers against dictatorship wanted to change that's why they wrote the. we think that anyone can use the phrase what my country's got the title of the song to speak out about whatever's on their mind what they think is the matter with our country and we hope that people will start being more critical when it comes to politics and.
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speaking out against the powerful has never been without risk in thailand but since the latest military coup four years ago it's become even more dangerous. also for rappers against dictatorship the police had first declared they were investigating the group for a possible violation of the so-called computer crime act we could get them five years in prison but what the announcement got the song was five million clicks into things the authorities have since backed down. the lyrics don't contain anything that insults anyone personally that's why i never thought the song would draw attention from the authorities but when the police started talking about it that's really when it became so popular all of a sudden. on the outside. thailand looks like a peaceful country. but there are deep divisions. time and again the
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country has been on the brink of civil war and. for now the military government is keeping a lid on things but below the surface it's starting to heat up again. there haven't been elections in more than four years is scheduled for february but what will they be worth if society doesn't change. people should develop a critical mindset in their everyday lives. i think if that were the case there would actually be less conflict within society that conflict happens when people don't accept that others have a different opinion. if we could get their reach a compromise instead of fighting with those who don't share our opinion. that would be an important step towards a better future. somehow my tummy insult people in the middle name make. me cry. but they're
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becoming loud enough to. make me nothing but to be playing the game. but they're not commenting but it. looks like. it watching the news from but then i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour and of course get all the latest news and information on our website. kill the fire. and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with bios of. what's yours.


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