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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CET

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time for an upgrade. how about church grows all by. post with. your design highlights you can make your suit. against tips and tricks that will turn your home to special. upgrade yourself with d w's interior design channel on you tube. a. welcome to highlight show i am louise house and i will be here with you for the next half an hour taking you through the best of all stories from the previous week is a taste of what's in store. a life choices that is the key to the danes happiness
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. rock n roll and joy even belong girl and his dead devil's stomach. sweet venue a trip to austria suppliers to participate. we kick start the show really great philosophy on life if you spray more than one language you will not know that sometimes there isn't a direct translation for what you're trying to say in some languages that was just don't exist and one exam pole is the danish word who got you just can't translate it but it basically means enjoying life simple pleasures be that spending time with friends and family going for a wall core simply looking up at the sky all signify who go and since the danes are usually ranked highly amongst the happiest people in the wells we thought we'd get a lesson and. how to live
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a more googly life. surveys indicate that danes are among the happiest people on earth in fact the un's world happiness report regularly puts denmark at the top of the list. what is it about the danes that makes them such happy people. my creeky has written a book about all this and he believes he knows the answer. has to do with togetherness it has to do with the art of creating a good atmosphere it's about equality it's about saving simple pleasures i think we also see something inherently danish i think we see it as part of our national identity the same way the american see freedom we think of something as part of our d.n.a. . the word who get means being comfortable and contented often while enjoying the
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simpler pleasures of life. here are a few examples. it's having of kabul for warm chocolate or won't he and some is good at some and the talk. a little bit deeper than the killing of the couch well we take. cattle yourself heard is also maybe watching a film or reading a book and brutal isn't. mike beaking is the c.e.o. of the happiness research institute in copenhagen he says that the danes unique kind of do towards life plays a major role in their sense of wellbeing. and we've been curious about why denmark does well in the happiness rankings and we've looked at the political system and that's a big part of the explanation you know high level of trust your social security and as well. care but that also explains why the other nordic countries do well so we
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wanted to understand why does denmark do better than than sweden from then iceland and and and now we. are spending quality time with family and friends or enjoying homemade cinnamon buns that's. the danes really love christmas time the traditional apple charts are on sale at christmas markets throughout copenhagen . so is brooke or danish mulled wine. particularly amusement park is decked out with a sea of lights my cooking says winter is the peak season for good. while it is practiced throughout the year i think for the winter period it becomes almost a survival strategy it's a way of getting the best out of the time of year which is doc and cold and wet and we're forced into forced. the best place to experience here is in danish homes the danes have more living space per person than any other european country and they
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make their surroundings as comfortable as possible. like is important too. there's a reason why we use twice as much candle wax as number two in europe which is australia because we enjoy lighting that is at the low end of the temperature scale so we enjoy warm mortify soft diffused lights to create a nice the atmosphere in a room. the danes also like to have nice things around the house northern europe is known for its design concepts like lamps by pulling an accent and chairs by on a are cops and core clint but do these things actually make people happy the notion or the concept of something that for danes is just a word or describes a situation or a state of mind more than a design. i don't think you can say that it's
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a sign it's assigned or is. doing something to create but i think it's something that's more ingrained or maybe internalized in our culture a simple walk outside can also be good and doesn't cost anything and makes you feel good he shouldn't be about consumerism you could also use. it as the get out of jail card if something is too expensive or if you walk into a restaurant it's too expensive you could say should we find a place that's more in your first or your let's find a place that's more so you should be inexpensive because it's about equality and it's about simple precious. danes call that special cozy christmas feeling. and the focus is not on expensive presents it's on being together with family and friends that's the true spirit of christmas and not just in denmark.
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during which a lot is shorter bring you as well as some the course that might mean a stroll in the park but father says it means a huge adrenaline rush on a man who can't get enough of this boss is a frenchman known as roll of and he designed a unique role a suit that is fitted with thirty two rollers all over the body he can basically roll in any position he likes and since he's mastered the art of rolling he created a suit for goal lighting or skating on the ice. roller man. is trying on some blades. he shoots down the icy track at seventy kilometers per hour like a human bobsled his head just ten centimeters from the ice. he calls this brand new version of buddy roll in the extreme sport he invented the ice.
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the perfect feeling is feeling. when you make mistakes you hear that that the noise is changing when and when every blade is on the right position it just makes. when something's wrong as. i sunfire into good and i feel some fifty kilometers east of the capital began. adrenaline junkies come here to race on skates. or hurtle down the loo jag breakneck speeds. and he is the craziest of them all brawn told from friends his full body suit is studded with fourteen ice skate blades a prototype that's only been tried once before. the first session i had which i loved is intercounty you watch and then you see the people wrong direction the trees. going over you and the sky is wrong direction so so is the world is
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changing around you because of the gravity direction. this is. in the original version of the suit as the roller man. he reached speeds up to one hundred twenty kilometers an hour. the thirty two rollers let him slip across smooth surfaces in every conceivable position. it may look pretty dangerous but it's meticulously planned out. sometimes i go even by foot to know each corner it's truck it's it's cross world. so i know everything in my head i can visualize in three d. the whole district looks like so it's a question of preparation you don't go just like this. drawing you brando invented is thirty two wheel roller sued over twenty years ago while studying industrial
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design. now he's selling his invention so much of it has to be done by hand it to suit costs around six thousand seven hundred euros. he also learns money with t.v. appearances and advertising even if he makes a living from his invention but always says it's not primarily about money. when you wear this with the first time. your connection to the world is changing you are not. you're not a normal human everything you touch the touch wood wheels it looks more robotic deeply your identity the image you sent to the other people it is different. over the years brando is refined to suit more and more modifying it for a variety of services this is the ski version and he's got his sights set on new
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goals as well. i think we can go like easily fifty six fifty can lead to more we've good ironies to work on ironies i would like to work reverse some models inside like electric motor was my dream is to be faster than the construct of the flat i want that i can produce the suits cheaper that's for christmas choose to buy it. there's no doubt that the suit is a real eye catcher. and it may well be the most impressive and dangerous way to speak down. impressive it certainly is and you won't catch me trying it out in a hurry let's turn now to focus on two german artists who have
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a more tranquil passion and that is lighting up forests with their projections and imagery they use an innovative combination of techniques bringing life to the darkest of nights the images they produce of both magical and mesmerizing the also prefer to not digitally manipulate anything in post-production so the key for them is in the preparation and that can take hours in the cold winter nights. glowing shapes in untouched nature surrealistic images from the short film lucid by the german artist's collective. and none of this is done with computer animation even images that seem inexplicable are real objects and were actually
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installed in the surroundings. tarik my words and for three fun sure put on lot of physical work and creativity into their art. among other things they use luminous and wires and objects to create their illusions. reviews and i think that blows it all depends on how you stage it if they think. the techniques and materials i use range from household items for example the sphere shape is a lamp. to projections for example we have one shot with a triangle we cut it out of cardboard and then just projected a colored light onto it. some point here whatever when as. in twenty fourteen the artist duo shot the short film bioluminescent forest here to
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all the light affects are projected directly into the setting rather than manipulating the images on a computer. direct my wad and if we should run sure employed and even now protect knology for the called projection mapping parts of the forest are illuminated effects on irregular surfaces and textures are taken into account this requires not only a precise plan but also patient. especially when the illuminated objects are not only three dimensional but also animate. usually we only project light onto inanimate objects but we also wanted to use animals ones that don't move much or that hold still for a while but with a frog we have to film for five hours because it kept jumping away because. for other projects the light artists bring a bit of nature into the city. for example their new project in paris
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in twenty fifteen. astonished the audience with the projection of a giant can pick spider. first they had to build a cardboard model of the building and film the spider inside it then they projected the video onto the inside walls of the building for the illusion to be perfect the dimensions and perspectives had to correspond precisely. when says mr noir for us it's important to trying out new techniques for example in our next project we might work with fire or with water or whatever. but with a wide range of things we don't want to limit ourselves but i think that's what enables us to always have new themes and to be able to convey a feeling. that i hunt will continue to create illusions in the future without image editing using physical exertion and ingenious idea. why you might have an artist that we have
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a winter theme running through the show today on the use of force is no exception we met a couple who searched for twenty years to find the perfect spots to build their dream home they found it on a peninsula in norway above the arctic circle the shell like home is now their own little private sanctuary where they can go to high but night whenever they so desire. the link in an insular lies north of the arctic circle this holiday home is perfectly suited to the cold climate in northern norway where snow covers the ground for roughly half the year it was built by harper kramer and tova felt hello welcome to my cabin come inside. the heart of the building is the living area with its floor to ceiling windows
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which afford a stunning view of the water this two hundred square meter bungalow is hot board kramer's sent over felts weekend for a treat the retiree's spend as much time here is possible i and i most. looking at the sea. we are relaxing more become. very bad book we can. be a more outside. during the winter months the sun doesn't rise for too long months to compensate for the lack of daylight has decorated the house and vibrant colors and fitted it with cozy carpets and blankets geothermal heat pump and a wood fire ensure cozy temperatures. i can stand. feel the warmth from the fireplace. it's very giving me i love that and its.
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house also boasts a sauna that can be used all year round. i go in this home lot every saturday i will be out here with take this out with the family to get our dog. they also. we have a yeah we all of us here. have a coffee the bedrooms face the heath behind the cabin till the fells and her husband searched for twenty years until they found this spot to build their cabin construction began in two thousand and seven their idea was to build a cabin that harmonizes with its environment yet also provides a warm haven amid these harsh climes. i like the structure that feeling the warmth feeling it gives they want to. be like i
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said. you see a oh i own all there. on the outside. the cabinets wooden structure was neatly fitted into the fuehrer dropped from asian its walls are lined with low who wind current. architects norris jenison designed the cabin and shows materials like wood which will withstand the harsh arctic climate for many years. it's untreated so it has a great look but still it's a warm work on the outside see dark which of course in this climate also is. very well suited. to ice silvery gray in time. twelve the fountain hubbard kramer spent plenty of time outside if the weather
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permits it sometimes they can observe reindeer or whales at sea and in the winter they sometimes see the northern lights this is why they love being so far north. it's the day. and not the temperature. they are their surroundings we have here. that i have. that. photo of a fountain hope our trainer spending time in their cozy cabin north of the arctic circle is next no matter what the season. now have you had high is a shame on the fall it's one of austria's most popular does especially in the winter it's basically like a pancake that's being chopped up and then it's served with sugar and cherry sauce on the side it's decadent it's really is but a perfect treat to after
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a day on this like. the pit called lazy it's austria's highest ski resort here the ski season lasts until may three restaurants feed hungry winter sports enthusiasts one atop the glazier that's almost three thousand five hundred meters above sea level and the others at an elevation of almost three thousand meters. after a day on the slopes ski is can enjoy delicious helping of. the sweet dish is as much a part of austrian identity as the alps. the wonderful just like my grandma used to make it. nearby you'll find austria's highest back to serene stephany's then tele is hard at work am paying pastries and kinds of smart. you put it see and when everything is produced up here in the bakery we make all the desserts for the two restaurants village bitsa and custom and we also supply
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cafe three for forty with fresh cake instituted. every morning the desserts are sent up by cable car to austria's highest coffeehouse cafe three for forty it lies six hundred meters about the bakery aside from the fantastic there's another treat for visitors at the so-called place yes no cake. of course i don't go cannot find out very fluffy very large bodies if you get in fresh it's quite magical but certain recommended were put in feet. but operating a sky high bakery has its pitfalls. this is about three thousand four hundred forty metres the boiling point is different so if we know that the weather will change will produce the biscuit bases a day early because otherwise they might not be so fluffy and could fall apart on inside us and if so shouldn't you call them. milk eggs flour
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sugar that's all. kinds of smarm doesn't require any delicate preparation just mix the milk and then separate the eggs and feed the egg white with sugar until stick. it's coming out now that it's nice and foamy will do the famous test. it should be like this. as the rest of the act to the mixture. then to give it its airy consistency gently fold in the egg whites and you over and up here on the pits tab glacier we don't use mineral water and. we prefer egg whites. then the kaiser stays moist longer the fact and. lower
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taxes are used to shavings i don't. know what you've come on you know now we can add some raisins on the glacier we put in raisins but you can leave them out if you wish. we sell up to four tons of man in the winter season that's one hundred fifty to two hundred portions a day. should be baked for five minutes on each side and then it's ready. stephany's i'm also surprised the restaurants with viennese apple strudel and clips . kinds of smog is said to get its name from a pancake that went wrong. the austrian emperor of france use if dumped. but when a pancake fell apart during cooking it was scrambled up and served to. damper
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loved it and emperor scrambled all the smog spoil. the scene the icing sugar on top and here we serve our cries ashman with apples also ending our very. own isn't just a favorite if you're old it's one of austria's most popular desserts. sweet tea. to end the show on things are changing in everyone i hope this season hasn't made you feel too cold wherever you're watching from i'll see you again say you know your max and until then also show media five an hour.
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i am only telling me that's fields like that's one thing yeah lobbying. colombia is one of the largest suppliers or. even rachel. who didn't get to those affected by the corporations are making big promises promises all morning now being the good luck in fifteen minutes on d w.
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how do you like to. discover your concept discovered with the ballots for. the school a legend after one hundred years the ideals of the font house are more relevant today than they were that. hundred years ago visionaries reshaped things to give all people understood such as where she feels society. about how the man does crossover with ideas that are part of our future. what makes the bass and its traditions spiralling to this very topic it somehow applied to alfonse way. multicultural our documentary starts in january thirteenth on w. . imagine being born
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because. you're a liar come prove it since. you want to look for no school. you want to be useful but on allowed to. when you're sick the doctors know when you fall in love they won't make you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to. us should. have knows. when you die and there's no ever exist. every ten minutes. someone this is. ten million people in the world this think they have no nationality i'm a total made up along and. that everyone has the right to. everyone has the right to say i roam.
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unilever. union. league likud. put it. this is the news line from berlin dozens of opposition candidates all out of the general election in bangladesh after allegations of vote bringing ortiz to say they're investigating complaints nationwide phylis has also barred the vote which despite a heavy security presence results are expected to show another win for prime minister shaking the scene and also coming up.


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